UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz – live results, play by play, discussion

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and detailed play-by-play as the UFC 183 fight card unfolds from the MGM Grand…

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UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz – live results, play by play, discussion
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and detailed play-by-play as the UFC 183 fight card unfolds from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The main event marks the return of longtime fan-favorites Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz while Kelvin Gastelum, albeit weighing in nine pounds over the welterweight limit, meets Tyron Woodley in the co-main event.

Live results and play by play will commence with the Fight Pass prelims at 6:30 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on each UFC 183 match up.

UFC 183: Silva vs. Diaz PPV Results

Anderson Silva vs. Nick Diaz

R1: They touch up and Diaz crouches in a low stance. Diaz, respectful before the fight, immediately starts taunting Silva before landing a low kick. Classic Diaz shit-talking and stalking here. Silva sits down on a scorching one-two to back Diaz up a bit. Diaz puts his hands down and then lays down on the cage floor, then hops back up to his feet to the crowd’s delight. Big John McCarthy warns Diaz, likely for his lack of engagement, and then waves them back on.

Now Diaz is just getting silly with it, freezing in a karate stance and looking away from Silva. Antics aside, Silva isn’t even throwing much and Diaz is pestering with long rights and low kicks. Silva lands a low kick; somewhat significant considering the last one he threw in the Octagon. The round turns to more standard engagements with Diaz leading aggressively and Silva starting to amplify his counter-striking venom. Silva spears a long jab through the guard of Diaz. Silva, seemingly building momentum, lands a stomp kick to the knee and attacks with lightning-fast punches. Spinning high kick from Diaz to close the round. Diaz early, Silva late: 10-10.

R2: More of a measured pace to start the second with both competitors prodding with kicks and long punches from distance. Silva knifes in with a right hook/left cross combo. Diaz flings out a pair of front kicks and then lands two clean outside low kicks. Make it three for Diaz, now four in a row. Silva answers with an outside low kick of his own. Diaz shoots a single leg with no set up and Silva sprawls out to defend.

Quick-release high kick from Silva and Diaz throws one back, but clowns a little more after the delivery. Diaz steps in to rip a nice right/left combo to the face and Silva responds with a sharp outside low kick and a Muay Boran back step-in elbow, ala the Tony Fryklund elbow. Silva waiting on Diaz to throw. They both land punches and Silva slices a kick to the body of Diaz. Diaz again lands a short jab and Silva counters. They connect with mutual flurries and Diaz backpedals while bouncing punches off Silva with the single collar tie. 10-9 Diaz. This one could go either way or be even.

R3: Silva with an inside low kick as Diaz switches to orthodox stance. Diaz barely gets a glove in front of a Silva high kick, then has a few words for Silva after blocking it. Inside low kick is there again for Silva. Diaz lunges forward dangerously to throw a right hook to the body as Silva is cutting a retreat angle. Silva doubles up a jab and follows with a cross but Diaz deflects it with a double forearm block.

Diaz leads with a right hook and then goes airborne with a flying knee that might have landed partially. The output of Diaz has noticeably waned as Silva’s increases, and Diaz’s face is getting slowly battered. Diaz scores with an overhand left. Silva closes his combo with an inside low kick, then does it again with both landing. Diaz with an outside low kick but he’s getting predictable with his combos and Silva is countering successfully. Spinning wheel kick from Silva whizzes over Diaz’s head. Diaz slips in a tight right hook. 10-9 Silva.

R4: Silva attacks the lead leg with a roundhouse kick, then a front-leg side kick targeting the knee. Quick inside low kick for Silva but there’s no mustard on it. Diaz can’t find the mark with punches but lands an outside low kick. Now it’s Silva who’s walking Diaz down and Diaz playing counter-puncher. Quick right lands over the top for Silva. Jab downstairs is good for Silva.

