UFC on FOX 15: Machida vs. Rockhold live results, play by play, discussion

Join us on Bloody Elbow for live results, detailed play-by-play and community discussion as the UFC on FOX 15: Machida vs. Rockhold event transpires…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC on FOX 15: Machida vs. Rockhold live results, play by play, discussion
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Join us on Bloody Elbow for live results, detailed play-by-play and community discussion as the UFC on FOX 15: Machida vs. Rockhold event transpires from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey.

Middleweight contenders anchor the featured card as Lyoto Machida and Luke Rockhold headline the show while Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza meets late replacement Chris Camozzi in the co-main. Rounding out the four-fight main card is composed youngster Max Holloway versus the violence-prone Cub Swanson in a featherweight scrap and a women’s strawweight bout pitting Felice Herrig vs. Paige VanZant.

Live results and play by play will commence with the Fight Pass preliminary card at 4:30 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Feel free to peruse this week’s Vivisection for analysis, predictions and betting odds for each match up.

UFC on FOX 15 Results

Lyoto Machida vs. Luke Rockhold

R1: Machida darts in with a straight left that’s blocked. Feel-out low kick from Machida and a full-on leg kick for Rockhold. Machida misses with the straight left but grazes with a short right hook that catches Rockhold. Machida steps in on a stiff left hand, then steps back and does the same with a right. Machida looks to either slip or be off-balanced by Rockhold as he goes down in an exchange. Rockhold pounces with a top-side guillotine but it’s not under the neck. Machida goes deep half guard and Rockhold drills him in the ribs with punches.

Machida retains full guard and Rockhold backs out and does a standing pass to side control, then takes Machida’s back when he tries to scramble free. Rockhold lands another shot as Machida attempts to escape. Machida gets back to his feet but keeps a hand down to prevent knees to the head. Rockhold moves behind him and knocks out a post, then postures up to thump Machida with a few heavy lefts. Rockhold gets the body triangle and nearly finishes a rear-naked choke, then lands a thudding elbow at the bell. 10-8 Rockhold.

R2: Machida survived the first but he’s looking rough to start the second, and moving a bit sluggishly. Rockhold lands an outside low kick and shakes his head after Machida’s counter-combo whizzes by. Machida tries to counter Rockhold’s low kick with a straight left but can’t find the mark. Rockhold off-balances Machida with a clever trip and swarms him, looking to take the back. And he does a moment later, following with a textbook rear-naked choke.

  • Luke Rockhold defeats Lyoto Machida by submission (rear-naked choke) R2 2:31

Chris Camozzi vs. Ronaldo Souza

R1: Camozzi starts off with a crisp inside low kick. And another that’s half-checked. Souza attacks with a one-two and Camozzi answers with a left cross. Camozzi fires off a few kicks and Souza times his takedown accordingly, landing a double leg. Half butterfly for Camozzi with an under-hook but he can’t stop Souza from making a crazy guard pass look easy. Half guard for Souza, then he performs an insane back-take as Camozzi anticipates the pass to mount. Souza gracefully transitions from the back into spider-web guard with an arm trapped, and he leans back to force the tapout via armbar. It’s an easy night at the office for “Jacare.”

  • Ronaldo Souza defeats Chris Camozzi by verbal submission (armbar) R1 2:33

Max Holloway vs. Cub Swanson

R1: Holloway lands a left body kick 30 seconds in. His left high kick is blocked. Holloway backs Swanson off with a tight one-two. Lead right lands for Holloway, then another left body kick. An inside low kick puts Swanson on the board but his cartwheel kick is deflected. Glancing one-two for Holloway. Holloway pressures with punches and scores with a tight-range knee.

Another left body kick for the Hawaii native. Constant fire from Holloway with rights and lefts while knifing into and out of range. Spinning heel kick to the gut is good for Holloway. Though of similar stature, Holloway’s range advantage is evident. Another left body kick for Holloway. They close the round trading bombs. 10-9 Holloway.

R2: Swanson tries to up the pace with one-twos and a high kick but Holloway dances out of range and lands another left body kick. Now a right kick to the ribs, then he closes his combo with a right hook downstairs. Holloway with phenomenal dictation of range, still using lateral movement and a strategic medley of hooks and straights. Holloway smacks Swanson with an overhand right.

Holloway keeps a nonstop stream of one-twos in Swanson’s face, occasionally following up with a high kick. Holloway drops his hands, almost taunting Swanson and beaming with confidence. And for good reason. Swanson is yet to get into the fight, splitting time chasing Holloway and blocking or eating strikes. Holloway ducks a left hook and lands a left upstairs and a right down. Counter knee to the body from Holloway and the impact shows in Swanson’s reaction. 10-8 Holloway for dominant striking and a complete lack of any offense from Swanson.

