How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier respond to Bader, Jedi Pokemons

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse -- There's a ton of tweets below, but first, don't…

By: Anton Tabuena | 8 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier respond to Bader, Jedi Pokemons
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse

There’s a ton of tweets below, but first, don’t forget to follow me on twitter and instagram@antontabuena

Oh, and these guys are probably worth following as well: The Official BloodyElbow Twitter AccountKid NateChris BartonD.E.OScott BroussardMatt BishopFraser CoffeenDallas Winston, Ben ThapaT.P. GrantSteph DanielsZane Simon, Mookie Alexander, Karim ZidanMike RiordanDavid St. MartinDavid CastilloConnor RuebuschTim Burke.


“Do I listen to pop music because i’m miserable? Or am I miserable because I listen to pop music?”  -CM Punk

“Just got a ring on my door bell at 6:50 am.. Ended up being the Nevada state athletic commission. Now..I have 2 kids and a pregnant wife so usually I would be pissed someone showing up like that but this is worth the inconvenience. They took blood and urine. First time being tested like that since I got in the sport. Really excited that they are starting to test fighters like this. Hope this really cleans up the sport!! ‪#‎cleanathlete‬”  -Chris Weidman

Staying with my parents for 3 weeks until my newly purchased home is ready. Wait does this mean I have a curfew… Lol”  -Derek Brunson

“Found some urns in my garage. Y’all want this shit?”  -CM Punk

“I want to get to Just Beiber level so that I tweet “Hi” and it gets 100k RT’s”  -Stipe Miocic

“MMA is talentless according to @FloydMayweather boxing you wouldn’t hurt or finish me, MMA I will make u cry. I’ll settle for $5 mil @ufc”  -Eddie Wineland, good luck getting that fight.

“How come I get weirdos offering to lick my feet and buy my “used” underpants but no one volunteers to come clean my bathroom???”  -Peggy Morgan

“Life hack: don’t accidentally put Sriracha in your eye”  -Julie Kedzie, good tip.

“Ya that was my daughter shattering a bunch of glass at Crate & Barrel. #what”  -Jon Anik


“This is for the people that  wants me to “talk junk” in promoting, you can do it YOURSELF I will get my TITLE , I’ll never change who I am.”  -Raphael Assuncao


“I’m a pretty nice guy, unless I’m in traffic, then I fucking hate everything”  -Russell Doane, try moving to the Philippines, Jakarta, or India. You will appreciate your ‘heavy’ traffic.

“Caught a guy filming me singing while driving. I fully expect to be tagged in a video on some social network.”  -Russell Doane, found a solution to his traffic woes.


“Ok so I guess old @ryanbader has lost his damn mind. Ryan u aren’t gonna do anything to me. I’m beating that ass!”  -Daniel Cormier

“Ryan I would spank that even faster next time ”  -Jon Jones



Soo @jonnybones brought his Serval Savanna cat in!! Pretty bad ass cat! #Savanna

A video posted by Donald Cerrone (@cowboycerrone) on


“If you plant the pit from an avocado it will become a guacamole tree”  -Mitch Clarke

“Avocados taste best after brushing your teeth”  -Mitch Clarke

“Avocados are nature’s mayonnaise”  -Mitch Clarke


@nandoesparza @fordmodels

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New feature in @ironmanmagazine out now! #kickboxing #fitness #iworkout #fitgirls

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#SundayBumday @arsenicmagazine @gregoriophotography ✌️

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New pictures in this month’s issue of #Famous . ✌️ -JC #China #Magazine @modelonehk @ouyangyiqi

A photo posted by Jessica Cambensy (@jesscambensy) on

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