UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier live results, play by play and discussion

UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier will start 2015 with a bang, and Bloody Elbow will have live results and play by play for the…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier live results, play by play and discussion
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

UFC 182: Jones vs. Cormier will start 2015 with a bang, and Bloody Elbow will have live results and play by play for the entire show.

A magnetic rivalry between light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and former Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier will be settled in the pay-per-view’s main event while violent lightweights Donald Cerrone and Myles Jury square off in the co-main.

Live results and play by play will commence with the Fight Pass prelims at 7 p.m. ET. Feel free to peruse this week’s MMA Vivisection for detailed analysis and predictions of the entire event. The full lineup and schedule follows.


Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier

R1: They touch gloves and Jones throws a roundhouse kick to the body and just misses with an axe kick. Cormier eats a knee to the body on his way inside but grazes with an uppercut. They trade uppercuts before breaking the clinch. Jones catches a Cormier kick and takes him down but the Olympic wrestler is back up quickly. Jones tries to keep him on the fence but Cormier breaks free. Jones lands a strong left to the face but this time Cormier defends his body lock throw. Two short uppercuts glance for Cormier from the single collar tie.

Cormier throws a front kick and a left hook but comes up short. Jones switches to southpaw and heaves an overhand left through Cormier’s guard. Another body kick lands for Jones. They clinch up and Jones lands a knee to the body. Overhand glances for Cormier. Lead step-in knee lands downstairs for Jones. Jones slams a left to the body. Cormier chops him with a short jab. Inside low kick from Cormier. Jones misses with a spinning kick but plunges a left to the body. Cormier starts pumping his jab with moderate success. Cormier goes on the hunt with a three-punch combo but only lands with his opening jab. Cormier lands a light uppercut in the clinch. Cormier grazes with a right and connects with a wide left hook, building some momentum as the round ends. 10-9 Jones.

R2: Jones opens up again with a left body kick from southpaw. Inside low kick for Cormier. Jones lands a left kick to the body and Cormier tries to catch it but Jones locks on a guillotine to stop his penetration. Straight left lands for Jones in southpaw. Cormier lands an over-the-top right hand and Jones counter-clinches, putting Cormier on the fence. They battle for underhooks; Jones lands a shoulder strike and Cormier tries to snap his head down with the front headlock. Jones forces a clinch and Cormier pops him with an uppercut/hook combo. Now a right from Cormier and a kick to the body.

Jones swings a left horizontal elbow, then another; both are mostly blocked. Jones reaches dangerously for a double leg and Cormier shrugs it off and lands more tight-range punches. Left lands for Jones. They both lock up a head-and-elbow clinch but it’s Jones who peels off two short left elbows. Cormier ducks an elbow and blocks a kick but a Jones punch slips through. Cormier returns fire with a tight right/left combo. Jones puts Cormier on the fence and Cormier uses a slick arm drag to circle off. Right hand is there for Cormier, who blocks a high kick and slips a left kick in to the ribs. More close-quarters punches for Cormier. 10-9 Cormier.

R3: They come out throwing kicks with neither landing clean. Now they both connect on body kicks. Cormier comes forward, snatching the single collar tie and landing two short rights. Jones lands a front-leg side kick to the throat. Jones heaves a left straight, a left kick and a left elbow to keep Cormier at bay, but reaches out with his hands and accidentally pokes Cormier in the eye. We pause for the foul and Herb Dean warns Jones about his outstretched fingers. Jones goes to the body with a kick on the restart. Jones shoots a double and nearly gets it; Cormier counters with a single leg and hoists it high, but can’t get the champ down.

They clinch in the center and Jones breaks their battle for position with a short left elbow. Cormier gets the single collar tie to land another uppercut. Jones has a left high kick blocked but lands a linear kick to the knee. Cormier goes downstairs on their next clinch engagement. Jones spears a knee to the body and Herb Dean warns one of the fighters for grabbing the gloves. Cormier stays in Jones face and grazes with a left; Jones slams another knee to the body but Cormier counters with an uppercut. Jones with a flying guard pull to close the round. 10-10.

