UFC Fight Night: Saint Preux vs. Teixeira live results, play-by-play, and discussion

The UFC makes its way to Nashville, Tennessee for the first time since January 2012, and in the main event is a pivotal five-round…

By: Mookie Alexander | 8 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Saint Preux vs. Teixeira live results, play-by-play, and discussion
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The UFC makes its way to Nashville, Tennessee for the first time since January 2012, and in the main event is a pivotal five-round light heavyweight contest between Ovince Saint Preux and Glover Teixeira. “OSP” is a Tennessee native who played his college football at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, so he’ll have the hometown support. In the co-main, Blackzilians lightweight standout Michael Johnson takes on surging prospect Kings MMA prospect Beneil Dariush.

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This is your one-stop hub for coverage of all 13 fights taking place tonight at the Bridgestone Arena. Live results and play-by-play of UFC Fight Night: Saint Preux vs. Teixeira begins at 6:30 PM ET/3:30 PM PT on Fight Pass and continues with Fox Sports 2 prelims at 8 PM ET/5 PM PT. Main card bouts air at 10PM ET/7 PM PT on Fox Sports 1. Play-by-play results on this page will be updated with the first prelim at the top of the page and the main event at the bottom.

Kid Nate is your play-by-play typist, and here is the bout order:

Fox Sports 1 main card (10 PM ET)

Ray Borg vs. Geane Herrera – Flyweights (Borg missed weight)

Round 1: Borg quick with a take down, puts Herrera on his back. Borg in half-guard. Herrera elevates Borg but Borg just spins over. Back to half-guard but now Borg has head control. Borg rolls to his back with a guillotine. Herrera rolls to escape it. Herrera attacks a leg. Going for a heel hook, not in position. Borg punching from the top. Herrera sitting up, looking for the kimura from the bottom. Borg going for a kimura now, still trying to pass the half-guard. Gives up the shoulder attacks. Borg firing punches. Briefly passes. Herrera gets back to full guard. Really good grappling from both guys. Borg passes to side control. Back to half guard. Borg passes and gets arm triangle at the same time. Nice! Gives up the arm triangle. Herrera gets guard back. Herrera threatens a triangle for a second. 10-9 Borg. Excellent grappling!

Round 2: Borg gets him right down again. Borg passing the guard and attacking the neck again. Herrera manages to escape and regain half-guard. Back to full guard. Borg passes to half. Borg attacking the head again. Herrera pulls it out. Herrera throws up a leg but Borg ain’t having it. Herrera looking for a kimura off his back. Borg uses it to go for an arm triangle. Nothing. Back to full guard. Borg standing in full guard and trying to stack Herrera. Passes to half. Almost rolls into side control. Herrera stops it. Goes for the triangle again. Borg breaks it. Borg passes. Great grappling from both men again. Borg looks for a reverse head-in-arm, then a d’arce. Almost passes. Herrera escapes, gets back to closed guard. Hammerfists from Borg. 10-9 Borg.

Round 3: Immediate take down again by Borg. Elbow from the bottom cuts Borg. Close guard. Borg is bleeding everywhere. He’s still punching. Ref Mario Yamasaki pauses the action to let a doctor look at Borg’s cut eyebrow. Doctor lets them continue. They restart with Borg in Herrera’s half-guard. Borg going for the guillotine again. Herrera gets his head free, looks for a kimura from his back. Borg very active from the top, throwing punches, trying to pass. Herrera throws up a leg looking for the triangle. Borg’s blood dripping into Herrera’s face. Borg gets to half guard again. Herrera rolls him over! Herrera looking for mount. Herrera rolls for a guillotine, bad decision. Borg escapes and is back on top. Herrera throws up a triangle. Loses it. Gets it again. Borg slips out to side control with Herrera pinned against the fence. Borg complaining of knees to the face while on the ground. Back to half guard, center cage. Borg attacking the head again. North-south. Back to half-guard. Borg still has head control.  Gets full mount with ten seconds left. Takes the back. 10-9 and should be Borg’s decision. Amazing grappling from both men. Great fight!

Official result: Ray Borg def. Geane Herrera via unanimous decision (30-27×3).

