UFC Fight Night 66: Edgar vs. Faber live results and play-by-play for the preliminary card

UFC Fight Night hits Manila, Philippines for the first time in its history, and for North American viewers it's a special morning edition live…

By: Mookie Alexander | 9 years ago
UFC Fight Night 66: Edgar vs. Faber live results and play-by-play for the preliminary card
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UFC Fight Night hits Manila, Philippines for the first time in its history, and for North American viewers it’s a special morning edition live on Fox Sports 1. The main event features a much-anticipated featherweight showdown between former WEC champion Urijah Faber and former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

This is your hub for all of the play-by-play and results for the preliminary card, which first airs on Fight Pass at 7 AM ET/4 AM PT, before continuing on Fox Sports 1 beginning at 8 AM ET/5 AM PT. There will be six fights on the preliminary card, with two on Fight Pass and the rest on FS1.

After the preliminary card is complete, Bloody Elbow will continue its play-by-play coverage of UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Faber with the six-fight main card.

Kid Nate is here with the play-by-play. Yes this is the kind of money assignment I get.

Yao Zhikui vs. Nolan Ticman – Flyweights

Round 1: Ticman makes the initial contact with a fade-away jab. They exchange briefly in center cage. Zhikui charging forward, eats a shot, unphased. Zhikui lands an uppercut. Ticman with a jab. Ticman with a body shot and a body kick. Zhikui chasing behind empty flurries. Ticman circling away. Zhikui lands a couple of counters. Zhikui looking to counter and Ticman still running away. Zhikui with a caught kick, Ticman hits a switch. They’re only down for a second. Have to go 10-10 for this one.

Round 2: Zhikui’s corner asked him to cut off Ticman instead of chasing but no signs of it as the round starts. Ticman circles away, Zhikui chases. Zhikui shoots, nice scramble ensues. They end up clinched against the cage with Ticman holding a right overhook. They break. Zhikui lands a right. Crowd booing. Ticman shoots, gets stuffed. Zhikui lands a big right hand. 10-9 Zhikui for the only aggression.

Round 3: Ticman circling away but also trying to counter. But we’re back to Ticman circling away and Zhikui flailing as he chases. Ticman lands a potshot. Ticman lands a left, runs away. Crowd booing. Zhikui goes for a single. Scramble ensues, they jump back up. Dreadful bout, I won’t call it a fight. Ticman shoots in, gets stuffed. Against the cage Zhikui has a left overhook. Ticman kneeing to the thigh. Ticman has wrist control. Zhikui shifts. Ticman still kneeing the same thigh. Knee to the body before they break. Ticman on his bike. Zhikui shoots, gets deep on a single. Ticman reverses. Lands a punch inside the guard. Ticman 10-9. I score it a tie.

Official result: Yao Zhikui def. Nolan Ticman via split decision (29-28×2, 28-29).

Jon Delos Reyes vs. Roldan Sangcha-an – Flyweights

Round 1:  Sancha-an shoots in, can’t get Reyes down. They clinch. Sancha-an throwing knees. Gets the take down. Delos Reyes almost wriggles out and gets his back. Fails. Sancha-an landing hard shots from on top. Delos Reyes gets on top. Lands a knee to the body. Delos Reyes high on Sangcha-an’s back. Gets hooks in. Going for the RNC. Can’t get it. Delos Reyes goes for an arm bar. Sangcha-an escapes. Back to the feet. Sangcha-an pushing Delos Reyes against the cage. Delos Reyes caught in a headlock. They go down to the ground. Delos Reyes signalling he’s ok. Sangcha-an in full mount, loses the headlock. Quick reversal by Delos Reyes. Delos Reyes landing from guard. They pop up. Body shot by Sangcha-an. I score it 10-9 Sangcha-an.

Round 2: Wild flurries as the second round opens. Knee-flying knee combo from Delos Reyes! Sharp elbow lands. Delos Reyes is cut by a headbutt. Sangcha-an with a counter left hook. Delos Reyes drops Sangcha-an with a huge right! Follows his man down. Firing from the top. Ref stops the action to have the doctor look at a ghastly cut on Delos Reyes. They reset with Delos Reyes on top. He gets the back. Body triangle. Working for the RNC. Sangcha-an fighting fighting tappling! Jon Delos Reyes wins by submission!