R3: Holloway continues his methodical swarming. Swanson corners him and forces a clinch but Holloway breaks it and lands a hook on the way out. Low kick is good for Holloway. Swanson answers. Swanson throws an ill-advised Capoeira kick and falls onto his back; Holloway waves him up. Holloway digs in with a knee to the body, then a punch and Swanson is hurt. Holloway swarms and ends up in arm-triangle position on the scramble.

Swanson slips his head out and deftly escapes back to his feet. Swanson’s jumping switch kick to the body is half-blocked. Holloway triples up on straight lefts and tags Swanson with the last two, then he cinches on a tight guillotine as Swanson over-commits to the clinch. Holloway passes to mount and forces the tapout via mounted guillotine.

  • Max Holloway defeats Cub Swanson by submission (mounted guillotine) R3

Felice Herrig vs. Paige VanZant

R1: Herrig closes distance quickly and VanZant lands knees to the body from the Thai plum. Herrig clips her with a few of many short hooks to the head but VanZant hits a head-and-arm throw. VanZant can’t keep the scarf-hold position and Herrig slips into back control, putting both hooks in. VanZant is slippery, spinning into guard and then slamming her way out of Herrig’s transition into an armbar.

Herrig stays adhered but they voluntarily separate a moment later. Herrig marches back into the clinch and VanZant again counters with body knees from the double collar tie. Herrig secures a body lock and puts VanZanton the cage. VanZant counters with another head-and-arm throw but is able to stabilize in Herrig’s full guard this time. VanZant postures up with some ground strikes, then power passes to half guard, perhaps in pursuit of an arm-triangle. Busy guard from Herrig but she can’t threaten with anything, and VanZant drops back for a leg lock before the horn sounds. 10-10.

R2: VanZant grazes with a jumping switch kick. Herrig bulldozes her way into the clinch and lands a few short shots but can’t finish the throw attempt. VanZant circles her onto the fence and lands more knees from the Thai plum. Herrig circles off, then VanZant follows suit and lands a crisp horizontal elbow. Herrig reverses VanZant’s takedown attempt but VanZant hits a reversal immediately. VanZant tries a standing guard pass and the extra space allows Herrig to scramble back to her feet.

They grind against the fence, changing positions, until Herrig catches a VanZant knee and takes her down. VanZant again is quick on the reversal, landing in the scarf-hold position. VanZant denies the back-take and postures up with a few short hammer-fists, then shuts down another escape attempt and lands a few punches. Herrig rolls into an armbar but she’s below the elbow and VanZant slips loose, landing in north-south. VanZant posts a knee on Herrig’s face and closes the round throwing downward punches. 10-9 VanZant.

R3: Left body kick for VanZant early. They clinch and VanZant bullies Herrig against the fence, then hits a slick hip throw with the whizzer. VanZant stays on top and flings down punches as Herrig tries to roll into a leg lock. VanZant stacks the legs and lands unhindered hammer-fists to the face. Herrig laboriously works for a back-take and gets it after a prolonged struggle.

Both hooks in for Herrig but VanZant takes top position by spinning into her guard. No wrist or posture control from Herrig and she pays the price with a hum-drum of short rights and lefts. Herrig continues to triangle a leg without an upper-body control and VanZant pounds away with a ceaseless barrage of leather. 10-8 VanZant. I have it 30-27 her way.

  • Paige VanZant defeats Felice Herrig by unanimous decision (30-26 x 2, 30-27)

Fox Prelims Results

Beneil Dariush vs. Jim Miller

R1: Both southpaws look to establish with the lead hand. Miller darts into range with a sharp outside low kick. Dariush answers though it lands with the toes. Miller nearly sweeps the leg out with an inside low kick before plugging Dariush with a short left to the face. Dariush lands a kick to the thigh but, again, only foot makes contact. They clinch up and Dariush lands a knee before putting Miller on the cage.

Short knees to the thighs and body from Dariush as Miller is able to return one to the body. Spike elbow from Miller as Dariush lowers his level for a takedown, and Miller hits a beautiful kimura roll, then transitions to an inverted triangle and has his legs in triangle position. Dariush escapes the precarious spot and starts to work in Miller’s open half guard. Miller retains full guard and Dariush passes back to half. Miller goes rubber guard and lands a hard left elbow to the face. Miller goes even higher with his guard and Dariush bails, peeling his head out and backing off. 10-9 Miller.

