Fallon Fox responds to Jessica Eye’s ‘lies and ignorance’

Emerging UFC fighter Jessica Eye has made a name for herself with her exciting, fan friendly style. That has now translated from simple in-cage performances…

By: Roy Billington | 9 years ago
Fallon Fox responds to Jessica Eye’s ‘lies and ignorance’
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Emerging UFC fighter Jessica Eye has made a name for herself with her exciting, fan friendly style. That has now translated from simple in-cage performances to smack talking skills, as she was recently involved in a war of words with the ever outspoken Fallon Fox.

The incident began when Fox publicly criticized Eye for what she felt were her “misinformed” and “transophobic” views on transgendered fighters in this video interview with MyMMANews. The Ohio-native quickly responded to the tweet, which sparked a bitter twitter war that lasted several hours. Here were Fox’s original comments, posted via TwitLonger.

Here we go again. Another misinformed Transphobic WMMA fighter in the @UFC –
@jessicaevileye [Jessica Eye] says some pretty transphobic, and wildly incorrect comments at a recent UFC 138 viewing party.
AT TIME 4:42 of this video:

“You could never go into the NFL. You could never go into the Olympics. Think about that Olympic runner that got in trouble for running as a male – or running as a female and really was a male.”

I CAN enter the Olympics. They have guidelines for transgender people in the Olympics. That was the most dumb thing she could ever say. It’s not like it’s not a documents well known fact that transgender people can enter the Olympics. It’s just flat out wrong. She tries to make it seem like transgender women can’t compete in any other sport. Yet here’s a damn list of just a handful of organizations that already have transgender policies in place. See, now adays when transgender athletes have to fight to play in a sport, we win: http://www.transathlete.com/#!policies-by-organization/c1vyj

Also, the woman runner who she was referring to was Caster Semenya. She was in no way a man, or male. From everything I gather she was not even transgender… And guess what? She’s still competing. Guess where? The Olympics. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caster_Semenya

“She’s been beat by other UFC Females. Ashlee Evans. Ashley Evans beat her right before she came to the UFC. Ashley Evans got beat up by Pennington. So, I mean that kind of tells you that, I mean we all, Fallon you’re not beatn’ any girls up.”

Right. *facepalm* So, that fight was over a year ago at at time where I was dealing with something no other MMA fighter on earth has had to deal with. I’ve had two fights since then. Including a fight with InvictaFC fighter Tammika Brents. And if she thinks I didn’t beat her up, all she has to do is ask somebody. Or click on a damn computer. Because as I recall, when I stomped Tammika, the Internet surely knew about it…

Or she could watch this wildly entertaining video of me smashing Tamikka. I’ll let you all peruse this highlight video and pick out the clips where I do that very thing:

And when your done watching it, and any of you still think I’m “not beating anyone up”, and that I’m not a worthy competitor, then WTF is wrong with your brain? Jessica Eye is that far removed from facts and reality? Seriously? Or is she playing to the ignorance of some within the MMA community? Either way, what’s she’s saying is outright incorrect. And transphobic.

Fox’s posting of her response on twitter sparked the war of words:

Jessica Eye last appeared at UFC 180 where she defeated Leslie Smith by TKO in the 2nd round. Fallon Fox is currently riding a two-fight win streak and looking to earn herself a place inside the UFC’s ever competitive women’s bantamweight division.

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