UFC: Berlin live results, play-by-play, and discussion

Join us today on Bloody Elbow for coverage and live play-by-play of the UFC Fight Night card from the O2 World Arena in Berlin,…

By: Mookie Alexander | 8 years ago
UFC: Berlin live results, play-by-play, and discussion
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Join us today on Bloody Elbow for coverage and live play-by-play of the UFC Fight Night card from the O2 World Arena in Berlin, Germany. The main event sees Joanna Jedrzejczyk make her first strawweight title defense against Jessica Penne. The co-main puts Japanese MMA legend Tatsuya Kawajiri against Germany’s Dennis Siver in a featherweight showdown.

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Live results and play-by-play of UFC Fight Night: Jedrzejczyk vs. Penne commence at 12 PM ET/9 AM PT. Main card bouts air at 3 PM ET/12 PM PT. The entire card streams on Fight Pass. Play-by-play results on this page will be updated with the first prelim at the top of the page and the main event at the bottom.

Here’s the fight card:

Preliminary Card (12 PM ET/9 AM PT)

Taylor Lapilus vs. Yuta Sasaki – Bantamweights

Round 1: Wolf Menninger is the referee. I like that name. It’s southpaw vs. southpaw. Sasaki with the early takedown but Lapilus scrambles back to his feet, where he and Sasaki are clinched against the fence. Sasaki has a body lock as Lapilus throws some knees to the lower part of the thigh. Nice right elbow by Lapilus. Sasaki goes for the trip but Lapilus stays upright and now has the Japanese fighter up against the fence. Now they’re separated and striking in the center of the cage. Lapilus catches Sasaki’s kick and drives him back to the fence where the Frenchman throws some more knees to the thigh. They separate with 95 seconds left. Two short left hands and an elbow catch Sasaki and he lands a nice knee to the body. Lapilus with another hard elbow as they clinch against the fence. Solid dirty boxing by Lapilus who now has the upper hand in this opening round. Sasaki shoots from a long way out and Lapilus stuffs it and catches him with a left hand. Spinning elbow by Lapilus. Round ends. 10-9 Lapilus

Round 2: Sasaki is sticking the jab out early as Lapilus comes out on the front foot and throws a body kick. Ulka ducks away from the lunging left hand. Sasaki’s single leg is denied as Lapilus keeps his balance and connects on a punch. Very hard straight left hurts Sasaki. Another left drops Sasaki! Lapilus pounces and throws a series of lefts on the ground as he looks for the finish. And Wolf Menninger has to stop it. Can’t say it wasn’t coming.

Official Result: Taylor Lapilus def. Ulka Sasaki via TKO (punches) at 1:26 of round 2

Piotr Hallmann vs. Magomed Mustafaev – Lightweights

Round 1: Kevin Sataki is the referee. Mustafaev starts with a front kick and they’re going at it early with hard strikes in the clinch. Mustafaev throws a good elbow as they break. Hard leg kick by Mustafaev but then Hallmann takes him down and Mustafaev works for a submission right away. Then Mustafaev gets back to his feet. Hallmann throws a knee with his back against the fence. Hard right hand by Mustafaev. Push kick by Hallmann. Good combination by Mustafaev but Hallmann is taking his shots. Mustafaev tosses Hallmann to the ground and throws an uppercut before he gets to his feet. Spinning back kick and a flying knee by Mustafaev! This is fun and we’re only halfway through the round. Body kick by Mustafaev but Hallmann pushes him to the ground and has him on his back. Good elbows by Hallmann as he postures up and also thwarts an armbar. Remaining in Mustafaev’s guard, Hallmann lands some more ground-and-pound. Hallmann is ending the round strongly but not enough to win the round in my book. 10-9 Mustafaev.

Round 2: Hallmann with two good leg kicks. Mustafaev throws everything with KO intentions it seems. He catches Hallmann partially with a right and then a spinning backfist. Hallmann closes the distance and grabs a hold of Mustafaev, throwing knees to the back of his thigh. They go to the ground with Mustafaev holding onto a kimura lock but he’s let go. Mustafaev reverses and gets back to his feet. Hallmann with a head lock momentarily. Short left elbow by Mustafaev. And an uppercut and right elbow. Hallmann works the Muay Thai clinch and throws some knees. Hallmann is bleeding out of his left eye. Mustafaev with more heavy leather. Hallmann battles through it and gets Magomed against the fence. And the fight has been stopped because of Hallmann’s cut. Doctor has called it off. Mustafaev gets the win in a rather anti-climactic ending. The cut is no doubt nasty.