Diaz charges with a left but thwacks Silva with an outside low kick, then a left to close his combo. Short-range elbow for Diaz. Sharp outside low kick scores for Silva. Diaz digs a lead right to the body, then whiffs on a spinning kick and does some fancy footwork, showboating to the chagrin of some in the crowd. 10-9 Silva by a close margin.

R5: Silva with another low roundhouse kick and front-leg side kick. Diaz puts his hands down and taunts Silva a little more before shuffling in pursuit of Silva, who’s bouncing light on his toes and darting in and out of range. Diaz cracks Silva with a left cross and Silva misses with a kick. Another front-leg side kick to the knee from Silva. And another, though Diaz looks to be avoiding them. Diaz lands an overhand left.

They trade low kicks and both connect. Diaz follows with two more and Silva glides into range with a short burst of straight shots. Inside low kick for Silva, then a flying knee and a spinning roundhouse kick, all of which Diaz either deflects or defends. Diaz connects flush with an outside low kick but his left eye is trickling streaks of crimson. I’ll go 10-10. I have it 49-48 for Silva.

  • Anderson Silva defeats Nick Diaz by unanimous decision (50-45 x 2, 49-46)

Kelvin Gastelum vs. Tyron Woodley

R1: Woodley starts off with a right body kick. Woodley drills the pressuring Gastelum with a clean right cross. Gastelum continues to press forward, finally sitting down on a crisp one-two with about 3:45 on the clock. Halfway through the round and the crowd is murmuring their discontent at the slow pace. This seems to spur on the action as both men trade combinations in the center. Inside low kick from Gastelum but it only grazes with the toes.

They land kicks simultaneously; Gastelum high and Woodley low. Gastelum lands a jab and Woodley comes back with a right that glances. Another glancing right from Woodley, who ducks under a Gastelum combo and circles into open space. 10-9 Woodley for landing the only significant shots.

R2: Gastelum slips during an early kick. Gastelum grazes with a check hook and we pause for an unintentional poke to Gastelum’s eye. Woodley slips a right roundhouse kick under the arm and into the ribs of Woodley. Gastelum answers with a left and a pair of low kicks. Woodley uncorks a quick high kick that’s barely blocked. Woodley plasters Gastelum with a right cross that makes him stumble back, then scores again to the breadbasket.

Gastelum backs him off with a left cross but he can’t seem to find his rhythm or range. Now a sturdy low kick finds the mark for Gastelum. Snap jab lands for Woodley. Gastelum gets tagged with another hard counter right. Gastelum is reduced to straight-line bursts and no more than two swings, none of which are particularly threatening. Woodley stays on his back foot and heaves an overhand right to Gastelum’s jaw. Strong 10-9 for Woodley.

R3: Gastelum marches out of his corner and tries to put the pressure on Woodley but emerges from the first few exchanges with a bloody left eye. Woodley doesn’t compensate enough and gets trapped against the fence, and Gastelum drills him with a tight one-two. Woodley bails out of range but Gastelum follows another one-two with a step-in knee that thuds to Woodley’s ribs.

Woodley now allowing Gastelum to hang out in range and Gastelum capitalizes by staying on the trigger with crisp and straight salvos. Woodley loosens a long right cross and it buys him a little space and respect from Gastelum. Joe Rogan announces on the broadcast that Gastelum’s cut could’ve been from an accidental clash of heads. Woodley either loses his rhythm or is game to coast out the last round knowing he’s up after the first two. Woodley counter-clinches and ties Gastelum up to muffle his persistent stalking. Gastelum circles off the cage with 15 seconds left and lets his hands go, but Woodley again locks horns until the bell sounds. 10-9 Gastelum. I have it 29-28 Woodley.

  • Tyron Woodley defeats Kelvin Gastelum by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

Al Iaquinta vs. Joe Lauzon

R1: Iaquinta half-commits to a single leg. Lauzon pumps a jab and then comes in with a three-piece. Iaquinta chops a left to Lauzon’s body and Lauzon peels off a wild flurry in response. Iaquinta closing his combos successfully with a step-off left hook. Iaquinta has another high kick blocked but his outside low kick lands. Counter right/left is good for Iaquinta, who then goes back downstairs with a left hook.

