Luke Rockhold Looks for Love on ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’

UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold was a featured guest on Bravo TV's ‘Millionaire Matchmaker' last Thursday night and it was EVERYTHING. It was SO MUCH…

By: Katie Winter | 9 years ago
Luke Rockhold Looks for Love on ‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’
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UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold was a featured guest on Bravo TV’s ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ last Thursday night and it was EVERYTHING. It was SO MUCH better than I could have dared to hope. You really need to watch it. I’ll probably write up a full recap but the highlights you should know about are below along with some video highlights and this link to the official Millionaire Matchmaker website where you can view the full episode (you can also maybe get it on demand with your cable or satellite provider). BEWARE: THERE ARE SPOILERS!!!

For those who are not familiar with the show, the premise is that rich, single, professional, generally desirable men and women come to the Millionaire Matchmaker, Patti Stanger, to find someone to marry. They have generally been too attached to their careers to have time to meet the perfect mate, but sometimes they are rebounding from a divorce, an unfaithful partner, or just some other issue that has prevented them from finding THE ONE. Sometimes, they are just terrible and crazy, too. Patti interviews the millionaires to figure out what type of match she needs to find them, then she rounds up a bunch of potential dates, filters them out, plans a mixer for the client/millionaire to meet the potential dates, gets them to commit to dating one of possible dates from the  mixer, and oversees the process to make sure everyone is behaving well. She does have rules – she doesn’t allow them to have sex on the first date, the man must do all the planning, and both parties must be respectful to each other during the date, even if it’s not going well. Luke was the client/millionaire in this episode and here are some amazing things that happened along the way:

  • Matchmaker Patti Stanger immediately pegged Luke as a player. Here is their first meeting:
  • Luke’s celebrity crush is actually a combination of Eva Mendes and Blake Lively with a booty. LUKE LIKES THE BOOTY, Y’ALL!
  • Luke rejected all his potential dates and chose to pursue the mixologist (Kara) who was working at the party
  • His date with the mixologist went really well (for a while) and they had a nice, awkward on-camera kiss
  • Everything seemed to have gone well on the date…until the post-date debriefing when Kara  told Patti that Luke asked her if she spits or swallows (it happened – they showed the video!)
  • When Luke came into Patti’s office for his post-date debriefing, he started rubbing the back of Patti’s assistant. Via Twitter, I learned that the assistant got suspended for flirting with Luke and that Patti still suspects that Luke and the assistant kissed!
  • Luke totally got kicked out of the Millionaire Matchmaker club

Other fun things that happened include Luke saying, “She wasn’t scared of the throttle”, when discussing his date, him telling Patti that he wouldn’t “tap out” in a relationship and barely being able to keep a straight face, and Luke introducing Patti to grappling. After some playful innuendo and banter, Patti got into Luke’s guard and he put her in a darling little triangle. Despite her discomfort at having her face next to his package, Patti did say that Luke smelled good. In fact, she said his sweat smelled like flowers. Patti also said on Twitter that she still likes Luke but feels he is immature and a player.

Naturally some of Luke’s MMA colleagues and friends eagerly watched the show and offered constructive feedback via Twitter:

Luke, for his part, claimed he was avoiding social media, like, forever, but he’s already back trying to clear his name:

“Millionaire Matchmaker tried to make me look bad but my girls know who I really am. #FamilyNight with little Delilah”

This was my favorite tweet of the night:

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