UFC on FOX 13: Dos Santos vs. Miocic – live results, play by play, discussion

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and in-depth play by play as UFC on FOX 13 goes off from the…

By: Dallas Winston | 8 years ago
UFC on FOX 13: Dos Santos vs. Miocic – live results, play by play, discussion
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, discussion and in-depth play by play as UFC on FOX 13 goes off from the US Airways Arena in Phoenix, AZ. Heavyweights Junior dos Santos and Stipe Miocic battle atop the card while lightweights Nate Diaz and Rafael dos Anjos take the co-main slot.

Live play by play will commence with the preliminary card on UFC Fight Pass at 3:30 p.m. ET. The full lineup and schedule follows.

UFC on FOX 13 Main Card (Fox channel at 8:00 p.m. ET)

Junior Dos Santos vs. Stipe Miocic

R1: Dos Santos starts off with a clean right cross. Miocic cautiously shrinks the gap and puts dos Santos on the cage but he can’t finish the double leg and they separate. Miocic lands a short jab and dos Santos answers with a left to the breadbasket. Miocic dives on a single and finishes it but dos Santos gets back up, eating two short rights to the mouth in the process. Miocic lands a clean jab but dos Santos side-steps his clinch entry.

Dos Santos connects on his best punch yet, a big left hook. Miocic answers with a strong one-two, then tags dos Santos with two rights at close range. Dos Santos fires off a short right and then a scorcher from distance, landing both. Now it’s an uppercut that finds the mark for dos Santos. And a glancing right cross. Miocic plugs dos Santos with a right hook and follows behind it to clinch. Dos Santos clobbers him with consecutive left hooks to close the frame. 10-10.

R2: Miocic ducks under a dos Santos left but can’t secure the takedown. Miocic scores with a body kick and glancing right hand, but takes a few rights to the head when he gets in on a double leg. Dos Santos sprawls out and spins Miocic onto the cage, but breaks after Miocic lands a body knee. Glancing jab lands for Miocic. Dos Santos snaps home a left hook, then grazes with a right cross. They both land with a punch as Miocic closes the distance.

Dos Santos bleeding from a cut under his right eye and Miocic plugs him with a pair of right hands. Miocic changes levels and forces dos Santos into the cage, landing a right and a left on the break, then tying back up. Dos Santos connects on a stiff left hook after they separate, then plunges a left hand to the gut. Now a right downstairs is there for dos Santos. Dos Santos answers with a left to the body but gets tagged by a Miocic right. Short uppercut elbow glances from Miocic in the clinch, who follows up by hitting a double leg with 20 seconds left. 10-9 Miocic.

R3: They both let their hands go with neither cementing an advantage. Miocic shoots a double and dos Santos counters and nearly gets on top but Miocic escapes the dangerous position and dings dos Santos with a right. Left hook lands for Miocic. Dos Santos glances with a right. Dos Santos whiffs on a monster uppercut. Dos Santos drills Miocic with a right to the body.

Miocic answers with a clean right but wades in swinging and gets clocked with a nasty left hook, and goes down. Miocic gets back up but he’s a tad wobbly and bleeding profusely from the mouth and nose. Dos Santos catches him with another right and easily stuffs a takedown. Lead right downstairs lands for dos Santos. Another right scores for dos Santos. Dos Santos scores to the body again, then comes high with a right. 10-9 Dos Santos.

R4: Miocic lands a left kick square to the cup of dos Santos and we pause briefly. Dos Santos gets back to work with a right to the body as Miocic lands a low kick. Miocic gets dos Santos but he pops right back up. Dos Santos circles out and scores to the body, then glances with a double jab. Check hook lands for dos Santos. Miocic flings two lefts and clinches up but dos Santos escapes quickly and easily, then just misses with a big uppercut.

Miocic connects on a right cross on his way in but he can’t keep dos Santos on the cage. Another right to the face for Miocic, then another, and another. Miocic blocks a searing right hand from dos Santos and the impact still sends him back a few steps. Dos Santos jabs to the body, then lands a glancing left hook. Miocic comes over the top with a right on his way into the clinch but dos Santos catches him off-guard with a slick trip. Dos Santos holds a body lock to keep Miocic in place the Croatian-American hits a nice switch and they restart on the feet. 10-10 for another even round.

