UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs. Arlovski II live results and play-by-play

Join Bloody Elbow tonight for live results of UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs. Arlovski 2 in Brasilia, Brazil. The main event features Antonio Silva…

By: Dallas Winston | 9 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs. Arlovski II live results and play-by-play
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Join Bloody Elbow tonight for live results of UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs. Arlovski 2 in Brasilia, Brazil. The main event features Antonio Silva against Andrei Arlovski in a five-round heavyweight rematch of their three-round clash in 2010 (won by “Bigfoot”). Hulking lightweight Gleison Tibau takes the co-main event spot opposite Piotr Hallmann.

The rest of the main card includes TUF Brazil 2’s Leo Santos against Efrain Escudero, Iuri Alcantara versus Russell Doane, Santiago Ponzinibbio against the debuting Wendell Oliveira, and Jessica Andrade versus newcomer Larissa Pacheco.

Check out the Bloody Elbow staff predictions for our thoughts on tonight’s event, as well as our Vivisection featuring Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, and Kid Nate.

The entire card airs live on UFC Fight Pass, and the opening bout of the evening begins at 5:45 PM ET/2:45 PM PT. When the time comes it’ll be Dallas Winston handling play-by-play duties.

Main Card (Fight Pass, 8 PM ET)

Antonio Silva vs. Andrei Arlovski


Gleison Tibau vs. Piotr Hallmann

R1: Tibau surprises Hallman by snapping a high kick to his jaw. Sensing he’s potentially wobbled, Tibau swarms and unloads a volley of punches. Hallman shows he has his wits by landing a knee to the body and circling out of danger. After a few even exchanges, Hallman lands a body kick and blocks Tibau’s spinning back fist. Tibau fakes high and shoots but only manages to shove Hallman off balance.

Tibau clinches and Hallman lands a knee with his back on the fence. Hallman comes forward with a probing jab but can’t shake off a Tibau takedown. Hallman is immediately back up and firing a knee in the clinch. Hallman gets free and resumes the hunt, now walking Tibau down with methodical jabs and jab/crosses. Hallman clinches and lands another knee downstairs. Tibau circles off the fence and they separate. Tibau lands a retreating left uppercut. Hallman grazes with a one-two. Close round but Tibau’s early barrage was the most meaningful — 10-9 Tibau.

R2: Tibau thwacks Hallman with a clean spinning back fist and swarms with punches, but Hallman recovers quickly in a mirror image to the start of the first round. They jockey for position in the 50/50 clinch until the ref separates them and they reset in the center at 3:30. Hallman starts to stalk again while Tibau backpedals and forms counters, but Tibau bursts forward with a big left that snaps Hallman’s head back.

Hallman continues to march forward until the lock horns in the clinch. They trade positions on the fence and separate. No dice on Tibau’s knee-tap takedown attempt but he does snap an inside leg kick. Hallman wings a left and clinches up with Tibau circling off the fence immediately. It’s another stalemate in the 50/50 clinch until Tibau changes levels for a single but Hallman defends. Hallman again marches forward and Tibau clinches up to jam his strikes. 10-9 Tibau, same reason as in the first round.

R3: Hallman fires a one-two at chest level, then lands a hard left hook. Tibau gets in on a double leg and keeps Hallman down this time. Hallman scoots back to the fence and shows sound defense and resilience in standing back up quickly. They resume the over-under clinch and mutually disengage to throw hands at the 3:00 mark. Hallman continues his zombie-like stalking and dings Tibau with a stiff up-knee from the double collar tie, which leaves a gash on Tibau’s face.

Lead right to the body from Hallman. Tibau lands a counter left and Hallman knees Tibau to the cup so cleanly that you can hear the “clack” when it connects. They pause to check Tibau’s cut and restart in the clinch. Tibau slithers out and hits a momentary takedown before Hallman materializes on his feet a second later. Hallman stays in the clinch, looking to grind it out with Tibau or perhaps to target the bloody eye at close range. Tibau backpedals and awaits gaps in Hallman’s striking to clinch. Hallman spears down some rugged elbows to the back when Tibau telegraphs a takedown. 10-9 Hallman. I have it 29-28 Tibau overall.

  • Gleison Tibau defeats Piotr Hallman via split decision (29-28 x 2, 28-29)

Leonardo Santos vs. Efrain Escudero

R1: Santos throws a right to set up a clinch entry but Escudero isn’t having it. Outside low kick from Escudero and it’s answered with a kick from Santos. Now a front-leg low kick from Escudero and a knee to the ribs as Santos clinches up in pursuit of a single. Santos switches to a body lock and elevates Escudero slightly to hit the throw. Santos knifes into side control and nearly mounts. Escudero is busy with defensive hip movement but Santos is all over him.

