UFC Fight Night 66: Edgar vs. Faber live results and play-by-play for the main card

UFC Fight Night hits Manila, Philippines for the first time in its history, and for North American viewers it's a special morning edition live…

By: Mookie Alexander | 8 years ago
UFC Fight Night 66: Edgar vs. Faber live results and play-by-play for the main card
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UFC Fight Night hits Manila, Philippines for the first time in its history, and for North American viewers it’s a special morning edition live on Fox Sports 1. The main event features a much-anticipated featherweight showdown between former WEC champion Urijah Faber and former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.

This is your hub for all of the play-by-play and results for the main card, which airs on Fox Sports 1 starting at 10 AM ET/7 AM PT. There will be six fights on the main card with the main event expected to conclude at around 1 PM ET/10 AM PT.

After the main card is complete, Bloody Elbow will have complete post-fight coverage of UFC Fight Night: Edgar vs. Faber, including the press conference, analysis, post-fight bonuses, and more.

Mookie Alexander here for the play-by-play after Kid Nate handled the prelims.

Mark Eddiva vs. Levan Makashvili – Featherweights

Round 1: Terry Hill is the referee. Eddiva starts with a pair of chopping low kicks. Makashvili misses wildly with the right hand. Does partially connect on a left hook. Levan comes forward with a left hand, Eddiva counters with a takedown but Makashvili sprawls. They’re back to their feet and Eddiva is clinched up. Now Makashvili powerfully dumps Eddiva to the mat but can’t hold him there for too long. Ref warns Levan for knees to the groin in the clinch. And Terry Hill separates them and restarts from the center of the cage. Eddiva lands a good right and then throws a side kick and a low kick. Clinches up, throws a knee, but Levan fires back with a right. They clinch again with 1 minute left. Makashvili gets the takedown into half-guard and goes to work on some ground-and-pound. Eddiva uses the underhook to stand back up but he eats a knee on the way up. They trade blocked knees and the round ends. Close round but I’ve got it 10-9 Eddiva.

Round 2: Very little of note happening in the first minute. Makashvili just misses with a left. Then goes with a left high kick that is easily defended. Now Makashvili rushes and gets Eddiva clinched up but Eddiva breaks it up. Crowd is a tad restless. Good leg kick by Eddiva. Makashvili drives Eddiva to the fence and Eddiva nearly tore the entire fence off but didn’t get anything more than a warning. He is taken down regardless, and Makashvili is inside Eddiva’s guard. Makashvili throwing weak body shots with his left hand and a ridiculously quick stand-up has just happened. That was absurd. Makashvili closes out the round with a knee and then a right hand and I think he won it. 10-9 Makashvili and 19-19 overall.

Round 3: Eddiva throws a leg kick which Makashvili only catches after it hits his lead leg. Great defense by Eddiva on Makashvili, who was in deep on a double and then tried to hit the outside trip. Makashvili is relentless though and he gets a takedown briefly only for Eddiva to return to his feet with his back against the fence and clinched. Levan throws Eddiva down again and he’s trying to take the back but Eddiva once more rises to his feet. Makashvili takes him down again and Eddiva may be tiring. He advances to side control. Throws a bunch of short right hands but loses position and they’re back to standing with 2:20 left. Leaping forward, Makashvili throws a head kick. Eddiva really just not throwing anything beyond more than two strikes at a time. Makashvili in on a single, switches to a double and he dumps him on the mat with a minute left. He’s surely got this round and probably the fight wrapped up. Levan transitions to the back and lands a few right hands. Eddiva is standing again but he couldn’t land anything in the closing seconds. The crowd boos. 10-9 Makashvili and 29-28 Makashvili on my scorecard.

Official result: Levan Makashvili def. Mark Eddiva by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

There’s no argument conceivable for 29-28 Eddiva. Levan avoids the hometown robbery.

Phillipe Nover vs. Yui Chul Nam – Featherweights

Round 1: Greg Kleyjnans is the referee. Nam comes forward early and throws a wild left hand. Nover wastes no time taking Nam down. As Nam tries to use the cage to stand back up he’s dumped to the canvas again. Nover has Nam against the cage in a standing position. He throws a left knee to the head. Nam puts his hand down so Nover replies by throwing knees to the shin. Nover SLAMS Nam down to the roar of the crowd. While he can’t control Nam and put him on his back he’s opting to throw hammerfists and a series of left hands which Nam has to defend. Nover is giving Nam no space to work and now he’s taken him down again with 1 minute left. Knee to the body, standing elbow, good round for Nover. 10-9 Nover.