R4: Another left body kick from Jones to open the frame. Jones unbolts a monster left high kick that Cormier blocks, but the impact is damaging. Jones throws a left high kick and a left to the body from range, then lands a knee to the body and a short elbow from the clinch. Jones changes levels and pinches Cormier’s legs together to land a power double; Cormier pops right back up but Jones takes him back down with another double. Jones falls into the open half guard of Cormier and looks to secure a top-side guillotine. Jones lets it go and lands a left hand and left elbow as Cormier stands.

Jones stays connected, landing short knees in the over-under clinch. After a stalemate, Jones lands a right to the body. Now a horizontal elbow to the face from Jones before breaking the clinch. Cormier comes in with punches but Jones stiff-arms him to keep the distance. Cormier lands a low kick to set up his clinch entry but Jones creates space with another left knee downstairs. Cormier stays on him and circles Jones onto the fence. 10-9 Jones.

R5: Cormier lands two short-range punches but can’t complete the clinch takedown. Shoulder strike for Jones in the over-under clinch. Jones continues to impose his will with paralyzing clinch control. Body shot from the clinch for Jones, who then looks to change levels and attack the hips. Surprisingly, the former Olympic wrestler can’t get off the fence and is relegated to hand-fighting for position. Cormier changes things up and goes two-on-one wrist control, narrowly avoiding Jones’ attempt to transition to his back before circling off the fence.

Jones stays connected, stopping only long enough to throw a horizontal elbow. Cormier ups his intensity, trying to get inside on a double, then switching to an outside trip and an inside foot sweep, all to no avail. Cormier persists and finally hoists Jones up and brings him to the canvas, however the champ is quickly back up. Jones lands a spinning back elbow. With a few seconds left, Jones stops and raises his arms, then clocks Cormier with a left hook. Cormier returns fire as the bell sounds and nearly catches Herb Dean with a shot. 10-9 Jones. I have it 49-47 for Jones.

  • Jon Jones defeats Daniel Cormier by unanimous decision (49-46 x 3)

Donald Cerrone vs. Myles Jury

R1: Jury catches a Cerrone low kick and takes him down but Cerrone immediately swivels into an omoplata. Jury grabs the ankle to defend, attempting to break Cerrone’s leg triangle. Cerrone ruthlessly sticks with the submission and gets close enough to sweep with it. Jury shrimps out and Cerrone hops on his back, cinching on a body triangle.

They stalemate as Jury tries to break the body triangle to no avail, and Cerrone clocks a minute and counting of back control.Jury sits up to put pressure on the ankle but Cerrone wisely switches sides on the body triangle and locks on a rear-naked choke. It’s deep but Jury hand-fights his way out of it. Cerrone switches to an armbar before the bell. 10-9 Cerrone.

R2: Jury shoots a duck-under takedown 30 seconds in but can’t get it. Inside low kick lands for Cerrone. They trade low kicks. Stiff jab from Cerrone. Jury misses with a spinning back fist. Glancing right hand for Jury, then he grazes with a linear kick to the knee.

Cerrone flashes a left hand high to set up a digging right kick to the body. Jury answers with a left kick to the body, then lands another even harder. Outside low kick for “Cowboy.” And another. Check knee to the body lands for Cerrone. Jury with an inside low kick. 10-10.

R3: Jury starts off with an inside low kick and a one-two. Jury whiffs on a spinning back fist but lands a short left front kick to the body. They trade low kicks. Jury tries to catch Cerrone’s next low kick but settles for putting him on the cage, dropping for a double leg after he can’t lock his hands together. They break and Cerrone smacks his foot off Jury’s face with a high roundhouse kick.

