UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm – live results, play by play, discussion (prelims)

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and blow-by-blow updates as the UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm preliminary card winds into the…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm – live results, play by play, discussion (prelims)
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and blow-by-blow updates as the UFC 193: Rousey vs. Holm preliminary card winds into the featured five-fight pay-per-view.

The event kicks off on UFC Fight Pass with four bouts, then crosses over to Fox Sports 1 for four more. Headlining the Fox card is a lightweight tilt pitting once-beaten Jake Mathews opposite the ever-game Akbarh Arreola. Aussie MMA reps Kyle Noke, who faces Peter Sobotta, and Anthony “The Hippo” Perosh, who’s matched with Gian Villante, also see action on the FS1 prelims.

Follow the UFC 193 main card play-by-play at Bloody Elbow

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the UFC Fight Pass stream at approximately 6:15 p.m. ET. The full schedule and lineup follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on all match-ups.

Fox Sports Prelims
(Fox Sports 1 at 8 p.m. ET)

Akbarh Arreola vs. Jake Matthews

R1: Matthews glances with a step-in right and Arreola lands a clean left. Matthews scores with a punch and Arreola lands a left body kick. Outside low kick from Arreola. Matthews answers with one of his own, then lands one inside on his way into the clinch. Matthews puts him on the cage and lands short  and effective rights with a left-side under-hook. Arreola throws a low kick that sweeps Matthews’ feet out and plugs him with a left when trying to recover his balance.

Arreola finds Matthews’ chin with a clean left high kick and Matthews goes down. Arreola jumps on his back and puts both hooks in, flattening Matthews out. Lefts to the head from Arreola betwixt rear-naked choke attempts. Matthews slips out the back door and rains down punches though Arreola looks to block most of them. He switches to an elbow and it blasts through Arreola’s guard. 10-9 Arreola.

R2: Matthews throws a big right kick and hits a double leg. In Arreola’s closed guard, Matthews mashes down with punches and elbows. Matthews bounces Arreola’s head off the canvas with a forearm and it opens a cut. Matthews postures up and pummels the bloodied Arreola with another vicious elbow. A right elbow to the body and a left elbow to the face for Matthews.

Arreola tries to control the wrists and posture of Matthews as well as scoot to the fence for a get-up, all to no avail. Matthews is bludgeoning Arreola from the top with a steady stream of elbows. Arreola attempts a desperation armbar; Matthews avoids it and continues the punishment. 10-8 Matthews. The ref waves off the fight before the 3rd round after getting a look at Arreola’s mangled face.

  • Jake Matthews defeats Akbarh Arreola by TKO (doc stoppage) R2 5:00

Kyle Noke vs. Peter Sobotta

R1: Noke leads with an inside low kick, then lands a hard front kick to the body. Make it two front kicks. A stomp kick to the knee and another inside low kick for Noke. Sobotta can’t catch the next low kick. Noke feints with his hands to set up another clean low kick. Sobotta answers with a low kick. Noke buries a brutal front kick into Sobotta’s gut; the loud crack of the strike landing rings out simultaneously with Sobotta’s cry of pain. Sobotta crumples and Noke peppers him with hammer-fists to trigger the stoppage.

  • Kyle Noke defeats Peter Sobotta by TKO (front kick/punches) R1

Anthony Perosh vs. Gian Villante

R1: Perosh backs Villante off with a right down the middle. Villante plants and sails a meatball of an overhand right that stuns Perosh briefly. Villante maintaining a methodical, volume-based attack, picking his shots well. Villante dings him with a heavy right and it again buckles the legs of Perosh. Villante plasters him with a clean right and “The Hippo” goes down.

  • Gian Villante defeats Anthony Perosh by KO (punch) R1 2:56

Danny Martinez vs. Richie Vaculik

R1: Martinez establishes a long and busy left cross to start the round. Vaculik answers with an outside low kick and a kick to the body. Martinez catches the next kick attempt and turns it into a successful single leg. Hard right elbow from Martinez on top. Vaculik works an escape from deep half guard but he takes a shot on his way out. Martinez changes angles to finish a double leg.

Vaculik utilizes excellent arm control from full guard, disallowing any punches from Martinez. They’re stood up with 1:40 left and Martinez slings a few hard lefts. Chopping inside low kick lands for Vaculik, who ducks under the next left to nail a double leg. Lefts to the head from Vaculik as Martinez turtles but Martinez reverses position. Vaculik takes a knee as Martinez lands a left to the head and freezes him with the front headlock. 10-10.

