UFC Monterrey prelim results: Andre Fili earns head kick KO, Jorgensen stopped after injury

The UFC Monterrey prelims are wrapped up, and all in all it was a mixed bag. There were some bad fights mixed in with…

By: Michael Hutchinson | 8 years ago
UFC Monterrey prelim results: Andre Fili earns head kick KO, Jorgensen stopped after injury
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The UFC Monterrey prelims are wrapped up, and all in all it was a mixed bag. There were some bad fights mixed in with great finishes, although the most striking moment on the card was unquestionably the 2nd round of Scott Jorgensen vs. Alejandro Perez.

Erik Perez def. Taylor Lapilus via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Lapilus started the fight by avoiding Perez’s offense by circling well around the cage and keeping Perez at range. A couple of quick exchanges saw both fighters land clean punches, with neither fighter getting the better of the stand up in the first four minutes of the first round. Perez was able to land effective counter strikes and body kicks to Lapilus within the final minute of the round. Lapilus controlled the first four minutes of the round with Perez landing the most effective strikes in the final minute. Lapilus caught Perez in the second round with a big punch while Perez was rushing in, clearly dazing Perez. Lapilus tried to capitalize going for a guillotine but Perez pulled out and ended up on top. Perez landed ground and pound from Lapilus’ guard for the rest of the round. Lapilus tried for a sloppy takedown early in the 3rd, which he switched into a kimura attempt. After a quick scramble both fighters ended up back on their feet. After trading for a bit, Perez completed a takedown against the cage. Perez stayed on top, landing ground and pound from half guard, side control and mount to end the round.

Bartosz Fabinski def. Hector Urbina via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Fabinski immediately shot and completed the takedown, working from Urbina’s guard to begin the fight. After a couple of minutes of small ground and pound, the referee stood both fighters up. Fabinski immediately took Urbina down again, ending up in the same position as before. Fabinski eventually moved to half guard after a failed submission attempt from Urbina. The round ended with Fabinski on top, not having done a ton of damage for five minutes worth of top control. Fabinski started the 2nd round looking for another takedown, getting hit clean with a flying knee and was almost caught in two different submissions. Fabinski was able to get back into Urbina’s guard to grind him down for the rest of the round. Urbina was able to get up, but a headbutt gave Urbina a cut on his left eye lid. The doctor was called in and he said the fight could continue. In the third round Urbina threatened again with an early submission, but was put on his back…again. More of the same happened with Fabinski grinding while Urbina looked for the submission with no success.

Alejandro Perez vs. Scott Jorgensen via TKO (injury) at 4:26 of Round 2

Perez was able to do a very good job of avoiding Jorgensen’s strikes early on, circling well around around the cage while countering. Jorgensen tried hard for a takedown midway through the round, lifting Perez in the air twice, but wasn’t able to get him on the ground. The round looked like it would end without anything significant happening, until a low kick caught Jorgensen on the calf, which put him down to the mat as the horn sounded. Once the broadcast came back from commercial, Jorgensen had a noticeable limp. The second round went underway though as Jorgensen limped around taking punishment. Jorgensen took punishment for four minutes of the round without being able to attack, and after trying to throw a high kick with the injured left leg, fell to the mat and tapped out. One of the strangest things I have ever seen in a fight.

Andre Fili def. Gabriel Benitez via KO (kick and punches) at 3:13 of Round 1

Both fighters traded a series of body kicks and jabs to begin the fight. Fili hit Benitez with a hard head kick, shin perfectly connecting with his head. Benitez seemed to be wobbly, but Fili instead tried to get the fight to the mat. Benitez stood back up and the fighters continued to trade, with Fili being the aggressor. Fili backed Benitez up against the cage, hit him with another hard head kick that was partially blocked, but Benitez was noticeably hurt from it. A flurry of punches later and Benitez dropped to the canvas as the referee stepped in. Fili was able to hit Benitez with strong kicks and follow them up with a combination of punches, earning the TKO win.

Alvaro Herrera def. Vernon Ramos via KO (punches) at 0:30 of Round 1

Ramos came out as the aggressor, throwing leg kick and looping punches. Herrera threw his first combination, a left hook, an uppercut and a right hand to the temple that sent Ramos to the ground. The referee quickly stepped in to stop the fight. A very quick finish for Herrera with a very nice combination of punches.

Polo Reyes def. Cesar Arzamendia via KO (punch) at 3:14 of Round 1

Reyes landed an early knockdown as both fighters came out swinging wildly. Arzamendia worked for takedowns midway through the round, landing successfully three times. Reyes was able to get up quickly from each takedown after Arzamendia aggressively tried to pass guard. After getting up from the third takedown, Reyes landed a left hand on the temple of Arzamendia that shut his lights off. The referee quickly rushes over and saves Arzamendia from any more punishment.

Michel Prazeres def. Valmir Lazaro via split decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-29)

The first round was fairly even for the first half, with Prazeres winging big punches with Lazaro keeping the distance to avoid the takedown. One of those winging punches was able to land late in the first round, rattling Lazaro and leading to a takedown for Prazeres. Lazaro was able to get a takedown early in the second round, but did little damage for two minutes, forcing the referee to stand them up. Prazeres worked for a takedown and a big punch for the rest of the round, but to no avail. The third round saw Lazaro jab Prazeres at distance while Prazeres threw wildly while looking for a takedown. Lazaro landed in top position after a failed takedown from Prazeres. Not a lot of offence from each fighter, but Lazaro was able to control the fight for the last two rounds, but Prazeres ended up with the split decision win. Not a great fight for either fighter.

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