Luke Rockhold: ‘There’s nothing I love more than fighting, this is my girlfriend’

Luke Rockhold recently went on Millionaire Matchmaker. If you missed that reality TV gem, we did a whole recap, including a complete video of the…

By: Zane Simon | 9 years ago
Luke Rockhold: ‘There’s nothing I love more than fighting, this is my girlfriend’
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Luke Rockhold recently went on Millionaire Matchmaker. If you missed that reality TV gem, we did a whole recap, including a complete video of the episode. So, check that out first. Of course, after getting kicked off the show, for what appeared to be a ill timed joke, Rockhold has had plenty to talk about from his experience, with the press. He appeared on the Gio and Jones show on CBS Radio, mostly to promote his upcoming fight with Lyoto Machida as the headliner of UFC on Fox 15 in Newark, New Jersey, on April, 18th. However, his reality TV stint was front and center as a topic of discussion:

Yeah, you go on a reality TV show, find some girls that are supposedly after your money, lookin’ for their 15 minutes. You know, I was just having some fun with them, I’m not gonna lie. I don’t shut the door on anything. And to have an opportunity to go out there and have some fun with the show, hey why not?

But, to my credit, I tried to make it fun, but they actually made me look even worse. At the end, it was a backstage joke, and they took my voice, and they dubbed it over the last scene, to make it look like… I was kinda grabbing her but a little bit… And it looked like I’m grabbing her butt, and then they show me saying… like, they dubbed my voice over it. I really said that “dadadada,” you can go out and watch it. But, then they cut and they make it look like she kicked me out, when, in fact, I really got in trouble for kissing her assistant and…

…they cut it up, they chopped it up, made it look like they kicked me out. But, in reality she was leaning over. I touched her back, and then Patti and her got in a big argument about us kissing back stage and they blew it up. And the other co-host, the guy, the feminine guy, he comes over, he starts throwing her under the bus. And she’s like “What? What’s your problem.” And he’s just going at it. Patti’s just, like, trying to get all the information. And she turns to him, this is all on air, she turns to him and says “You said you wanted to have threesome with him.” I’m not joking right now. I’m sitting there crying on the table, like “Is this happening right now?”

But, for as bad as his appearance on the show may have gone, or at least been made to look for the sake of viewers, it apparently has been a boon for Rockhold’s personal life.

Do you know how many girls hit me up and private message me on social media now?

Oh yeah, it’s bad, man. They re-air the show, like, every other day. Every other day they re-air the show. And so, I get a whole new crop of girls, people who tie into the show and think it’s actually reality. But, very very few of those… there’s a lot more good than there is bad.

From there, of course, talk turned even further toward Rockhold’s personal life, including whether he’s been sleeping with anyone famous lately:

I don’t know what you’re talking about… It can’t hurt to look, man. I’m a fighter. I’m a celibate fighter. You know, I save myself for the right woman. I’ve gotta save my testosterone to fight.

And how far ahead of fights he stops having sex:

For real though? We’re talking reality? I don’t know. I mean, I’m single and I don’t like… it’s exhausting and it takes energy to go out there and do that kind of stuff. So, I’d probably… I mean just to pursue girls and deal with them. I just want to get some sleep, sometimes they get in the way. There’s nothing I love more than fighting, this is my girlfriend.

A month out. I swear to god. Yeah, no joke. I pretty much let it be, about a month out, and I just focus. It’s… I live with no regrets. And I really, sometimes, even a little longer. It depends on the situation and where my life’s at, but I focus soley on fighting.

Oh god. I’m just building upon my Millionaire Matchmaker right now. Just made it worse for myself.

And, just to cap off the whole experience, he laid down some tips for guys looking to get out there on Tinder:

Tinder, I don’t know, man. I’ve been tinder free. I’d like to put that out there. I’ve been Tinder free for about 9 and a half months now. It’s just entertaining to see what there is.

I just see my friends who dabble with a lot and they… These girls, what are they on Tinder for? Yeah, to get some action. They’re not trying to get the life story, this is not Christian Mingle, this is not Farmers Only.

There you have it. Advice from one of the UFC’s most eligible bachelors. As for Lyoto Machida, Rockhold was brief and to the point, saying “I’m gonna dominate this fight harder than I dominated Millionaire Matchmaker.” Of course there’s a lot more in the interview, so check the whole thing out below:

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