How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? McGregor, Faber react to Dillashaw’s departure

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse -- There's a ton of tweets below, but first, don't…

By: Anton Tabuena | 8 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? McGregor, Faber react to Dillashaw’s departure
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse

There’s a ton of tweets below, but first, don’t forget to follow me on twitter and instagram@antontabuena

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“I predict these things.”  –Conor McGregor

“I just turned two Duds into two draws.”  –Conor McGregor

“I just know it’s red panty night over at Zuffa right now! #GrudgeMatchOnMeBoys”  –Conor McGregor

“Offspring numbers. On the house.”  –Conor McGregor

“I love the business. I am the business.”  –Conor McGregor

“Just saw some news! Seems like “Mystic Mac” was right again! Haha kidding, but not really =)”  -Aljamain Sterling


“if you didn’t see Tj leaving months ago you’re blind as a fucking bat. He feels that’s what he has to do.”  -Cody Garbrandt, responding to fans asking about his now former teammate in Dillashaw.

“Everyone has motives for what they do. I don’t know his. I wish him the best”  -Cody Garbrandt

“Awesome practice this AM with some Killers @teamalphamalemma new @torque1_net gloves & Shins are $$ – drama hit today, but the show must go on :)”  -Urijah Faber


“Lift the NSAC ban from MMA fighter Nick Diaz.”  -Cher, doesn’t get more random than this.

“Laughing at all the comments asking how UFC found someone who looked so much like @RondaRousey”  –Dr. Ann Maria

“My puppy isn’t a full puppy. He’s half frog, half chicken, half pig, half lizard and a quarter dog.”  -David Michaud

” When you get recognized at the DMV and you don’t have to wait in line for 3 hours ”  -Cub Swanson

“If I don’t start tanning people will definitely say I look sickly at the weigh ins don’t want that pale look I had for UFC 95”  -Diego Sanchez

“My next fight, Featherweight (145 lb) debut, is locked in! Just waiting on @ufc to release details. Ready to takeover! #Pumped”  -Myles Jury

“Thanks for the late night text @danawhite at least it wasn’t a D- pic ”  -Urijah Faber

“@georgesstpierre was not impressed with our performance :'( !”  -Olivier Aubin-Mercier

@georgesstpierre was not impressed with our performance :'( ! @abdel_the_blade @oliaubin #georgestpierre #tristar #mma

A photo posted by Olivier Aubin-Mercier (@oliaubin) on


Hangin with @shaq backstage of @kellyandmichael episode airs Monday October 12th

A photo posted by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on

Thank you @mensfitnessau for making me the first woman on your cover!! #UFCMelbourne

A photo posted by rondarousey (@rondarousey) on


“congratulations a win for goofy dudes everywhere” -Forrest Griffin


“I don’t ignore. Brian probably won’t accept the fight.”  -Dana White, responding to a fan asking for Garbrandt vs Caraway.

“Where you at @BryanCaraway ??”  -Cody Garbrandt

“Been down that lonely path already… Hiding under a tit or two…”  -Aljamain Sterling


“free agent looking for a fight”  –Jose Pele Landi

“I heard @TeamRocBiggie agreed to fight you, but you got scared and didn’t accept  ”  -Ben Askren

“I always take a fight. never say no . Ben are you scared ??????”  –Jose Pele Landi

“lol I’ve never turned down a fight, but you’re old and not good anymore.  Find a new job. ”  -Ben Askren


” I don’t even and have not worked with Dolce for quite some time…so fighting with me will have nothing to do with Dolce…but for the record…fuck you BJ. You talk too much now…you use to be about actions, but now like the spoiled little rich kid you are, all you do is talk. I’ll gladly fight you anytime. So get your mom and daddy to paint you some plans, fly Hawaii out to Vegas, give little baby Penn what he wants and come out of retirement …. This time I’ll make sure to retire you properly #BringPennBack”  -Nik Lentz

“BJ -Try to enjoy obscurity without embarrassing yourself NL”  -Nik Lentz

“Obscurity LOL he is a HOFer, and someone you and I grew up watching.”  -Ben Askren


“I think Evens could have beaten Bader if he wasn’t rusty..Don’t matter much tho cause I want to brake my foot n both those asses b4 I retire”  -Quinton Jackson

“UFC just stopped me from retiring. More news to come on my next fight????????”  -Quinton Jackson

EXTRA BEEF (HT: David St. Martin)

“whoever’s running your social media is very unprofessional, I’d check that shit”  -Angela Hill

“Remember your last fight when you did a deal with us and bailed at the last min for another sponsor? THAT’s Unprofessional!”  -Torque

“the people managing me, the people you spoke with, agreed your offer wasn’t worth the hassle. Nothing was signed. Nice attitude.”  -Angela Hill

“Funny cause your manager drove a huge dump truck right over that story! Love the word hassle too! You have a lot to learn!”  -Torque


That was real cute…. #scorpioSeasonAwaits #halloween #letsGetWeird #breastCancerAwareness #FuckCancer @gregoriophotography

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Outtake from my @fhmphilofficial shoot with @thephotographer #fhmphilippines

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Thanks for the #wcw muwahhh!!! #latergram #lovetravel #travelgram #beachaholic #Philippines

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