Round 2: 15 seconds gone and Nam is taken down for the umpteenth time. He’s back to his feet but Nam is tossed again. Nover tries to get hooks in and Nam shakes him off. Nam tries to go to work on top but Nover is setting up the armbar. Isn’t tight so Nover abandons. Nam throws some hard hammerfists after a triangle choke is defended. Huge knee from Lam. They’re back to their feet. Nam with a glancing body kick. Nover shoots for a takedown and it’s stuffed. He persists with it against the cage and he downs him once more. Nam is back to his feet, reverses Nover against the cage and throws some knees to the thigh. And now Nam takes Nover down through sheer strength. Nover keeping an active guard as Nam fires with a left hand and gets to half guard. Connects with an elbow. Two more, three more punches by Nam as he rallies nicely. I think Nam stole it late. 10-9 Nam and 19-19 overall.

Round 3: Nover pops out a jab. Nam goes for a single leg and he briefly takes him down but Nover springs to his feet. They’re clinched up, Nam trips the left leg and has Nover down again, with Nover’s head and back against the cage. Nover tries to use the cage to stand back up but Nam drags him back. Nam throws some Guida-esque shoulder strikes. Nover has a hold of Nam’s neck but only for a few seconds before Nam pops his head out. Halfway through the last round and it’s all Nam. Nover has been mounted but he gets back to half guard, then full guard. Nam cracks him with a right and he may be trying to set up an arm-triangle against the fence. Unlikely he gets that since he has his right arm around him and can’t really maneuver his way to his left any further. Nam may very well just ride out this round in a non-threatening arm-triangle. There is a bit of space for Nam to work to finish the submission now. Now Nam gives up the ghost as Nam goes crazy with hammerfists to end the fight. 10-9 Nam and 29-28 Nam on my scorecard.

Official result: Phillipe Nover def. Yui Chul Nam via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28).

That’s absurd hometown cooking.

Hyun Gyu Lim vs. Neil Magny – Welterweights

Round 1: It’s Steve Perceval as the referee. Magny sticks out a jab. Lim whiffs on a left hook. And a jab. They both land right hands. Magny might be hurt. He certainly gave off that impression but he seems tobe fine now. Big right hand. Magny is stunned. Lim throws a flying knee and Magny is down! He gets back up but Magny is swarmed. Lim is swinging away. Magny saves himself by tying up and clinching. Two warnings for fence grabs. Fox Sports 1 broadcast just cut to commercial literally in the middle of the round. We’re back. Nope, back to ads. I literally have no idea what happened but I can conclude Lim was taken down. Magny went for an armbar but Lim counters with one of his own. Now Magny has full mount. And back control! No body triangle but he’s searching for a rear-naked choke. Hard left hands by Magny but Lim gets back to his feet. He gets cracked with a left hook. Magny has a takedown stuffed. The round ends with Magny coming forward and sending Lim back with a combination. What a round! Both men were in trouble and it might even be a 10-10. I’ll give it a 10-10.

Round 2: Leg kick by Magny to the thigh of Lim’s lead leg. Magny hits the takedown and he immediately mounts him. Magny goes to work on his ground-and-pound. Now he has back mount, returns to full mount, then back mount again. Trying to flatten Lim out. Magny pounding Lim away with right hands and now left hands. Lim is gassed and getting beaten up. Referee tells Lim to fight back and he doesn’t! It’s 7 straight wins for Neil Magny and this one was a comeback victory.

Official result: Neil Magny def. Hyun Gyu Lim via TKO (punches) at 1:24 of round 2

Luke Barnatt vs. Mark Munoz – Middleweights

Round 1: Raucous crowd cheers Munoz on one last time. Referee is Terry Hill. Uppercut by Barnatt lands early. Two jabs by Barnatt. Big knee by Barnatt but Munoz completes a takedown, gets free of the headlock and postures up. Barnatt is back on his feet, Munoz chases and trips him briefly and now they’re locked in a clinch battle against the cage. Munoz cracks Barnatt with an uppercut. And another big right hand forces Barnatt to retreat. Munoz is in attack mode. Barnatt is taken down again and the crowd cheers. Barnatt is standing but Munoz throws him to the floor. Now Munoz is showing off his ground-and-pound. Barnatt tossed again. Hard left hand! Hard right hand smashes Barnatt’s head on the canvas. Barnatt is back to his feet but is taking some heavy punishment. Crowd is loving this until Barnatt gets a judo trip on Munoz. Mark reverses and returns to his feet. Left uppercut by Munoz. Barnatt’s kick is blocked by Munoz’s right arm. Hard overhand right by Munoz, who presses forward and is now in another clinch battle. Entertaining opening round. 10-9 Munoz

