Beyond the Octagon: UFC vet Prangley defends title, ‘M16’ returns, Leonard Garcia retires

Can we talk about event names for a minute? The UFC sold out and just started titling their pay-per-views based on what the main…

By: Rainer Lee | 9 years ago
Beyond the Octagon: UFC vet Prangley defends title, ‘M16’ returns, Leonard Garcia retires
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Can we talk about event names for a minute? The UFC sold out and just started titling their pay-per-views based on what the main event is, and this is bogus. Where’s the creativity? The je ne sais quoi? Event titles were essential in letting us know what the spirit of the evening was. The last titled UFC PPV was UFC 112: Invincible, and it was called that because not only was Anderson Silva essentially unassailable by challenger Demian Maia, but also because the UFC’s, like, meteoric rise circa 2010 was totally invincible and the growth of MMA would know no bounds, ever, and this was useful information. Or consider UFC 135: Uncomfortable Silence, which captured the spirit of me inviting some coworkers over to try and make friends, but like, maybe things don’t go so good.

The point is, one organization is keeping that fine tradition alive, and it’s King of the Cage. Last March’s KOTC 358: Viewers Discretion let you know that the evening would deal with mature themes that may not be suitable for younger viewers, such as perhaps divorce, drug abuse, or the growing trend of voluntary euthanasia. Attendees of July’s KOTC 363: Damage Report received a print-out of just how much repairs to the venue’s bathroom would cost after the show, because you’re all a bunch of god damn animals what’s the matter with you?

In conclusion, what’s it gonna take for them to hire me to start naming their events? Terry Trebilcock, you give me that job and you give it to me now. Here are some freebies:

King of the Cage: Absolutely Terrifying
King of the Cage: Lunar Eclipse
King of the Cage: Sticks and Stones
King of the Cage: Shaky Premise (takes place on a fault line)
King of the Cage: Indian Burial Ground (takes place in Calcutta)
King of the Cage: Cage of Kings
King of the Cage: War of Northern Aggression
King of the Cage: Hashtag Wrecked (you should spell out hashtag because not everyone knows what a Twitter is)

I’m supposed to be grading exams right now, but this is all I’ve been doing. I care that much.

Anyway, at Thursday’s King of the Cage: Tactical Strike, Trevor Prangley (34-11-1, 0-1 Bellator, 3-3-1 Strikeforce, 2-2 UFC) successfully defended his light-heavyweight title, submitting unlikely challenger Richard Blake (13-27-0) with an arm-triangle choke in the opening minutes of Round 1. Prangley is 9-0 in King of the Cage since signing with the organization in 2012, a run that’s been punctuated by occasional forays into the Eastern European circuit. Prangley’s win last Thursday marks a successful rebound from one such fight: a TKO loss to Maxim Grishin last September.

Also on Thursday, in the main event of Coalizao Fight in Brazil, would-be UFC fighter and overall monstrous heavyweight Geronimo Dos Santos (38-15-0) took to the ring against the unheralded Rodrigo Oliveira (3-1-0).

Dos Santos had been scheduled to face Gabriel Gonzaga in 2012 but was pulled after pre-fight exams revealed him positive for hepatitis B. He returned earlier this year, but on the regional circuit–though his viral count was brought to zero, he’s still in the midst of treatment, and the Nevada Athletic Commission wouldn’t license him until the course was through.

Dos Santos was riding a 13-fight win streak into his bout with Oliveira last week, but the relative novice would not be cowed. 2:59 into Round 1, Oliveira knocked Dos Santos unconscious, handing “Mondragon” his first loss in more than three years. It’s a huge setback for Dos Santos, who was taking these fights to keep busy while awaiting clearance for an eventual UFC return.

And at Friday’s Legacy FC 37, Daniel Pineda (19-11, 3-4 UFC) wasted little time locking up a first-round kimura on Leonard Garcia. The submission win marks Pineda’s return to competition for the first time since being cut from the UFC last March. As for Garcia, this latest submission loss (his second in a row) prompted the polarizing UFC veteran to announce his retirement from the sport. He closes out his career with a 18-13-1 mark, with a 2-7 record in the UFC and a 4-2-1 run in the WEC, during which he challenged Mike Thomas Brown for the promotion’s featherweight title.

Also on the card, former Fightmaster finalist Mike Bronzoulis (16-8-1, 0-1 Bellator) pulled himself out of a three-fight slump with a second-round rear-naked choke of Justin Reiswerg (8-4-0).

Highlights from Legacy FC 37 can be seen here. Bronzoulis vs. Reiswerg at 1:10, Pineda vs. Garcia immediately after.

Finally, at PXC 46, Rambaa Somdet, a.k.a. M16, returned to competition after a year away due to injury. Somdet went 11-0 between 2002 and 2013 and was an early pick for the Top Ten of the flyweight division. His comeback fight would see that undefeated streak snapped, however, as he dropped a split decision to Crisanto Pitpitunge (7-3-0), who’s 2-0 this year after a winless 2013.

Pitpitunge vs. Somdet can be seen here.

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