R2: Martinez heaves heavy lefts on consecutive exchanges and lands at least one clean. Inside low kick for Vaculik. Martinez continues to throw wild leather but some of it’s landing and it’s keeping Vaculik defensive. Martinez changes levels and finishes a double leg. Vaculik takes a knee and slips out of the front headlock to restart on the feet. Another inside low kick lands for Vaculik but Martinez keeps a hail of punches in his face.

Martinez connects flush and it staggers Vaculik. Short uppercut lands for Martinez. Vaculik glances with two counters and has a high kick blocked. Vaculik hits a duck-under takedown and nearly takes the back as Martinez hits a switch. Martinez emerges from the scramble in top position. Vaculik escapes but eats a left for his efforts. Martinez hits another takedown before the bell sounds. 10-9 Martinez.

R3: Martinez is busy with heavy lefts to start the final frame. Vaculik times a reactive takedown and gets it, but he’s forced to separate as Martinez goes for a counter single. Vaculik lands an inside low kick and Martinez counters with another takedown. Closed half guard from Vaculik. He escapes after a short struggle and Martinez lands a knee when Vaculik is close to being grounded.

Vaculik is more active on the feet but it seems to be enabling more takedowns from Martinez. After completing another, Martinez tries to pinch the knees to prevent Vaculik’s sit-up, and succeeds. Martinez is able to hold position a little longer this time, basing out in half guard and keeping Vaculik’s head trapped on the cage. Martinez goes from the cross-face to the body lock to stifle the escape, but Vaculik stands up and lands a knee to the head. 10-9 Martinez. I have it 30-28 Martinez.

  • Danny Martinez defeats Richie Vaculik by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass at approx. 6:15 p.m. ET)

Daniel Kelly vs. Steve Montgomery

R1: Montgomery lands a jab and Kelly glances with a right. Kelly lands a clean left cross and Montgomery manages to sneak a knee to the body as a counter. Kelly drills him with another left cross and then lands a few more short shots before hitting an Osoto Gari. Kelly stays on the trigger from the top, throwing a lengthy hail of punches and elbows.

Montgomery works back to his feet but Kelly re-grounds him with a whizzer throw. High pressure striking from Kelly on top. Montgomery again labors to his feet and manages a knee downstairs before Kelly takes him down again. Montgomery turtles and Kelly works for a D’arce. 10-9 Kelly.

R2: Montgomery a bit more effective from range early on, landing a few evasive counters. Kelly barges into clinch range and puts Montgomery on the cage. No dice on the single-leg attempt from Kelly. Montgomery stuffs another single and lands a sharp one-two on the break. Clean left cross lands for Montgomery in open space but he stays flatfooted and Kelly’s able to clinch.

Montgomery thuds a trio of knees to the ribs before breaking the clinch and they look to have taken a toll on Kelly, who reattaches with deep breath. Kelly hits an outside foot sweep and moves to the front headlock as Montgomery stands up. Kelly’s D’arce attempt is halfhearted and Montgomery regains his footing, swatting Kelly with a left hand. Three-punch combo lands clean for Montgomery before shucking off another clinch attempt from Kelly. Kelly slips in a left hand. Kelly looks exhausted and lethargic. 10-9 Montgomery.

R3: Montgomery glances with an inside low kick and lands a short jab. Kelly forces a clinch and they pause after he takes an accidental knee to the cup. Montgomery centering his combos around a long left cross and he’s getting the better of the exchanges. Kelly clinches up and hits another Osoto Gari but this time Montgomery pops back up immediately, digging a few punches to the body.

Kelly connects with a sweeping left hook. Montgomery flings a one-two and lands a knee downstairs from the single collar-tie. Double jab lands for Montgomery and he follows up with a left. Kelly answers with a left of his own, then dings Montgomery with a left hook. Another clean left lands for Kelly on his way into the clinch. Kelly hits a clever outside foot sweep to off-balance Montgomery and take him down. Kelly takes his back on the escape attempt and puts both hooks in. Kelly transitions into an armbar, then moves to full mount when Montgomery slips out. Kelly gets in arm-triangle position but doesn’t have enough time. 10-9 Kelly. I have it 29-28 Kelly.