Round 2: Munoz comes out swinging with a right hand that misses. His right high kick only glances Barnatt’s left shoulder. Knee to the body from Barnatt provides some much-needed offense. Munoz with the takedown attempt but Barnatt counters with elbows to the side of the head. Barnatt trips Munoz up but he recovers and clinches again. Knee to the head by Barnatt seemed to buzz Munoz. Front kick by Barnatt is off. Munoz easily takes Barnatt down who is forced to defend from his guard. Barnatt pulls a sweep and shucks Munoz off. Munoz continues to pursue the takedown against the fence but Barnatt is defending well. They finally separate and return to the center of the cage. Munoz throws a left hook and then backs out of another one. Huge knee to the body by Barnatt. Munoz in on a single but loses it. Looks like Munoz is tiring. Barnatt with a half-assed spinning backfist followed with a spinning kick. Munoz can’t convert on the single leg and the whacks Barnatt with a right hand. Barnatt eggs him on to hit him more. Luke has a hell of a chin but has no rounds won on my scorecard. 10-9 Munoz and 20-18 Munoz overall.

Round 3: Barnatt sprang forward but didn’t throw anything. Crowd boos. Two right hands land for Munoz, who changes levels and tries to finish the single. Barnatt defends successfully. Barnatt may be hurt by another right hand. Combination by Munoz. Barnatt is retreating. Munoz takes him down again. They’re back to the clinch. Hard elbows from Barnatt as Munoz is trying to get another takedown and he does and he cracks Barnatt with a punch. A right and a left score for Munoz at the halfway point in the final round of his career. Barnatt backs up after he gets blasted with a counter-right hand. Munoz has found a second wind. Crowd chants Munpz’s name as he completes a takedown, rolls and has Barnatt in a seated position. Barnatt is now on his back with Munoz standing and he dives in with vicious strikes. Munoz controls him and smacks him with a right on the ground to seal the fight, seal the win, and end his career on a high note. Huge ovation from the crowd in Manila. 10-9 Munoz and 30-27 Munoz overall on my scorecard.

Official result: Mark Munoz def. Luke Barnatt by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Costas Philippou vs. Gegard Mousasi – Middleweights (Co-main event)

Round 1: Greg Kleyjnans is the referee once again. Costas comes out swinging early and lands a right hand and a body kick. Mousasi counters with a left. Excellent level change leads to an early takedown for Mousasi, who gets his left leg free to obtain side control. Philippou returns to half guard. Hammerfist followed by a right hand by Mousasi. Gegard with two more ground strikes. Philippou now in full guard but he cannot control Mousasi’s posture and keeps getting punched in the face. Philippou going for an armbar to no avail. Mousasi now in half guard and unrelenting in his attack. Mousasi has got the arm-triangle attempt going but Philippou avoids the danger with 1 minute left. Gegard tries for the arm-triangle again. The horn sounds. This was pure domination. 10-8 Mousasi.

Round 2: Philippou with a spinning attack that was nearer to hitting an audience member than Gegard. Takedown 40 seconds in for Mousasi. Two short left hands and then Costas separates and returns to his feet. Mousasi throws an inside leg kick. Costas returns fire with a kick to the body. Philippou’s takedown attempt is shrugged off. They trade leg kicks and Mousasi slips in a right hand. Groin kick by Mousasi forces a stoppage in action. They restart and Mousasi ducks a punch and has him down in the center of the Octagon. Moves to side control. Gegard attempting a kimura on the left arm of Philippou. He throws a knee to the body, lets go of the arm, switches sides but maintains side control. He’s putting on a grappling clinic. Mousasi in half-guard connecting on short punches and now a right elbow. Referee tells them to work which is quite irritating. Mousasi with a knee to the chest. Then two elbows. Make that three. Horn sounds as he hits him with a left. 10-9 Mousasi and 20-17 Mousasi on my scorecard.

Round 3: Leg kick by Mousasi. Costas struggling to get anything going offensively and coming up short on his punches. Very good leg kick from Costas. Mousasi with a 1-2 over the top. Philippou connects on a left hook. Gegard may have clipped Costas with a short, standing elbow. Effortless takedown for Gegard. Mousasi is doing whatever he pleases and he is in complete control. More elbows from Gegard. Referee tells them to work even though Mousasi is working. Hard right hand from Mousasi sent Philippou’s head backwards. Seconds are ticking away and Costas remains in defensive mode while Mousasi mauls him some more. 10-9 Mousasi and 30-26 on my scorecard.