Sara McMann vs. Amanda Nunes – Women’s Bantamweights

Round 1: McMann takes center cage. Nunes works an angle to land a combo. Nunes lands a leg kick and McMann shoots in. Gets the body lock but Nunes fends her off. Nunes slips. Pops back up. Nunes goes for a wheel kick. McMann shoots in and takes her back standing. Nunes twists away. Lands several punches in the clinch before breaking free. Nunes fires with a huge straight right. McMann’s hurt! She falls. Nunes on top. Dropping bombs from on top. Takes McMann’s back. Lifts up. Firing away from the top. Going for the RNC. Locks it in (might be a neck crank can’t tell if she’s under the chin or not). Gets the tap.

Official result: Amanda Nunes def. Sara McMann via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:53 of Rd 1.

Timothy Johnson vs. Jared Rosholt – Heavyweights

Round 1: Johnson coming forward. Rosholt gets an underhook. Lands a punch. Forces Johnson into the cage. Johnson gets over-under and reverses. Gets reversed immediately. Rosholt tosses Johnson a tiny bit but all he accomplishes is getting Johnson off the cage. Johnson spins and takes down Rosholt briefly. Rosholt with a front headlock with his back against the cage. Ref. Herb Dean separates them. Johnson lands a counter right. Rosholt drops and takes Johnson down. Gets mount. Johnson has his head. Rosholt gets to side mount. Was a possible Von Flue choke there for Rosholt. Johnson fires some elbows. Johnson getting his feet up the cage. Rosholt moves him. Stays in side mount. Throwing elbows but just chip shots. 10-9 Rosholt.

Round 2: Johnson lands a hard shot. Rosholt answers with a shot that forces Johnson into the cage. Johnson forces a break and lands a hard right. Briefly has Rosholt backed into the cage but is quickly reversed. Rosholt breaks and lands a punch. Another. Rosholt loads up and misses a big right. Johnson ducks and gets a body lock off the miss. Uppercut from Johnson. Elbow for Rosholt. Johnson with a front headlock. Rosholt gets free of it, still has Johnson backed into the cage. Johnson gets a body lock. Gets Rosholt down. Takes the back. Gets too high and is thrown off. Rosholt on top in half guard. Rosholt looking for a paint brush/Americana from half guard. Lets it go. 10-10 on my card.

Round 3: Johnson comes out firing. Rosholt shoots. Johnson has a front headlock. Loses it. Rosholt pushes him against the fence. Johnson goes for the guillotine which allows Rosholt to get the single leg, run the pipe and take him down. Johnson fights back to his feet. Still clinched against the cage though. Ref is threatening to break them up and Herb Dean does it. Johnson lumbering forward. Lurching for the knee. Misses badly. Rosholt looks gassed. Johnson punches and Rosholt turns away. They clinch up again. Johnson pushing Rosholt against the cage and gets himself reversed. Reverses. Rosholt backs away. Dives back in. Johnson lands a big shot. Another! Johnson takes him down. Dumb decision with just seconds left. 10-9 Johnson. It’s a tie on my card but I expect Rosholt to get the decision.

Official result: Jared Rosholt def. Tim Johnson via unanimous decision (29-28×3).

Sam Alvey vs. Derek Brunson – Middleweights

Round 1: They keep a wary distance at first. Brunson swings big and shoots in. Forces Alvey to the cage. Alvey has one underhook. Brunson doing some dirty boxing. Big uppercuts from Brunson. Alvey gets the Thai plum. Loses it. Brunson keeping him backed into the cage. Brunson opens up with a big combination. Another. Wild punching from Brunson. Alvey is wobbly. He falls. It’s over! Alvey doesn’t like the stoppage.

Official result: Derek Brunson def. Sam Alvey via TKO (punches) at 2:19 of Rd 1.