  • Daniel Kelly defeats Steve Montgomery by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Steven Kennedy vs. Richard Walsh

R1: Walsh lands a trio of outside low kicks early. Make it four straight to Kennedy’s lead leg. Five and counting, now six and he finally checks the next one. Two more low kicks are flung into Kennedy’s leg and he’s stepping on it gingerly. Walsh dings him with a right and Kennedy wobbles. Walsh peels off a flurry but Kennedy manages to cover up and deflect most of the barrage.

Another outside low kick by Walsh and a stiff left lands upstairs. Kennedy slips in a straight right; his first effective offense of the frame. Kennedy puts Walsh on the fence and drops for a double leg. Walsh shuts it down but Kennedy switches to a single leg and gets it. Walsh gets back to his feet but Kennedy takes him down from the rear waist cinch and puts both hooks in. Kennedy gets close with the rear-naked choke but Walsh explodes out and sweeps into top positions. Kennedy reverses him right back. 10-9 Walsh though Kennedy nearly evened things out.

R2: Left high kick and a jab from Kennedy. Walsh stings him with a long right. Outside low kick lands for Walsh. Kennedy tries a duck-under takedown and then pulls guard when it fails. Walsh isn’t buying it — he steps back and they reset on the feet. Glancing one-two lands for Walsh. Kennedy again shoots and pulls guard but Walsh slips free.

Walsh sails a big right that lands over the top and Kennedy’s guard-pull attempt is sloppy and a bit desperate. This time Walsh spends a little time hovering over the prostrate Kennedy to fire down right hands. The ref stands Kennedy up and Walsh finds the mark with another right. Kennedy barges through it to clinch and take Walsh down. Right and left elbows to the head from Walsh in his closed guard. Kennedy stacks but doesn’t break the closed guard and can’t land anything of note. Kennedy glances with distraction punches and Walsh spikes another elbow to the head. 10-9 Walsh.

R3: Kennedy slips in a left kick to the ribs. Snapping jab lands for Walsh, then a glancing left kick to the body. Walsh plugs him with a lead right and Kennedy again falls to his back. Walsh under-hooks both arms from back control and lands knees to the lower back. Walsh lands another right and Kennedy flops to his back again, drawing some boos from the Aussie crowd.

Kennedy throws a question-mark kick on the restart but he’s on his back again quickly and the crowd lets him hear it. Curiously, Walsh stands over Kennedy and throws lefts to the body. The ref steps in with 1:10 on the clock to restart them standing. Walsh pelts Kennedy with a few punches and he butt-flops again. Walsh lands a few heavy rights to the gut while Kennedy fights for wrist control. 10-8 Walsh. I have it 30-26 Walsh.

  • Richard Walsh defeats Steven Kennedy by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

James Moontasri vs. Anton Zafir

R1: Moontasri lands two sharp kicks. Zafir unloads both hands and looks to clinch, pushing Moontasri against the fence and alternating between knees to the body and a high-crotch attempt. Zafir switches gears and hits an outside trip, landing in half guard. Zafir gets a wide, heavy base and grinds a few forearms to the face and body. Now a right hand from Zafir.

Moontasri uses the fence to sit up and regain his footing, but he’s still stuck on the fence. Moontasri gets in guillotine position but bails on it. Zafir changes levels for a double leg but Moontasri’s wide and low stance stops it. Moontasri finally separates, winging a lead uppercut after resetting and having a left body kick blocked. Stance switch from Moontasri followed by a picture-perfect combo: a spinning kick that thuds to the body and a spinning back fist that lands clean and ends Zafir’s night.

  • James Moontasri defeats Anton Zafir by TKO (spinning back kick/fist) R1 4:36

Ryan Benoit vs. Ben Nguyen

R1: Nguyen comes out firing, landing a left body kick, drilling Benoit with a short right and then again with a knee to the face from the clinch, and Benoit goes down. Nguyen cracks him from the top before passing to mount. Showing nonstop advancement, Nguyen takes Benoit’s back during his escape attempt and fishes for a rear-naked choke. The pace finally normalizes as Benoit hand-fights the choke. But the respite is brief as Nguyen gets his arm under the chin and forces Benoit to tap.

  • Ben Nguyen defeats Ryan Benoit by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 2:35

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