Escudero stabilizes in half guard and Santos throws a few rights to the body and a left elbow. Santos smoothly steps over into full mount and nearly gets back control, then does. One hook in for Santos, chipping away with rights on his hook-less side. Now a series of hammer-fists from Santos, who sinks both hooks in with 20 seconds left. Santos gets ballsy with an armbar attempt as time runs out. 10-9 Santos.

R2: Escudero digs a right hook to the body. Lead step-in knee with the single collar tie connects nicely for Santos. Escudero’s overhand right sails over Santos’ guard and lands. Now a ducking counter left for Escudero. Then a grazing counter right. Santos flings some distraction strikes and shoots but Escudero sees it coming and lands another right. Now Escudero plasters Santos with a lead uppercut and clubbing right hand, and it looks like Santos is hurt.

Escudero fires another overhand that lands, then backs off to let Santos stand on rubbery legs. Escudero sticks with the heavy jab-cross and jab-hook combination to sustain his momentum. Double-leg takedown for Escudero, who again backs off to let Santos stand. Santos lands an uppercut and Escudero sends one back at him. 10-9 Escudero.

R3: Escudero stays busy but can’t land anything of note. Santos triples up on his jab and throws a right body kick. Escudero answers with a right hand. Then another that, though blocked, bounces Santos’ head back. Right hand and side-stepping left kick from Escudero, who’s walking Santos down fearlessly. Santos can’t find the roundhouse or front kick so he changes levels and gets a deep double leg.

A few strikes from Santos to set up his pass to full mount, and he moves to Escudero’s back with no hooks in. Now one for Santos as he’s leaning back on the fence, then the other with 90 seconds left. Santos cinches on the body triangle and starts digging for the rear-naked choke. He goes back and forth from striking to seeking out the choke until the horn sounds. 10-9 Santos. I have it 29-28 his way.

  • Leonardo Santos defeats Efrain Escudero by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Santiago Ponzinibbio vs. Wendell Oliveira Marques

R1: Oliveira with a right hand. Ponzinibbio’s forward movement is slowed when Oliveira flashes an uppercut. Now a rugged leg kick and a left from Oliveira. Oliveira looks for the lead uppercut again but Ponzinibbio crushes him with a left hook and a right cross, then stays on the trigger with punches until the ref steps in.

  • Santiago Ponzinibbio defeats Wendell Oliveira Marques by TKO (punches) at 1:20 of Round 1

Iuri Alcantara vs. Russell Doane

R1: Alcantara fires off a left punch and kick. He repeats the sequence after a pressuring one-two and stuffs Doane’s desperation takedown, slithering into back mount. Alcantara puts both hooks in and applies the mata leao but Doane shows good composure in fighting it off. Doane hits a counter takedown and takes top position — Alcantara goes after a leg lock but Doane stands to avoid it and then dives back into Alcantara’s guard.

Doane’s first two elbow attempts are shielded but his follow-up right gets through. Doane lands another and then postures up to counter Alcantara’s busy hips. Alcantara gets an under-hook and uses half butterfly guard to sweep, but lands a knee below the belt back on the feet. After a brief pause, we restart with a minute left. Another one-two and left roundhouse kick medley from Alcantara but Doane circles out of range. Doane shoots with 20 seconds left and gets it but freezes to nullify Alcantara’s kimura attempt. 10-9 Doane but it was a close round.

R2: Alcantara head-hunts with a few left high kicks and then chucks a monster left hand into Doane’s cheek. The ref warns both fighters for probing their hands outward with open fingers. Doane bides his time and lands a deep double-leg in between Alcantara’s bursts on the feet. Alcantara uses a butterfly hook to raise Doane’s hips and get back up but he eats a short forearm in the process.

Alcantara goes for an armbar and then switches to an omoplata when Doane rotates his arm to defend. Doane slips out and resumes his methodical top game, still content to stay in full guard and throw punches. Alcantara opts to close his guard and throw strikes, and connects with a back-elbow. I guess … we just stand fighters up now, so the ref steps in. Alcantara capitalizes on the needless stand-up by landing a nasty left and a left body kick. He gets careless on a flying knee and Doane takes him down to close the round. 10-9 Alcantara via poor reffing.

R3: Doane tries a duck-under takedown but Alcantara sprawls out. Doane grabs the front head lock and lands an illegal knee just as Alcantara puts a hand down — the ref warns him and they continue. Doane locks his hands and dumps Alcantara with a double. Alcantara gets back to his feet but Doane beautifully transitions to a D’arce choke, and it’s deep enough to force Alcantara to fall back defensively.

Alcantara goes two-on-one wrist control to escape and holds the grip, which enables a kimura counter when Doane dives on a single. Doane pulls his head out and shoots again while Alcantara is still on the fence, and wisely pauses, repositions and hits it on his second try. Cross-face forearms from Doane with Alcantara’s head on the cage. Alcantara explodes out and pounces on Doane to reverse position but doesn’t have much time to work. Good scrap. 10-9 Doane for a 29-28 his way.