R5: Dos Santos lands to the body and then with two more lefts off his back foot. Dos Santos sits down on a left hook that Miocic partially blocks. Dos Santos lands a right and a left to the body. Two more body jabs from Dos Santos, who tries to behead Miocic when he counters the body shots. Miocic changes levels but the double-leg attempt is sluggish and dos Santos shrugs it off. More body shots from dos Santos.

Miocic lands a right cross. Dos Santos plugs him with another right to the gut, then comes high with a right cross. Two more jabs downstairs for dos Santos. Miocic lands a one-two and dos Santos slips in a right counter. Dos Santos jabs high and then low; Miocic lands a quick right. Hook/cross combo lands for Miocic, then he connects on the same combo only harder and it persuades dos Santos to clinch briefly. Miocic clinches up and dos Santos circles off the fence and separates. Dos Santos lands one uppercut low and two high at close range. Miocic lands rights to the body and connects with a one-two after the clinch breaks. Dos Santos unloads a three-punch combo and connects clean on the closing left hook. Miocic answers with a flurry and dos Santos ends the round with a knee. Damn. I’m sorry but I saw no clear-cut winner in the fifth or in the fight overall. 10-10 in the 5th round for an even 49-49 overall on my card.

  • Junior dos Santos defeats Stipe Miocic by unanimous decision (49-46 x 2, 48-47)

Nate Diaz vs. Rafael dos Anjos

R1: Diaz holds his range well with step-in jabs. Dos Anjos goes to work a half-minute in with a low kick and a jumping front kick. Then it’s a right body kick that slips under the arm and into the ribs of Diaz. Another hard outside low kick for dos Anjos, who then lands a grazing right and another low kick. And another. Tight left hook lands for dos Anjos in an exchange. Diaz answers with a left. Another snapping low kick from the Brazilian and that one hurt.

Dos Anjos digs in with another low kick and Diaz starts trying to check them. Snapping left hand for Diaz but he’s hobbled by the next low kick, visibly limping. Diaz stumbles forward with a sloppy combo and falls onto his back. Dos Anjos jumps into his guard with a left elbow. Diaz tries to scramble but eats a few hammer-fists, then rolls into a heel hook that starts loose but gets tighter. Dos Anjos steps over and throws more lefts in the guard of Diaz. Deep half guard for Diaz, then he tries to shrimp out to no avail. 10-9 Dos Anjos.

R2: Dos Anjos ducks a Diaz left and lands another low kick to the lead leg. And another. Make it three in a row. Now four and Diaz changes his stance. He switches back and eats another kick, then goes back to orthodox. Dos Anjos is ruthless, now attacking the right lead leg of Diaz. Dos Anjos hits a takedown and Diaz shows a bad cut around his right eye. Cleaving elbow from dos Anjos on top as Diaz looks for wrist control. Diaz deflects two shots while taking a knee in an attempt to stand but dos Anjos stays on him.

\Diaz stands but eats a knee to the body for his efforts. Dos Anjos digs his shin in with two more low kicks and referee Jason Herzog calls time for the doc to examine Diaz’s eye. We restart with 1:20 left and dos Anjos lands a strong kick to the body followed by another low kick. Another low kick and it almost folds Diaz. Another and Diaz tries to counter but can only limp a step forward. Dos Anjos lands another low kick and then throws a jumping front kick, but it’s the follow-up right that puts Diaz down. 10-8 Dos Anjos.

R3: The first dos Anjos low kicks cracks home 20 seconds in. Dos Anjos comes high with the kick and Diaz gets a glove in front of it. Dos Anjos hits a takedown and Diaz closes his guard. Two hard elbows land for dos Anjos. Diaz blocks the next punch and set of elbows. Dos Anjos passes to half guard and then stands up as Diaz retains full guard. Dos Anjos stacks the legs and dives back into Diaz’s guard to cram a few left hands into his face.

