UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs. Johnson live results, discussion, play by play

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed coverage as UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs. Johnson goes off from Stockholm,…

By: Dallas Winston | 9 years ago
UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs. Johnson live results, discussion, play by play
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results and detailed coverage as UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs. Johnson goes off from Stockholm, Sweden. Swedish striker and top light-heavyweight contender Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson headlines the show against resurgent Blackzilian monster Anthony “Rumble” Johnson while Pride vets Dan Henderson and Gegard Mousasi square off in the co-main. Leading into those spotlighted affairs is a light-heavyweight tilt that aligns longtime top-10’ers Ryan Bader and Phil Davis.

Live play by play will commence with the UFC Fight Pass broadcast at 4 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows. Check out this week’s MMA Vivisection for predictions, analysis and betting odds on each match up.

UFC on FOX 14: Gustafsson vs. Johnson

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Anthony Johnson

R1: They touch up and Gustafsson goes right to work with an outside low kick. Johnson answers but it’s half-checked by Gustafsson. Gustafsson lands a long jab and Johnson unloads a massive haymaker that whizzes over Gustafsson’s head. We pause for an unintentional poke to the eye of Johnson. On the restart, Gustafsson throws a front kick and it looks like they clash heads as Johnson heaves a right.

Gustafsson goes down to a knee from the impact and tries to recover but Johnson swarms him with punches. Gustafsson topples over with Johnson stuck on his hip, rapid-firing right hands to his head. Gustafsson stays turtled as Johnson ruthlessly pelts him with a volley of unanswered punches until the ref steps in.

  • Anthony Johnson defeats Alexander Gustafsson by TKO (punches) R1 2:15

Dan Henderson vs. Gegard Mousasi

R1: Henderson blocks a left high kick and lands a light inside low kick. Penetrating right hand scores for Mousasi, who sees something mysterious and motions to the ref, who shrugs and waves him on. Hendo uncorks the H-bomb but Mousasi beats him to the punch with his own right, and it bounces of Henderson’s head and wobbles him. Henderson falls back and eats two punches while pursuing a single leg, but the ref dives in and waves it off. Henderson protests the stoppage.

  • Gegard Mousasi defeats Dan Henderson by TKO (punches) R1 1:10

Ryan Bader vs. Phil Davis

R1: They both prod with long jabs from distance in a fairly cautious start on both sides. Bader grazes with a long one-two a minute in. Bader doubles up on hooks and lands at least one. Davis flings a punch and commits to a double leg but Bader shucks him off. Davis feints a duck-under takedown and comes high to land a right. Davis lands a front-leg teep to the hip. And another with the rear leg.

Davis lands a glancing left. Bader with an outside low kick, then he steps inside a Davis right to jam it. Davis grazes with a low kick just as Bader does the same with an overhand right. Bader counters the next low kick with a right but his switch kick is blocked. 10-9 Bader by a tight margin.

R2: Bader establishes his range with a busy jab. Davis shoots a double but Bader backpedals, underhooks and circles Davis onto the fence. Bader bounces a horizontal elbow off Davis’ head on the break. Davis still busy with kicks from the fringe. Davis grazes with a right hand and lands two consecutive front kicks.

Bader lands an outside low kick to the thigh but is quick enough in responding to shut down another takedown attempt from Davis. Bader switches gears and goes on the offensive, looking to counter Davis with a takedown of his own; Davis defends and gets Bader down with a double leg. Bader takes a knee and, wary of Davis threatening to take his back, stands up safely. Davis keeps him on the fence on lands a short knee to the body, then a shoulder strike. 10-9 Davis.

R3: Davis persists with his rangy kicks from outside. Bader throws a switch kick that half lands. Stomp kick to the knee lands for Davis, who blocks Bader’s left hook. They heave simultaneous right hands. Davis lands a clean overhand right and they clinch; either Davis shoots or Bader snaps his head down with the front headlock. Davis hand fights his way loose and shoots a double leg to no avail.