Counter right hook glances for Jury. Cerrone plunges a right downstairs and lands a long jab upstairs. Outside low kick scores for Cerrone, then another. Make it three, and Jury dives for a desperation takedown. Cerrone gets a wide base to defend with his back on the cage. Jury drops to his knees and Cerrone thwacks him with a downward elbow before they split up and restart in the center. Jury shoots again and Cerrone sprawls out. Now Cerrone shoots a vengeful takedown and gets it, then backs off and heaves an irate flurry of low kicks to Jury’s hamstrings. 10-9 Cerrone. I have it 30-28 his way.

  • Donald Cerrone defeats Myles Jury by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Nate Marquardt vs. Brad Tavares

R1: Tavares backs him up with a one-two. Inside low kick from Tavares, who lands two quick uppercuts from the single collar tie. Inside low kick from Marquardt. Tavares chases Marquardt down with a combo and then digs his shin in deep with a nasty low kick. Marquardt lands a right but Tavares scores with a counter at the same time. A pair of rugged right hands from Tavares, again using the single collar tie.

Marquardt snaps Tavares’ head back with a front kick to the face. A very slow and methodical pace to the round. Tavares has a high kick blocked but slips a left through. Snapping outside low kick from Marquardt. Tavares lands a front kick to the face and semi-celebrates it as the round ends. 10-9 Tavares.

R2: Tavares catches Marquardt with a left kick while he’s coming in, then shucks off the takedown attempt. Inside low kick to the thigh for Tavares. Tavares lands a short uppercut as Marquardt’s coming in and again fends off the takedown. Marquardt scores with a solid left off his back foot. Tavares answers with a thudding low kick and another sharp outside low kick.

No go on Marquardt’s stomp kick to the knee and the crowd voices their displeasure at the modest pace. Inside low kick from Marquardt, then one outside. Marquardt commits to a double and Tavares hits a nice counter hip throw. They end up connected against the cage with Marquardt driving Tavares into it in pursuit of a single leg. Marquardt commits to it but Tavares defends and lands short shots while hopping on one leg. 10-9 Tavares.

R3: Tavares opens with a jab and a low kick. Marquardt commits to a double leg and puts Tavares on the fence with a body lock when he can’t get it, then lands a sharp knee to the face while pursuing a hip throw. Tavares is back up but they stalemate on the cage and the ref separates them. Double jab and uppercut from Tavares with the latter scoring clean. Now another low kick from Tavares and Marquardt is wearing damage on his lead leg and his right eye.

Marquardt tries to catch the next low kick but can’t. They both land simultaneously but Tavares’ shot looks to have much more mustard on it. They tie up and Marquardt grazes with a knee as Tavares lands a short shot. Tavares flings a left high kick that grazes off Marquardt’s chin. Tavares ducks a right hand and lands double jabs before peppering the lead leg with another low kick. Snapping jab from Tavares. Marquardt counters a kick with a left. Marquardt lands a right and Tavares answers in kind. 10-9 Tavares. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Brad Tavares defeats Nate Marquardt by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Louis Gaudinot vs. Kyoji Horiguchi

R1: Horiguchi lands an outside low kick 45 secoands in. Gaudinot answers in kind. Gaudinot lands another outside low kick and it sweeps out Horiguchi’s footing. Horiguchi lands a right off the back foot, then goes airborne with a flying knee that Gaudinot defends. Horiguchi grazes with an overhand counter. Front kick to the body lands for Horiguchi, then an outside low kick.

Short right hand and left body kick land for Gaudinot. Another body kick counter for Gaudinot, who blocks a punch but eats a front kick. Horiguchi scores with a roundhouse kick to the body. Horiguchi ducks a left and puts Gaudinot on the fence with double underhooks. He switches to a body lock and gets Gaudinot down briefly but he’s back up and throwing a short-range elbow a moment later. 10-9 Horiguchi.