Lauzon pops him with a quick left. Sharp inside low kick for Iaquinta. Lauzon lets his hands go and at least grazes with two shots. Lauzon lands an inside low kick. Step-in knee thuds to the body for Lauzon, who then snatches a guillotine and falls back for it. It’s too loose and Iaquinta is out and back to his feet. Iaquinta lands another hook to the liver and follows with a high kick that’s barely blocked. 10-9 Iaquinta.

R2: Lauzon sneaks in a quick, short right. Counter right lands for Iaquinta, then an outside low kick. Inside low kick for Lauzon. Lauzon is blocking punches instead of dodging and Iaquinta is constantly bouncing shots off his guard. Lead left to the body for Iaquinta, then he blasts a one-two through Lauzon’s guard and his legs go rubbery.

Iaquinta methodically begins to bash Lauzon back and forth across the ring with blistering combinations. Lauzon is staggering from one side to the other and the ref finally shows mercy.

  • Al Iaquinta defeats Joe Lauzon by TKO (punches) R2 3:34

Tim Boetsch vs. Thales Leites

R1: Hard outside low kick to start things off for Leites. Boetsch answers back with a right hand. Boetsch takes an unintentional finger to the eye and we pause while he recovers. Boetsch leads off the next exchange but they both plant and fire away at one another. They clinch up but Boetsch backs Leites off with another right. Outside low kick for Leites. Leites dangerously tries to grab the double collar tie as Boetsch is attacking and he eats a hard right uppercut.

Boetsch lands a heavy right off his back foot and looks to block the follow-up left from Leites. Outside low kick glances for Boetsch, who charges again but eats two counter shots from Leites. Leites misses with a lead elbow and they clinch with Leites putting Boetsch on the fence. Leites attempts an outside trip but Boetsch stays upright. Leites over-reaches on a combo and Boetsch plugs him with a set of hooks. Boetsch bowls him over and ends the round on top. 10-9 Boetsch.

R2: Leites opens with a hard low kick but Boetsch checks the next one. Leites pieces together a four-punch combo and glances with an uppercut and left hook. Boetsch thuds an overhand right and Leites counter-clinches but he can’t keep Boetsch tied up. Boetsch freezes Leites momentarily with an overhand right. They clinch up and Boetsch puts Leites on the cage but it’s Leites who backs him off with a right. Leites lands a shot and then Boetsch plugs him right back; they clinch and Leites finally completes the body-lock trip.

Leites threatens with a mount pass, then switches his headlock to an arm triangle and hops into side control. It looks tight but Boetsch works his way out. Leites ends up in mount after the scramble and Boetsch gets caught in another arm-triangle whilst trying to escape. Boetsch goes limp and the ref jumps in.

  • Thales Leites defeats Tim Boetsch by technical submission (arm-triangle) R2 3:45

Thiago Alves vs. Jordan Mein

R1: Mein starts with a quick right, then heaves another over the top that grazes. Make it a third right for Mein from distance. Alves comes back with a right. Mein digs in with an outside low kick. Smooth counter left lands for Mein. Alves glances with a jab. Another right for Mein. Beautiful horizontal elbow counter for Mein on the left side, then a right elbow counter on the next exchange.

Mein jams the low kick of Alves with a short left but Alves gets the next one off clean. Alves comes high and to the body with right kicks but Mein dabs him up with a few fast counters. Mein, looking smooth on the feet, glides left and lands to the body and head. Mean leads with a left horizontal elbow and follows with a right, both are blocked by Alves. Alves comes forward with an aggressive combo and Mein sidesteps it and they both unload. Mein staggers Alves with a right uppercut, then swarms him on the fence with wide hooks and two nasty elbows to the face. Alves lands a low kick but he’s pelted with more punches from Mein, then another elbow. 10-9 Mein.