Beneil Dariush vs. Michael Johnson – Lightweights

Round 1: Dariush comes out with a low kick. Johnson backing him to the fence. Dariush shoots, Johnson evades. Dariush with a flying knee attempt and lands a leg kick. Low kick by Dariush.Nice left hand by Dariush. Johnson jabs the body and stuffs a take down attempt. Johnson dodges a leg kick. Johnson lands to the body. Dariush with a knee to the gut. Jab. Low kick lands for Dariush. Dariush shoots, stuffed. Johnson catches Dariush with a left. Drops Dariush briefly. Johnson coming forward. Landing punches. They clinch at the bell. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2: Johnson dodges another flying knee attempt. Lands a nice shot. Johnson controlling the center of the cage and the range. Dariush missing. Johson firing back and landing. Dariush misses a high kick. Misses an uppercut. Shoots, Johnson stuffs it. Johnson firing combos. Throws in a kick at the end. The left is landing again and again. Dariush misses a superman punch. 10-9 Johnson

Round 3: Johnson comes out aggressive. Still controlling range and cage center. Dariush firing back but ineffectively. Johnson with a 1-2. Eats an uppercut. Dariush lands a combo. Knee from Dariush. Eats a left hand counter. Dariush landing a jab. He might be stealing this round. Johnson still coming forward but I think he’s being outlanded in the third. 10-9 Dariush but too little, too late.

Official result: Beneil Dariush def. Michael Johnson via split decision (29-28×2, 28-29).

Ovince Saint Preux vs. Glover Teixeira – Light Heavyweights

Round 1: Teixeira moving forward. OSP fires a snap kick. Teixeira catches it and gets a body lock. Takes OSP down. OSP gets right back to his feet. Low knee to Teixeira’s groin forces a pause. OSP comes out firing. Lands to the body. Teixeira falls. OSP follows him down. Teixeira fights back up but eats more shots standing. OSP kicks to the body. Teixeira gets him down. Gets mount. OSP rolls to his belly. Now back to his back. Still mounted. Teixeira firing from the top. OSP rolls to his belly. Teixeira loses one hook. Two. OSP gets up. Teixeira bleeding from the bridge of his nose.  Teixeira gets him down again. They’re in the center of the cage. Teixeira on top. OSP rolls him. Teixeira holding on to OSP’s head. OSP gets side mount. Von Flue choke possible. They get back to the feet. Tough round to score. I’m going with 10-9 OSP based on damage.

Round 2: OSP with a body kick to open. Teixeira pushing forward. They trade. Teixeira shoots. Gets OSP down briefly. Teixeira coming forward. OSP circling away. Teixeira gets the double leg. Picks OSP up. Slams him down. In OSP’s half guard. Landing elbows. Finally managing to keep OSP down for a sustained period. Not landing a ton. Teixeira postures up. Fires down. Teixeira throwing rights as well as lefts. OSP standing up. Eats a knee to the body. But he’s up. Still clinched. Teixeira landing a left. OSP gets free. Circles out. Pours it on late in the round. Firing with both hands. But too little too late. 10-9 Teixeira.

Round 3: Teixeira coming forward. OSP shoots. Nothing doing. Teixeira coming forward. Teixeira corners OSP and fires with punches. OSP is covering up. Circles out. OSP shoots. Gets stuffed. Teixeira takes his back standing. Picks OSP up and slams him down. Teixeira in half guard. Firing away from the top. Ref warns someone about fingers in the eyes. I think it was Teixeira getting warned. Teixeira chipping away. Teixeira gets mount. OSP rolls over. Teixeira going for the choke. He has the arm under the chin. It’s deep! OSP passes out. It’s over!

Official result: Glover Teixeira def. Ovince Saint Preux via technical submission (rear naked choke) at 3:10 of Rd 3.

Fight Pass preliminary card (6:30 PM ET)

Anthony Christodoulou vs. Scott Holtzman – Lightweights

Round 1: Christodoulou coming forward. Holtzman circling away. Now they switch. Christodoulou not athletic looking on his feet. They trade slips, both falling and bouncing right back up. Seriously bad technique on display here by Christodoulou. Holtzman lands the first punch. Now they clinch. Holtzman in control. Landing elbows. Christodoulou breaks free. Holtzman lands a big right. Another. Christodoulou still coming forward. Holtzman lands a standing knee to Christodoulou’s ample belly. They clinch again. Christodoulou reverses, working for the take down. Holtzman reverses and pushes Christodoulou back into the fence. Knees and elbows from Holtzman. They break. Holtzman still has him backed into the cage, lands punches and elbows and a knee. Some spinning attacks attempted by Christodoulou. Huge uppercut from Holtzman. Christodoulou has a beard on him you have to give him that. 10-9 Holtzman.