Bader continues to flick jabs in Davis’ face from range to counter his lengthy kicks, and the damage looks to be adding up. Bader fakes a shot and comes high with punches, but can’t connect. Davis lands a clean one-two and follows with a glancing low kick, then a hard one outside. Davis’ next outside low kick causes Bader to wobble a bit. Davis slips a left body kick under Bader’s arm and into his ribs. Davis follows behind a left hand to shoot a takedown; Bader stuffs it, gets into the rear waist-cinch and hoists Davis with a throw, and Davis rolls out at the bell. Very close edge to Davis for significant strikes in my eyes. I have it his way 29-28.

  • Ryan Bader defeats Phil Davis by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Akira Corassani vs. Sam Sicilia

R1: Corassani glances with two low kicks but his high kick is blocked. Sicilia clinches up and Corassani circles off the fence. Corassani catches a Sicilia kick but can’t capitalize, then whiffs on a spinning kick attempt. Inside low kick lands lightly for Corassani. They both land in a mutual exchange. Sicilia throws a hook-uppercut combo, then follows with a searing left hook that Corassani doesn’t even see coming. It hurtles into his chin and Corassani crumples.

  • Sam Sicilia defeats Akira Corassani by KO (punch) R1 3:21

Fox Sports Prelims Results

Nico Musoke vs. Albert Tumenov

R1: Musoke starts with a left body kick that Tuenov can’t catch. Another right kick from distance for Musoke, this time from the right side. Tumenov does catch the next kick, landing a left hand as Musoke regains his balance. They both land inside leg kicks simultaneously. Musoke counters a Tumenov flurry with a hard right kick to the body. Tumenov catches the next body kick but Musoke plasters him with a one-two before he can counter, and Tumenov’s eyes go googly for a second. He nods to Musoke, acknowledging the blow.

Now Tumenov catches two consecutive kicks and scores with sharp counter combinations. Musoke creates space with a long double jab before chopping the next kick deep into Tumenov’s side. Tumenov’s left kick is blocked but he lances a left/right medley through. Musoke lead with triple right hands and lands the first two, then counters Tumenov’s overhand right with a heavy left. 10-9 Musoke.

R2: Musoke lands an outside low kick and Tumenov answers in kind. They both attack and land with a flurry in a mutual exchange. Musoke thuds another right body kick but Tumenov is absorbing it all like a champ thus far. Tumenov tries to catch and counter on the next one but he’s just a tad late. Tumenov lands what might be his best shot of the fight in the form of a step-in right hand.

Musoke throws another body kick but doesn’t commit to it and Tumenov pivots off-center and stings him with a combo. Musoke tries to clinch up but Tumenov backpedals out of his double collar tie. Short check hook lands for Tumenov. Musoke grazes on a body kick. Tumenov flashes his hands and follows with a left head kick that’s barely blocked. Musoke lands a body kick with the foot. Tumenov is busy with his jab in this round and it might be the reason Musoke is bloodied up. 10-9 Tumenov.

R3: Musoke looks to clinch up twice but Tumenov shucks him off on both occasions. Snapping jab lands for Tumenov, who then glances with a two-piece combo. Musoke connects again and again Tumenov shoves him away. Musoke pushes Tumenov back with punches and Tumenov bounces off the fence with a long left. Musoke lands a body kick but with less impact than usual and Tumenov gets off with more sharp counters.

Musoke follows behind double right hands to clinch up and change levels for a double leg on the fence. Tumenov widens his base and locks an underhook to stay afoot, then pops Musoke with a left on the clinch break. Musoke, likely having trouble breathing due to his mangled nose, is warned for spitting his mouthpiece out. Tumenov ducks a telegraphed right and lands two quick counters. Musoke responds with a right body kick. Retreating jab scores for Tumenov. Musoke glances with a right cross and gets in another double leg. Tumenov locks the same underhook and circles off the fence. Tumenov catches Musoke’s kick and flings a pair of lefts in his face. Now Tumenov takes Musoke down; he’s right back up but out of time. 10-9 Tumenov. I have it 29-28 his way.

