UFC Fight Night: Bader vs. St. Preux – Shawn Jordan vs. Jack May Preview and Prognostication

Shawn Jordan vs. Jack May Heavyweight When we last left our heroes... Am I the only one who forgot MMA has a heavyweight division…

By: David Castillo | 9 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Bader vs. St. Preux – Shawn Jordan vs. Jack May Preview and Prognostication
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Shawn Jordan vs. Jack May Heavyweight

When we last left our heroes…

Am I the only one who forgot MMA has a heavyweight division in the UFC?

That sounds terrible, especially since I’m the writer entrusted with analyzing matchups, but like a freshman college student from the year 2000 who once felt compelled to listen to Limp Bizcit, and not recoil in disgust…can you really blame me?

Part of the problem with the division is that it’s missing its HW champion due the MMA Gods love of all things fighter injuries. In addition, the UFC just cut ties with Dos Santos, which is another blow to the division. Geronimo that is (thanks Mookie)…

So now the flounders go from prey to predator, with not even the gatekeepers to keep them in check. Somewhere in here, there’s an anology to the awful drama going on in Ferguson, but this week has been so inundated with tragedy that I’m about to pass out.

Seriously, August can screw off.

Anyway, so we’re here to talk about two HW’s coming off losses within the first round to strikes. At this point we know exactly who Shawn Jordan is: a big guy who the commentary powers that be, will explain to the public how his football background has set him up for success in this legitimate sport we call MMA. Kind of like how you always unironically hear about a soccer player’s important background in foosball.

A 3-3 record is nonetheless completely respectable, with wins over NHL mememeister Olli Jokinen, legend of the hammerfist Mike Russow, and soon to be Expendables co-star, Pat Barry.

As for Jack May, here’s another name that likely won’t be familiar to the casual fan.

While he debuted in defeat against Derrick Lewis, he’s probably a little better than what he showed at UFC on FOX 11. Training at Combat Submission Wrestling with fighters like Josh Barnett will only make him better. At 33 years of age, however, there’s not much upward mobility in his future. But this is HW we’re talking about, so all it will take are the right matchups.

What both men can violently do…

We know one thing: Jordan is a kid tested, Nick Saban approved product of LSU. But jest aside, he’s a wrecking ball of a fighter, and one you won’t be able to say ever just walked away. From a fight. His predominant weapon comes from the legitimate power of his fists. In any punch in the face contest, he’s not a guy to bet against unless his opponent is superior. If you’ve ever heard Joe Rogan maniacally scream “big right hand!!” into the mic, that’s Shawn Jordan in a nutshell. He is fairly well rounded, and in fact, does better when he’s not slugging it out with his opponent.

May is the striking specialist in this one. He has a background in kickboxing, and you can check out one of those matches here.

Despite his height, he’s not the type to use his range. But that he doesn’t necessarily he isn’t capable of fighting to his strengths. He has a short, chopping overhand right that he throws with convinction, but truly excels with knees in close. When he’s successful, he’s just ragdolling opposition with his close quarters brutality.

What both men can’t violently do…

Don’t expect that to work here. May is a kind of symbol for the semblance of truth to the notion that “K-1 level kickboxing” isn’t even K-1 level kickboxing. As we saw against Lewis, May can be cracked, and he still has cardio issues.

The plus for May is his height. If he can defend Jordan’s takedowns, which to his credit he is good at, then he has a chance to land strikes from afar, and even in close. Jordan’s height will remain an issue as long as his boxing defense needs maintenance. So I’ll go with May to land enough strikes before succumbing to lactic acid.


Jack May by TKO, round 1.

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