Diaz throws punches with both hands and dos Anjos uses the can opener to stifle it. Diaz saying something aloud as dos Anjos continues to rain down punishment from the top. Diaz closes his guard and throws ineffective punches and dos Anjos responds with two cleaving elbows. Diaz literally slaps dos Anjos in the face twice and dos Anjos slaps him back. 10-8 Dos Anjos. I have it 30-25 his way.

  • Rafael dos Anjos defeats Nate Diaz by unanimous decision (30-26 x 2, 30-27)

Alistair Overeem vs. Stefan Struve

R1: A hesitant front kick from Overeem is the first and only offering 40 seconds in. Overeem knifes in and grabs a body lock but can’t keep Struve on the cage. Struve lands a mile-long front kick to the body. Lead knee to the body lands for Struve. Overeem gets the body lock and takes Struve down, at first cautiously throwing a right but then heaving two scorchers after. Struve closes his guard, then opens and boots Overeem away.

Big John McCarthy lets it go on as Overeem stands over Struve with no offensive attempts. Finally Overeem dives back into Struve’s guard but backs out shortly after. The process repeats but this time Overeem crushes Struve with a left and a prolonged stream of right hands to the jaw. Struve goes limp and Overeem plugs him with a few more to coax the referee intervention.

  • Alistair Overeem defeats Stefan Struve by KO (punches) R1 4:13

Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Matt Mitrione

R1: Mitrione circles after refusing the glove touch, bouncing on his toes. Gonzaga’s left hook is jammed but he glances with a right. Mitrione lands a light left cross. Step-in lead right from Gonzaga, and the next one knocks Mitrione back. Rogan mentions that Gonzaga might’ve stepped on Mitrione’s foot to explain the stumble. Mitrione flattens Gonzaga with a snapping left hand, swarms with a few rights, backs off for a moment as Herb Dean creeps in and then annihilates him with one demonstrative right hand.

  • Matt Mitrione defeats Gabriel Gonzaga by TKO (punches) R1 1:59

Fox Sports 1 Prelims

Claudia Gadelha vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk

R1: Jedrzejczyk keeps Gadelha at bay with a series of crisp right crosses. Gadelha lands a clubbing right on the next exchange. Gadelha triple jabs and takes an accidental finger in the eye; Jedrzejczyk apologizes and they restart. Gadelha clinches up and puts Jedrzejczyk on the cage. Gadelha gets the body lock and attempts a throw but Jedrzejczyk shuts it all down. Gadelha lands a knee to the body, then hits an outside trip with the body lock. Gadelha gets high in
Jedrzejczyk’s half guard and starts to work for an arm triangle.

Jedrzejczyk fends it off and tries to work to her feet as Gadelha clings to her hips. Jedrzejczyk stands but eats a short right to the face; she responds with a knee. A series of short knees to the thigh from Gadelha. Jedrzejczyk double palms Gadelha’s face to make space and Gadelha drops down for another double leg. Jedrzejczyk defends and spins Gadelha onto the fence with a sharp elbow. Left teep to the gut lands for Jedrzejczyk, then she cracks and drops Gadelha with an uppercut to steal the round. 10-9 Jedrzejczyk.

R2: Jedrzejczyk flurries as Gadelha’s coming in but Gadelha hoists her up and dumps her with a double leg. This time Gadelha threatens to take Jedrzejczyk’s back as she’s escaping but she patiently battles for position and spins to face Gadelha. Jedrzejczyk circles Gadelha onto the fence and lands a knee downstairs. Snapping left jab from Jedrzejczyk, then a knee after blocking a Gadelha flurry.

Jedrzejczyk scores with a piercing shovel punch to the body, then lands a left cross to the face. Right uppercut to the face from Jedrzejczyk, then she connects on a right as they trade shots. Reactive takedown from Gadelha but the balance and defense of Jedrzejczyk holds up. Gadelha persists and puts Jedrzejczyk down with the body lock. Full guard for Jedrzejczyk and she uses it to scoot her back on the fence and stand up. Body knee from Jedrzejczyk in the clinch. 10-9 Jedrzejczyk.