Official Result: Magomed Mustafaev def. Piotr Hallmann via TKO (cut) at 3:24 of round 2

Scott Askham vs. Antonio dos Santos Jr. – Middleweights

Round 1: Leon Roberts is the referee. Askham throws a leg kick and then goes high and loses his footing. Dos Santos attacks wildly and then goes for a single leg, which Askham defends. They break from the clinch and get back to striking. Big left hook and a right hand jar Askham’s head but otherwise he avoided most of the major shots. Askham trips Dos Santos but can’t hold him down. Thudding body kick by Askham could be heard throughout the arena. Clean uppercut by Askham floors Dos Santos as he comes in and the Brazilian is all over the place. Looked like he was KO’d right there but he’s back up and on rubbery legs. Head kick staggers Dos Santos along the fence. Askham swarms and blasts him with a humongous knee and Dos Santos is completely out of it. It’s done and dusted.

Official Result: Scott Askham def. Antonio dos Santos Jr. via TKO (strikes) at 2:52 of round 1

Niklas Backstrom vs. Noad Lahat – Featherweights

Round 1: Marc Goddard is the referee. Not much going on in the first 30 seconds other than feinting and some missed strikes. Then Backstrom rushes in with a knee and gets countered into a takedown. Backstrom throws elbows from the bottom while Lahat maintains top position. He passes to half guard but Backstrom regains full guard and is seeking a gogoplata. And now he turns that into an omoplata sweep and gets on top! Backstrom takes Lahat’s back and has one hook in and now he has the body triangle but it’s not tight yet. Backstrom is trying to take Lahat away from the cage and now is going for the rear-naked choke. It’s not threatening right now as he tries to sneak the right arm under the chin. Lahat is fending it off with 1 minute left in the round. Body triangle is gone and is in danger of losing the back. There’s a scramble and Backstrom transitions to an armbar with seconds left. There’s not enough time. 10-9 Backstrom.

Round 2: Good short right by Lahat in the clinch that seemed to jolt Backstrom a bit. Another jumping knee by Backstrom and Lahat connects on a counter shot. Backstrom is cut on the forehead. Good right and a left hook by Lahat. Backstrom with a takedown attempt, Lahat sprawls and then catches him with a knee. Body kick by Lahat. This is a dominant stretch for Lahat. Left hook by Lahat and a right hand. Backstrom is tiring. Uppercuts in the clinch and body shots. Another heavy body kick. More body shots in the clinch. Lahat pouring the pressure on and Backstrom is hurt. Lahat nearly did the Silva-Fryklund elbow. A deep single by Backstrom and he gets it but almost got rolled over. Lahat reverses and mounts him and he’s setting up the armbar it seems. Hammerfists by Lahat and he rolls for the left arm but cannot get the tap! Backstrom survives but Lahat transitions into a north-south choke. He loses it and now returns to ground-and-pound from half-guard. Ill-fated heel hook attempt from Backstrom. Lahat stands back up and kicks Backstrom’s leg while he’s down. The round ends with Lahat on top. That was a 10-8 round to me. 10-8 Lahat and 19-18 Lahat on my scorecard.

Round 3: Backstrom is flat-footed and not moving around much. Beautiful leg kick by Lahat buckles Backstrom’s lead leg. Right hand over the top by Backstrom lacks any steam. Slow uppercut from the Swede doesn’t find its intended target. Hard right hand by Lahat and then Backstrom throws Lahat to the ground but can’t do anything offensively to follow up. They’re back to their feet. Takedown by Backstrom against the fence with 3 minutes left. He’s rolled over and mounted momentarily and Lahat scrambles back to standing. Backstrom takes the back and drags him down. Looks like he’s found a 2nd wind. Lahat goes for a submission and lets go. Backstrom is on his back. He kicks Lahat away and now he pushes for a double leg and Lahat is down. Lahat is getting smothered here at a bad time. Backstrom gets back control with 15 seconds to go. Threatens half-heartedly with a choke and the fight ends. Really entertaining battle. 10-9 Backstrom and a 28-28 draw on my scorecard, with Lahat getting a 10-8 round 2.

Official Result: Noad Lahat def. Niklas Backstrom via majority decision (28-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Arnold Allen vs. Alan Omer – Featherweights

Round 1: Wolf Menninger is back. Omer flashes quick hands early on. Newcomer Allen catches Omer with a counter left hand. Allen catches Omer’s kick. High kick by Allen whiffs. Omer comes forward with a quick right. Left hand gets around Omer’s guard. Beautiful knee by Omer as Allen flails around. Two low kicks from Omer. Allen tries a jumping kick. Straight left backs Omer up. They’re both throwing high volume and Allen takes Omer down but Omer threatens with a triangle. Omer softens up with elbows. Triangle is loosened and gone. Allen ends the round with elbows on top. Close round but I edge it slightly to Alan Omer 10-9.