R2: Alves walks Mein into a corner and Mein somersaults his way out. Mein getting a little too flashy here, and he pays for it: Alves plows a scorching kick straight to the ribs and Mein immediately drops to a knee and freezes with a look of sheer anguish on his face. Alves pounces on him with left hands and the fight is stopped.

  • Thiago Alves defeats Jordan Mein by TKO (body kick/punches) R2 0:39

Fox Prelims Results

Sara McMann vs. Miesha Tate

R1: They both come out swinging with McMann’s right cross doing most of the work. Tate lands a kick but McMann’s right cross still has a presence. McMann plasters Tate with a right and she staggers back, then falls back into guard amidst a hail of punches from McMann. Tate stabilizes herself in guard and seems to recover. Tate switching back and forth from open and closed guard as McMann keeps a strong base, throwing punches intermittently.

McMann steps over into half guard, then gets into scarf-hold position as Tate tries to escape. McMann switches to side mount and lands short forearms to the face. Wide base from McMann with more heavy punches. Tate works her legs around McMann’s neck and threatens with an unorthodox triangle from bottom to close the round. 10-8 McMann.

R2: Tate seems hesitant to engage in the face of more McMann rights. McMann lands an outside low kick, then grazes with a right cross. Tate lands a left hook as McMann clinches up but absorbs two knees to the body and a right on the clinch break. Tate gets clocked with a right cross while throwing a switch kick with her hands down. Glancing front kick to the body for Tate.

McMann lands a left during another pressuring combo. Inside low kick scores for Tate. Sharp right cross lands for McMann, who follows behind it to put Tate on the fence. McMann steps back with a right but it misses and they reset in the center. Tate eats another right hand but responds with a quick outburst of punches, landing a few clean, then cinches on a guillotine as McMann shoots. Tate wisely sweeps into top position rather than falling into guard, wrenching on a one-armed guillotine. McMann survives until the horn sounds. 10-9 Tate.

R3: Tate wades in with punches but McMann hits a slick counter hip throw; Tate beautifully reverses as soon as she hits the ground. Tate in a high half guard with a headlock. Short right from Tate on top as McMann fights for wrist control. Tate keeps a strong base and passes to side control, posturing up for some sharp forearms. Tate steps over and traps McMann’s left arm, then reaches over for a cross-side kimura.

McMann fights out of the double wrist-lock and Tate advances to north-south, dinging McMann in the face with crisp elbows. Now two elbows and two rights to the ribs from Tate. McMann nearly sweeps but runs out of room with the cage and Tate retains top position, though she lands in half guard. Tate passes to side control and again goes for the kimura to close a dominant round. 10-8 Tate. I have it 28-27 Tate.

  • Miesha Tate defeats Sara McMann by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27, 28-28)

Derek Brunson vs. Ed Herman

R1: Brunson peels off a violent flurry that starts with an overhand left, and it rocks the corn-rowed Herman. He goes down and Brunson flurries en route to a quick stoppage.

  • Derek Brunson defeats Ed Herman by TKO (punches) R1 0:36

John Lineker vs. Ian McCall

R1: Stiff outside low kick from Lineker. McCall’s high kick is blocked but he looks to sneak a front kick through. McCall switches to southpaw and chases behind a one-two but can’t clinch up. McCall, still switching stances and faking level changes, fires a left kick to the body. Lineker catches McCall with a right counter on a low kick but McCall gets deep penetration on a double leg, finishing it.

Half guard for Lineker; two forearms from McCall cause him to scramble but McCall holds position. Rights to the ribs for McCall, still in half guard as Lineker tries to control posture. McCall cross-faces and rakes his forearm across Lineker’s face. Lineker is apparently content to stay locked in half guard until he rolls into a heel hook with 45 seconds left. McCall steps over to counter the first attempt but Lineker’s second is a little deeper, but still no dice. 10-9 McCall.