R2: They trade low kicks. Horiguchi plasters Gaudinot with a hard right cross, the cleanest strike of the fight. Horiguchi’s front kick lands low and we pause briefly. Horiguchi fires a tight one-two on the restart. They collide and Gaudinot craftily jumps guard for a standing arm-triangle. It looks tight but Horiguchi calmly walks him to the fence to break the hold. No dice on the outside trip attempt from Horiguchi.

Gaudinot defends with a cross-face and then shoves Horiguchi away. Horiguchi grazes with a right and knocks Gaudinot off-balance with a left. Horiguchi flashes his hands and comes high with kick that lands to the face. Gaudinot responds with a kick but Horiguchi stuffs another right in his mouth. Gaudinot lands a left body kick but Horiguchi answers with a right hand and a head kick that’s mostly blocked. Horiguchi catches a kick, clocks Gaudinot with a right and then sweeps his supporting leg out. 10-9 Horiguchi.

R3: Gaudinot lands his best shot in the form of a close-range right hand. Jumping front kick to the gut for Horiguchi. Double right hands from Horiguchi with the last one grazing. Horiguchi’s jumping roundhouse kick to the body is partially blocked. Check hook lands for Horiguchi but Gaudinot scores with consecutive low kicks. Now an inside low kick for Gaudinot.

Jumping front kick lands above the left hip for Horiguchi. Horiguchi lands a short right hand and ducks Gaudinot’s left. Gaudinot catches Horiguchi over-extending and jumps guard with a guillotine but Horiguchi is out quickly. Gaudinot whiffs with a wild spinning back fist and falls down after losing his balance. 10-9 Horiguchi. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Kyoji Horiguchi defeats Louis Gaudinot by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x 2)

Josh Burkman vs. Hector Lombard

R1: Lombard walks Burkman down and lands a shot to the body but Burkman stings him with a right counter. Burkman tries a Superman punch off the cage but Lombard blocks it. Lombard catches a kick and takes Burkman down but Burkman scrambles to his feet and tags Lombard with another right. Make it three right hooks that find the mark for Burkman. Lombard lands a lead right hook. And another, followed by a low kick.

Lombard grazes with an uppercut. A left body kick sneaks through for Lombard, who then counters a Burkman kick with a right. Burkman changes levels but merely bounces off Lombard. Outside low kick to the thigh for Lombard. Short left to the face is good for Lombard. 10-9 Lombard.

R2: Burkman lands a retreating right hook to open the frame, then a right kick to the body though Lombard counters with a short right. Lombard with a left hook; they both plant their feet and explode with mutual flurries. Burkman again finds the retreating right hook but he eats a heavy hook from Lombard and then gets bowled over. Burkman is back up with an underhook but Lombard jams another medley of short jackhammers in his face. Lead back elbow from Burkman is blocked. Lombard measures the distance and plunges a long left hand through Burkman’s guard. Another left gets through.

Burkman lands a body kick, then tries to lure Lombard in by keeping both hands down in the pocket. Burkman keeps his hands down and Lombard tags him with a left, then a left kick to the body. Clubbing right hook from Lombard in a brief clinch, then two more follow. Lead left for Lombard. Burkman continues his hands-down ruse and again gets dinged with a shot. Burkman, standing southpaw, slips a lead right through. Outside low kick from Lombard. 10-9 Lombard.

R3: Lombard defends a Burkman level change and misses with the counter foot sweep, but persists by switching to a double leg. Closed half guard for Burkman as Lombard looks to slip his leg out and pass to mount. He settles for side mount and throws left hands with a right underhook. Burkman initiates a scramble and spins to face Lombard to counter the rear waist cinch, then breaks free completely.