R2: Dariush forces a clinch and puts Miller on the fence, landing a stiff knee to the body. Dariush switches to a single leg, then finishes a double on a nice transition. Miller closes his half guard as Dariush tries to slip his leg out and pass to mount. Miller elevates Dariush with a butterfly hook and sweeps into top position, then gives it back up by falling for a sacrifice guillotine.

Dariush slips his head out and passes to mount, then takes Miller’s back and slaps on a body triangle. Dariush rolls Miller over and tries to flatten him out but Miller acquiesces the mount. Dariush gets one grapevine from mount, then postures up with a few left elbows. Miller is forced into a panicked escape and it allows Dariush to regain back control with both hooks. Miller is relegated to hand-fighting the choke in the body triangle. 10-9 Dariush.

R3: Dariush tries to duck under Miller’s opening flurry and can’t get the takedown, but does land a left and put Miller on the fence. Dariush works into a body lock and finishes a trip, landing in half guard. Dariush keeps a strong base and methodically works for a pass into mount, though he’s a little too patient for the anxious crowd.

Miller elevates him again and Dariush maintains control, landing in north-south. Dariush knifes back into full mount, then back control shortly after. Miller stands with Dariush in tow and tries to spike him with a front roll, but Dariush clings on. More positional grappling mastery from Dariush, who is smothering Miller with control at every turn. 10-9 Dariush for a 29-28 overall.

  • Beneil Dariush defeats Jim Miller by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Patrick Cummins vs. Ovince Saint Preux

R1: Saint Preux closes the distance with a long front kick and a straight left. Saint Preux lands a left body kick, then glances with the knee on his next attempt as Cummins shoots; Cummins gets the takedown but Saint Preux pops right back up. Cummins ducks under a left and Saint Preux half-hits a counter whizzer throw, and they end up in the clinch with Cummins in the driver’s seat. They separate without incident at the three-minute mark.

Saint Preux thuds a short, straight knee to the body and Cummins’ aggression takes a notable decline. They lock horns and Cummins hits a takedown from the body lock but Saint Preux is back on his feet in a flash. Glancing teep to the body from Saint Preux, who goes Chris Leben style with three consecutive caveman lefts, perhaps glancing on the last. Saint Preux lands a left off his back foot during Cummins’ entry, then shoots a wild double leg that Cummins stuffs. Cummins mimics a takedown but comes high with a right after changing levels, but a phantom counter punch, almost entirely unseen, drops him to his butt. Saint Preux clips him with two lefts and it’s over. The replay shows a brilliantly timed and placed uppercut to be the culprit.

  • Ovince Saint Preux defeats Patrick Cummins by KO (punches) R1 4:54

Corey Anderson vs. Gian Villante

R1: Anderson wades into range with a one-two and a body kick. Villante lands a sharp inside low kick. Lead right glances to the body for Anderson. Villante lands another crisp kick to the upper thigh, then another. Stiff jab lands for Villante and he stuffs the takedown attempt that follows. Another outside low kick lands for Villante and Anderson is yet to check any. Anderson pressures with another one-two/body kick combo to set up the takedown, but is unsuccessful on all.

Anderson catches the next kick and lands a clean right to the face. Now Villante catches Anderson’s kick but it’s Anderson who again lands the right upstairs. Villante doubles up on low kicks and the impact is evident, then he goes high with a kick to the face and it lands flush. Villante counters Anderson’s double jab with another low kick, then another; Anderson still refusing or unable to check a single one of them. Body shot is good from Anderson. Low kick for Villante. And another. Make it three straight to close the round. 10-9 Villante.

R2: Villante picks up where he left off with an early kick to Anderson’s lead leg. Hard counter left hook from Anderson and Villante blocks most of it, but Anderson gets his leg chopped away at with four-straight low kicks, some of which nearly sweep him off his feet. Fast one-two lands for Anderson. Glancing counter right lands for Anderson, then another right on the next exchange.

Villante refrains from the low kick for a minute or so, looking for uppercuts, and Anderson gets the better of a few exchanges by a tiny margin. Villante goes back to the leg kick and digs in with two consecutively. Good defense from Villante on Anderson’s heavy combos. Anderson finally checks a low kick. Anderson sneaks in a right hand. Chopping low kick from Villante. 10-9 Villante.

R3: Villante with a low kick, then he shells on an Anderson high kick. Villante glances with a right cross, then a left hook. Villante ducks an Anderson flurry and lands another low kick. Snapping jab lands for Anderson, then he slips his left hand through Villante’s guard with quick countering on the next few exchanges. Step-in knee lands to the body for Anderson, then he grazes with a flying knee.

