UFC Fight Night 63: Mendes vs. Lamas live results, play by play, discussion

Join us on Bloody Elbow for an early afternoon of unarmed combat as UFC Fight Night: Mendes vs. Lamas takes place from the Patriot…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC Fight Night 63: Mendes vs. Lamas live results, play by play, discussion
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Join us on Bloody Elbow for an early afternoon of unarmed combat as UFC Fight Night: Mendes vs. Lamas takes place from the Patriot Center in Fairfax, Virginia.

Perennial featherweight contenders Chad “Money” Mendes and Ricardo Lamas headline the show while game lightweights Al Iaquinta and Jorge Masvidal anchor the co-main event. Also on the main card: lightweights Michael Chiesa vs. Mitch Clarke, TUF winner Julianna Pena vs. Milana Dudieva in a women’s bantamweight bout and featherweights Robbie Peralta vs. Clay Guida.

Live results and play by play will commence with the preliminary card at 11 a.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows.

Main Card Results

Ricardo Lamas vs. Chad Mendes

R1: They trade simultaneous left low kicks immediately. Both fighters look to establish range with quick jabs. Lamas catches Mendes with a nicely timed uppercut. Lamas fires off subtle outside low kicks betwixt combos with his hands. Lamas keeps Mendes at bay with a low and a high kick but Mendes plasters him with a huge right hand, and Lamas teeters and goes down. Mendes flurries viciously while, miraculously, Lamas recovers in the turtle position and staggers away from Mendes. Mendes, pouncing frantically with punches, clips Lamas with a short knee to the chin and then blasts a right hand through his guard. Lamas stumbles back and goes down again. Mendes stays on the trigger with a torrent of leather and finally gets the stoppage.

  • Chad Mendes defeats Ricardo Lamas by TKO (punches) R1 2:45

Al Iaquinta vs. Jorge Masvidal

R1: Somewhat of a tentative start as Masvidal backs away from a combo and has his low kick checked. Masvidal scores lightly with a jab. Iaquinta snatches up a single leg but Masvidal limp-legs out. One-two and a high kick from Iaquinta are blocked. Front-leg side kick to the body glances for Iaquinta but he absorbs a flying knee from Masvidal. Iaquinta catches a Masvidal kick and grazes with a right cross.

Masvidal continues to backpedal behind a wall of plunging jabs and a few get through. Iaquinta tries a double side kick low. Iaquinta is active but he’s coming up short or whiffing on the majority of his efforts. Masvidal wheels out a vicious spinning kick that misses but follows with a short, blistering combo. Iaquinta shoots and rolls into a leg lock, drawing a smile from Masvidal as he defends. Masvidal lands another jump knee on the reset and scorches a wave of heaters through Iaquinta’s guard, then stops a desperation takedown and opens Iaquinta up with a shot at the bell. 10-8 Masvidal.

R2: Blood streams down from Iaquinta’s right cheek as the round begins. Masvidal attempts an axe kick but Iaquinta deflects it. Jumping front switch kick from Masvidal is blocked but he’s still commanding the distance. The lower right half of Iaquinta’s face is bloodied up but he seems unaffected. They trade kicks. No dice on Masvidal’s jump knee.

Iaquinta dings Masvidal with a right cross and Masvidal acknowledges it with a hoot. Iaquinta gets creative with varying combinations of punches and kicks but he’s yet to concern Masvidal, who continues to keep Iaquinta on the end of his punches. Masvidal shrugs off a takedown attempt and resumes the stalking, switching to southpaw. Iaquinta tries to duck under for a single leg but makes no ground in the takedown department. 10-9 Masvidal.

R3: Masvidal glances with a body kick and then digs another one deep into Iaquinta’s ribs. Iaquinta counters Masvidal’s low kick with a nice one-two. Masvidal responds with a left jab/hook medley, landing the latter. Another left kick to the body scores for Masvidal, who backpedals to stay just out of range of Iaquinta’s counter fire.

