UFC 187: Cormier vs. Johnson live results, play by play and discussion for PPV main card

UFC 187: Cormier vs. Johnson wasn't due to be for the vacant light heavyweight belt, but with Jon Jones' latest run-in with the law…

By: Mookie Alexander | 8 years ago
UFC 187: Cormier vs. Johnson live results, play by play and discussion for PPV main card
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

UFC 187: Cormier vs. Johnson wasn’t due to be for the vacant light heavyweight belt, but with Jon Jones’ latest run-in with the law costing him his belt altogether, Daniel Cormier has been chosen to face original title challenger Anthony Johnson for the right to be new 205 lbs champion.

In the co-main event of this highly intriguing card at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada is a middleweight title defense for reigning champion Chris Weidman, who will face off against Vitor Belfort. Bloody Elbow is your one-stop shop for play-by-play and results of these two fights along with the rest of the main card.

Feel free to check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for detailed analysis and predictions of the whole event. Following the completion of the main card, Bloody Elbow will provide extensive post-event coverage, including news, post-fight bonuses, and a live stream of the press conference.

The pay-per-view main card broadcast begins live at 10 PM ET/7 PM PT, with Anton Tabuena on play-by-play duties. Here’s the official bout order:

Joseph Benavidez vs. John Moraga – Flyweights

Round 1: They exchange kicks early. Moraga landed a nice head kick but Benavidez also lands a huge counter and he’s the one that drops Moraga. He follows up with a few shots and then controls position on top. Joe’s setting up a choke and now he passes to side control. He goes for the choke, but Moraga defends and gets back up before Joe took him down immediately. Clinch work in the cage. Moraga lands a nice elbow from behind the cage, then switches position and throws Benavidez. Nice scramble and they’re back up to the fence. Joe takes him down with a few seconds left and looks for the choke once again. 10-9 Benavidez.

Round 2: Leg kick from Moraga drops Benavidez briefly. Nice combination with Benavidez as he throws three punches and ended with a leg kick. Moraga lands a leg kick of his own and then Joe lands with two more shots. Both men are throwing. Body kick from Moraga, and another one. Looks like a clash of heads and Moraga has been opened up badly! Joe is controlling the action from the fence before getting a takedown. Moraga fails at a guillotine attempt and Joe is now on top once again. Joe passes to side control. Benavidez lands a few elbows, but nothing strong or damaging so far. Bell rings, and while it’s a much better round for Moraga, I still have to give it 10-9 to Benavidez.

Round 3: Both men are trading good shots to begin the 3rd. Wild exchanges. Joe with a big right hand, and Moraga attempts a flying knee which Joe defends well. Nice body shot from Joe. Moraga is bleeding again. Lull in the action after a crazy opening sequence. Takedown from Benavidez and goes right into side control. Moraga gets it back to full guard but he’s stilling controlled and taking a few elbows from Benavidez. Joe keeps landing short elbows and punches, and Moraga is doing nothing but try to hold on and defend. Round ends and it should be a decision win for Joe. 10-9 Benavidez.

Official Result: Joseph Benavidez def. John Moraga by Decision (Unanimous, 30-27 3x)

Nate’s back. Tornado passed to the west. Thanks Anton.

Andrei Arlovski vs. Travis Browne – Heavyweights

Round 1: Browne takes cage central. Arlovski lands a leg kick. Arlovski catches him with an uppercut! Follows up with a combo. Drives back to the cage firing combos. Browne is hurt. Browne survives. Arlovski tags him again! More combos. Arlovski lands a hook, hurts Browne! Another fearsome combo and Browne is in deep trouble. Browne on janky legs. Andrei lets him recover. Browne lands a leg kick. Arlovski drops him! Browne stands up but he is hurt bad! Damn Browne drops Arlovski follows him down. Arlovski survives. Gets back to his feet. Hurts Browne again. Browne is finished! Andrei Arlovski with a first round KO. Incredible incredible fight.

Official Result: Andrei Arlovski defeats Travis Browne via TKO (punches) at 4:41 of Round 1.

