UFC 185: Pettis vs. Dos Anjos live results, discussion, play by play (prelims)

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and in-depth play by play as the UFC 185: Pettis vs. Dos Anjos preliminary cards…

By: Dallas Winston | 9 years ago
UFC 185: Pettis vs. Dos Anjos live results, discussion, play by play (prelims)
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and in-depth play by play as the UFC 185: Pettis vs. Dos Anjos preliminary cards play out on UFC Fight Pass (6:30 p.m. ET) and the FX Channel (8 p.m. ET).

Follow all the UFC 185 main card action and get live play-by-play and complete UFC 185 results at Bloody Elbow

Lightweight strikers Ross Pearson and Sam Stout battle atop the FX card; they’re joined by up-and-comers Roger Narvaez and Elias Theodorou in a middleweight bout, lightweights Daron Cruickshank and Beneil Dariush, and heavyweights Josh Copeland and Jared Rosholt. Sergio Pettis captains the Fight Pass preliminary card against Ryan Benoit while Joseph Duffy, the last man to defeat Conor McGregor, makes his Octagon debut opposite Jake Lindsey. Thai boxer Germaine de Randamie opens the show against Larissa Pacheco in a women’s bantamweight tilt.

Live results and play-by-play will commence with the Fight Pass prelims at 6:30 p.m. ET. Feel free to peruse this week’s MMA Vivisection for analysis, betting odds and picks for the entire UFC 185 event.

FX Prelims (FX Channel at 8 p.m. ET)

Ross Pearson vs. Sam Stout

R1: Pearson lances Stout with a long jab early. Stout flashes his hands and lands a left kick, then repeats it, both of which are successful. Pearson thumps him with a right hand. Stout lands an uppercut and Pearson grazes with a check hook. Inside low kick lands for Pearson, then a jab downstairs. Stout glances with a crafty left body kick thrown as a counter. Pearson bobs under Stout’s cross and scores.

Glancing right from Stout, then a body kick that lands with the toes. Pearson responds with a punch before shield blocking Stout’s left body kick. Hard outside low kick from Stout to close his combination. Stout stays in the pocket and counters with a quick left hook. Pearson just misses with a left hook but snaps Stouts head back with a jab. A lead shovel punch lands heavy for Pearson. Stout shoots a double and lands a knee to the body when Pearson sprawls. Left hand from Pearson. 10-10 for equally effective offense.

R2: Light inside low kick lands for Pearson, then a heavy right kick to the thigh. Stout again closes his punching combo with an inside low kick but he gets tagged by a shot from Pearson. They accidentally clash heads. Pearson rips a one-two on the restart. Stout lands a left body kick with the toes. While trading in the pocket, both bob under and come high with huge left hooks, but Pearson’s lands first and it knocks Stout flat.

  • Ross Pearson defeats Sam Stout by KO (left hook) R2 1:33

Roger Narvaez vs. Elias Theodorou

R1: Theodorou forces a clinch and Narvaez gradually fights his way off the fence. Theodorou pressures again, throwing a left kick on his way into range. Still unable to contain Narvaez in the clinch, Theodorou throws another left kick that Narvaez nearly counters with a one-two. Theodorou pressuring almost wildly as Narvaez circles out of range. A pair of short right hooks land for Narvaez while retreating.

Another pawing right hook grazes for Narvaez off his back foot. After getting stung a few times, Theodorou takes a more measured approach. Theodorou switches stances and whiffs on a left high kick but his next kick lands low and we pause. Narvaez is ready to resume quickly. More retreating right hooks glance for Narvaez. Sharp outside low kick lands with the foot for Narvaez. Theodorou can’t clinch but does land a left front kick. 10-9 Narvaez.

R2: Right body kick lands for Theodorou, who then catches a Narvaez kick and lands a short right. Theodorou snatches up a single leg and completes it but Narvaez is immediately active off his back. He controls Theodorou’s posture and nearly hits a double ankle pick sweep, then squirts free just as Theodorou passes to half guard. Narvaez makes a point of licking the blood off his own glove as they restart on the feet. Theodorou misses with a left kick but grazes to the face with the right kick that follows.