  • Iuri Alcantara defeats Russell Doane by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Jessica Andrade vs. Larissa Pacheco

R1: Pacheco gets off first but Andrade backs her up with some momentous left hands and nails a takedown. Hammer-fists pave the way for Andrade’s pass to half guard, then she steps over for a guillotine as Pacheco tries to shrimp out. Pacheco fights it off but gives up side mount and eats another series of short shots from Andrade. Frantic hammer-fists from Andrade in unison with her guard passing attempts.

Andrade threads her right arm through in D’arce position but bails on it to land more punches. Pacheco looking thoroughly overwhelmed thus far but she manages to close her guard and control Andrade’s posture around the one-minute mark. It’s short-lived as Andrade passses to side mount and attack with another top-side guillotine. Pacheco taps.

  • Jessica Andrade defeats Larissa Pacheco by submission (guillotine choke) at 4:33 of Round 1

Preliminary Card (Fight Pass, 5:45 PM ET)

Godofredo Pepey vs. Dashon Johnson

R1: Not much doin’ for the first half-minute. Johnson grazes with an outside low kick and Pepey whiffs on a high spinning roundhouse kick. Pepey just misses with a side-stepping left counter. Pepey connects on a wild overhand right. Johnson ducks under Pepey’s looping counter and clinches up but can’t keep Pepey on the fence. Another spinning kick from Pepey sails over Johnson’s head.

Quick-release right hand lands for Johnson. After another lull in action, Johnson ducks under Pepey’s barrage and hits a takedown but finds himself caught in an extremely deep armbar. Johnson grits his teeth and refuses to tap, but finally relents when Pepey goes belly-down and starts to wrench a triangle/armbar combination.

  • Godofredo Pepey defeats Dashon Johnson by submission (triangle/armbar) at 4:29 of Round 1

Igor Araujo vs. George Sullivan

R1: Sullivan looks to work his hands but Araujo throws a few rangy kicks to keep him at bay. Sullivan lands downstairs and hits a takedown but Araujo is right back up and into a throw from the body lock. Sullivan keeps his footing and squirms out of a potential back-take, then hits a takedown. Araujo’s armbar attempt is patiently avoided by Sullivan, who starts to rain down right hands.

Araujo elevates the hips with both feet but can’t pull off the sweep. A steady stream of right hands from Sullivan and they’re starting to add up. Araujo tries a counter-single and doesn’t get it, but he’s able to get back up. Araujo shoots on him and Sullivan defends and throws a few elbows, but Araujo spins into top control. Sullivan answers with a reversal of his own, and closes the frame throwing punches from on top. 10-9 Sullivan.

R2: Araujo misses with a spinning wheel kick but lands the follow-up right. He stays on Sullivan and gets the waist lock but Sullivan’s takedown defense is still feisty, and Araujo pulls guard. Sullivan continues his workmanlike hum-drum of punches from on top betwixt pauses to shut down Araujo’s escape attempts. Amidst the incessant drubbing, Araujo stops moving, apparently rocked unconscious by one of the many Sullivan right hands.

  • George Sullivan defeats Igor Araujo by TKO (punches) at 2:31of Round 2

Francisco Trinaldo vs. Leandro Silva

R1: The long-armed Silva lands a counter right early and dodges a big shot from Trinaldo. Silva finds himself backed into a corner and hits a successful takedown, cradling Trinaldo’s right leg to prevent the escape. Trinaldo clears the hook and stands, and they trade positions on the fence before they’re separated by the ref.

Silva, who started in southpaw, goes to orthodox on the reset, then back to southpaw to land a fast left shortly after. Inside low kick scores for Silva. Trinaldo answers with a left kick to the ribs but Silva’s underhook prevents his follow-up takedown attempt. Silva holds the whizzer and shields with his knee to block Trinaldo’s attacking knee strikes. Silva falls back for a guillotine but it’s too lose and Trinaldo closes the frame with a few strikes from on top. 10-9 Silva.

R2: Trinaldo establishes his left hand with repeating volleys upstairs and down. Again Silva responds to the incoming pressure by changing levels and completing a double-leg. Trinaldo works his way back to his feet but eats a right hand and a hard knee to the body in the clinch. Silva is able to take Trinaldo’s back in a scramble and quickly sinks both hooks in, then wisely reaches back and hooks a hand inside Trinaldo’s thigh to keep him in place.

Silva transitions to a rear-naked choke that doesn’t look to be under the chin, but Trinaldo goes belly-down. Silva bails on the choke attempt but keeps the back mount with both hooks. Silva looks to mount but Trinaldo rolls with him, then continues his momentum and spins to face Silva, now in top. Silva stands up and immediately attacks Trinaldo’s waist, hitting another takedown and then assumes back mount with 20 seconds left. 10-9 Silva.

