How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? CM Punk vs Green Ranger, Fear The Fighter called out for not paying fighters

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse -- There's a ton of tweets below, but first, don't…

By: Anton Tabuena | 9 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? CM Punk vs Green Ranger, Fear The Fighter called out for not paying fighters
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A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse

There’s a ton of tweets below, but first, don’t forget to follow me on twitter and instagram: @antontabuena

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“I will K.O him inside 2 minutes. #UFCBoston”  -Conor McGregor, now predicting his bouts with time, instead of rounds.

“Funny how a lot of fighters are calling me out in Bellator,I know deep down y’all don’t really want 2 fight me. Any way ya might be to late.”  -Quinton Jackson, too late?

“My whole career I look forward to getting my fights called by @joerogan and @MFG16 – I get there and they call me salmon the whole time. Lol”  -Josh Samman

“The lady behind me in line is reading my phone as I tweet ”  -Mitch Clarke

“If you are wondering, yes, it is possible to fall down an escalator ”  -Julie Kedzie

@TheDolceDiet is amazing. The responsibility is all mine. I was 218lbs and waited too long to start eating properly.”  -Johny Hendricks

“Since Anderson Silva says it’s OK ….. Well then I’m coming out of the closet….IM GAY! OK maybe not just kidding I love pussy! Lol”  -John Alessio

“”@AdamHillLVRJ: @Benaskren looked like you and Rory Mac had some words. Anything good?” I said when I get you it is gonna be an easy night.”  -Ben Askren


“Hash tag for tonight’s episode of is ”  -CM Punk

“I would rather choke on greatness than nibble on mediocrity. Thanks for the time ”  -CM Punk


“This punk is going to be ‘one & done’ in the UFC. It looks like I will be that one. #JustWonTheLottery”  -Cathal Pendred, sure.

“I want the CM punk fight @ufc 170 – 185lbs it don’t matter! I will show him what 6years in ufc feels like”  -Ross Pearson

“People asking why @CMPunk well after nearly ten years fighting the very best in the world, I deserve a break hahaha”  -Michael Bisping

“Hey @CMPunk if you need an easy first fight in the UFC at whatever weight I’m your huckleberry”  -Isaac Vallie Flagg

“Lol every UFC fighter no matter the weight wants to fight cm punk. They know it’s easy money”  -Cody Bollinger

“Fighting #cmpunk is gonna be like hitting the lottery. #ufc”  -Justin Buchholz


“BREAKING NEWS: I’m headlining wrestlemania 31.”  -Jon Jones

“All you dummies believed @danawhite when he said I need more experience. Then he signs a 0-0 fake wrestler. LOL on you”  -Ben Askren

“Lol not mad at at all! Gotta take the opportunities that arise. That being said the powers to be making hypocritical decisions.”  -Ben Askren

“This CM Punk situation will end up like that episode of ‘Friends’ where Monica’s boyfriend decided he wanted to conquer the physical world.”  -Cathal Pendred, maybe he can fight Tank Abbott as well.


“I’ve trained with @CMPunk he will beat guys in the @ufc. All the haters can suck it.”  -Cole Miller

“Hey @CMPunk I was thinking you should come on down to the #BMFRanch and learn this @ufc fighting thing??”  -Donald Cerrone

“I will formally invite @CMPunk to come train with us. Seems like the right fit. @ufc @WWE #dontbescaredhomie”  -Cesar Gracie

“. @CMPunk we’ve done it before with @herschelwalker (2-0), @akahq is your home. No recruiting pitch needed. I will see u soon. DC”  -Daniel Cormier

“”: Would you train at Tri star?” Yes I would defintiely.”  -Firas Zahabi

“Hey .@cmpunk everyone doubted me too. I moved down to @americantopteam and proved them wrong. Come here and do the same”  -Robbie Lawler



“The cat is coming out of the back this week. Non-Paying sponsors have become an epidemic in our sport. Honest fighters are being cheated… I am putting all of the sponsors that have refused to pay me the money they owe on notice. I am calling u out bc. I know I am not the only 1”  -Gegard Mousasi

“Stiiiiiiiiiiill waiting about $$$ sponsorship from my last fight in September. Patience is getting over soon !!! #payyourfighters”  -Patrick Cote

“I can’t stand thieves! People who just can’t appreciate working for something on there own, taking it from the people that do! ”  -John Alessio

@Fearthefighter u have refused for my last 2 fights & still owe me money from my 1st fight. U owe myself and others. @ftfenergy @ufc”  -Gegard Mousasi

“All @ufc fighters I encourage all of you to speak up about sponsors that are stealing from you. We have to support each other!”  -Gegard Mousasi

@Fearthefighter your brother is a @ufc but u are stealing from his co-workers. Shame on u and @ftfenergy . Pay your debt. @AkiraCorassani”  -Gegard Mousasi

“Prepared to support any fighter that is being cheated by Before u promote 1st pay your debt to the community”  -Gegard Mousasi

“Hey Chad or whoever is the owner of @ftfenergy @Fearthefighter WHERE IS MY CHECK from my fight on June 21st #PAYUP #payyourfighters”  -Georgi Karakhanyan

“I still have not been paid by one of my big sponsors from my last fight in June. I will be telling my story soon… #FighterProbs #PayUP”  -John Dodson

@Fearthefighter You have 48 hours to pay me my money for my last two fights or I’m going to the @ufc @danawhite”  -Akira Corassani

“Exactly 6 months ago today @Fearthefighter sponsored @TElliott125 For the past 10 weeks we’ve heard “checks in the mail” #fightersbeware”  –Joe Wooster

“Just add me to the list. @Fearthefighter has not paid me for the last two fights.”  -Rick Story

“.@JohnDodsonMMA I haven’t been paid from 4/5 last “managers”. Confirmation on them collecting the money then disappeared without sending:(”  -Sarah Kaufman


“Didn’t even last a whole night broke that bitch lol what you thought was going to happen lol”  -Melvin Guillard

I’m confused inside mma. when did I lose 5 fights haha. who got me boys? When did it happen LOL

A photo posted by Daniel “DC” Cormier (@dc_mma) on


“1st time watchn my fight, had only seen super slow mo version. Crazy how people saw intentional foul play in a 6 sec combo. Props 2 @ciscoriveraufc 4 being a class act! Got a little emotional talking about a warrior-Don Rowan fighting cancer! The real battle out there. Thnks 2 all my fans, always feeling the love!”  -Urijah Faber

A video posted by Urijah Faber (@urijahfaber) on

“People think I’m trying to just make a big deal out of it .. People don’t realize how much I trained for this and how huge it was for me My career my family and team .. Not just cause it was faber .. But because it’s my life and career is what takes care of my kids ..I would just love to fight again and prove that I love to fight and no matter who it was faber or not .. It cost me soo much when I lose”  -Francisco Rivera

“He got his win bonus. I didn’t. I don’t make the big UFC money so my family takes a huge hit. When win its huge for me n my kids ..”  -Francisco Rivera

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