R2: Lineker walks out of his corner smiling, waving McCall in. McCall explodes low for a double and Lineker backpedals out of range. McCall has a high kick blocked and then shoots again, but gets careless with his head position and caught in a deep guillotine. Lineker falls back to wrench it and it looks tight; McCall squirts his head out after an intense struggle. McCall spikes an elbow off his back and then creates enough space to scramble to his feet.

Lineker chops McCall to the body with a punch. McCall indicates that Lineker’s next kick landed low but John McCarthy instructs them to fight on. Lineker tags McCall with a clean left hook. We pause for an accidental clash of heads and restart quickly with Lineker on the hunt. McCall avoids the initial one-two but absorbs another shot to the body. McCall gets caught with a counter during a front kick and Lineker follows up with alternating hooks to the body. McCall getting plugged with shots anytime he steps into Lineker’s wheelhouse at this point. Now a left for Lineker. McCall advances with a clean right but Lineker fires one back and it stuns McCall briefly. McCall shoots what might bea desperation takedown but Lineker ties on another guillotine, then backs off to land punches from the top. 10-8 Lineker.

R3: McCall leads with a switch kick, dodging the Lineker counter. McCall’s angles have simplified and Lineker just waits for countering opportunities. McCall lands a front kick to the body from range. McCall glances with a check hook, then both men land simultaneously. McCall lands a kick to the body but gets trapped on the fence and Lineker tags him with a left.

McCall lands a switch kick to the body but his legs go stiff after eating a monster left hook. McCall stays upright and retreats into open space to gather his wits. Lineker wades forward with waist-high hooks and repeats with both hands, chasing McCall along the fence in true predatory fashion. Lineker easily stuffs a takedown attempt, sticks his stomach out and rubs it in some reference to his failure to make weight. 10-9 Lineker. I have it 29-27 his way.

  • John Lineker defeats Ian McCall by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Rafael Natal vs. Tom Watson

R1: Natal scores with an inside low kick and Watson snaps one outside in response. Natal triples up on inside low kicks and the last buckles Watson’s leg. Natal bursts forward with punches and bowls Watson over for a takedown but can’t keep him there. Watson flings a jab back on the feet but eats a pair of inside low kicks. Watson warned for outstretched fingers. Natal bangs two left hooks off the guard of Watson and digs in another inside low kick. Now it’s a body kick from Natal, whose striking looks sharp.

Watson scores with a clean right. Natal doubles up on low kicks to answer back. Watson ups his kicking output but they’re short and Natal shield blocks. Natal fires consecutive one-twos and both sail through Watson’s guard. Natal clinches up but Watson breaks it shortly after. Natal scores with a jab and then ducks-under Watson’s counter for a takedown; Watson pops back up but Natal puts him back down with a double leg. Natal works for a knee-pinch pass and again takes Watson back down after a brief escape. 10-9 Natal.

R2: Natal dings Watson with a right cross early and it bobs his head back. Natal pops him with two jabs, Watson lands an outside low kick and Natal again responds vindictively with a harder one. Natal fakes high with punches to set up his entry and scores a takedown with the waist-lock. Watson fights back to his feet after a short battle for control. Natal shuffles left while firing right hands.

Watson flicks another low kick and Natal sticks a jab and shoots a takedown to no avail. Watson keeps pumping a rear-leg teep kick and it’s starting to find the mark and disrupt Natal’s jab. Watson tacks on a right hand after a kicking barrage, finally working his way into range. Natal changes levels and settles for a body lock on the fence. Watson goes down from an outside trip but pops right back up. Natal hits a duck-under double leg on a Watson right to secure a late-round takedown. 10-9 Natal.