Round 2: Holtzman coming forward full of confidence. Lands an uppercut and a left kick to the body. Combination, body-body-head from Holtzman. Christodoulou grabs on and forces a clinch but he’s the one against the cage. Holtzman lands a spinning elbow and a hard straight right hand. 1-2 from Holtzman. This fight looks like a UFC fighter beating up a random dad he found at a community swimming pool. Christodoulou has a chin and some nerve but that’s about it. Big right from Holtzman. Christodoulou actually lands a right. Body kick, head kick from Holtzman. Christodoulou lands an uppercut. Christodoulou breaks out of the clinch with an extremely awkward move. The beating continues at range. Holtzman dives in with an elbow and slips forward to the mat. Christodoulou drops down for a leg attack. Might be threatening a heel hook. Nope Holtzman escapes. Holtzman fires a high kick and falls down again. Christodoulou ends the round with a headlock on Holtzman. 10-8 Holtzman.

Round 3: Holtzman circes his prey for a moment. Fires a big overhand right. Christodoulou counters albeit badly. Holtzman teeing off with rights. Lands a hard left. Elbow to the head. Big overhand right. Holtzman gets an inside trip. Takes Christodoulou’s back. He gets the RNC. It’s over.

Official resultScott Holtzman def. Anthony Christodoulou via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:40 of Rd 3.

Roman Salazar vs. Marlon Vera – Bantamweights

Round 1: Vera lands some jabs early. They close. Salazar goes for a take down and gets Vera down. Salazar on top in Vera’s guard. Vera with good control from bottom preventing too much ground and pound from Salazar. Elbow gets through. They get back to the feet. Vera landing side kicks and body kicks. Salazar shoots for a double. Goes for standing back control. Vera going for the kimura. Salazar breaks free. Salazar with double unders against the cage. Does some dirty boxing. Vera breaks free. Salazar chasing on the feet. Side kick from Vera. Vicious 1-2 lands for Vera. Vera tries a double flying knee. Misses. Vera lands with a left. Keeps throwing after the bell. 10-10 on my card.

Round 2: Salazar takes center cage. Immediately shoots. Forces Vera against the cage. Gets him down. Trying to take Vera’s back on the ground. Salazar fends off a sweep attempt now in Vera’s closed guard. Vera has posture control on Salazar. Vera gets a triangle. Firing elbows. Goes for the armbar from triangle, gets it! Salazar taps. It’s over.

Official resultMarlon Vera def. Roman Salazar via submission (arm lock from triangle) at 2:15 of Rd 2.

Chris Dempsey vs. Jonathan Wilson – Light Heavyweights

Round 1: Dempsey takes center cage. Wilson circling away. Wilson lands first and second with a pair of lefts. Dempsey charges forward, shoots. Stuffed. Wilson drops Dempsey with a straight left! Follows him down. Finishes with a hammer fist or two. Damn.

Official resultJonathan Wilson def. Chris Dempsey via KO at 0:50 of Rd 1.

Fox Sports 2 preliminary card (8 PM ET)

Sirwan Kakai vs. Frankie Saenz – Bantamweights

Round 1: Saenz with an inside leg kick. Saenz fires off a sharp kick-kick-punch combo. Kakai with a leg kick. Saenz landing body kicks. Low kick. Kakai landing outside leg kicks. Kakai lands a punch, eats the counter. They trade and Kakai lands the counter. Saenz with some mean knees to the body from the double collar tie. Kakai with a slick trip. Saenz right back up. Kakai pushing Saenz to the cage, gets the double leg with some elevation. Saenz sitting up against the fence. Kakai can’t keep him down. Knee to the body from Kakai. Saenz lands a punch combo. They trade knees to the body. Good fight. Sharp outside leg kick for Kakai. Superman punch to a body kick for Saenz. Elbow to the head of Kakai. Saenz lands a right hand. Kakai lands a left hook counter. Saenz knees to the body. Saenz is forcing Kakai into the cage when the buzzer rings. Very close round. 10-10.