Official result: Gegard Mousasi def. Costas Philippou via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Urijah Faber vs. Frankie Edgar – Featherweights (Main event)

Round 1: Steve Perceval is the referee. Feeling out process in first 10 seconds. Faber may have thrown a kick that glanced the groin. Fight continues. Faber’s takedown is stuffed and Edgar throws an uppercut before they break the clinch. Edgar comes up short on a leg kick. Faber misses on a left hook. Fails on the overhand right. Edgar is short on the jab and Faber counters with the short left hook. And Edgar throws a spinning kick to the body in an exchange. Right hand by Faber. Edgar rushes forward and lands a quick right. Faber is able to connect. Edgar with the quick takedown of Faber who grabs the fence twice. Now a third time. Just warnings from the referee. Faber is free from Edgar’s clutches. Good leg kick by Edgar. Sharp right from Edgar, who misses on a front kick. Glancing straight right from Faber ends the round. Tight round. Slight edge to Edgar. 10-9 Edgar.

Round 2: HARD knee from Edgar jars Frankie’s head back. Edgar is bleeding from his nose. Faber tried to get Edgar’s back but Edgar was quick to avoid. Edgar with a right hand and a knee inside. Edgar goes forward with a combination but nothing really landed cleanly. Left hook to the body is successful for Faber. Another left hook to the head. Huge right from Edgar down the pocket. They both connect and Faber seemed to land harder. There’s a great right hand by Edgar. Possibly the best punch of the fight. Now he gets a leg kick. Faber counters with a flurry. A lull in the activity in the final minute. Neither man committing to a takedown. Good right by Edgar and then a quick uppercut. A late combination for Edgar. Another close round I lean towards Edgar. 10-9 Edgar and 20-18 Edgar on my scorecard.

Round 3: Faber attacks with a right over the top to counter Edgar’s kick. Two right hands by Edgar but Faber again can counter effectively with his left. Edgar is hit with a body shot. Great right hand by Faber and Edgar comes back with one. Faber misses on a spinning kick. Edgar ducks a punch and throws and scores with an uppercut. Edgar takes Faber down but Faber has a hold of the neck. And Edgar gets out. Faber back to his feet and Edgar slams Faber to the canvas. Again, Edgar can’t control him on the ground so he resorts to some knees in the clinch. Edgar pursuing another takedown and he gets it against the fence. Faber was nearly mounted. He’s down on a knee against the fence as Edgar throws another set of punches. Faber AGAIN grabs the fence and just gets merely warned. Edgar stumbles out of the break but Faber doesn’t pounce. Two soft jabs by Edgar don’t really trouble Urijah, who dodges a head kick attempt, misses with a right, and avoids a jumping kick. Edgar’s best round so far. 10-9 Edgar and 30-27 Edgar on my scorecard.

Round 4: Edgar effective with his counterattack. A slow spinning back kick hits Faber’s shoulders. Faber rushes in to throw a kick. Nice right hand hits near Edgar’s ear. Knee from Faber and a left hand by Edgar. Frankie popping out the jab as Faber hits a body shot. He’s left hitting air the 2nd time he tries. Urijah is denied on the single leg entry and Edgar replies with a lovely takedown but Urijah is back to this feet. Edgar has the body lock which he uses to throw a pair of right hands. Faber separates, spins, and they’re back to striking. Strong left hand for Edgar. He flurries but misses almost everything. Faber is having problems with his volume now as opposed to the first two rounds. 10-9 Edgar and 40-36 Edgar on my scorecard.

Round 5: Faber surely needs a finish and he instead gets caught with a counterpunch. Edgar again lands with a right after evading a kick. Faber throws a left to the body and misses. Left by Edgar is avoided. Faber hits Edgar with a right but Edgar lands an uppercut that snapped Urijah’s head back. Edgar capitalizes on Faber overcommitting and takes him down once again. Faber to his feet but he’s down again. Urijah is so hard to keep down. Two minutes left and Faber desperately needs an offensive onslaught. Very good right by Faber but he doesn’t follow up with anything. Edgar then answers (get it?) with an uppercut. Edgar slips throwing a kick but he’s back to his feet, tries a knee pick takedown and can’t get it. Overhand right followed up with a right uppercut for Edgar. Faber lands a couple of rights but Edgar isn’t hurt at all. Ten seconds to go. Edgar tries a spinning wheel kick. Faber doesn’t have any sense of urgency. That’s a wrap. They embrace at the center of the Octagon. 10-9 Edgar and a 50-45 Edgar win on my scorecard. At worst, it’s 49-46 Edgar.

Official result: Frankie Edgar def. Urijah Faber via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)

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