UFC 189: Is Jose Aldo faking injury just to screw with Conor McGregor?

Former UFC champ Don Frye spoke with Submission Radio recently on a number of topics, including Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice, Jose Aldo's injury,…

By: Nate Wilcox | 8 years ago
UFC 189: Is Jose Aldo faking injury just to screw with Conor McGregor?
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Former UFC champ Don Frye spoke with Submission Radio recently on a number of topics, including Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice, Jose Aldo’s injury, Jon Jones, Cain Velasquez and more.

Here’s what he had to say about Aldo and McGregor:

On Jose Aldo hurting his rib before the McGregor fight at UFC 189

“You know, I’m trying to figure out if he really got hurt or if he’s just screwing with Conor McGregor. You know? Conor has been pulling all that nonsense this whole time, trying to screw with Jose Aldo, maybe Jose’s just screwing with Conor? Wouldn’t that be funny? You know, I mean Conor goes and sits down for a week or two, you know, thinking “wow look at that, I guess that’s it”. He goes and sits down for a week or two thinking the fight’s off, and Jose Aldo suddenly says “Ah, everything is good. I’m ready to go”.”

On what would Don Frye do in the UFC’s position? Keep McGregor on the card if Aldo can’t fight, or delay the fight till later?

“No, they gotta keep him. They spent so much money marketing this fight. I mean come on, let’s do what they do every time, give Conor McGregor a belt, right? Now they’ve got the interim championship. So now it’s belt versus belt. Wow, that’s something different, right?”

“if you’re worried about getting beat by a wrestler or by somebody else, then you shouldn’t be the champion anyways.”

On Jon Jones, if Don believes he can return and be champion once again

“You know what, he doesn’t deserve to be, right? With these new drug testing rules and guidelines that they have. The first time that you get caught with steroids it’s what, a two thousand dollar fine and a three month suspension? And then the second time you get caught it’s a six month suspension, or two year suspension, you know, ten thousand. The third year and third time, you’re gone. Well shit, sorry, he got all three in one time, man. He did it all at once. If the UFC wants to act like a legit organization and legitimize the sport, Mr Jones is done.”

Thoughts on the Ken Shamrock vs. Kimbo Slice fight at Bellator 138

“Ken ain’t been the same since I whooped him, you know? He hasn’t been 10 percent of what he was after I whooped him, and he went in there, he saw a pay check and he took the pay check. I think Ken, he ain’t firing on all cylinders anymore.”

On if the fight between Kimbo and Shamrock at Bellator 138 looked fake

“Nah I don’t think it’s fake. I think Ken just completely overestimated Kimbo. I mean Kimbo brought more to the game than anybody expected and just surprised the hell out of all of us. And I’d like to throw my hat in the ring to be the next guy to fight Kimbo.”

On if Don Frye would step into the cage at Bellator and fight Kimbo for his second fight if he got the offer

“Well heck yeah, man. I’d take that money. I’d take that money and buy me a new horse trailer.”

Oh how the fight would play out between Don and Kimbo

“Oh I’d knock Kimbo out. I mean it’d probably be one of those fights, it’d be one of the fastest knock outs in Bellator history once again.”

On if UFC would take Jon Jones back with open arms

“That’s why it may not be seen as a legitimate sport or organization, is because they’ll roll over and take the buck.”

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