Steady work from Masvidal’s left hand to dictate range. Outside low kick for Iaquinta. Masvidal answers back shortly after, the has a left high kick blocked. They exchange words and Iaquinta pops Masvidal hard in the mouth, then tries a flying scissor entry into a leg lock after Masvidal waves him in. Iaquinta keeps wading into range and scores at the end-trajectory of his right hand on consecutive occasions. More range management with the lead left for Masvidal, then a jumping switch kick to the body. Iaquinta scores with a pair of low kicks. 10-9 Masvidal. I have it 30-26 his way.

  • Al Iaquinta defeats Jorge Masvidal by split decision (29-28 x 2, 27-30)

Michael Chiesa vs. Mitch Clarke

R1: Chiesa looks to establish his striking but eats a short right to the mouth. They clinch up with Clarke putting Chiesa on the fence and preventing him from circling off. They separate with punches, Chiesa getting the better of the short exchange. Clarke goes after a single leg that Chiesa defends. They trade body kicks on the break and Chiesa hits a nice outside trip when they reconnect though Clark pops right back up.

Another outside trip for Chiesa and another immediate get-up for Clarke. Chiesa pastes Clarke with a sharp one-two but can’t replicate his success with the outside trip after they lock horns. Hard up-knee to the body from Chiesa to set up the trip this time, and Chiesa slithers quickly into back mount with both hooks in, then a body triangle. Chiesa attacks with the rear-naked choke, then lets go of the body triangle to boldly pursue an armbar from back mount. 10-9 Chiesa.

R2: Clarke attacks the lead leg with inside and outside low kicks. Chiesa barges forward with a flying knee that whiffs and Clarke spins him onto the fence in the clinch.  A pair of foot stomps from Clarke before they’re separated for inactivity. Chiesa swarms with more punches and looks for the Thai plum, then switches to an underhook to put Clarke on the fence. Clarke circles off but makes the crucial mistake of falling for Chiesa’s outside trip and giving up his back in a repeat of the opening round.

Chiesa goes to the body triangle lands a few creative back-elbows from back control. Clarke fights his way to his feet with Chiesa still on his back, still holding the body triangle. Chiesa stays on the rear-naked choke, forcing Clarke to fall back on the ground, and he eats an elbow in the process. 10-8 Chiesa.

R3: Clarke closes distance with a front kick, then lands two light low kicks and a glancing Superman punch. Chiesa answers with a left. Clarke throws a one-two and closes with a grazing body shot. Hook/cross combo bounces off the guard of Chiesa. Now it’s a left hook and an uppercut from the rejuvenated Clarke. Chiesa fires back with a combo after almost catching Clarke’s kick. Clarke keeps the pressure on with punches and half-lands a right high kick.

Jump knee from Chiesa glances off Clarke’s chin. Hard counter left hook from Clarke, then a snapping jab. Right body kick from Clarke, who’s stolen the momentum but needs a finish. Chiesa keeps him honest with a stiff counter. Left cross lands for Chiesa. Lead uppercut glances for Clarke. Double left body kicks score for Chiesa but he’s just short on his spinning kick. 10-9 Clarke. I have it 29-27 Chiesa.

  • Mike Chiesa defeats Mitch Clarke by unanimous decision (29-26 x 2, 29-28)

Milana Dudieva vs. Julianna Pena

R1: Pena comes out chasing after Dudieva with wild punches. Pena shows strong balance in resisting Dudieva’s reactive takedown but succumbs to an outside trip from the clinch shortly after. Pena is feisty with her defensive scrambling and rolls out of danger, then hits a nice counter single, falling in full mount. Pena rains down a nasty mixture of punches, forearms and hammer-fists as Dudieva curiously decides to trade shots while mounted.

Pena keeps a strong base and switches to volume striking with a high output of punches and hammer-fists. Dudieva gives up her back, then rolls back into mount. Ceaseless topside punishment for Pena and an emphatic volley of right forearms elicits the stoppage.