Lombard with a low kick, a right hook over the top and a scorching left hand that snaps Burkman’s head back. They collide, both slinging leather. Lombard dings Burkman with a hard left cross. After having two low kicks checked, Lombard digs in with a third. Short shots landed by Lombard before the bell, then a big left as it rings. 10-9 Lombard. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Hector Lombard defeats Josh Burkman by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Fox Prelims

Danny Castillo vs. Paul Felder

R1: They trade outside low kicks. Felder has a high kick blocked and a low kick checked. A pair of nasty outside low kicks from Felder, then a zinger inside. Felder’s next inside low kick finds Castillo’s cup and we pause. Referee Yves Lavigne warns Felder that he’ll take a point next time before they restart. Castillo shoots but Felder stuffs it with surprising ease. Outside low kick to the thigh lands for Felder. Castillo lands a left body kick but gets tagged with a body kick counter. Stiff low kick for Felder. And another.

Castillo lands lightly with a lead left downstairs before dodging a spinning heel kick to the body. Step-in knee lands to the body for Felder, who then counters another Castillo kick with a sharp right hand to the face. Left check knee to the body is there for Felder, who’s showing his superiority on the feet. Castillo with another lead left to the body. 10-9 Felder.

R2: Hard outside low kick to start things off for Felder, then a switch kick to the body. Castillo comes up short on a left and eats another knee to the body. Heavy outside low kick for Felder, then another inside. Castillo fires off a two-punch combo that’s brutally interrupted by a spinning back fist from Felder, and the blow instantly pulls Castillo’s plug — he’s out cold.

  • Paul Felder defeats Danny Castillo by KO (spinning back fist) R2 2:09

Marcus Brimage vs. Cody Garbrandt

R1: Brimage blocks a right high kick and Garbrandt whiffs with his next. Garbrandt lands an inside low kick and looks to sting with quick counters. We pause for an accidental inside low kick to Garbrandt’s cup. Garbrandt peels off a fast right cross on the restart and again threatens with his left check hook when Brimage commits to his punches.

Garbrandt rushes in and off-balances Brimage during a kick attempt and falls int his full guard. Brimage boots Garbrandt off as he postures up to throw punches and they restart on the feet. Garbrandt’s right high kick thuds off of Brimage’s wing block. Jump knee attempt from Garbrandt but Brimage deflects it. Brimage catches Garbrandt low with another kick and the recipient isn’t entirely pleased at the second infraction. Garbrandt taunts Brimage after he land a low kick on the restart, then plasters him with a shot amidst a vicious flurry. 10-9 Garbrandt.

R2: Brimage attacks with an aggressive flurry to put Garbrandt on the defensive early. Brimage connects on a left cross but Garbrandt scores with a left hook on the separation. Inside low kick snaps home for Brimage. Garbrandt doubles up on left hooks and lands them, then connects with a follow-up right; Garbrandt showboats, lifting his right arm, and Brimage tags him for it. Garbrandt finds another left hook and Brimage counters it with a fast one-two.

Now Brimage counters Garbrandt’s right body kick with a left cross. Brimage goes downstairs with the left and connects when coming up high with a right. A sloppy jump knee attempt from Garbrandt opens up a salvo of straight punches for Brimage. 10-10.

R3: They both land during simultaneous combos. Brimage sneaks in a snapping jab. Garbrandt looking to counter but he’s yet to land clean and Brimage is busier with pressuring combos. Brimage beautifully times a roundhouse foot sweep during a Garbrandt kick and it chops out his supporting leg; Garbrandt is quickly back to his feet. Garbrandt lands a short, stiff right kick to the body as Brimage is engaging.

Another right body kick from Garbrandt, then a glancing left hook counter. Straight left lands for Brimage. Garbrandt with a clean left hook. Garbrandt lands an uppercut just as Brimage lands a left. Brimage stuffs Garbrandt’s takedown attempt and they separate. Garbrandt plugs Brimage with two left hooks, then rocks him with another and lands a right as Brimage is on his way down. Brimage is back up but on roller-skates with Garbrandt, smelling blood, chasing him down. Garbrandt touches him up with another thunderous combo and Herb Dean steps in to wave it off.