Round 2: Saenz firing overhands to open the second. A Saenz right gets Kakai smiling. Saenz shoots, misses an inside trip. Kakai lands a pair of jabs. Saenz throwing wild. Kakai lands another outside leg kick. Kakai with the jab. Kakai with a hard left to the liver. Saenz fires back. Ref. Herb Dean calls time for an inadvertant eye poke on Saenz. We’re back to scrapping. Saenz lands an outside leg kick. Knee to the face. Saenz shoots, takes him down. Right back up. Kakai reverses against the fence and gets away. Saenz drilling Kakai to the body with sharp knees. Kakai with a pair of jabs. Saenz with an uppercut. Charges in. Kakai reverses, Gets the double leg against the fence. In Saenz’ guard. Saenz gets up. Lands a big elbow. Kakai may be hurt. Knee to the body from Saenz. Jab jab jab says Kakai. Saenz answers with knees. Fires a winging right that glances. Saenz lands a combo to end the round. Another hard-fought, very very close round. 10-10 again.

Round 3: Saenz comes out aggressive. Landing more knees. Dirty boxing. Saenz tries to get a standing body lock; Kakai shrugs him off. Saenz gets an ankle pick take down. In Kakai’s guard. Elbows from the top. Kakai gives up his back. Saenz gave up position going for a no-hooks choke. Kakai back up. Saenz shoots. Kakai going for a guillotine. Saenz gets his head free. Uppercut for Saenz. He seems to be the much fresher fighter. Pushing Kakai back to the fence. Saenz lands the standing elbow. Kakai reverses, going for the double. Can’t get it. Saenz reverses, pushes Kakai into the cage. Lands hard elbows to the face but Kakai had his hands in the way. Kakai lands a body shot and trips Saenz. Saenz right back up. They’re trading hard. Kakai landing body punches and leg kicks. Saenz looking exhausted now but still pushing forward. Kakai reverses against the cage. Saenz defends. Great fight but I still can’t pick a winner. 10-10 all the way.

Official resultFrankie Saenz def. Sirwan Kakai via split decision (29-28, 30-27, 27-30).

Willie Gates vs. Dustin Ortiz – Flyweights

Round 1: Gates is tall for a flyweight! Firing high snap kicks. Ortiz gets past them and is working for the take down. Has standing back control on Gates with Gates’ left arm trapped in the body lock. Gates trying to get back up. Ortiz switches to a single leg, finishes the take down. Ortiz in a very low mount for a moment. Gates stands up. Gets away. Ortiz lands a counter-right. Gates firing, and missing, jabs. Ortiz lands an outside leg kick. Ortiz catches a body kick. Gets the take down. Climbing up to mount. Working for an arm triangle. Gates’ head was pinned up too high on the cage to finish the triangle. Ortiz punching Gates in the back when he tries to turn. Ortiz going body-body-head from mount. Elbows. Gates tries to get up. 10-9 Ortiz.

Round 2: Ortiz walks through Gates’ strikes again. Gates kicks and Ortiz grabs him. Forces Gates to the cage. Ortiz lands a sharp standing elbow. Gates threatens a ninja choke. Nothing. Ortiz pushing him against the cage and Gates has no answer. More standing elbows. Gates fires some knees and a punch but no steam on them. Ortiz lands another elbow. An uppercut. Gates stopping the take downs but nothing else. And Ortiz puts him on his ass. Right to mount. Elbows from the top. Rib roasters. Face punching. Elbows. Lots of ’em. Gates rolls. Ortiz has the hooks in. Trying to get the RNC. Might be going for a neck crank instead. Lets it go. Back to mount. Ortiz dropping bombs. Gates ended the round helpless and taking a beating. 10-8 Ortiz.

