UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson live results and play by play (prelims)

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as the UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson preliminary cards go off from…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson live results and play by play (prelims)
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as the UFC 192: Cormier vs. Gustafsson preliminary cards go off from The Toyota Center in Houston, TX.

A full night of fights will begin with a triple-decker on UFC Fight Pass before trickling into four bouts on Fox Sports 1. The main hurrah is a five-fight ensemble on pay-per-view (10 p.m. ET) that’s captained by light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier defending the strap against Swedish slugger Alexander Gustafsson.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the UFC Fight Pass prelims. The full preliminary card lineups and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for analysis, predictions and betting odds on the entire UFC 192 card.

FS1 Prelims
(Fox Sports 1, 8 p.m. ET)

Daniel Hooker vs. Yair Rodriguez

R1: Hooker maintains a large bubble of space by circling to his left. Half-checked inside low kick from Rodriguez, who then tries to set up a spinning attack. Rodriguez throws two front-leg side kicks to the knee and follows with a third to the body that takes Hooker off his feet. He pops back up quickly. Spinning wheel kick from Rodriguez misses.

Hooker steps in on a roundhouse kick to the body and puts Rodriguez on the cage. Rodriguez reverses with an outside trip from the body lock, taking Hooker down. Hooker gets back to his feet and slips behind Rodriguez in the transition, getting the rear waist lock. Rodriguez turns to face him and circles off the cage, then lands a knee to the body. Hooker reverses position and lands a knee to the body with Rodriguez on the fence. Rodriguez half-completes a whizzer throw but they separate after Hooker keeps his balance. 10-9 Rodriguez.

R2: Rodriguez plunges another front-leg side kick to the body. Quick left cross lands for Hooker on his way into the clinch. Double under-hooks for Hooker to keep Rodriguez on the cage. Rodriguez pummels under and rolls into a leg lock that’s not there, but he clings to Hooker and makes it a decent attempt, then uses it to escape back to his feet.

Rodriguez puts on a kicking clinic with an elliptical kick, a body kick and then a left high kick. Hooker defends well but the momentum is all Rodriguez. Left body kick lands for Rodriguez, who follows with a one-two and another high kick. Hooker rushes Rodriguez and cuts off the angle to pin him on the cage. Spinning heel kick to the body is there for Rodriguez, and he closes the frame with a duck-under double leg. 10-9 Rodriguez.

R3: The action is halted early as Rodriguez takes an unintentional blow below the belt. Hooker shrinks the distance on the restart, looking to corner Rodriguez and lance straight punches. Hooker changes levels for a takedown but finds himself immediately fighting off a leg lock. Hooker gets out of danger and Rodriguez slings a leg over his shoulder in triangle position. Rodriguez dings Hooker with an elbow off his back and it draws blood.

Hooker curiously doesn’t bother to clear the leg, then passes to half guard to allay the danger. Hooker lands hammer-fists to the head and they’re returned by Rodriguez off his back. Hooker, still entangled by Rodriguez’s left leg, is content to base down and throw ineffective strikes, and the referee stands them up. Time is called for the bloodied Hooker to be checked by the doc. After he’s cleared, Hooker walks Rodriguez down but can’t contain him. 10-9 Rodriguez. I have it a 30-27 sweep for Rodriguez.

  • Yair Rodriguez defeats Daniel Hooker by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

Alan Jouban vs. Albert Tumenov

R1: Tumenov corners Jouban and flurries on him, putting him in danger early. Jouban backs him off with a few crisp straights and the pace becomes more measured. Tumenov with a counter left, then a sharp right and a huge high kick that Jouban blocks, though it still lands with huge impact. We pause for an unintentional low blow via a Jouban inside low kick. Jouban lands a one-one-two on the restart.

Another monstrous right high kick blasts through Jouban’s wing block and Tumenov follows with a cracking right hand. Jouban goes down and the ref waves it off.

  • Albert Tumenov defeats Alan Jouban by TKO (high kick/punch) R1 2:55

Adriano Martins vs. Islam Makhachev

R1: Makhachev plunges a left kick to the body of Martins, then follows with a nasty overhand left. Straight left sails through for Martins, who’s engaging cautiously and circling out of Makhachev’s range. Martins ducks a looping left and plasters Makhachev with a right hook that rattles his jaw. Makhachev goes down.

  • Adriano Martins defeats Islam Makhachev by KO (punch) R1 1:46

Angela Hill vs. Rose Namajunas

R1: Namajunas connects with a long jab, then flurries effectively as Hill reaches forward while looking to clinch up. Namajunas dictating on the fringe well with a long, busy jab. Hard leg kick scores for Hill. Namajunas flings a right and follows behind it to hit a quick outside trip from the clinch. Namajunas lands in side control and locks down the position before throwing a few left forearms.

Namajunas threatens with a pass to side mount but cleverly hops on Hill’s back in the transition. Namajunas digs both hooks in deep and wrenches a nasty rear-naked choke. Hill stays on her feet and fights it off valiantly but eventually goes out.