  • Cody Garbrandt defeats Marcus Brimage by TKO (punches) R3 4:50

Jared Cannonier vs. Shawn Jordan

R1: Jordan lunges in with a jab and follows up with a big left hook. Cannonier glances with a counter right. They both check incoming leg kicks. Jordan snaps a right hand but Cannonier response in kind lands cleaner, forcing a small smile from Jordan. Outside low kick and right hand graze for Cannonier and Jordan misses with a front-leg hook kick. Cannonier wades in with a combo but Jordan drops him with a quick check hook. Jordan pounces with punches to conjure up the stoppage.

  • Shawn Jordan defeats Jared Cannonier by KO (right hook) R1 2:57

Rodrigo Damm vs. Evan Dunham

R1: Damm tags Dunham with a counter while he’s kicking. Dunham drives Damm back with a pair of pawing right hooks but can’t snatch the single leg. Dunham extending nicely on long, basic punches to lead the exchanges so far. One-two combo is there for Dunham and he closes with an outside low kick. Dunham continues to knife in with a lunging jab and starts tacking on his left when Damm stays in range.

Lead right downstairs and a left cross upstairs for Dunham. Dunham beating Damm to the punch and in firm control of the striking tempo here. Damm gets a glove in front of Dunham’s front-leg high kick. Inside low kick scores for Dunham, then he snaps Damm’s head back with a shuffling right hook. Clean one-two for Dunham, then a short right. Shovel punch/let cross combo for Dunham to close the round. 10-9 Dunham.

R2: Dunham gets the better end of their first three exchanges with short, quick shots. Damm slips a right kick in to the ribs of Dunham. Dunham forces a clinch and keeps Damm on the cage with a right underhook but can’t secure the body lock well enough on his takedown attempt. Damm scores with a cross/hook combo. Damm lands another body kick but Dunham catches it and converts it into a takedown. Damm pops right back up.

Short rights for Dunham, then he grazes with a big overhand right. Dunham has a right high kick blocked after scoring at close range. Double jab from Dunham to shrink the gap. Check hook from Dunham and it lands clean. Dunham’s right hand and right high kick fall just short of the mark. 10-9 Dunham.

R3: Dunham connects with a left downstairs and a right to the face. Outside low kick for Damm, then a right high kick that Dunham at least partially blocks. More tight-range rights and lefts from Dunham, then a sneaky overhand right that tags Damm. They both connect lightly on a simultaneous exchange. Dunham lands a quick right body kick. Damm flings a right high kick but Dunham dodges it and darts in with snapping rights.

Dunham grazes with a lead uppercut elbow that Damm nearly walks into; it might’ve opened a cut on Damm’s right ear. Damm’s striking output has increases but Dunham stuffs punches into his mouth, undaunted. Damm eats a combo and then waves Dunham forward, slapping his own face with both hands for dramatic effect. Damm scores downstairs and glances with a left hook. Dunham throws a four-punch combo and lands each one, then closes the round with a pair of knees from the double collar tie. 10-9 Dunham. I have it 30-27 his way.

  • Evan Dunham defeats Rodrigo Damm by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Fight Pass prelims

Omari Akhmedov vs. Mats Nilsson

R1: Akhmedov uncorks a pair of waist-level rights and lefts, then dives on a loose double leg; Nilsson looks to accept playing guard. Akhmedov never slows his frenetic pace, planting a volley of jackhammer rights into Nilsson’s face, and they gradually increase in ferocity. Nilsson scrambles free but more heavy shots await him on the feet. Akhmedov picking his spots, lowering his head and letting both hands fly to own the standup in the round’s first half.

Inside low kick lands for Akhmedov but Nilsson has wisely cornered him, and the advantageous position suits his double leg against the cage. Akhmedov, however, is able to control posture and clear Nilsson’s hips to find room for an escape. After a short pause, Akhmedov changes levels and nails another double leg. Nilsson puts his back on the cage to stand and they restart with a minute left. Akhmedov heaves more clubbing right hands, then lands a left/right to the body. Nilsson secures a double and lands a big right at the bell. 10-9 Akhmedov.