  • Julianna Pena defeats Milena Dudieva by TKO (forearms) R1 3:59

Clay Guida vs. Robbie Peralta

R1: Both combatants fire off jabs and close with an outside low kick. Guida subtly faking a level change to lead off his combos. Stiff outside low kick for Peralta. Guida commits to a blast double leg but Peralta stays upright with an under-hook. Guida readjusts against the fence and hoists Peralta up for a power double. A headlock and single butterfly hook for Peralta allows him to regain his footing, though Guida keeps him on the fence and scoops him up for another slam double.

Guida keeps driving forward with the body lock to dissuade Peralta on the headlock, then threatens to take his back as Peralta takes a knee. Guida turns his grapevine into a single hook and jumps on Peralta’s back. Peralta keeps his back on the fence at first but succumbs to Guida’s pressure. Guida gets the seatbelt position from back control, still with only one hook in. 10-9 Guida.

R2: Peralta peels off left/right hooks but curiously keeps his feet planted, allowing Guida to get deep on a duck-under double leg. The next approximate minute consists of Peralta battling back to his feet as Guida tries to prevent it. The ref intervenes just short of the halfway mark and Peralta lands a snapping uppercut and left hand on the restart. Guida dives on another takedown, dripping blood on the canvas from an unseen wound.

Guida switches to a high-crotch after getting nowhere on the double but nothing’s cooking. Peralta separates long enough to glance with a quick combo before Guida reattaches, and the ref steps in again. Guida’s left eye is leaking blood. Guida sneaks in a right hand. Peralta lands an outside low kick. Peralta has a high kick blocked before stuffing another takedown. 10-9 Peralta.

R3: Peralta lands a short right and left to begin the final stanza. They joust from range with no advantage. Guida has a high kick blocked but he follows with a strong double leg, then repeats when Peralta pops back up, though he carries Peralta to the center of the cage before dropping him on the second variation. Guida in half guard, looking to slip his leg free and mount — and he does, smoothly cinching on an arm-triangle in the transition.

Peralta turns his head to alleviate pressure and breaks the hold after a short struggle, regaining full guard in the process. Guida scrambles to half guard but loses control during the pass, allowing Peralta to stand back up. Guida stays in on a double leg but Peralta lands a vicious sequence of short, spiking elbows to the head. Guida yanks Peralta’s hips off the cage to score another takedown, landing in side mount. 10-9 Guida. I have it 29-28 his way.

  • Clay Guida defeats Robbie Peralta by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Diego Ferreira vs. Dustin Poirier

R1: Ferreira anticipates Poirier’s circle and lands a clubbing right. Poirier doubles up on stiff right hands before rolling out of Ferreira’s sneaky arm-drag trip attempt. Ferreira puts Poirier on the fence but can’t make hay and Poirier circles off and separates. Poirier lands a sharp combo and then they both throw and land mutual salvos. Poirier scores with a left and we pause briefly for a Ferreira kick that lands low. Poirier with a quick left. Ferreira throws decoy punches and clinches up but Poirier again circles off and breaks free.

Another short left lands for Poirier as Ferreira’s coming in, then he sits him down with another. Ferreira scrambles back to his feet but ends up pulling Poirier on top of him after a sloppy takedown. Poirier wisely lets him back up and coolly showers Ferreira with another violent outburst of rights and lefts. A demonstrative jack-hammer during Poirier’s finishing sequence inspires the ref to call it off.

  • Dustin Poirier defeats Diego Ferreira by TKO (punches) R1 3:45

Preliminary Card Results

Liz Carmouche vs. Lauren Murphy

R1: Carmouche changes levels for a single leg but Murphy retracts her hips and stays upright. Carmouche stays in the clinch, looking for an inside trip. Murphy changes levels for a double but eats a short barrage of spike elbows to the head. Murphy gets double under-hooks and Carmouche attempts an Osoto Gari to no avail.

