Faber on Dillashaw: We’re friends, but UFC won’t allow us to not fight each other

Urijah Faber had an in-studio appearance with Inside MMA, and while it seems like he didn't seem to want to talk about all the…

By: Anton Tabuena | 8 years ago
Faber on Dillashaw: We’re friends, but UFC won’t allow us to not fight each other
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Urijah Faber had an in-studio appearance with Inside MMA, and while it seems like he didn’t seem to want to talk about all the recent drama surrounding his team, he did field questions about T.J. Dillashaw.

“I wouldn’t feel betrayed (by Dillashaw leaving)… I think he feels betrayed,” Faber said about Dillashaw not being allowed to train at Team Alpha Male anymore. “I haven’t listened to all his interviews, but I’ve had two conversations with TJ in my house. They were emotional conversations and tears were being shed, etcetera, about this hard decision.”

“It’s not like I (said) ‘dude we’re enemies’, I just said it doesn’t make sense for the progression of the team that I’m trying to build, a world championship team. It doesn’t make sense on the message I’m trying to send on the well being and the future of the guys on our team to have you in here,” he said. “Because he’s a competitive guy, he’ll be looking for advantages, he’ll be watching for little things. He just has that in him.”

“We’ve had issues with TJ before. He’s part of the family, but there’s about 5 different reasons why it doesn’t make sense for him to be part of a different team, spending all of his fight camps, raising another team’s banner, and coming in our gym.”

Faber cited reasons such as the culture of the team he’s building, the message it sends, and other factors. The notable ones though, include the very real possibility of competing against each other now, and Dillashaw’s tendencies to hurt sparring partners.

“TJ is a very brutal teammate. We’ve accepted that for a long time. He has a temper in practice, and he can elevate things. He isn’t the most considerate person when it comes to other people’s well being. and we’ve worked on that throughout the years, as a group.

Being too competitive and going too hard sometimes, is something even Ludwig and TJ himself admit to be something that needs to be worked on. As for their friendship, Faber says their relationship isn’t as bad as what most people believe.

“We went to the wedding the day after our conversation. We were at the Photo Booth together. We did a charity event,” Faber explained. “I think it’s hard for him emotionally, knowing the fact that he was cruising away from something that was awesome, to go be with a brand new team after he has been raised up from the very get to up to now.”

“So it’s hard for him, and I think he’s trying to find and make someone else the bad guy.”

Faber reiterates that while they can remain friends, Dillashaw’s business decision just led to another, and not being allowed to train with them stems from knowing what the UFC is likely to do with all the subsequent storylines coming out of this.

“Dude, we’re friends if you want to be friends, but is Zuffa going to allow us to not fight each other? I think that’s probably not going to happen.”

Watch the entire interview on the clip above, where Faber also spoke about the recent stranger who came in, pooped, and passed out in his house. As for Dillashaw, watch his MMA Hour appearance below where he speaks about being confident of beating Faber, and admitting that he needs to work on controlling his aggression during sparring.

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