Narvaez checks Theodorou’s left low kick but the right high kick scores to the face, though landing with the foot. Theodorou lands a low kick and clinches up, then changes levels and hits a single leg. Narvaez turtles and Theodorou pours on an endless sequence of left hands. The ref warns Narvaez and he tries to scramble into action, showing he’s still aware. Theodorou switches to right hands and keeps pouring it on until the ref is forced to wave it off.

  • Elias Theodorou defeats Roger Narvaez by TKO (punches) R2 4:07

Daron Cruickshank vs. Beneil Dariush

R1: Dariush throws a left kick from outside and Cruickshank answers with a low kick. Darish lands a hard inside low kick, timed nicely. Cruickshank has a right high kick blocked. No dice on Dariush’s three-punch, charging combo. Another solid kick lands to the body for Dariush. Four-punch combo from Cruickshank while resisting a takedown attempt and around half look to land. Another hard left body kick for Dariush. And another.

Cruickshank answers with an inside low kick. Cruickshank throws a hook/cross combo, then grazes with a spinning heel kick. Dariush scores with another body kick before deflecting Cruickshank’s axe kick. Sharp inside low kick from Cruickshank but Dariush hammers another body kick home. And again — these are landing solidly. Front-leg high kick lands lightly with the foot for Cruickshank, who goes airborne to counter Dariush’s entry with a flying knee. Dariush maintains control and disallows Cruickshank’s switch attempt, finishing the round throwing punches after a short-lived Brabo attempt. 10-9 Dariush.

R2: Dariush land a one-two and then follows with a Superman punch. Dariush slices in another kick and Cruickshank shoots; he loses the body lock but attacks with a left high kick, then transitions to a single leg. Dariush defends it and lands an elbow, which Cruickshank claims was to the back of the head. Dariush attacks with more punches and Cruickshank shoots again. Dariush stuffs it, lands a short knee and spikes down another elbow that’s close to the illegal area. Cruickshank shoots again and Dariush stifles him from the front headlock, then takes the back on the scramble, looking for an armbar.

Cruickshank creates space and steps out of the position but Dariush somehow regains back control in the ensuing scramble, this time securing the rear-naked choke and finishing with it.

  • Beneil Dariush defeats Daron Cruickshank by submission (rear-naked choke) R2 2:48

Josh Copeland vs. Jared Rosholt

R1: The big men paw at each other from range for the first half-minute, both hesitant to pull the trigger. The crowd lets them hear it. Rosholt shoots at 3:50 and his double-leg is stuffed. He stays clinched and puts Copeland on the fence with a body lock. Copeland swims his arm in for an under-hook but Rosholt readjusts and returns him to the cage. The stalemate is separated just before the halfway mark.

Rosholt throws a nervous punch and the crowd again reacts to the lack of action. Copeland wings a right that Rosholt ducks. Rosholt grazes with a heavy step-in right, then another on the next exchange. Copeland waiting to heave counters but Rosholt offers few opportunities. Another short step-in right lands for Rosholt but he gets overzealous on his next entry and jogs into a Copeland right hand, and it stuns him. Copeland looks to capitalize but Rosholt counter-clinches until the bell sounds. 10-10: I had Rosholt ahead narrowly and Copeland’s big shot evened it.

R2: Rosholt changes levels half-heartedly and Copeland shucks him off. Rosholt telegraphs another takedown a minute deep but still no dice. 90 seconds in and the crowd starts howling again. Rosholt lands a short shot and Copeland threatens with another monster counter. Copeland shrugs off another takedown.

Rosholt lands his step-in right to quiet the booing crowd, albeit briefly. Copeland goes to southpaw, then back to orthodox after blocking a Rosholt kick. Rosholt wisely shoots and transitions to a knee that whizzes by Copeland’s lowered head. Rosholt follows behind a hail of punches to get in deep on a double leg, and he hoists Copeland off the ground and smashes him to the canvas. Rosholt in a dominant half guard with Copeland on the fence, and he momentarily gift wraps Copeland’s far-side arm. Rosholt lands a few short punches but wastes precious time fiddling for position instead of pouncing. 10-9 Rosholt.