Donald Cerrone vs. John Makdessi – Lightweights

Round 1:  Cerrone with a high kick. Leg kick. Makdessi trying to get inside. Cerrone with a big head kick. Another. Hurts Makdessi. Leg kick by Cerrone. Makdessi lands a straight kick to the chest. Makdessi landing punches to the body. Cerrone misses with a head kick. Makdessi jabbing to the body. Makdessi lands to the head. Cerrone lands a hard punch combo. Leg kicks from Cerrone. Makdessi lands a hard spinning kick to the body. Cerrone 10-9 but he was far more dominant early.

Round 2: Cerrone lands a series of punches. Makdessi with a left. Cerrone lands a leg kick. Cerrone misses with a high kick. Cerrone lands a leg kick. Makdessi responds in kind. Knee from Cerrone. Makdessi bloodied. Brutal outside leg kick buckles the Canadian. Cerrone misses with a huge leg kick. Mean combo ending in an outside leg kick by Cerrone. Makdessi with a nice counter left. Knee by Cerrone. Makdessi again with the left hook. Body kick by Makdessi. Cerrone lands an elbow. Makdessi whiffs with a spinning kick. Cerrone lands a high kick and a blinded Makdessi calls time out. He tells the ref he has a broken jaw.

Official Result: Donald Cerrone defeats John Makdessi via TKO (head kick) at 4:44 of Round 2.

Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort – UFC Middleweight Championship

Round 1: Weidman takes center cage. Throws a high kick. Weidman is cutting off the cage. Belfort circling away. Weidman shoots and misses, wild scramble ensues! Belfort lands as Weidman slips on his ass. They stand and Belfort lands and hurts Weidman! Belfort opens up. Tons of uppercuts. Weidman is hurt! Weidman survives. Belfort lets him off the hook. Weidman gets a take down. Weidman on top. Belfort gives up his back! Weidman gets mount. Opens up on Belfort. Vitor trying to punch back instead of defending. It’s over! Weidman comes back and wins!

Official Result: Chris Weidman defeats Vitor Belfort via TKO (punches from mount) at 2:53 of Round 1.

Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony Johnson – Vacant UFC Light Heavyweight Championship

Round 1: Cormier with an early eye pok. Rumble blasts Cormier with a HUGE overhand right that sent Cormier flying. Rumble follows up but Cormier recovers and takes his back! Cormier slams him. Rumble fighting to stand up. Cormier working a deep single. Cormier picks up Johnson’s right leg high, Rumble firing punches but Cormier trips him down. Cormier with a front headlock. Rumble stands but Cormier still has head control. Johnson pops free and lands a pair of head kicks. Cormier lands an overhand right. DC tries to clinch and Johnson shrugs him off. Cormier forces another clinch, pushes Johnson to the cage. They sling some leather to close the round. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2: Rumble lands a leg kick. Then a punch to the head and a head kick. Cormier is stunned. Cormier recovers and shoots. Forces it to the cage. Cormier gets the body lock. Cormier picks him up and carries him across the cage! Big slam. Cormier on top in half guard. Cormier working a kimura. Lets it go. He goes for it again. Much deeper this time. Cormier lets go. Lands some elbows to the head. DC back to the double wrist lock. Lets it go again. Landing punches to the head. Cormier rears up and fires down. Johnson gets his knee under Cormier. Rumble tries to hit back from the bottom. Cormier uses the opening as a chance to improve position. Cormier firing away with elbows. Rumble is bloodied. Cormier gets full side control just as the round ended. Rumble has a very hard time standing up at the end of the round. 10-9 Cormier. Even after two.

Round 3: Cormier opens with a leg kick. Rumble fires back. Johnson slips and turns it into a shot. Working a single leg, Gets Cormier down! DC right back up. Cormier takes control of the clinch. Now Cormier has the single leg. Cormier lifts the leg way up high and Johnson lands a pair of hard punches that force Cormier to give it up. Rumble drops to his knees with DC body locked on his back. Cormier takes the back. Firing uppercuts to the prone Johnson’s chin. Cormier working for the rear naked choke. Has his arm under the chin. Johnson taps! Daniel Cormier wins by submission.

Official Result: Daniel Cormier defeats Anthony Johnson via submission (rear naked choke) at 2:39 of Round 3.

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