Another jab for Anderson, then a clean one-two. Villante lands a low kick, then a one-two. Clubbing left hook lands for Villante before negating a takedown attempt. Left hook glances for Villante, then again. Villante uncorks a vicious one-two and it puts Anderson on roller-skates, then to the canvas.

  • Gian Villante defeats Corey Anderson by TKO (punches) R3 4:18

Aljamain Sterling vs. Takeya Mizugaki

R1: Sterling looks to establish his range with long kicks from the fringe. He slips a left roundhouse under the elbow and to the body of Mizugaki, who forces a clinch and slips behind Sterling into the rear waist cinch. Sterling hand-fights the body lock and spins into Mizugaki but he can’t finish the double, nor his transition to a single leg. Sterling keeps Mizugaki on the fence with the over-under but it’s pretty much a stalemate. Mizugaki sneaks in a quick up-knee as Sterling resets and re-commits on a single. Still no dice.

Sterling lands three sharp knees to the inside of the thigh and knee, then lands a few to the body. The ref steps in at the two-minute mark to separate them. A Mizugaki counter shot whizzes past Sterling’s head, and Mizugaki backs him up with another combo. Sterling lands a low kick. Mizugaki anticipates the takedown attempt well but this time Sterling is able to off-balance him with his second angle. Sterling gets the body lock as Mizugaki is standing and powers him back down. Mizugaki is back to his feet but absorbing more short knees to the legs. Sterling whiffs with a wild spinning back fist at the bell. 10-9 Sterling.

R2: Mizugaki side-steps Sterling’s first two advances but succumbs to a single leg. He hip bumps and stands back up with Sterling keeping him on the cage. Two knees to the body for Sterling; Mizugaki answers with one. Mizugaki deflects a an elbow on the clinch break and the reset in the center. Mizugaki with a short uppercut before sprawling on the takedown attempt. Sterling nullifying Mizugaki’s ability to counter with the teep from distance. Mizugaki grazes with a right to the body.

Sterling glances with a counter right, then finishes a single leg by sweeping out Mizugaki’s support leg. This time Sterling gets a hook in as Mizugaki is standing, threatening to take his back. He does when he inserts the second hook, and he quickly changes it to a full body triangle. Heel kicks to the thigh from Sterling in back control. Mizugaki defends the choke well and Sterling re-cinches the body triangle and rides out the round. 10-9 Sterling.

R3: Sterling continues to make good use of the teep as a range weapon. Mizugaki presses forward and anticipates Sterling’s level change, but Sterling’s second burst is once again more fierce than the first, and he gets the takedown. Sterling pinches the knees together to prevent a Mizugaki escape, then jumps on his back during a sloppy transition from the veteran. Over three minutes on the clock and Sterling has back control with the body triangle.

Mizugaki rolls on top but Sterling cleverly baits him into an arm-triangle, and Mizugaki taps quickly. A veteran performance from an impressive up-and-comer.

  • Aljamain Sterling defeats Takeya Mizugaki submission (arm-triangle) R3 2:11

Fight Pass Prelims Results

Tim Means vs. George Sullivan

R1: Long one-two from Means backs Sullivan off, then a quick reactive knee that glances off the charging Sullivan’s head. Means jams a front kick into Sullivan’s lower abdomen. Sullivan doubling and tripling up a fast jab but he’s yet to land clean. Sullivan grazes with a short right but Means thwacks him with an elbow on a later exchange. Sullivan shoots a double and puts Means on the cage, landing a short body knee.

Means responds with one of his own to create space, then circles off the fence and lands a diagonal elbow. Short, chopping left hook lands for Sullivan. Means answers with a clean low kick, then a glancing left to the liver shortly after. Sullivan grazes with another right hand but he’s coming up just short. Sullivan lands high as Means lands low. Sullivan doubles up on left hooks and lands the second, but eats another close-range elbow trying to finish the round strong. 10-9 Means.

R2: Means continues to work an effective range-striking game with long front kicks and straight punches. Sullivan slips a kick under his elbow but Means presses on undaunted. Sullivan keeps leather in Means’ face until Means steps in and clubs him with a wide left hook. Means follows up with more crisp leather, then reverses Sullivan’s takedown attempt and lands on top.

Means backs off, then swings a nasty left elbow while diving back into Sullivan’s guard. Sullivan deftly gets back to his feet but he’s greeted by a cracking knee to the face from Means. Sullivan fights on valiantly, slinging a steady array of rights, lefts and kicks. Means weathers the storm for a moment, then eats a left hand. Means answers right back with a left. Means cracks Sullivan square in the kisser with a horizontal elbow and it drops him. 10-8 Means.