  • Rose Namajunas defeats Angela Hill by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 2:47

Fight Pass Prelims
(UFC Fight Pass, 6:30 p.m. ET)

Sage Northcutt vs. Frank Trevino

R1: Lead-leg side kick from Northcutt lands to the body. Trevino loses his balance on a sloppy hook kick attempt and  Northcutt takes him down and swarms him with punches from the top. Referee Herb Dean stops the fight as Trevino is getting back to his feet and Trevino protests the stoppage vehemently.

  • Sage Northcutt defeats Francisco Trevino by TKO (punches) R1 0:57

Chris Cariaso vs. Sergio Pettis

R1: Pettis catches Cariaso’s left body kick and sweeps out his support leg for a takedown. Cariaso in a full, closed guard. Step-over pass for Pettis to half guard but Cariaso recomposes full guard. Cariaso sits up and scoots his back to the cage, using it to stand up. Cariaso circles off the fence and they separate. Double jab lands for Pettis. Cariaso grazes with an inside low kick. Pettis clinches but can’t complete the throw.

Pettis switches to southpaw but eats a pair of right body kicks. They trade jabs. Cariaso, staying busy, glances with another low kick. Pettis lands a counter right, throws a right high kick, then drops Cariaso with another right. Cariaso fights for posture control to slow Pettis’ momentum, and does so successfully. Cariaso boots him away with both feet in his chest but Pettis re-enters his guard behind a hard right hand. 10-9 Pettis.

R2: Cariaso lands an inside low kick and Pettis pressures him, still in southpaw. Another inside low kick for Cariaso. They tie up and Pettis hits an inside trip, then scrambles fluidly into half guard. Cariaso retains full guard. Pettis takes half guard and Cariaso regains full guard three consecutive times before they’re stood up.

Pettis glances with a retreating right high kick off his back foot. Cariaso lands a short uppercut counter in the pocket but he’s taken down by Pettis from the clinch. Pettis passes to half guard and looks to stay there by cradling a leg but Cariaso backs him off with a leg lock attempt. Pettis jumps back in his guard and finishes the round on top throwing hammer-fists. 10-9 Pettis.

R3: Cariaso offers up his leg with another telegraphed body kick and Pettis obliges by catching it and hitting another easy takedown. Cariaso looks for a counter single and Pettis dangerously falls back for a sacrifice guillotine. Cariaso peels his head out and goes to work in Pettis’ full guard. Pettis over-hooks Cariaso’s right arm to protect himself, then dings Cariaso in the face with a clean up-kick.

Cariaso keeps a strong base and Pettis leans over for a kimura, but it’s a brief attempt. Cariaso passes to half guard but can’t take advantage before Pettis regains full guard. Pettis stays busy off his back with active hips but nothing sticks. Cariaso postures up and falls back for a heel hook, and Pettis is in trouble. Cariaso torques the hold but Pettis is able to grit his teeth through it until the bell sounds. 10-9 Cariaso. I have it 29-28 Pettis.

  • Sergio Pettis defeats Chris Cariaso by unanimous decision (29-27 x2, 29-28)

Derrick Lewis vs. Viktor Pesta

R1: Lewis flashes a high kick and then pulls back on a right hand. Lewis changes levels and shoots but Pesta counter-clinches and puts Lewis on the cage with a few foot stomps. Lewis smiles off the foot stomps but Pesta hits an outside trip to take him down, landing in side mount. Pesta looks to trap an arm and advance to crucifix, settling instead for a pair of hard knees to the ribs. Lewis bucks him off and gets back to his feet, then powers Pesta over with a schoolyard under-hook throw.

Pesta regains his balance and takes Lewis down, again landing in side control. Lewis briefly gets in kimura position from the bottom, then bucks his hips to create space and stands back up. Pesta keeps him on the fence and hits another outside trip into side mount. Safe ground-and-pound thrown by Pesta, who gets the rear waist lock when Lewis stands up. Lewis spins to face him but can’t keep Pesta off him. 10-9 Pesta.

R2: Lewis uncorks a right cross that lands with a thud. Pesta gets in on a double leg but Lewis stays upright and lands a knee downstairs. However, Lewis has no answer for Pesta’s outside trip and goes down again. Lewis starts in half guard but gets a loose full guard, staying extremely calm.

Lewis forces a stalemate and the ref stands them up, but Pesta easily grounds him again, this time with a drive double. Lewis patiently works back to his feet and Pesta stays adhered, keeping Lewis on the fence. Lewis shoves him away to create space, then unwinds a heavy right hand that staggers Pesta. Lewis swarms Pesta with haymakers, and Pesta goes down underneath a hail of lunchbox-size leather. Lewis holds side control and bounces Pesta’s head off the canvas with punches until the bell sounds. 10-8 Lewis.

R3: Pesta is understandably hesitant to close the distance to start the final frame. Lewis flings out a left high kick and follows with a big right cross, and Pesta shoots. Lewis sprawls his hips out nicely, then uses counter-wrestling to put Pesta on his back. The thunderous torrent of heavy punches follows soon after and, after Lewis passes to full mount, this time it’s too much for Pesta, who just covers. The ref steps in and waves it off.

  • Derrick Lewis defeats Viktor Pesta by TKO (punches) R3 1:15
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