World Series of Fighting 25 live stream, results and play-by-play

World Series of Fighting 25 goes down in Phoenix tonight, and the novelty of the event will be a lightweight tournament. Eight men will…

By: Tim Burke | 8 years ago
World Series of Fighting 25 live stream, results and play-by-play
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

World Series of Fighting 25 goes down in Phoenix tonight, and the novelty of the event will be a lightweight tournament. Eight men will enter, and the victor will get a shot at lightweight champion Justin Gaethje. Along with that, a couple of ex-UFC fighters will meet in the co-main event.

The WSOF 25 prelims can be streamed right here beginning at 8pm ET/5pm PT. Those will include a couple of non-tournament bouts, the four first-round bouts in the tourney, and the reserve bout. The main card begins at 11pm ET/8pm PT on the NBC Sports Network (or the same stream here if you’re international), and will feature the semi-finals and finals of the tourney, along with a bout between Jason High and Estevan Payan.

You can check out a preview for the event here, and watch a Vivisection about the event here.

Here’s a look at the full lineup:

Main Card

*Mike Ricci has been forced out of the tournament due to injury, and will be replaced by Brian Foster.

Jorge Patino vs. Joao Zeferino (Tourney Semi-Final # 1)

Round 1 – Zeferino lands a couple of jabs. Not much action early. Then out of nowhere, Zeferino caught a kick and dropped for a leg lock, or heel hook, and got it. Patino tapped. Wow, that was quick.

Joao Zeferino defeated Jorge Patino by submission (heel hook), round 1

Luis Palomino vs. Brian Foster (Tourney Semi-Final # 2)

Round 1 – A lot of feints. Palomino throwing the odd strike but not connecting. Foster with a leg kick. Jab from Foster. Glancing head kick from Zeferino. Foster moves forward with a winging right. Foster is backing Palomino up but not attacking a ton. Palomino stepped out and hurt Foster with a left. Foster responded with a takedown. Foster softened him up for a while and moved to mount. He landed a few punches but gave up on mount and moved to side to trap an arm. He landed a bunch of strikes and Palomino was in danger, but he managed to get back to full guard. 10-9 Foster.

Round 2 – Foster looking to spin. Palomino not throwing a lot. Foster just whiffing with single strikes. Foster shot in for a takedown and got it, but not for long. Foster looked for a choke, but Palomino spun out to his feet. Foster just missed with a deadly kick. Foster ended up in top spot. Foster briefly takes mount. Palomino escaped but Foster took his back, then back to mount with punches. He’s looking for a choke. Back to the GnP, and Palomino isn’t able to defend. After an extended beating, the ref stepped in and stopped it.

Brian Foster defeated Luis Palomino by TKO (strikes), 4:19 of round 2

Jason High vs. Estevan Payan

Round 1 – Payan with some pawing jabs and a low kick. Wide left hook misses for Payan. High misses with his own, but charged forward for a brief takedown. He trapped an arm with his legs pretty much immediately. Big shots from High. Payan is all sorts of tied up. High looked for a choke but Payan was finally able to get free and back to his feet. Payan with a nice right once they reset in the center. High with a straight left. Three front kicks from High. 10-9 High.

Round 2 – Low kicks for both men. High landed a huge head kick and Payan is down! Three punches on the ground and the fight is over.

Jason High defeats Estevan Payan by KO (head kick and punches), :47 of round 2

Joao Zeferino vs. Brian Foster 2 (Tournament Final)

Round 1 – Superman punch and spinning heel kick from Zeferino. Foster charged in and got taken down. Guess what Zeferino went for? The heel hook. He couldn’t get it initially though, and went for an arm lock instead. He moved to mount and Foster gave up his back. Zeferino went for a choke but slipped off as Foster stood up. Foster jumped back into his guard again and went for the leg lock, but an illegal kick to the face made the ref jumped in. He warned Foster but didn’t take a point. They started again on the feet. Foster with a left. Zeferino with a leg kick. Foster changing stances a lot. Foster refusing to go to the mat when Zeferino ends up on his back now. They clinched up and Zeferino pulled guard with a leg lock again, but Foster escaped again. Zeferino with a step-in straight left. 10-9 Zeferino.

Round 2 – Foster winging lead uppercuts without success. Zeferino with a body kick and some straight lefts. Foster went for a spinning heel kick but Zeferino caught it and took it to the ground. Foster escaped and stood over Zeferino, landing a few kicks to the legs. He then jumped on top of him, landed a few shots, then backed out and made Zeferino stand again. Nice left hook from Joao. Foster with a right but Zeferino caught him with a counter that hurt him! Foster backed off and is down against the cage. Zeferino attacked but Foster reversed. Foster landed a few elbows in half guard. Big hammerfist. Upkick from Zeferino. Foster pushed the legs aside and cracked Joao with a huge shot! He’s hurt! Lots of hammerfists and Foster wins! What a comeback story.

Brian Foster defeated Joao Zeferino by KO (strikes), 4:51 of round 2

Preliminary card

Joseph Barajas defeated Erik Villalobos by TKO (strikes), 4:06 of round 3

Roberto Yong defeats Jimmy Scully by TKO (strikes), 1:11 of round 1

Luis Palomino defeated Richard Patishnock by TKO (strikes), 4:55 of round 1 (tourney opening round)

*Note – Islam Mamedov has been bounced from the tourney due to a torn ACL. Patino advances despite the loss.

Joao Zeferino defeated Brian Foster by submission (heel hook), 1:46 of round 1 (tourney opening round)

Mike Ricci defeated Joe Condon by TKO (head kick), 2:41 of round 1 (tourney opening round)

Islam Mamedov defeated Jorge Patino by unanimous decision (tourney opening round)

Ramil Mustapayey defeated LaRue Hurley by unanimous decision (reserve bout)

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