Round 2: Allen is struck with a right hand. They each throw and miss and Omer gets the takedown and gets himself into half-guard. Allen is back up and he drops for a single leg and they’re at striking range again. Omer doesn’t get his own single leg to work. Allen is cracked with a hard right hand, but the Englishman fires back with a straight left and just misses on an uppercut as he backs him into the fence and they clinch up. Allen with the trip but Omer balances himself well. Omer has got Allen’s back and is punching away. He doesn’t have any hooks in though and now he has at least one. Allen shucks him off and he’s got the body lock and transitions into a takedown attempt but Omer sprawls and he gets a front headlock. Back to the feet they go with 30 seconds. Hard right elbow in the clinch from Omer. The round ends and I think it’s 10-9 Omer and 20-18 Omer on my scorecard.

Round 3: Omer powers his way forward and has an underhook against the fence. Then drops for a double leg and gets the takedown. Omer with some ground-and-pound and then knees to the body. They’re back to the feet and Omer tries another takedown Arnold Allen goes for the guillotine and it’s tight! It’s really tight! And he’s got the tap and the comeback victory! Wow! Allen let go when Omer tapped. The referee didn’t see it at all.

Official Result: Arnold Allen def. Alan Omer via submission (guillotine choke) at 1:41 of round 3

Alan Patrick vs. Mairbek Taisumov – Lightweights

Round 1: Kevin Sataki is in charge. Patrick with a takedown inside 20 seconds but Taisumov is back to his feet in an instant. Patrick tried to pull guard rather curiously and Taisumov is not having any of it. Heavy body kick from Mairbek. Alan counters with one that’s blocked. Taisumov is hit in the groin but he’s okay and now there’s an eye poke so all that’s left is a headbutt to complete the trifecta. Doctor is checking this out and I don’t know if Taisumov can see. Replays showed a thumb clearly went across the left eye. And he can continue so we fight on. Patrick’s takedown is countered with a headlock. Alan likes his spinning attacks. Taisumov tags Patrick with a right hand. Taisumov shrugs that hard charging takedown. Counter right catches Patrick cleanly. Crowd is booing the wild stuff Patrick is trying. Taisumov just misses on a left uppercut and then Patrick throws the worst spinning backfist attempt ever and the round ends. Weird one. 10-9 Taisumov.

Round 2: Body kick from Taisumov. Patrick throws two left hands and goes in for another clumsy looking takedown. Taisumov with a stiffening straight right and Patrick charges forward and … honestly I don’t know what the hell he’s doing anymore. Chopping leg kick from Mairbek. Another bad takedown by Patrick and as he comes up there’s a clipping head kick by Taisumov that knocks Patrick down. Taisumov crushes Patrick with lefts and rights. Referee tells him to fight back and he doesn’t. Well that was an odd fight and an emphatic beating.

Official Result: Mairbek Taisumov def. Alan Patrick via TKO (head kick and punches) at 1:30 of round 2

Makwan Amirkhani vs. Masio Fullen – Featherweights

Round 1: Leon Roberts in charge of the final prelim. 10 seconds have elapsed so this is already longer than Amirkhani’s last fight. Takedown by Makwan and he’s looking to take the back. This might not last long, either. He’s got a rear-naked choke. Right arm underneath the chin. Fullen is surviving just barely. Amirkhani tightens it up and Fullen survives no longer, as he furiously taps the floor multiple times over. Mr. Finland with another finish to the delight of the Finnish people.

Official Result: Makwan Amirkhani def. Masio Fullen via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:41 of round 1

Main Card (3 PM ET/12 PM PT)

Nick Hein vs. Lukasz Sajewski – Lightweights

Round 1: Kevin Sataki takes charge of the first main card bout of the evening. Sajewski comes forward throwing two kicks and now they clinch against the cage before breaking apart. Hein with a lead leg kick. The German is off balance on another kick attempt but gets back to his feet before Sajewski could take advantage. Crowd is very into this fight with strong support for Hein. Knee to the body by Sajewski. Hein lands neither the 1 nor the 2 on the 1-2. Quality right uppercut on the inside by Hein and Sajewski is taken down and he tries to get the back right away. Sajewski eats a knee and then is dragged to the ground, on his knees. He’s back up but with Hein in control of his body. They separate and are back to striking range with just over a minute remaining. Sajewski pushes the pace but cannot connect on any punches he throws in that sequence. Straight left from Hein and then a right uppercut but Sajewski is keeping up the forward movement. He’s caught on a counter right. Round ends and Hein I think took the round. 10-9 Hein

