Bellator 133: Manhoef vs. Shlemenko live results, streaming video, play by play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video (prelims) and play-by-play as Bellator 133 launches from the Save Mart Center in…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
Bellator 133: Manhoef vs. Shlemenko live results, streaming video, play by play
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video (prelims) and play-by-play as Bellator 133 launches from the Save Mart Center in Fresno, CA.

Experienced Russian striker Alexander Shlemenko, the organization’s longtime middleweight champion who was recently dethroned by Brandon Halsey, stands toe-to-toe with volatile knockout artist Melvin Manhoef in the main event. Former 145-lb. titlist Pat Curran sees co-main action against underrated German technician and Season 10 Featherweight Tournament champion Daniel Weichel. Also on the main card: Strikeforce and Invicta veteran Julia Budd makes her promotional debut against Gabrielle Holloway and two-time Division 1 All-American Chris Honeycutt draws Clayton MacFarlane.

Live play-by-play will commence with the Spike TV broadcast at 9PM ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. As a pre-show appetizer, check out this week’s Bellator Vivisection for detailed match-up analysis and betting odds.

Bellator 133: Shlemenko vs. Manhoef

Main Card
Melvin Manhoef vs. Alexander Shlemenko

R1: Shlemenko whiffs on a spinning kick. Shlemenko shoots a single leg and Manhoef evades. Shlemenko shoots again and Manhoef easily stuffs it. High kick to spinning kick from Shlemenko with the latter partially landing. Shlemenko hurls a spinning back fist and Manhoef blocks it and tries to flurry with punches. Shlemenko counter-clinches and they separate. Shlemenko locks up another clinch and lands a few short knees. Manhoef throws a left and answers with a knee.

Shlemenko briefly seeks out a choke but Melvin peels his head out. Over-under clinch with both fighters burying lefts into the body. Shlemenko glances to the body with a spinning kick on the clinch break. Shlemenko shoots again to no avail, then clinches. Manhoef breaks the clinch and hurls a combo and a right might have stunned the Russian. Shlemenko again clinches up to jam Manhoef’s striking. 10-9 Shlemenko.

R2: Shlemenko slips on a left high kick. Spinning kick and back fist from Shlemenko, who then has a takedown stuffed. Shlemenko throws another spinning back fist and ducks a right hand. Manhoef is, oddly enough, barely even attempting any strikes. The next spinning back fist finds the mark and Manhoef drops his hands whilst staggering backwards, then goes down. Referee Big John McCarthy steps in after one or two follow-up punches.

  • Alexander Shlemenko defeats Melvin Manhoef by KO (spinning back fist) R2 1:25

Pat Curran vs. Daniel Weichel

R1: Weichel nearly catches Curran’s front kick. Curran throws an inside low kick and puts more oomph on his next front kick. Uppercut/hook combo from Curran as Weichel is yet to commit to any offense. Now an outside low kick from Weichel that’s checked but he lances Curran with a clean right cross. Time is called at 2:52 for an accidental poke to Curran’s eye. Curran lands a body kick with the toes/foot after they restart.

Weichel lands a short right knee to the ribs. Curran comes back with a right to the head. Weichel chops out Curran’s supporting leg with a low kick but Curran pops back up; Weichel repeats and drops him again with a low kick. Curran with a left kick to the body. Weichel throws a flying knee that Curran blocks. Weichel nearly catches another Curran kick and closes the round throwing big counters. 10-9 Weichel for the more emphatic offense.

R2: Weichel starts aggressively with low kicks and a front kick/right hook combo. Curran jabs his way out of the next Weichel combo. Half-speed low kick lands for Weichel and Curran answers with a short right. Weichel lands the latter of a double jab, then a short right. Right cross to left high kick from Weichel but Curran gets a glove in front of it.

Inside high kick grazes for Curran. They both land in an exchange. Curran ducks under a Weichel right and finishes a double leg. Curran passes to half guard and lands a right hand. Slick step-over pass into side mount from Curran, then a short left elbow to the face. 10-9 Curran.

R3: Weichel corners Curran and lands a short right hook. Hard outside low kick for Weichel, then a successful double leg. Curran pops right back up. Weichel leading with step-in rights from orthodox. Curran shoots a double leg but Weichel backpedals to defend. Curran stuffs Weichel’s takedown attempt. Short left hand sneaks through for Curran.

Outside low kick and two rights from Weichel. Double jab from Weichel to set up a charging combo with both hands. Weichel changes levels and nails a takedown but Curran is back up quickly again. Curran gets in on a single but Weichel snaps the head down with the front headlock to fend it off. Another double jab lands for Weichel. They land simultaneous rights. 10-10. I have it a 29-29 draw.

  • Daniel Weichel defeats Pat Curran by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Julia Budd vs. Gabrielle Holloway

R1: Budd clinches up and puts Holloway on the fence with a bodylock, then uses it to work a trip. Holloway immediately gives up her back and Budd puts both hooks in with less than a minute gone on the clock. Holloway fights the grip and stands back up with Budd holding the rear waist-cinch. Holloway spins to face Budd and gets taken down with a high crotch. Holloway again gives up her back but stands up, and this time Budd fires a few sharp knees to the hamstrings from the rear waist-lock.

