UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2 live results, play by play, discussion (prelims)

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as the UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2 preliminary cards go off…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2 live results, play by play, discussion (prelims)
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed play-by-play as the UFC 191: Johnson vs. Dodson 2 preliminary cards go off on UFC Fight Pass (7:00 p.m. ET) and Fox Sports 1 (8:00 p.m. ET).

Lightweights Ross Pearson and Paul Felder captain the FS1 preliminary card. They’re joined by feisty strikers John Lineker and Francisco Rivera (bantamweights), Jessica Andrade and Raquel Pennington (women’s bantamweight division) and Clay Collard vs. Tiago Trator (featherweights). The Fight Pass card will deliver two bouts: middleweights Joe Riggs vs. Ron Stallings and featherweights Nazareno Malegarie vs. Joaquim Silva.

Live results and play by play will commence with the UFC Fight Pass card at 7 p.m. ET. The full preliminary card lineups follow.

UFC 191 FS1 Prelims (Fox Sports 1 at 8:00 p.m ET)

Ross Pearson vs. Paul Felder

R1: Felder lands a slick counter knee to the body. Another counter knee, this one up high, lands for Felder. Pearson initiates a clinch and puts Felder on the fence. Felder slams another knee downstairs and circles off the fence. Another knee to the ribs for Felder, then he rips an elbow upstairs. Pearson answers with a knee and circles off the fence with an underhook, now double unders for Pearson.

Felder circles off the cage with another knee, then slashes with a short elbow. Felder drops for a double leg but Pearson defends and circles off the cage; Felder reverses and misses with a spinning back elbow. Pearson changes levels after they separate and nails a double leg. Felder slings a leg over Pearson’s shoulder in pursuit of a triangle. Pearson postures up to neutralize it, then stands up before diving back into guard with a big right. Felder clips him with an elbow off his back. Pearson postures up and Felder rolls for a leg lock, then uses the space he’s created to stand back up. Another short horizontal elbow lands for Felder, then another rugged knee to the body with Pearson’s back on the cage. Felder separates and throws a spinning strike that Pearson counters, and Felder goes down (looks to be more of a slip). 10-9 Felder.

R2: Inside low kick lands for Pearson. Now one outside. Left hook lands for Pearson, then an angle uppercut. Outside low kick to the knee for Felder. Pearson responds in kind. Jump knee for Felder but it’s his follow-up knee that lands clean to Pearson’s grill. No dice on Pearson’s spinning back fist, which draws a smile from Felder. Left shovel punch lands for Felder. Pearson just misses with a left high kick.

Left body kick digs into the ribs of Felder. Felder whiffs on a spinning kick but he lands a short step-in knee. Felder lands a spinning heel kick to the gut. Pearson answers with a right hook to the body. Snapping jab for Pearson. Hard outside low kick lands for Felder, which was set up with punches. Pearson scores with a left hook counter, then ducks under a Felder spinning kick to clinch. 10-9 Pearson.

R3: Pearson draws first blood in the final round with a counter left hook. Switch knee to the body is there for Felder. They trade left hands but Pearson tacks on another that scores. Angle uppercut scores for Pearson. Pearson forces a clinch and lands a foot stomp. Felder lands a knee to the ribs but can’t circle off the cage. Felder lands another and Pearson answers with a sharp left.

Felder circles off and lands a body knee before they split. Pearson backs him up with a three-punch combo. Hard outside low kick lands for Pearson and he barely gets a glove in front of Felder’s spinning back-fist counter. Felder lands an outside low kick and Pearson answers with a left hook. Another hook for Pearson. Felder lands a hard spinning kick. Pearson answers with a punch. Pearson scores with a right, then lands a jab. 10-9 Pearson though the last round was tightly contested. I have it 29-28 Pearson.

  • Ross Pearson defeats Paul Felder by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29)

John Lineker vs. Francisco Rivera

R1: Lineker gets tagged by a right-hand counter from Rivera off his back foot. Rivera’s length advantage is apparent in the early exchanges. Lineker lowers his head and barges into range with both fists flying, and the pair plant their feet and unload the cannons for a good 10-15 seconds straight. Lineker finds the mark first as Rivera goes down to a knee.

Perpetuating the sheer chaos, Rivera gets back up and heaves haymakers with both hands, and they both resume the berserk combat. Lineker wisely preys on Rivera’s lowered head by snatching up a guillotine and falling back to wrench it. Rivera taps.