Round 2: Good body kick from Hein to Sajewski’s right side. Action is lacking a little bit in the opening minute. Sajewski is caught on the counter and Hein capitalizes with some good punches. Lukasz gets a right hand to score. Hein catches Sajewski at the end of his straight left. Sajewski with the uppercut. Neither man is pulling away from the other really. Sajewski again is whacked while going forward. Left hand just about on the right ear. Leg kick and a punch from the German. Missed spinning backfist from the Polish debutant. Another leg kick from Hein. Left hand hits the top of the head. Now Sajewski is starting to get outstruck consistently. Body lock and a trip attempt from Hein is denied. About 30 seconds left. Roger Huerta tells Hein to “stay busy”. He throws a straight left and a right uppercut. Body kick to the chest of Sajewski. Round ends. 10-9 Hein and 20-18 Hein on my scorecard.

Round 3: Left hand from Hein right off the bat. Sajewski needs a finish. He tries a Superman punch, which is funny because he came out to Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down. Uh oh. Eye poke. Looks like time will be called and Sajewski will take his time. We’re back to business with 3:30 to go. HARD body kick and a left hand both find their home. His footwork and combinations are really frustrating Sajewski, who does land a leg kick but he’ll need fight finishing stuff. Hein circles away from Sajewski’s forward aggression. Now Hein turns up the heat and Sajewski is getting tagged consistently. Good two-punch combo by Hein and he’s just about got the win in the bag with 80 seconds left. A 1-2 and another 1-2 back Sajewski up momentarily. Right hook from Hein staggers Sajewski who ran into the fence. Hein is comfortable and composed in there. More shots land although Sajewski lands a glancing left. Glorious head-body combo by Hein and he’s got his wrapped up to me. 10-9 and 30-27 Hein on my scorecard.

Official Result: Nick Hein def. Lukasz Sajewski via unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Steve Kennedy vs. Peter Sobotta – Lightweights

Round 1: Wolf Menninger is the 3rd man in the Octagon. Sobotta is aggressive early on and Kennedy looks a little stiff. Leg kick by Sobotta. Then a body kick. Kennedy is off target on a right hand. Easy takedown into half-guard for Sobotta. However, Kennedy sweeps him and works on a takedown of his own. Sobotta turns the tables and throws Kennedy towards the fence. Peter has got the back and with the body triangle secured. Rear-naked choke incoming and that’s all she wrote. Sobotta with the finish over the short-notice replacement.

Official Result: Peter Sobotta def. Steve Kennedy via submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:57 of round 1

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs. Dennis Siver – Featherweights

Round 1: Leon Roberts gets us going in the penultimate fight of the evening. Kawajiri with a wheel kick and a jumping kick and a wild uppercut, none of which came close to landing. Body kick by Crusher and Siver misses on the counter left hook. Nearly got the spinning backfist did Kawajiri. Single leg takedown attempt. Siver defends and throws some short punches while hopping on the free leg. Kawajiri goes for the list and Siver stays on his feet. Slapping leg kick from the German. A switch kick by Kawajiri. Siver caught with a left hook. Kawajiri goes in hard on a single leg but maintains his balance. Spinning back kick scores for Siver but Kawajiri doesn’t crumple. More great takedown defense by Siver who is warned for finger manipulation. Kawajiri just can’t get him down so far. Punches by Crusher and then shifts to a takedown attempt aaaaaaaand same result as the others. Siver has a head lock but then releases it. He finally does get him down as Siver stumbles and is thrown down. Horn sounds. 10-9 Siver

Round 2: There’s some blood just under the right eye of Siver, so we’ll keep note on that. Kawajiri fires an uppercut that fails to land. Lunging right hand to the body. Spinning back kick though from Siver catches more arm than body. Spinning elbow from Kawajiri who simply doesn’t give a damn. Leg kick by Siver. Then Kawajiri throws a spinning back kick which Siver ducks. Kawajiri is unsuccessful on the takedown attempts yet again. Oh he’s got him down at last with 2:40 left. Siver uses the fence to his advantage to at least get into sitting position. Siver is then put on his back again. Kawajiri is grinding him now. Siver is warned for grabbing the fence. The Japanese legend lands some short punches and is trying to advance to mount with 1 minute remaining. And he’s got it with 30 seconds. Siver is holding on and then loses mount. Scramble occurs and Kawajiri returns to guard. Round ends and we’re level. 10-9 Kawajiri and 19-19 on my scorecard.