R3: They exchange left crosses. Trinaldo attacks with punches to back Silva up. Another outburst from Trinaldo, which closes with a body kick that might’ve landed. Trinaldo sustains his pressure with more punches and then a knee to the body, and the crowd roars in response. Silva shoots a desperation takedown and Trinaldo stops it with the front headlock and then falls back for a guillotine attempt that’s not there. Trinaldo transitions into an omoplata but it’s too lose.

Silva uses the front headlock when Trinaldo goes after a counter single but Trinaldo breaks free and squeezes off another burst of heavy left hands, again finding the mark. Silva shoots and falls back for a sloppy guillotine, allowing Trinaldo to hammer down a few left hands. 10-9 Trinaldo. I have it 29-28 Silva. The final scores are … trippy.

  • Francisco Trinaldo defeats Leandro Silva by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Paulo Thiago vs. Sean Spencer

R1: Thiago takes a seat immediately thanks to a crisp one-two right out of the gate from Spencer. Thiago recovers and works his way back to his feet but can’t keep his back off the cage. Thiago finally circles off and looks for a knee downstairs from the over-under. A knee to the inside thigh from Thiago but he can’t hit the hip throw. Spencer loosens another volley of straight, tight punches and catches Thiago. Thiago goes for an outside trip but Spencer reverses at the last moment and lands in his half guard.

One-inch forearms from Spencer as Thiago rolls onto his side, possibly looking for a kimura. Spencer under-hooks an arm to break the hold and disengages to resume things standing. Spencer stays with the straight shots as Thiago is late in countering with looping hooks and an uppercut. Another right cross lands for Spencer. Strong 10-9 for Spencer.

R2: No dice on Spencer’s overhand right/left hook combo. Counter left from Thiago, but his head is subsequently snapped back by a right during Thiago’s straight-line retreat. Spencer continues his momentum with a takedown but Thiago scrambles back to his feet a moment later, looking to run the pipe on a single leg. Spencer shows good balance in neutralizing it and gladly takes top position when Thiago curiously pulls guard.

Right forearms from Spencer as Thiago tries in vain to work on something from a loose half guard. Thiago is cut over his right eye, likely from the continuous torrent of forearms. Thiago gives up his back for respite from the forearms and Spencer gets one hook in. Thiago stands up and slips out the back door despite a blatant fence-grab from Spencer, catching Spencer with a takedown as he’s vulnerable. Spencer gets free before the horn sounds. Thiago sits down on the canvas as soon as the round ends. 10-9 Spencer.

R3: Spencer stalking with huge right hands that Thiago is able to avoid. Spencer double-jabs into range and stuffs Thiago’s counter-takedown. Meatball right hand from Thiago is dodged. Step-in knee and right hand from Spencer but they don’t land clean on the retreating Thiago.

Thiago is either pawing with ineffective counters while moving in reverse or hunching over to throw slow and telegraphed haymakers. Spencer keeps his jab in Thiago’s face. Signs of life from Thiago in the form of a semi-fluid three-punch combo that backs Spencer up. Undaunted, Spencer continues to walk Thiago down and loosen stiff but calculating bursts of punches. 10-9 Spencer for a 30-27 his way on my card.

  • Sean Spencer defeats Paulo Thiago by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Rani Yahya vs. Johnny Bedford

R1: Yahya comes out with both guns blazing, heaving a steady stream of monstrous rights and lefts. Bedford slows the barrage with an illegal kick to Yahya’s head when he was down, and the ref takes a point for the blatant foul. Yahya launches himself at Bedford on the restart and changes levels for a takedown as Bedford tries to return fire with punches. Yahya cinches up a tight guillotine and falls back for it, keeping a tight squeeze for nearly a minute as Bedford tries to slip his head out.

Bedford escapes at the halfway mark, posturing up with a right hand. Yahya goes to deep half guard but a few left hammer-fists from Bedford and he goes back to full guard. Bedford stands up and disengages, and the pair trade wide windmills on the feet. Yahya shoots and Bedford shuts it down with a strong front headlock, then pursues a front choke that forces Yahya to roll onto his back. Yahya bucks his hips for an armbar, then tries to transition to the omoplata at the bell. 10-9 Yahya for the prolonged submission danger as the most effective offense.

R2: Yahya wades forward behind more flying leather and changes levels for a single. Bedford thwarts it and goes to the front headlock but Yahya slithers forward into full guard and rolls into a leg lock, enabling him to sweep into top position when Bedford reacts. Yahya carves from full guard to side mount, isolating Bedford’s left arm with the kimura grip on the way. With the aid of Bedford’s right arm being crucifixed, Yahya torques it and forces Bedford to tap with his feet.

  • Rani Yahya defeats Johnny Bedford by submission (kimura) at 2:04 of Round 2
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