UFC 183: Matt Mitrione defends Sara McMann from ‘self-righteous p*#ck’

The MMA economy is not always in the best shape, and fighters are definitely in need of better pay. There's no two ways about…

By: Stephie Haynes | 8 years ago
UFC 183: Matt Mitrione defends Sara McMann from ‘self-righteous p*#ck’
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The MMA economy is not always in the best shape, and fighters are definitely in need of better pay. There’s no two ways about it. Compound that with a “spend it as fast as you make it” attitude that a good percentage of the athletes carry, and you’ve got a recipe for guys well past their prime taking bare-knuckle fights or heading overseas to take dives for international promotions.

Here more from McMann and her thoughts going into UFC 183 in her interview with Phoenix Carnevale

There are some fighters that have learned to live within their means and exercise a fairly smart approach to managing their money. Recently, on the Underground forums, a thread went up taking a swipe at UFC women’s bantamweight contender, Sara McMann about the car she drives, a sensible, mid 90’s model Toyota Camry. Normally, I would’ve not paid the thread much attention, but another popular UFC fighter swooped in like a protective family member in her defense.

Heavyweight standout, Matt Mitrione does not take kindly to those that would belittle someone over their car choices, and said as much in response to the thread starter. Here’s the original post, and Matt’s response to it:


“Sara McMann hot ride”

Post content:

Matt’s response:

Hey OP, you’re a shallow self righteous prick who unfortunately probably will never understand the selflessness that a loving parent exhibits. Good for her and her family. Maybe she teaches them legit values & ethics vs vanity & conformity. I don’t own a car with less than 150,000 miles on it, have anything to post about me and my life? Fucking douche.”

These kind of stories are always interesting because we don’t get to see fighters taking up for each other very often, and it’s as rare as a unicorn to see it happen with no prodding via a direct line of questioning in an interview. MMA has had plenty of ugliness between the fighters, so a nice display of unity is always welcome.

You can catch Sara tonight at UFC 183 when she faces off against Miesha Tate at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

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