Round 3: Spinning backfist nearly found its home for Kawajiri, who is persistent with that takedown and he’s got it. Siver has a hold of the neck but hasn’t closed his guard and is nowhere near completing the choke. They’re back to their feet. They exchange (missed) slow spinning attacks. Sharp left hook by Kawajiri. Siver nearly gets Kawajiri’s back in a scramble. Kawajiri has the upper hand with 2 minutes remaining and is in on a high crotch takedown. Siver has his left leg held by Kawajiri while Dennis keeps hold of the neck and down goes Siver on a takedown. Dennis was going for the guillotine but never really had a chance. Siver just can’t get the space he needs to escape. Elbows by Kawajiri. 20 seconds remaining and he’s peppering Siver with more short elbows. Good fight comes to an end. 10-9 Kawajiri and 29-28 Kawajiri on my scorecard.

Official Result: Tatsuya Kawajiri def. Dennis Siver via unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs. Jessica Penne –  UFC Women’s Strawweight Championship

Round 1: Marc Goddard referees the main event. Intense staredown and after initial hesitation they touch gloves. Joanna moves in with the jab. Quick combination by the champion. Two left hooks blocked nicely. Penne rushes in for the takedown attempt but Joanna defends successfully. Penne takes an elbow and some other strikes against the fence. Joanna just misses with a haymaker of a right. Penne with the takedown but they scramble back to their feet. The challenger is working hard to get Jedrzejczyk on her back. They’re locked in a clinch battle. Short left elbow by Jedrzejczyk. She breaks free and lands and elbow. Then a low kick at striking range. Lovely left hook by Jedrzejczyk. Penne ducks under the right hand and goes for a takedown again. Penne rolls to the ground in a scramble and Joanna says “back to your feet”. And down goes Penne on a right-left combination. Joanna pounces looking for the finish and is warned for hitting the back of the head. Penne is still on the ground with Joanna kicks at her legs in the final minute. Leon Roberts orders Penne back to her feet. Crushing leg kick again. Good throw by Penne but that’s too late to win her the round. 10-9 Jedrzejczyk

Round 2: Early leg kick by Jedrzejczyk. Flurry by Joanna backs Penne up. Another leg kick by Jedrzejczyk to Penne’s lead leg. Penne surely can’t take too many more of those and now she takes another one. Joanna actually moved in for a body lock. They separate and Joanna throws a head kick which Penne blocks only partially. Front kick by Jedrzejczyk tags Penne. Another combination by Joanna. She’s taking control of the stand-up. THUD! Another leg kick. Then she goes up high but hits the forearm. Heavy elbow busts Penne’s nose up. Penne is hurt. Joanna pours the pressure on but now Penne is going for a takedown. The refere nearly stopped the fight standing it was that much of a beating. Head kick by Jedrzejczyk. Penne’s face is a mess. Two punches by Joanna. Head kick just misses. The fluidity of Joanna’s striking is something else. Muay Thai clinch! More knees! More elbows! Less than 2 minutes left and plenty of time to get the finish before a 3rd round. Left-right. Left hook by Joanna. Stiff jab. Penne is battered with another elbow. And a body kick. 45 seconds to go and Penne is hanging on barely. Another right-left combo. Then a leg kick to the lead leg. Combo and a head kick after Penne missed on the takedown attempt. Knee to the body. Elbows. Deluge of punches. End of the round. That is 100% a 10-8 and a 20-17 Jedrzejczyk scorecard.

Round 3: Somehow this fight is still going on. Joanna with a stinging left hook to the head and then to the body. And a jab. Penne’s kick is caught and Jedrzejczyk is swept off her feet. More pressure movement and precision striking by the champion. Penne with a right hand but for every one she lands Joanna is landing 6-8 more. Again Jedrzejczyk with the leg kick. Push kick. She’s throwing faster than I can keep up with the commentary. Head kick and a beautiful left hook by Jedrzejczyk. Telegraphed takedown is easily dealt with by the champion. Another hard left hand. Penne, try as she might, has the clinch and a brief takedown but she’s back to her feet again. All the blood from Penne’s face is on Joanna’s left side of her face. Jab to the body. Another leg kick. The variety is just first-class. Penne surely has to switch stances at this rate. The lead leg is being tenderized by Jedrzejczyk. 1 minute to go in the 3rd. Yet another short elbow. Left hook. Back to the body, then to the head. Hard right hand makes Penne turn away. She’s offering up nothing. Eats a knee. Marc Goddard has stopped it! Joanna says “who’s next?” to the camera. Joanna Champion indeed.

Official Result: Joanna Jedrzejczyk def. Jessica Penne via TKO (strikes) at 4:22 of round 3 to remain the UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion

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