R3: They both wing punches and Gadelha accrues a nasty cut over her left eye after an accidental headbutt about 30 seconds in. Jedrzejczyk flurries and lands with both hands as Gadelha’s coming in after connecting on a short uppercut but Gadelha wades through the punches and secures a takedown. Jedrzejczyk works her way back up but Gadelha readjusts and takes her back down. The same sequence repeats only Gadelha plugs
Jedrzejczyk with a few right hands to the head.

Jedrzejczyk is up and right back down for the third time. Gadelha lands more rights as Jedrzejczyk stands up. Gadelha maintains control and drops for a double leg that’s stuffed by Jedrzejczyk’s double underhooks. Head-and-arm throw attempt from Gadelha but Jedrzejczyk is freakishly scrappy in defending, circling Gadelha onto the cage after shucking it off. They separate with 20 seconds left and each land a few both before and after the bell. 10-9 Gadelha. I have it 29-28 for Jedrzejczyk.

  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk defeats Claudia Gadelha by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)

Willie Gates vs. John Moraga

R1: Gates with a low kick. Moraga answers in kind. Gates stays busy with myriad kicks from the fringe. Gates grazes with a nice one-two counter but Moraga answers with an inside low kick. Stiff jab lands for Gates. Moraga again responds with a sharp low kick. Moraga lands a body kick but has his follow-up high kick blocked. Moraga takes an inadvertent kick below the belt but he doesn’t need any time.

Moraga drills Gates with a wide left hook but the wild right follow-up isn’t there. Short check hook lands for Gates. After the next exchange, Moraga stops, motioning that Gates caught him below the belt again. Just as it becomes clear that referee Jason Herzog is saying “I didn’t see it”, Gates hammers the unprepared Moraga with a straight punch and he drops. Gates jumps on his back but Moraga slowly regains his wits and sweeps into top position. Gates hits an unorthodox sweep to regain his footing. Moraga lands a powerful low kick but grazes with the next. I suppose the knockdown edges the round for Gates. 10-9 Gates.

R2: Light outside low kick for Moraga, who then forces a clinch and lands a body knee. Now it’s knees to the thighs from Moraga. A stalemate ensues against the cage until Moraga breaks away and lands a left knee/kick to the head. Outside low kick for Moraga, who then can’t complete the takedown but puts Gates back on the cage. Moraga with a knee up the middle, then a right horizontal elbow.

Gates answers with a knee to the midsection. Moraga continues to bully Gates against the fence and they’re separated with just over a minute left. Gates blocks a high kick and lands a strong side kick to the body. Gates rushes and Moraga counter-clinches, driving Gates back to the fence. Moraga connects his hands on a body lock and lands more knees after he can’t secure a takedown. 10-9 Moraga.

R3: Inside low kick for Gates. Moraga heaves an overhand right and follows behind it to clinch but Gates emphatically denies the takedown attempt. Moraga get the body lock and sandwiches Gates on the fence with a few short knees sprinkled in. Moraga lands another step-away elbow, then a knee to the body. Gates tries to escape but Moraga stays glued to him. All control with no offense from Moraga and the crowd lets him hear it.

Moraga snaps the head down and hits an inside trip to get Gates down at the halfway mark. Gates’ head is propped up against the cage and Moraga dings him with a few hard elbows. Gates doesn’t like it and tries to scramble free but Moraga takes his back, puts both hooks in and spikes down some elbows to the back of his shoulders. Moraga switches to right hands and then falls back for a rear-naked choke, forcing the late tapout.

  • John Moraga defeats Willie Gates by submission (rear-naked choke) R3 4:06

Anthony Birchak vs. Ian Entwistle (replay from Fight Pass prelims)

R1: Birchak plugs Entwistle with a front kick to the body that sends him flying back. Superman punch for Birchak and a nice transition into a successful double leg. As soon as Birchak postures up to punch, Entwistle jumps on a heel hook and Birchak escapes initially, but makes the same mistake by starting to throw punches again, and Entwistle is back on the leg lock. Birchak rolls out three times to alleviate the pressure but runs out of real estate, and Entwistle torques the hold against the fence and forces the tapout.