R2: Nilsson walks Akhmedov into a corner and is able to lead off a few combinations. Akhmedov’s pace and output has noticeably slowed and Nilsson continues to pressure him with punches. Having run out of real estate again, Akhmedov hits a duck-under double leg and falls into Nilsson’s guard. Nilsson is active with his hips and transitions from an omoplata to a triangle/armbar after stabilizing his guard, but Akhmedov peels his head out and stands up.

Nilsson backs him up with a one-two and then scores with a long right cross. Akhmedov again hits a reactive takedown just as Nilsson’s pressure rises. Nilsson spikes a few elbows to the head of Akhmedov and they’re hefty considering the position. Akhmedov returns fire and escapes after Nilsson initiates a scramble. 10-10.

R3: Akhmedov lands to the body before sprawling on a Nilsson takedown, then he lands a series of knees from a strong front headlock. Nilsson breaks contact and takes the center of the cage before walking Akhmedov back with busy combinations. No dice on Akhmedov’s duck-under double leg this time. Counter right is there for Akhmedov.

At the halfway mark, Nilsson transitions from a double leg to an outside trip to ground Akhmedov, who takes a knee and almost escapes before Nilsson readjusts his angle to put him back down. Akhmedov is back up and working a takedown of his own, but gets caught in a kimura after finishing it. Nilsson takes a knee but falls back for a guillotine, then switches to a D’arce choke. 10-9 Nilsson. I have it a draw.

  • Omari Akhmedov defeats Mats Nilsson by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Alexis Dufresne vs. Marion Reneau

R1: Reneau sneaks in a pair of probing rights. Then an outside low kick. Dufresne blocks a switch kick and goes on the offensive but Reneau bobs her head back with a right cross. Reneau counters with the same right and then bores it through sporadically throughout the next few exchanges. Dufresne shoots a single but it’s stuffed by Reneau, who clocks Dufresne square in the nose on the restart.

Rear-leg front kick lands hard to the body for Reneau, then a roundhouse kick to the body. Blood streaming freely from Dufresne’s nose now, who whiffs on a right and eats a low kick. Reneau stays on the trigger and thunders another right to the face of Dufresne. Dufresne defensively clinches but Reneau thuds a few knees to the body and then scores with an uppercut on the clinch break. At this point, Dufresne can’t enter striking range without eating a clean right hand in this one-sided round. 10-8 Reneau.

R2: Dufresne tries to clinch but Reneau lowers her level and lands knees downstairs, then another right. Dufresne scores with a punch; her first legit offense of the fight. Reneau hammers an inside low kick, lands two more rights and, shortly after, thunders a heavy inside low kick. They clinch and Dufresne acquiesces to a takedown but can’t control posture well enough to keep Reneau from standing back up.

The target practice continues for Reneau, who dings the bloody Dufresne with low kicks and right crosses at will. Switch kick for Reneau. More right hands smash into Dufresne, then a Superman punch. 10-8 and even bordering on a 10-7.

R3: Dufresne is instantly more competitive on the feet by dodging Reneau’s first wave of flurries and counter-striking, landing or grazing with a few. Reneau re-establishes her right cross, continuing to circle and poke holes in the porous defense of Dufresne. Dufresne lands a long straight right on the clinch break. Reneau stays active with her rights and one-twos, then sits down on a stiff combination and lands it clean. More Reneau rights bounce off Dufresne’s chin along with a pair of jabs. Now a double jab from Reneau. Reneau stomps on the gas in the closing moments, unleashing a nonstop barrage of punches that Dufresne absorbs fully, still showing no concept of defense. 10-7. I have it 30-23 (really) for Reneau.

  • Marion Reneau defeats Alexis Dufresne by unanimous decision (30-26 x 2, 30-25)

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