They separate with Murphy looking to control distance with a probing jab and one-two. Glancing left kick to the body from Carmouche. Now a short right from Carmouche but Murphy answers with a counter combo. Short right scores for Carmouche, who follows behind a right hand to clinch up. Murphy spins Carmouche onto the fence and maintains control, hitting a takedown just before the bell sounds. 10-9 Carmouche by a tight margin.

R2: Right outside low kicks in triplicate for Carmouche to start the frame. Murphy walking Carmouche down but having trouble cutting off the cage. Carmouche backs her off with a combo and grazes with a kick before stopping Murphy’s takedown attempt. Short knee from Carmouche in the entanglement. Murphy persists with cage control while Carmouche again stays up with an under-hook and lands short punches and elbows.

Murphy fights for the body lock and gets it but the ref separates them. Inside low kick for Carmouche, then a stomp kick to the body. Carmouche tries a cartwheel kick but Murphy clinches before she can complete it. Carmouche tries another hip throw but doesn’t have position, allowing Murphy to scramble her way on top. Right hand lands for Murphy. High, closed guard for Carmouche. 10-10.

R3: Murphy lands a glancing one-two, prompting an aggressive clinch and takedown from Carmouche. Murphy sits up against the fence and Carmouche pinches her knees together to prevent the escape. Murphy takes a knee and lands a series of lefts to the ribs, then stands back up and puts Carmouche on the fence. Carmouche gets careless in the clinch, allowing Murphy into the rear waist lock.

Carmouche spins back to face her and hits a hip throw but is forced to separate when Murphy nearly takes her back. More downward elbows from Carmouche as Murphy pursues a double. Murphy finishes the double and Carmouche can’t hit the switch. Carmouche fights back to her feet but Murphy keeps her on the cage, landing short knees to the thigh. Carmouche lands a takedown just before the round ends. 10-10. I have it 30-29 Carmouche.

  • Liz Carmouche defeats Lauren Murphy by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Gray Maynard vs. Alexander Yakovlev

R1: Maynard fires off a burst of punches while moving forward to lead the opening three exchanges. On the fourth, Yakovlev holds his ground and hits a massive duck-under double leg. Maynard stays slippery and gets back to his feet, shooting a single leg but settling for cage control when Yakovlev defends. Maynard keeps him in place with an underhook but the ref splits them shortly after.

Maynard lands a clubbing right cross and Yakovlev responds with a punch and a kick to the body. Maynard fakes the single to come high with a right cross that glances. Two short rights from Maynard before circling out as Yakovlev walks him down, then a nice foot sweep from the clinch that Yakovlev defends. Maynard stays on him with the front headlock but Yakovlev stays feisty and pushes him away. Yakovlev still stalking but he’s yet to capitalize offensively. 10-9 Maynard.

R2: Maynard pivots left and chops a right to the body, then repeats the same sequence oppositely, scoring to the body again. Maynard gets in on the hips to complete a takedown but can’t maintain position. Maynard works the waist cinch against the fence with short knees to the thigh. They separate with Maynard continuing his aggression with level changes, fakes and short punches.

Yakovlev finally lets his hands go and lands a short counter. No dice on Maynard’s single leg. Yakovlev unbolts a laser-straight left cross and it drops Maynard on his butt. He looks to swarm with punches as Maynard recovers. Maynard tries to scramble free but Yakovlev is all over him with punches and perhaps a choke attempt from the front headlock. 10-9 Yakovlev.

R3: Clubbing check hook lands for Yakovlev, then two short rights during Maynard’s entry. Maynard gets him down briefly but Yakovlev is back up and free shortly after. Yakovlev answers a short right with a two-piece combo that lands clean to the jaw. No set up on Maynard’s next shot and Yakovlev easily stuffs it and breaks free.