  • John Lineker defeats Francisco Rivera by submission (guillotine choke) R1 2:08

Jessica Andrade vs. Raquel Pennington

R1: Andrade stays in a crouched stance and lands a pair of hooks. Pennington clinches and lands a knee but gets put on the fence. Andrade goes low for a single and, hoisting Pennington off the canvas, completes it. Pennington closes her guard and maintains good posture control. Pennington looks for a butterfly hook to sweep but Andrade negates it. Pennington gets careless on her escape and Andrade nearly takes her back but settles for a knee downstairs on the reset.

Now Andrade threatens with a guillotine as Pennington keeps her on the fence. Short hook lands for Pennington, then a tight elbow. Andrade circles off the fence and pursues another single as Pennington counters with the kimura. As soon as he lets it go, Andrade hoists her for another takedown; Pennington is right back up. Andrade eats a couple hammer-fists while staying on the single, and again completes it only to have Pennington right back on her feet. Pennington gets the Thai plum and lands a series of brutal knees to the body, then a few elbows. More hard shots from Pennington as Andrade looks for the counter takedown. Another knee downstairs from Pennington just before Andrade completes the takedown. 10-10 for the late and highly effective outburst from Pennington to even the scales.

R2: They both whir their hands viciously to start the second. Pennington scores with a left. Andrade lands a low kick. Andrade grazes with a jumping one-two. Pennington answers with a right. They trade hooks. Andrade again jumps to throw a one-two and Pennington ducks under it and takes her down. Andrade latches on a guillotine and it’s tight; Pennington gets back to her feet and they separate.

Andrade swarms Pennington with punches, then changes levels for a double leg but comes back up high with more punches, connecting on the last flurry. Pennington hits another duck-under takedown but again finds herself caught in Andrade’s guillotine, this time with a full, closed guard. It’s not under the chin and Pennington calmly breaks her grip, then stacks the legs and throws some ground-and-pound. Andrade gets sloppy in guard, allowing Pennington to scramble to her back and cinch on the mata leao. Andrade taps.

  • Raquel Pennington defeats Jessica Andrade by submission (rear-naked choke) R2 4:58

Clay Collard vs. Tiago Trator

R1: Collard opens with a stomp kick to the knee, then stays busy on the feet, landing a long jab. Collard heaves two combinations and finishes with a left high kick, to no avail. Trator gets on the board with a sharp counter. Collard snatches up the Thai plum and drives Trator to the fence, glancing with a knee downstairs. Trator gets under-hooks and Collard lands two lefts to the body before separating.

Hard straight right lands to the jaw for Collard. Now a stiff jab. Collard, growing in confidence, unbolts a hook/straight combo that lands. Collard now goading Trator with his hands at his waist before hurling a pair of hooks. Trator clinches and slips behind Collard with the rear waist cinch, landing a knee to the thigh. Collard, perhaps mockingly, punches himself in the thigh before spinning out of the body lock and taking Trator down. Trator pursues a leg lock and uses it to sweep Collard and pass to full mount with 45 seconds left. Collard stays calm and cage-walks to escape; Trator is all over him and jumps to back mount with a body triangle, wrenching a choke. He runs out of time. 10-9 Collard.

R2: Collard goes back to work with his hands to open the second. Collard catches a front kick but can’t convert the takedown. Trator tags Collard with a hard shot to the face. Nice low kick and left hook combo from Trator, both shots grazing. Collard throws a sloppy spinning strike and Trator nearly secures the rear waist lock, but Collard slips free. Another whiff on a spinning strike from Collard, then a third whizzes over Trator’s head.

Collard peels off a tight combo and lands his fair share. Trator lands a right but Collard floors Trator with a stiff jab. Collard pounces with punches, either oblivious to or entirely ignoring the tight armbar Trator’s cinched up. Collard sits back and slips his arm loose, then resumes the wild punching. Trator reverses him and gets in Collard’s half guard, then carves into full mount. Collard holds a headlock, almost begging for an arm triangle. Trator spiders his way into back control but, with no hooks in, Collard escapes out the back door. Collard goes caveman with more wild punches, again escaping an armbar. 10-9 Collard.

R3: Trator lands a right counter, then a left hook. Trator digs in with an inside low kick and it drops Collard to a knee briefly. Collard wings a sloppy left from outside and walks right into a stomp kick. Tight counter shots land for Collard. Trator tags Collard with a hard right cross. Collard answers with a left hook counter. Trator with another right and, this time, Collard does walk right into Trator’s front stomp kick.

Two rights land clean for Trator as what little defense Collard had has dwindled to nothing. Trator shoots a single leg and Collard stays upright, landing two short rights on the break. Collard goes to southpaw and lands a left cross. No dice on Trator’s takedown attempt but he does catch Collard with a punch. Collard lands a double leg but Trator pops right back up. Glancing left from Collard but he gets stuffed on a deep double leg. Trator keeps the clinch and gets into the rear waist lock as Collard tries to throw back elbows. Collard sits out but can’t get free, then, twice, tries to somersault out. 10-9 Trator. I have it 29-28 Collard.