  • Ian Entwistle defeats Anthony Birchak by submission (heel hook) R1 1:04

Joe Riggs vs. Ben Saunders

R1: Saunders with a front kick, punch and high kick; Riggs evades the attack. Saunders glances with a right high kick but Riggs bull-rushes him and takes him down with a double-leg against the fence. Saunders immediately starts working for a triangle but doesn’t even close and Riggs taps. Either Riggs was injured or Saunders worked something unorthodox that the camera angle didn’t show. The replay shows that Riggs appears to injure his neck during the takedown.

  • Ben Saunders defeats Joe Riggs by submission (injury) R1 0:57

Drew Dober vs. Jamie Varner

R1: Varner partially lands a hook/cross combo, then scores clean with the cross when he repeats the same combo. Varner grazes the top of Dober’s head with a left before they clinch. Odd sequence: Dober gets a strong body lock and Varner curiously falls back and tries to roll Dober, failing miserably as Dober lands in full mount. Varner might’ve actually gotten his bell rung when hitting the canvas. Dober postures up and drops a heavy elbow, and it causes Varner to give up his back. Dober finagles a rear-naked choke and forces the tapout. Varner announces his retirement in the post-fight interview.

  • Drew Dober defeats Jamie Varner by submission (rear-naked choke) R1 1:52

Derek Brunson vs. Ed Herman (cancelled)

Bryan Barberena vs. Joe Ellenberger

R1: Barbarena, a southpaw, twists his hips for a rear-leg kick but doesn’t let anything fly. Ellenberger heaves a right and our first legit strike attempt comes almost a minute in. Ellenberger charges forward with a right but snags a leg with his left and switches from a single to a double leg to complete the takedown. Barbarena starts in half guard and gets to his feet but takes a handful of punches on his way up. They both land in the clinch before separating: Barbarena with a knee and Ellenberger with a right.

Ellenberger clocks him with a right hand and follows with a takedown, then moves behind Barbarena to the rear body-lock when he stands up. Jump knee attempt from Ellenberger is off the mark. Barbarena grazes with a right hook to close his combo. Barbarena punches his way into the clinch but Ellenberger circles off and escapes. Another stiff right hand scores clean for Ellenberger. Barbarena finds the mark with a left hand.10-9 Ellenberger.

R2: Barbarena clinches up immediately and thwacks Ellenberger with a few short left forearms. Ellenberger grazes with a right on the clinch break. Inside low kick from Barbarena is there. And another. Barbarena continues to pressure forward, missing with forearms but building momentum. Barbarena lands another inside low kick but Ellenberger answers with a thudding jump knee to the body. Inside low kick for Barbarena. Ellenberger lands three shots off his back foot to the ever-pursuing Barbarena.

Barbarena slips a plunging jab through, then lands a right hook to the body. Right hand counter is there for Barbarena though there’s not much on it. Barbarena ducks an Ellenberger combo and lands a cross-knee to the body, then circles off the fence when Ellenberger clinches. Shoulder strike and left hand for Barbarena before breaking the clinch. Ellenberger is either gassing out or exercising too much patience. 10-9 Barbarena.

R3: Barbarena rushes in too aggressively and Ellenberger hits a takedown from the body lock. Barbarena is back up and banging right elbows to the head shortly after. They separate and Barbarena clips Ellenberger with a right hook, then a left hook and a knee. Barbarena swarms and drops Ellenberger with a right hook, then follows him down into his guard. Clean hammer-fist from Barbarena as Ellenberger fights for wrist control. Barbarena moves to the back as Ellenberger rolls over and turtles.

A crafty knee to the ribs persuades Ellenberger to fall back into guard and Barbarena stays on him with short punches. Now a vicious barrage of right hands and elbows from Barbarena on top, and Ellenberger’s eating spoonfuls of punishment. Referee Herb Dean has seen enough.

  • Bryan Barbarena defeats Joe Ellenberger by TKO (punches and forearms) R3 3:24

Fight Pass Prelims

Henry Cejudo vs. Dustin Kimura
(play by play by Connor Ruebusch)
R1: Cejudo looks very light on his feet as the fighters circle, feint, and feel each other out. Kimura tries a lead right and eats a hard counter hook from Cejudo, and a running combination catches Kimura clean. Cejudo’s forward explosions are daunting. Kimura catches a kick, but unsurprisingly can’t get the Olympian down. Beautiful straight right from Cejudo that drops the Hawaiian! Cejudo controls his ankles and attacks with ground strikes before opting to let Kimura back to his feet. Cejudo throws another striking combination, complete with punches, kicks, and clinch knees. He looks really sharp on the offensive. Marvelous counter kick to seal what was already a clear-cut Cejudo round.