R3: Sullivan sustains his near-frantic pace but he’s still lacking efficacy. Means works his defense and then lands a long left. Sullivan has no off-button and Means uses the unending straight-line attack to hit a takedown. Side control for Means; first he establishes his base, then he goes cross-side and lands a few short back elbows to the head.

Means maintains control as Sullivan tries to scramble free, landing short punches in between. Means laces on an arm-triangle and pounces on it, forcing the tap shortly after.

  • Tim Means defeats George Sullivan by submission (arm-triangle) R3 3:21

Diego Brandao vs. Jimy Hettes

R1: Brandao misses his first kick, Hettes checks the next one low and then catches the third, converting it into a successful trip. Brandao gets back up quickly and fires a slicing short-range elbow, then pursues a takedown. Hettes nearly counters and Brandao ends up on his back after the scramble. Hettes patiently fights off the hook and rolls into half guard. Hettes recovers full guard and works an omoplata, then transitions smoothly into a leg lock. Brandao sits back out of it to defend and it allows Hettes to get back up.

He stuffs in an under-hook and puts Brandao on the fence with short knees. Hettes is warned for grabbing the fence. Brandao hits a slick outside foot sweep to put Hettes on his back, then postures up to thwack him with an elbow. Hettes explodes with his hips and reverses, then Brandao rolls into a leg lock but it’s too loose and Hettes slips free. The top-side elbow might be what has opened up an oozing cut somewhere over Hettes’ ear, but he does land a nice snapping jab. 10-9 Brandao.

Oddly enough, the cage-side doctor looks at Hettes and waves the fight off, much to the dismay of Hettes and the audience. The wound turns out to be a case of exploded cauliflower ear.

  • Diego Brandao defeats Jim Hettes by TKO (doctor’s advice) R1 5:00

Chris Dempsey vs. Eddie Gordon

R1: Gordon glances with an immediate one-two and backs Dempsey off with another combo. Gordon’s constant hail of stiff, straight punches are highly successful in keeping Dempsey at bay. Dempsey ducks under a flurry and succeeds in forcing in clinch bu Gordon quickly circles off the fence. They stalemate in the clinch and separate. Dempsey catches Gordon with a quick shot. Gordon pumping jabs while pivoting left, and he adds a clean right cross that connects.

Dempsey again finds the mark with a grazing shot but Gordon sprawls out on his takedown attempt. Now Gordon pays for getting lazy with his hand/head position in the form of a long right from Dempsey, who flashes another combo to disguise his clinch entry. Dempsey lands some short uppercuts before disengaging, and he’s greeted by three straight rights from Gordon, each landing with increasing pop. Dempsey forces another clinch but has little time to work. 10-9 Gordon by a tight margin.

R2: Gordon lands a jab off his back foot and Dempsey glances with a one-two. Gordon scores with another jab while retreating. Dempsey stays busy with combos but he’s attacking in a straight line and his punches are coming up a little short. Now Dempsey connects flush with a nice three-piece combo as Gordon runs out of real estate and Gordon counter-clinches to slow the pace, then takes the accomplished wrestler down.

Side control for Gordon but he doesn’t capitalize and Dempsey works an escape. Gordon chucks a big overhand right and it bounces off the forehead of Dempsey, prompting a defensive takedown attempt. Gordon stays upright with an under-hook and separates with just under a minute left. A telegraphed right hand into a takedown attempt from Dempsey that Gordon side steps. Dempsey recomposes himself and shoots again, this time completing the takedown just before the bell. 10-9 Dempsey.

R3: Dempsey sneaks into a clinch behind a hail of wild punches, then falls back for what looks like a loose guillotine; it is and Gordon escapes. They restart in open space with Dempsey connecting with a step-in right. Gordon lands a solid one-two but Dempsey clubs him with a harder shot in response. They clinch up with Gordon attempting a guillotine, then slipping into the rear waist cinch. Dempsey spins into him and separates at the halfway mark.

Gordon glances on the far end of a one-two and then changes levels on Dempsey’s entry, completing another takedown. Again, he can’t gain ground and Dempsey scrambles back to his feet unscathed. In the final minute, Dempsey wades forward behind another barrage of straight rights and lefts, landing moderately and then clinching. Dempsey finishes a double leg, and then another after Gordon gets back to his feet. 10-9 Dempsey. I have it 29-28 Dempsey though the first two rounds were close.

  • Chris Dempsey defeats Eddie Gordon by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

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