Budd takes her back down and maintains back control, putting both hooks in and fishing for a choke. Holloway stays calm and spins into Budd’s closed guard. Holloway buries her head in Budd’s chest, allowing Budd to fire off a few elbows to the head. Budd boots Holloway off as soon as she postures up and they restart in the center. Budd wastes no time initiating another clinch and gets Holloway down with a single leg. Holloway turtles and stands back up with Budd flinging a high kick on the break. Budd stays in attack mode and dings Holloway with a hard right hand, then closes the round looking for a front choke. 10-8 Budd (all defense from Holloway).

R2: Budd clinches up immediately, landing a knee to the ribs and then an outside trip. Holloway turtles and goes two-on-one wrist control as Budd lands more knees to the body. Holloway spins to face Budd but gets taken down with another high crotch. Holloway repeats the turtle-to-stand routine, eating short knees all the while.

Budd turns up the heat on her knees and rips a few into Holloway’s thigh. Budd, still on her feet, cinches on a headlock to keep Holloway in place and continues to tenderize her body with nonstop knees. Holloway is overly calm and seemingly content to defend the onslaught. Holloway manages to stand as Budd’s tally of knee strikes skyrockets. 10-8 Budd (again, all defense without even any offensive attempts from Holloway).

R3: Holloway surprisingly hits a head-and-arm throw but can’t maintain scarf hold position. Budd scrambles free and uses good head control to regain momentum. Holloway tries a counter single but Budd sprawls out and moves to Holloway’s back. Holloway finally capitalizes on her constant two-on-one wrist control endeavor and rolls into a kimura but has no control with her legs.

Budd continues her paralyzing control from the front headlock with a few knees mixed in. Holloway breaks free with a minute-and-a-half left but she’s greeted with a right hand before Budd clinches up again. Outside trip from the body lock from Budd, who then resumes the back ride with more knees to the thighs. 10-9 Budd. I have it 30-25 Budd.

  • Julia Budd defeats Gabrielle Holloway by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-25, 30-24)

Chris Honeycutt vs. Clayton MacFarlane

R1: Honeycutt snaps out a few kicks from distance and shoots a double leg after MacFarlane nearly catches one. MacFarlane sprawls to protect his hips but gets caught in Honeycutt’s front headlock, escaping unscathed shortly after. They restart on the feet about 90 seconds in with Honeycutt chasing behind a right cross to clinch up. MacFarlane circles him onto the fence and keeps him there with a left under-hook. MacFarlane looks for a half waist-lock throw but Honeycutt defends. Honeycutt throws a front kick and clinches, then hits an inside ankle pick to complete the takedown.

MacFarlane clings to a bodylock in butterfly guard, prompting a series of short right hands to the ribs from Honeycutt. The volley breaks MacFarlane’s body lock and Honeycutt looks for a pass; MacFarlane tries to scramble out but Honeycutt stays on him, maintaining top position with a few scattered punches. 10-9 Honeycutt.

R2: MacFarlane lands a clubbing right hand to start the frame and Honeycutt digs his shin deep to the body with a kick. MacFarlane, potentially hurt from the blow, changes levels and Honeycutt easily sprawls out. Honeycutt keeps him in place with the front headlock and bangs a few right hands off his ribs before MacFarlane gets free. Honeycutt cautiously closes distance behind a probing jab, missing with an uppercut.

MacFarlane, who might be a little winded, heaves a right hand before partially defending a Honeycutt takedown. MacFarlane turtles in Honeycutt’s front headlock but gets walloped with a knee to the face once he tries to stand up. Honeycutt stays adhered with the half back-ride, plugging MacFarlane with left hands. Honeycutt finishes the frame swarming MacFarlane with back control and punches. 10-8 Honeycutt.

R3: MacFarlane surprisingly ducks under Honeycutt’s opening volley of punches and lands a strong double leg. He can’t hold position, however, but thwacks Honeycutt with a nice horizontal elbow on the clinch break. Now it’s Honeycutt who looks a little gassed. MacFarlane headhunts with big punches until Honeycutt hits a duck-under double leg. MacFarlane stays slippery and gets both feet on the mat but Honeycutt slips behind him in the rear waist-lock.

MacFarlane spins to face him and gets a right hand off before Honeycutt puts him back down. Quick pass to full mount for Honeycutt, then back control with both hooks in after MacFarlane rolls. Honeycutt flattens him out and pelts him with right hands — referee Jason Herzog steps in when MacFarlane stops moving and fighting back.

  • Chris Honeycutt defeats Clayton MacFarlane by TKO (punches) R3 4:16

Preliminary Card Results

  • Emilio Chavez defeats Art Arciniega by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)
  • Blake Watkins defeats George Zuniga by KO (punches) R1 0:55
  • Paul Ruiz defeats Nick Sperling by submission (guillotine choke) R1 0:43

Still to come …
Nick Bustamante vs. Luis Jauregui

John Paul Elias vs. Cody Sons
Jonathan Contrestano vs. Ryan Tobar
Ray Cervera vs. Adam Piccolloti

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