Round 3: Ortiz coming forward with punches. Body kick from Ortiz. Gates is paralyzed. He wants to kick despite his corner’s orders not to. He kicks and Ortiz pushes him against the cage. Another double leg. Gates is down. Punches from mount. Hammer fists. Gates gives up his back. He’s turtled but sitting up. Ortiz traps the right arm. Firing elbows to the temple. He’s got Gates in the crucifix and is elbowing away. Yamasaki threatening to stop the fight. Gates bucks and rolls to his back. Ortiz bombing away before the ref finally stops the bout.

Official resultDustin Ortiz def. Willie Gates via TKO (punches and elbows) at 2:58 of Rd 3.

Chris Camozzi vs. Tom Watson – Middleweights

Round 1: Watson moving forward. Camozzi forces a clinch. But Watson pushes him into the cage. Camozzi finally reverses. Camozzi gets a headlock. It’s a guillotine. He wraps it on tight. Drags Watson all the way down but can’t get the tap. Gives it up. Watson pops right back up and re-initiates the clinch. Watson firing knees. Camozzi breaks. Camozzi lands a jab. A leg kick. Camozzi lights Watson up with a double jab, left combo. Camozzi trips Watson. Goes for the back take. Camozzi gets Watson down, lands in side control. Watson rolls again. Camozzi gets the arm under the chin. He’s too much on the side for the RNC. Watson sits out. Camozzi ducks a huge elbow and spins free of the clinch. Watson lands a right and an elbow. Low kick to Camozzi pauses the action. They resume. Trading at distance. Big advantage at that range for Camozzi. 10-9 Camozzi.

Round 2: Watson moving forward. Eats a pair of jabs. Inside leg kick lands on Camozzi’s thigh. Watson moving forward. Eating jabs. Watson shoots for a knee tap. Pushes Camozzi into the cage. Watson has the double unders. Knee to the groin buckles Camozzi. Ref. Big John calls a break for Camozzi to recover. Big John docks Watson a point for the second illegal blow. Back to the action and Camozzi with the double jab. Watson lands a combo. Watson answering jabs with hooks. Pushes Camozzi into the cage. They break. Watson with a front kick. Watson landing combos. He shoots. Camozzi stuffs him and gets the front headlock. Turns it into a guillotine. Watson breaks it. Watson walking through Camozzi’s jabs. Lands a knee to the face as Camozzi bends for a single leg. Watson pushes Camozzi to the cage. Lands a knee to the body. Elbow to the head. They break. Jabs from Camozzil Watson coming forward behind kicks. Watson dives for a single leg and gets it. Has Camozzi down on his back with 10 seconds left. 10-9 after the point deduction (I’d have it 10-10 otherwise).

Round 3: Watson opens with a sharp combo. Big John warns Watson for open fingers near the eyes. Camozzi looks tired. Camozzi with a lead left. Pumping the jab. Watson answers with a 1-2, eats a double jab. Body kick from Watson. Camozzi gets the clinch. They break. Camozzi circling away behind a flicking jab. Watson firing off the snap kick to the body. Moving forward. Camozzi eats a short sharp elbow. Camozzi lands a combo. Camozzi’s face is cut and bleeding, some of that may be from scratches. Camozzi shoots and takes the exhausted Watson down. Watson rolls. Camozzi goes for the choke. Watson rolls out and stands. Watson lands an uppercut. Camozzi answers in kind. They’re trading uppercuts in the clinch. Camozzi catches a knee and takes Watson down. They break. Camozzi flicking jabs. Watson still moving forward. 10-9 Camozzi. And he should have the judges decision.

Official resultChris Camozzi def. Tom Watson via unanimous decision (29-27×2, 30-26).

Oluwale Bamgbose vs. Uriah Hall – Middleweights

Round 1: Bamgbose comes out firing. Hall kicks back. Bamgbose circling away and firing. Very unusual attack from Bamgbose. Front stomp kick to Hall’s knee. Hall catches a kick and puts Bamgbose on his back. In Bamgbose’s guard. Bamgbose controlling Hall’s posture and firing punches. Hall gets free. Fires from on high. Bamgbose ties him back up. Hall pushes Bamgbose up against the cage. Brief pause to re-insert a stray mouth piece. Hall landing big punches. He hurts Bamgbose. It’s over.

Official resultUriah Hall def. Oluwale Bamgbose via KO at 2:32 of Rd 1.

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