Yakovlev grazes with a one-two before anticipating and nullifying another reactive takedown attempt, then glances with another one-two. Maynard grazes with an overhand right, which prompts a single-leg and trip combo for Yakovlev. Open guard for Maynard as Yakovlev looks to pass. Yakovlev tries to trap the arm for settles for closing the round with short punches on top. 10-9 Yakovlev. I have it 29-28 his way.

  • Alexander Yakovlev defeats Gray Maynard by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Shamil Abdurahimov vs. Timothy Johnson

R1: Abdurahimov catches a Johnson kick but falls just short on the right cross. Johnson wheels out both hands while chasing after Abdurahimov, who circles off the fence and breaks the clinch. More straight-line rushes for Johnson: he eats an uppercut on the first attempt but succeeds in putting Abdurahimov on the fence in the second. Abdurahimov circles off the fence again but is immediately docked a point for grabbing the fence; the commentary team shares that there were a handful of prior warnings.

Abdurahimov lands a counter off his back foot as Johnson barrels forward but gets caught in another clinch.
Abdurahimov circles off and lands a pair of heavy knees to the thigh before separating. Johnson bull-rushes again and they clash heads unintentionally. Johnson manages to score with a pair of short but stiff rights on his way in, then hits a nicely timed takedown and falls into full mount. Johnson wastes no time in flurrying with both hands and the ref waves it off shortly after.

  • Timothy Johnson defeats Shamil Abdurahimov by TKO (punches) R1 4:57

Justin Jones vs. Ron Stallings

R1: Stallings rips a left body kick from southpaw. Jones shrinks the gap and puts Stallings on the fence but can’t keep him there. Stallings uncorks an identical left body kick and Jones winces visibly after it plunges under his elbow and into his midsection. Stallings tees off as Jones covers up with his back on the fence, landing a few short punches and a nice glancing head kick. Jones changes levels and hits a takedown; Stallings cinches on a guillotine but bails on it when he finds room to escape.

Jones keeps Stallings on the fence with a body lock. They trade knees to the body. Stallings uses an over-hook and wrist control to stay upright and eventually separate. Jones keeps him cornered and shoots another double leg, mostly with the intention of containing Stallings. Short rights and knees to the thigh from Jones as the clinch grind continues. Stallings separates momentarily but Jones pushes him back onto the fence. 10-9 Stallings.

R2: Jones rushes Stallings behind a hail of wild punches and Stallings steps back and slips in a right. Jones forces Stallings back into the fence in pursuit of a high-crotch takedown but still can’t gain any ground. The ref splits them up quicker this time and Stallings threatens with another body kick and more crisp counters. This time Stallings initiates the clinch but Jones quickly circles him onto the fence with a cross-throat forearm.

They split halfway through the round with Stallings boring more shots through the guard of Jones. Jones can’t time a duck-under double leg but he finally completes the takedown after persisting and readjusting his angle. Full open guard for Stallings, then he goes with the closed guard and good posture control. Stallings trades punches with Jones off his back and boots him away to clear space but Jones dives back into his guard. 10-9 Stallings for effective striking over ineffective control.

R3: Stallings bobs under some incoming fire and grazes with a combo before Jones shoots a desperation takedown. Though not completing the attempt, Jones stays on Stallings in the clinch until the ref breaks them up. Stallings again scores with a counter combo before Jones shoots a desperation takedown; Stallings sprawls out and grazes with a right when Jones stands up.

Jones is once again glued to Stallings on the fence but only able to offer short, pestering punches and knees. Jones lands a short right on the break and ducks a Stallings high kick; Stallings works his hands but curiously clinches with Jones and ends up with his back on the fence again. The ref is wise to Jones’ clinch containment and separates the pair when no offense arises. Jones clinches up in open space and Stallings dings him with a knee to the face from the double necktie. Jones adheres to Stallings but can’t score the takedown and eats a series of rights to the ribs. 10-9 Stallings. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Ron Stallings defeats Justin Jones by unanimous decision (29-28 x 2, 30-27)

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