  • Albert Tumenov defeats Nico Musoke by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Sultan Aliev vs. Kenny Robertson

R1: Aliev looks monstrous as they square off. Robertson gets in on Aliev’s waist and works on a throw; he misses the first attempt but sneaks around to the rear waist cinch. Still no dice for Robertson and Aliev breaks free. They clinch up again and Aliev puts Robertson on the fence with double underhooks, landing two short knees to the body before they separate. Robertson lands an outside low kick and Aliev’s counter right glances off his head. Short but stiff left hook lands for Aliev.

Robertson stays composed and aggressive, flashing out a pair of kicks from range. Aliev wheels into a spinning kick and Robertson expertly sidesteps it and drills Aliev with a scorching left hook. Aliev goes down and out.

  • Kenny Robertson defeats Sultan Aliev by TKO (punches) R1 2:42

Makwan Amirkhani vs. Andy Ogle

R1: OK. Amirkhani jogs out of his corner straight away and takes flight, burying a flying knee in Ogle’s midsection. Amirkhani follows with an uppercut and Ogle goes down, and he bobs his head with two unhindered punches, prompting the ref to intervene. Ogle protests the stoppage. This was brief and brutal.

  • Makwan Amirkhani defeats Andy Ogle by KO (flying knee/punches) R1 0:08

Nikita Krylov vs. Stanislav Nedkov

R1: Krylov draws first blood with an outside low kick. Nedkov answers with a barrage of heavy, bent-arm punches. Krylov lands a retreating uppercut and a knee from the double collar tie, then cinches on an Anaconda choke from the front headlock. He readjusts his grip to the guillotine in the scramble, stands up and arches his back to force the tapout.

  • Nikita Krylov defeats Stanislas Nedkov by submission (guillotine) R1 1:24

Anthony Christodoulou vs. Mairbek Taisumov

R1: Taisumov catches Christodoulou clean with a left hand and then sweeps his footing out with a nasty low kick. Christodoulou gets back up but is greeted with more precise punches and a spinning kick that digs into his gut. Taisumov digs a left switch kick to his ribs and takes him down easily a moment later.

Halfway through, Taisumov backs off to let Christodoulou up and resumes his methodical assault, starting with two low kicks and another spinning kick to the body. Christodoulou is yet to establish himself in the round and has only glanced with a few counter attempts. Taisumov zeroes in on the lead leg with more tenderizing kicks, occasionally mixing things up with crisp punches. Christodoulou pursues a leg lock after a clinch exchange and Taisumov easily slips out. 10-8 Taisumov for the vast gap in offense.

R2: Redmond, after being walked into a corner, shoots a halfhearted takedown and seems to ricochet off Taisumov. Taisumov takes a step forward and drills a few punches into Christodoulou’s jaw and the ref jumps in.

  • Mairbek Taisumov defeats Anthony Christodoulou by TKO (punches) R2 0:38

Mirsad Bektic vs. Paul Redmond

R1: Bektic flits in and out of range with snapping punches, then hits a brilliant counter takedown when Redmond shoots, making it look way too easy. Redmond closes his guard but doesn’t have full use of movement with his head propped up on the cage. Bektic stabilizes position and postures up to thwack Redmond with a horizontal elbow. Bektic moves to pass, then readjusts his angle and takes Redmond back down to thwart his escape.

Redmond rolls onto a hip and Bektic fires some short lefts to the head, then stays glued to Redmond to stave off another escape attempt. Another sharp elbow from Bektic worsens the blood flow from a previous cut on Redmond, and the Irish fighter is wearing a crimson mask. Bektic is relentless with his mature application of control until the horn sounds. 10-8 Bektic for bell-to-bell domination plus damage and zero offense from Redmond.

R2: Redmond closes the distance and peels off a combo but Bektic freezes him with a clean left counter. They battle for position with Redmond again being the fighter to lower his level and attack the hips, only to be reversed quickly. This time Bektic, from half guard, looks to pin Redmond’s free knee and pass to mount. Redmond elevates him to block the advance but Bektic lands in side mount.

Redmond struggles back to his feet at the halfway mark and Bektic tosses him back down and dings with him a burst of short lefts. Redmond tries to cross-face to nullify head position but Bektic isn’t having it; he keeps Redmond down with a strong base, leans over and gets the kimura wrist lock, then bails on it in order to pass to mount. 10-9 for positional dominance.

