UPDATE: Thiago Silva’s ex-wife posts video of him allegedly high on cocaine and searching their house, details abuse

Well, this certainly does not look good for Thiago Silva, and could get a lot worse depending on what other video his ex-wife has…

By: Zane Simon | 9 years ago
UPDATE: Thiago Silva’s ex-wife posts video of him allegedly high on cocaine and searching their house, details abuse
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Well, this certainly does not look good for Thiago Silva, and could get a lot worse depending on what other video his ex-wife has of him. Apparently, Thaysa Kamiji posted two videos to YouTube recently, shot on her camera off her laptop, that Globo’s Extra allege show Silva high on cocaine and, in the second video, show Silva searching her house for a person she might be hiding in the house, while carrying a concealed weapon in his pocket.

The gun Silva is carrying does make an appearance about 35 seconds in, however the second video that shows him allegedly on drugs, does not in fact show him using drugs. But, neither paints a good picture of Silva. In the video above, Silva appears to question why his ex-wife Thaysa Kamiji is filming him, accusing her of distracting him from the man she has hidden in the house. In the meantime, Thaysa asks for the gun he is carrying, and tells him she’s taping him in case he kills her. According to Extra, here’s their conversation (translation by Fernando Arbex):

Thiago: Why did you call the cops, honey? I did nothing, why are you recording?
Thiago: Honey, Why are you doing this? Tell me.
Thaysa: Thiago, stop staring like that. Give the gun, please, I’m here.
Thiago: Turn off the camera. I know that you are hiding a guy up there, do you think that I’m a fool?
Thaysa: Which guy, Thiago?
Thiago: You think that I’m stupid. You’re pointing this at my face, so I can’t see that stuff over there. Take that light out of my face, please.
Thaysa: No, Thiago, because it will be a proof if I die.
Thiago: Proof of what, you aren’t going to die. You are lying, there is a guy and he’ll do something, I’m not stupid.
Thaysa: Thiago, one day you’re going to kill because of your addiction.
Thiago: I’m not going to kill you. You’re doing something.
Thaysa: What am I doing, Thiago?
Thiago: You called a guy to come here. Take this light out of me.
Thaysa: I’m recording you, Thiago.
Thiago: Why are you doing this?
Thaysa: To show you everything when you get normal again, you’ve never brought a gun before.
Thiago: I did nothing. Stop lying.
Thaysa: You have a gun in your hand.
Thiago: It’s in my pocket, I did nothing.

Here’s the second video she apparently posted, claiming the footage is of Thiago on high on cocaine.

UPDATE: Along with the videos, Silva’s ex-wife gave her story as to why she decided to abandon the case against him and move to Abu Dhabi:

“I’ve lived 13 years beside him. I’ve worked so he could train, I invested in his career even before he could think to be an MMA fighter. I was his foundation and I was assaulted, had an abortion due a beating that he gave me. But I thought that he was going to change. Because of my love, I didn’t report his acts to the authorities. We were unbeatable together, I’ve always thought that he could change, I used to say that it was because of his camps and his upcoming fights. But he never changed.”

“He had always had drug issues. I’ve always thought that it was because his childhood problems that he didn’t change. But things got worse since 2012. Cocaine, molly and marijuana started to be common in his life. He even made a bar of our house, he get turned on cocaine until’ morning and had to drink at 7am trying to sleep. I just lived a nightmare.”

“”I’m still afraid. Cause I, since the beginning, told the State that I had everything against him, that they had to organize. The State just said they would use it in court. But over there (US) everything takes a lot of time, unlike us Brazilians, we want to solve everything immediately. I felt used and unprotected, while Thiago’s managers paid a lot of money for his defense and coerced me, so everything got rough for me… where I lived, my car, my dogs … Wow, they made my life a hell.”

“We’ve come (her and her boyfriend) to Abu Dhabi. I’m working with what I love to do. Once the tragedy happened, I reported everything in the therapy that I was doing in ‘Women in Distress’. Even the detective knew that I wanted to move here, I couldn’t lose the opportunity to start over.”

Thiago Silva was on the MMA Hour when it was expected he’d be back in the UFC:

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