R2: Kimura starts the round on the back foot. He lands a nice right but is forced to retreat when Cejudo responds with a combo. So far it’s single shots from Kimura losing out to sequences of strikes from Cejudo. Finally Kimura throws a combination and the third punch lands. Cejudo nods him on, eager to get back. Kimura trying to claw his way back into the fight, but Cejudo is still doing the vast majority of effective work. Kimura is countered with a left hook and he’s cut over his right eye. Cut also under the left eye now, presumably from one of Cejudo’s many right hands.

R3: Kimura starts with a low kick, and Cejudo is fired up. He stalks forward, picking off everything that Kimura throws. The Hawaiian is definitely increasing his output, though, and Cejudo is having to spend more and more time defending. Hard low kick from Cejudo, and a blistering combination of punches and kicks as Kimura backs helplessly into the fence. Both men exchanging wildly here. Kimura looks very fatigued. He misses a flying knee, and Cejudo greets him with three clinch knees as he gets back to his feet. Kimura is all-out chasing Cejudo now with seconds to go, looking for the big shot he needs to win the fight, but it doesn’t materialize. An impressive shut-out from the American Olympian.

  • Henry Cejudo defeats Dustin Kimura by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

David Michaud vs. Garett Whiteley
(play by play by Connor Ruebusch)

R1: Both fighters exchanging early, but nothing landing cleanly for either man. Michaud is pressing forward feinting his jab and the level change, but Whiteley is the one landing, peppering Michaud with kicks and body shots. Nice uppercuts from Michaud. He’s turning up the pressure now, just shoving the taller Whiteley into the cage and landing hard short punches. Michaud lands a spinning outside crescent kick to satisfy the flash requirements of this fight, and goes back to boxing, landing some nice counters. Whiteley charges with his back to the cage and Michaud stuns him with a right hand, following with a takedown. Whiteley struggles back to his feet, but Michaud smartly lands an uppercut before separating. Rogan points out that there appears to be a firepower difference in this fight, and I think he’s right. 10-9 Michaud.

R2: Whiteley off-balances Michaud with a kick, but Michaud answers with a series of short punches in the clinch, and a takedown. Michaud on top in side control, but he’s spraying blood from a cut over the eyebrow now. Looks like Whiteley cut him with an elbow from bottom side control. Nasty. Whiteley regains guard, and he’s doing the more effective work from the bottom with his long limbs. Brutal elbows to the scalp and brows of Michaud, who is just coating Whiteley’s chest with gore. Michaud lands some short elbows from the top, but Whiteley’s downward elbows are still coming. Armbar attempt from Whiteley, but Michaud easily slides out and retakes side control. Twenty seconds to go, and Michaud takes Whiteley’s back, before falling once again into guard. Extreme damage from the bottom makes that one 10-9 Whiteley.

R3: Whiteley is doing what he does, landing high volume on the feet. A nice counter knee as Michaud changes levels. Michaud using a sharp jab and left hook to force his man to the fence just as in round one. Whiteley is chasing Michaud now, but Michaud lands a hard counter right that changes his mind somewhat. Scratch that, as Whiteley is still marching forward, now throwing body punches and knees. Whiteley finally sits down and lands an audible right hand to Michaud’s temple, but Michaud takes him down. Stuck in Whiteley’s guard once again, and neither man is really making anything happen here. The ref stands them up, and Michaud takes a looong time to rise. Nonetheless, he easily puts Whiteley right back down. Whiteley lands some elbows, but nothing much happens, and the fight ends. I don’t know how the judges will see it, but I have that 10-9 for Whiteley, making this fight his by a 29-28 margin.

  • David Michaud defeats Garett Whiteley by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x 2)
  • Ian Entwistle defeats Anthony Birchak by submission (heel hook) R1 1:04 (play by play above)
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