R3: Natal uses a low front kick to set up two snapping jabs that land clean and sharp. Watson settles in with his jab to equalize things and has some success until he walks into a Natal left cross. And another for Natal, this time as a counter. Natal blocks a high kick and lands a jab, then an inside low kick. Watson stuffs a telegraphed Natal takedown attempt in open space.

Watson’s neck is getting a workout as Natal paddle-balls him with rangy jabs. One-one-two finds the mark for Natal. They trade left hooks, both landing. Retreating one-twos and low kicks for Natal, then he dabs Watson up with a short salvo. Watson retreats, covering, and Natal puts him on the fence and takes him down. Watson scrambles back up but this time Natal hoists him up and slams him with a power-double. 10-9 Natal. I have it a clean 30-27 sweep his way.

  • Rafael Natal defeats Tom Watson by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x 2)

Fight Pass Prelims Results

*****Diego Brandao vs. Jim Hettes has been scratched — Fight Pass Prelims now starting at 7:00 p.m. ET*****

Ildemar Alcantara vs. Richardson Moreira

R1: Moreira flicks out an outside low kick. Alcantara, a southpaw, looks to center Moreira in his cross-hairs with the lead-foot interplay but is yet to pull the trigger. At 3:43, Alcantara slips throwing a high kick. Moreira follows behind a left to clinch up but Alcantara backs him off with an elbow. Moreira charges forward with his hands blazing and looks to catch Alcantara with one or two.

Alcantara counter-clinches and Moreira looks for a high-crotch takedown against the fence. Alcantara with a knee to the body but he can’t circle off the fence. Another knee from Alcantara and Moreira changes his level but gets nowhere. Moreira tries to pull guard and ends up pulling Alcantara into full mount position. Alcantara grapevines the legs but gets swept by Moreira as soon as he postures up to strike. Closed guard for Alcantara with good head control. Moreira shrugs his head loose and lands a short right to the face. Moreira stands up and falls back for a leg lock at the horn. 10-9 Moreira in a tight round.

R2: Alcantara lands an outside low kick almost 90 seconds deep in another overly cautious round thus far. Alcantara follows it with a crisp combination, then lands a left high kick that may have stunned Moreira. Now it’s Moreira who’s barely offering any offense and the crowd erupts into a few scattered boos. Moreira fires an occasional counter-combo but Alcantara is leading exchanges and dictating range with his length.

Alcantara bores his left cross through betwixt a few pawing jabs. Moreira tries to pull guard again to close the round and glances with a short shot to close the round. 10-9 Alcantara.

R3: Moreira starts actively with a few jabs and one-two attempts. Alcantara scores with another left kick to the body. Moreira responds with a right cross to the chest. Alcantara grazes with another body kick but tags Moreira with his follow-up one-two. Alcantara now cutting angles to set up counters as Moreira continues his straight-line advances. Moreira forces a clinch just before the halfway mark and looks for a single.

Alcantara under-hooks to deny it and the crowd again boos the lull in action. Moreira attempts another guard pull and Alcantara grabs the fence to land on top again — the ref astutely notices the foul, halts the action and restarts them standing with a warning to Alcantara. Well done. Moreira charges wildly and actually looks to catch Alcantara with an errant shot. Alcantara stays elusive but Moreira does connect on another outburst before the bell sounds. 10-9 Alcantara, though not by much. I have it 29-28 his way.

  • Ildemar Alcantara defeats Richardson Moreira by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Andy Enz vs. Thiago Santos

R1: Enz comes out throwing long strikes and Santos backs up to score a low kick. Enz attacking with aggressive combos from range, trying to establish his distance. Santos weaves in the pocket and fires back to back Enz up. Left switch kick lands to the body for Santos. Enz continues to keep a high pace and slips a lengthy punch in. Santos digs another left kick into the rib of Enz and this one hurts him; Santos plunges a left hook to the same spot, then unloads an ongoing flurry against the cage until the covering Enz topples over.

  • Thiago Santos defeats Andy Enz by TKO (punches) R1 1:56

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