R3: Nothing cookin’ a minute in. Rosholt knifes in to range and takes Copeland down after the nice entry. Rosholt lands in side mount, then goes knee-on-belly, landing an impressive sequence of vicious right punches and elbows. Rosholt works for the crucifix and Copeland escapes it but Rosholt attacks the far-side arm with a kimura to prevent the scramble. Copeland frees his isolated arm only to be greeted by a torrent of fight-ending punches from Rosholt.

  • Jared Rosholt defeats Josh Copeland by TKO (punches) R3 3:12

Fight Pass Prelims (UFC Fight Pass, at 6:30 p.m. ET)

Ryan Benoit vs. Sergio Pettis

R1: Pettis flicks out a few jabs from range as Benoit switches to southpaw. One-two followed by a high kick from Pettis, all of which are blocked. Benoit slips a jab through, then grazes with a big one-two. Pettis fires a right cross back and it lands hard. They both exchange combinations and Pettis closes with a heavy body kick. They continue to trade combinations with Pettis being the busier and more accurate.

Benoit hits a double leg halfway through the round and Pettis angles hard for an armbar which turns out to be a bait for a slick sweep. Pettis on top in Benoit’s half guard; he postures up and lands a hard right. Benoit body locks to control posture and half-hits a sweep, then the pair separate. Benoit with a massive mouse under his right eye. Back on the feet, Pettis whiffs with a spinning kick but cracks Benoit with a clean front kick. 10-9 Pettis.

R2: Pettis dodges a Benoit punch and cracks him with a left hook. Pettis, beaming confidence, continues to pressure with dynamic combinations. Benoit sneaks in a body kick. Pettis shoots and Benoit stuffs it easily, then detonates a depth-charge of a left hand square on Pettis’ chin, and he topples flat onto his back. Benoit pounces with a buzz-saw of punches to force the stoppage. The replay shows Benoit landing a kick to the, for lack of a better word, “butt” of Pettis after the ref steps in, which draws boos from the audience.

  • Ryan Benoit defeats Sergio Pettis by TKO (punches) R2 1:34

Joseph Duffey vs. Jake Lindsey

R1: Duffy pumps out a volley of quick jabs and mixes in a scorching cross. Lindsey lands a solid low kick. Duffy, looking quite smooth on the feet, lands downstairs with an uppercut and then upstairs with a right. Lindsey lands another low kick. Duffy peels off another one-two and checks Lindsey’s next low kick. Duffy steers Lindsey into the fence with a salvo of punches, then plasters Lindsey with a lightning-fast high kick. Duffy stays on the trigger and plugs Lindsey with a left and a right, both to the body, and Lindsey goes down.

  • Joe Duffy defeats Jake Lindsey by TKO (head kick/punches) R1 1:47

Germaine de Randamie vs. Larissa Pacheco

R1: Pacheco draws first blood with a low kick, but can’t find her right counter to de Randamie’s return low kick. De Randamie snaps a jab, then sits down on a one-two that thunders home. More snapping jabs from de Randamie as she takes control of the striking exchanges early. Left hook/right cross combo lands for de Randamie and the disparity in striking skill is becoming evident. Lead uppercut and a stiff step-in jab thuds to the face of Pacheco.

Another beefy one-two bobs Pacheco’s head back, and the latter is yet to threaten the kickboxer on the feet. De Randamie fearlessly knifes in and out of range with long jabs. Pacheco forces a clinch with 80 seconds left and keeps de Randamie on the cage with an underhook, landing short knees to the thigh. De Randamie circles off the fence and plants a knee to Pacheco’s chin from the Thai plum. De Randamie wobbles Pacheco momentarily once again with an uppercut/hook combo, then plugs her a few more times to close the round. 10-8 De Randamie.

R2: De Randamie shuffles to the left and lands a cross/outside low kick combo. Pacheco deflects an incoming flying knee, then lands a nice left body kick — her best shot of the fight thus far. De Randamie whiffs on a huge right hand and they accidentally clash heads on the next exchange. Pacheco gets a glove in front of de Randamie’s over-the-shoulder roundhouse kick. De Randamie clobbers Pacheco with a combination that puts her on roller-skates, then starts to unreel another but the referee appropriately intervenes.

  • Germaine de Randamie defeats Larissa Pacheco by TKO (punches) R2 2:02

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