  • Tiago Trator defeats Clay Collard by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x2)

UFC 191 Fight Pass Prelims

Joe Riggs vs. Ron Stallings

R1: Stallings prods with an outside low kick, then another. Make it three. Riggs comes up well short on his first combo. Stallings lands another outside low kick and Riggs answers with one of his own. Now Riggs sits down on a heavy combo to drive Stallings back. Snap jab lands for Stallings. Riggs looks to have taken a finger in the eye but Stallings attacks with two methodical combinations; Riggs fires off an overhand right to back him off.

Riggs times a double leg nicely and lands it but finds himself caught in a Stallings triangle. Stallings switches to an omoplata and then flows smoothly into top position as Riggs defends. Riggs spins off his back, turtles and stands up, heaving a left hand on his feet. Riggs anticipates Stallings next combo and ducks under for a body lock takedown, getting it. Hard elbow from Riggs on top. Stallings closes his guard and Riggs postures up to spike down more elbows and punches. Riggs backs out and Stallings up-kicks him square in his injured eye; Riggs dives back into his guard and rides out the clock. Two hard knees to the body from Riggs just before the bell. 10-9 Riggs.

R2: Riggs doubles up on right hooks and then plugs Stallings with a monster left cross, dropping him. Riggs pounces and mounts Stallings, landing a nasty elbow. Now another slicing elbow from Riggs on top and Stallings is cut, but aware. Stallings closes his guard, which prompts Riggs to pour it on with more highly effective punches and elbows.

Stallings lands an illegal up-kick (Riggs was grounded) to the face of Riggs and it targets the same eye that’s attracted all the previous damage. The doc checks Riggs, who says he can’t see. The fight is waved off.

  • Joe Riggs defeats Ron Stallings by DQ (illegal up-kick) R2 2:28

Nazareno Malegarie vs. Joaquim Silva

R1: Silva glances with a right and Malegarie answers with two clubbing left hooks. Malegarie establishing his left hook well to keep Silva at bay. Another left hook lands for Malegarie, then another, and these are all clean. Silva unbolts a pair of one-twos only to be countered with another hook by the sidestepping Malegarie. Now Silva makes his mark with consecutive straight rights, then a short uppercut.

Malegarie finishes his next hook with an uppercut that scores. Jumping knee and right hand land for Silva, then another right hand down the middle. Malegarie glances with the left hook and shoots a double leg, then switches to a single as Silva gets the front headlock. Silva torques a guillotine and circles off the fence, causing Malegarie to separate. Another left hook from Malegarie. Silva lands an uppercut and straight right, and Malegarie’s right eye is bleeding. Right cross lands for Malegarie. Silva’s jump knee catches Malegarie in the face as the round closes. 10-10: Malegarie landed more and more often but Silva’s lower quantity was more effective.

R2: Malegarie turns up the aggression and leads with two aggressive combinations, then lands a double-leg takedown. Malegarie pinches Silva’s knees together to prevent the escape but he’s too quick and slippery. Back on the feet, Silva scores with a short step-in knee downstairs. Malegarie answers with a left hook. Now a retreating left hook from Malegarie.

Silva remains fearless and walks Malegarie down with heavy but telegraphed rights. Glancing left hook lands for Malegarie, then another after slipping a Silva hook. Jump knee to the body glances for Silva. Malegarie using more in-and-out movement to open up striking opportunities, and he’s landing often but without heft. Silva’s horizontal elbow is answered by another Malegarie hook. Silva uses the body knee as a counter nicely. 10-9 Malegarie.

R3: Malegarie gets off another hook but Silva clobbers him with a heavy knee. Now a right by Silva but his left high kick is blocked. Malegarie lands a pair of left-hand counters and Silva slashes a right kick to the ribs of Malegarie. Now a short knee from Silva. Glancing check hook for Malegarie, then a clean right cross.

Silva lands a jump knee but it’s countered with a clean hook by Malegarie. Malegarie blocks a body kick, then another, then sneaks in a left hand. Malegarie catches Silva’s front kick and converts the takedown but Silva pops back up immediately. They trade lefts. Malegarie sidesteps Silva’s jump knee and lands another left. 10-9 Malegarie in a close one (Silva could’ve taken the first via damage). I have it 30-28 Malegarie.

  • Joaquim Silva defeats Nazareno Malegarie by split decision (28-29, 30-27 x2)

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