Official result: Jon Delos Reyes def. Roldan Sangcha-an by submission (rear naked choke) at 3:13 of Round 2.

Ning Guangyou vs. Royston Wee – 137 lbs catchweight (Wee missed weight)

Round 1: Wee lands an inside leg kick. Guangyo coming forward behind a flurry. Gets a take down lands in Wee’s guard. Wee gets up from butterfly guard. Guangyo takes him right back down. Wee takes full guard. Up against the cage. Rib seasoners dropping on Wee. Ref stands them up. Wee with a body kick. Exchanged. Guangyo lands an inside leg kick. Another. Wee missing kicks. Circling away. Wee lands a counter. Guangyo with a nice headkick to double leg. He’s back in Wee’s guard. Dropping bombs from top position. 10-9 Guangyo.

Round 2: Guangyo coming forward again. Inside leg kick. Another drops Wee. Guangyo back on top in Wee’s guard. Full guard. Ref stands them back up. Guangyo coming forward behind combos. Another leg kick. Wee lands a low blow. Time out called. Bodykick by Wee. Guangyo pushes him back with a combo. Wee lands a couple of weak kicks. Guangyo with a side kick. Seems like the nut shot slowed Guangyo down. Headkick from Guangyo. Guangyo opens up a flurry against the cage and drops Wee with an overhand right. Follows him down with some smashing elbows. Ref stops the fight!

Official result: Ning Guangyou def. Royston Wee via TKO (punches) at 4:59 of Round 2.

Li Jingliang vs. Dhiego Lima – Welterweights

Round 1: Lima lands first. Jingliang throwing combos. Lands an uppercut counter. Hurts Lima with a combo! Lima falls. Jingliang pours it on on the ground and gets the stoppage!

Official result: Li Jingliang def. Dhiego Lima via KO (punches) at 1:25 of Round 1.

Zhang Lipeng vs. Kajan Johnson – Lightweights

Round 1: Lipeng lands a leg kick to open. Johnson gets a takedown. Lipeng fighting to his feet but Johnson has the bodylock, ragdolls Lipeng down again. Back up and Johnson trying to climb the back standing. Big knee. Johnson lands a high kick. Lipeng catches it and gets Johnson down. Johnson to guard. Johnson rolls for a knee bar. Switches to a heel hook attempt on the other leg. Lipeng defends. They stand. Johnson switches to pursuing a takedown, pushing Lipeng against the cage. Johnson lands a combo on the break. Johnson lands a right. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 2:  Lipeng lands inside leg kick to open. Hook kick from Lipeng. Slips and Johnson gets on top. Lipeng in closed guard, looking for a restart. Johnson passes guard. Lipeng crawls to the cage. Back to the feet. Lipeng sharp inside kick. High kick. Lipeng with a low kick and d’oh! it’s a groin shot. Time out for Johnson to recover. Johnson charges on the restart, pushes Lipeng to the cage. Johnson lands an elbow as the round ends. 10-9 Johnson.

Round 3: Lipeng chasing. Forces a clinch. Has no idea what to do from here. Johnson tries to trip, fails. Lipeng with an inside left as they separate. Lipeng chasing, Johnson circling away. Johnson changes levels and gets the take down. Lipeng back up but Johnson maintains the bodylock has Lipeng pressed to the cage. They drop and are in cage central. Johnson rolling, looking for leg attacks. Lipeng escapes ends up on top. I score the 3rd 10-10. Fight 30-28 for Johnson.

Official result: Kajan Johnson def. Zhang Lipeng via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28×2).

Tae Hyun Bang vs. Jon Tuck – Lightweights

Round 1: Tuck backing Bang up. Shoots, gets Bang down. Bang stands. Escapes clinch. Bang with pawing jabs. Tuck lands a low blow. Time out. Bang eats a left hook when they resume. Push kick from Tuck. High kick to end a combo by Tuck. Big shot from Bang. Tuck drops him! Follows Bang down. Takes the back. Has hooks in, gets the tap! Jon Tuck submits Tae Hyun Bang with a rear naked choke.

Official result: Jon Tuck def. Tae Hyun Bang via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:56 of Round 1.

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