R3: Bektic wallops Redmond early in the round and pounces on him, falling into his closed guard. With head and arm control, Bektic passes to half guard but Redmond retains full guard when Bektic gets too aggressive in pursuit of side control. At the three-minute mark, Bektic postures up and switches from pass attempts to striking, though Redmond’s defense is feisty everywhere.

Redmond rolls onto a hip and looks to take a knee but he’s dissuaded by another outburst of sharp lefts from Bektic. Redmond, running out of options but heart, resorts to boxing the ears of Bektic. Bektic passes to side control, still dominating Redmond with a strong base and stifling head control. 10-9 Bektic. I have it 30-26 his way.

  • Mirsad Bektic defeats Paul Redmond by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 30-25)

Fight Pass Preliminary Card Results

*****I’m having quality issues with the Fight Pass stream — no round scores for the fights below and bear with me on the details please.*****

Konstantin Erokhin vs. Viktor Pesta

R1: Erokhin crouches in a low stance, making the height disparity even more pronounced. Erokhin walks Pesta down with his right hand menacingly cocked, finally unbolting it and rattling Pesta with his power. Erokhin stays on the hunt and heaves a monstrous flurry of punches, forcing Pesta to desperately circle out of his range. Pesta ducks under an incoming combo halfway through the round and puts Erokhin on his back. Erokhin gradually labors back to his feet but Pesta bangs a few knees off his ribs and takes him back down.

R2: Pesta throws a hesitant front kick from range. Erokhin heaves a one-two and Pesta dodges before throwing his own. Erokhin grazes with a counter after Pesta telegraphs another kick from distance. Pesta cautiously steps into range and changes levels but Erokhin, with his back on the fence, circles out of his clutches. Erokhin’s left eye is oozing blood. Pesta shoots a slow single and ends up completing it through sheer determination. Erokhin curiously hangs out with an open guard and a loose overhook as Pesta grinds down with short punches and elbows.

R3: Erokhin, who apparently sacrificed 90% of his gas tank during the first-round flurry, shuffles out of his corner at a snail’s pace. He lobs one half-hearted punch before Pesta ties him up and forces him to take a knee to avoid the takedown. Pesta moves behind him and Erokhin goes down to avoid having his back taken. Erokhin, exhausted, fights his way back to his feet but is again taken right back down by Pesta.

  • Viktor Pesta defeats Konstantin Erokhin by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x 2)

Chris Beal vs. Neil Seery

R1: Seery swats away with a few combos early, then an outside low kick. Beal backs him off with a jab upstairs and a right cross down. Beal accidentally catches Seery low and we pause briefly. Beal lands a backpedaling uppercut to counter Seery’s blitz. Beal hits a takedown about two minutes deep and falls into the full guard of Seery. After a short stalemate, Seery ignores a few rights to the head on his way back up to his feet. Seery lands a check hook, Beal fires a counter and they unload on each other with punches. No round score (choppy stream).

R2: Seery’s low kick lands to the cup and we endure another timeout as Beal recovers. On the restart, Seery lunges with a lead hook and then jumps guard with a guillotine tied up tight. Beal tries to hand-fight and slam his way out but is forced to drop, then finally breaks the hold by double-palming Seery’s chin. Beal takes top position but Seery makes him cover up to defend a long and steady stream of spiking elbows from his guard.

Beal hops on Seery’s back as he escapes and looks for the rear-naked choke but doesn’t have position. Seery scrambles free and ends up on top, then Beal sits out and hits a switch to reverse position. In the closing seconds, Seery applies an arm-triangle from full guard but can’t maintain it. No round score (choppy stream).

R3: Beal seems noticeably sluggish in the early engagements and Seery, still fresh and aggressive, keeps serious pressure on him with sharp combinations. Seery lands a clean shot and Beal wobbles from either the punch or sheer fatigue. Beal finally plants his feet and heaves a few counters in an attempt to halt what’s becoming a one-sided round. Beal picks up his output and lands a late takedown but Seery once again puts him on the defensive with elbows to the head from guard. No round score (choppy stream).

  • Neil Seery defeats Chris Beal by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)
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