UFC on Fox 12: Lawler vs. Brown (prelims) live results, play by play and discussion

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live and detailed coverage of the UFC on Fox 12: Lawler vs. Brown event from the SAP…

By: Dallas Winston | 9 years ago
UFC on Fox 12: Lawler vs. Brown (prelims) live results, play by play and discussion
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Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live and detailed coverage of the UFC on Fox 12: Lawler vs. Brown event from the SAP Center in San Jose, California, starting with live results and play by play for both preliminary cards.

UFC Fight Pass will fire the starting gun at 4:15 p.m. ET with a four-fight lineup that showcases promising newcomers Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Gilbert Burns, Noad Lahat and Tiago dos Santos. Afterward we’ll make the switch to the Fox channel at 6:00 p.m. ET for another four-piece offering that includes Light-Heavyweight’s Patrick Cummins vs. Kyle Kingsbury and skilled lightweight strikers Jorge Masvidal vs. Daron Cruickshank.

The lineup for both UFC on Fox 12 preliminary cards follows below. Feel free to take in the detailed analysis and predictions for the entire UFC on Fox 12 from this week’s Vivisection.

UFC on Fox 12 Preliminary Card (Fox at 6:00 p.m. ET)

Daron Cruickshank vs. Jorge Masvidal

R1: Cruickshank is the only fighter to attempt anything of note though they’re cautious punches and head kicks. Cruickshank half-fakes a kick and comes high with a scorching overhand right that absolutely floors Masvidal who, amazingly, pops right back up, smiling. Cruickshank wheels for a big spinning kick that Masvidal sees coming.

Halfway through the round and Masvidal is fighting excessively complacent. Cruickshank lands a lead side kick to the midsection. Masvidal catches the next Cruickshank kick and lands a flying knee; a creative, reactionary counter. Cruickshank unbolts a teep to Masvidal’s head, then lands an outside low kick from distance. Left kick/right cross combo for Masvidal, Cruickshank fends off an incoming combo with short side and front kicks, and he’s staying in the pocket to throw them. Left roundhouse kick to the ribs for Masvidal along with a late takedown to end the round. 10-9 Cruickshank.

R2: Cruickshank with a one-two, high kick and spinning kick combo in response to Masvidal’s snapping left jab. Cruickshank attacks the waist of Masvidal and secures a takedown but ends up in guard after a sugary sweet reversal by “Gamebred.” Short forearms and knees to the body from Masvidal on top. Cruickshank might be looking for a deep-half sweep but Masvidal cinches on a D’arce choke in the process, and locks it up tight.

Cruickshank turns enough to make literal breathing room and Masvidal releases the choke only to bounce a series of sharp elbows off Cruickshank’s head. Masvidal gets the left-to-left handcuff in full guard but Cruickshank is able to break his grip after a struggle. Left elbows augment Masvidal’s dominant topside performance. 10-8 Masvidal for nearly five straight minutes of sheer defense from Cruickshank.

R3: Knowing it’s all even, they start the third cautiously. Masvidal ends up with the rear waist cinch 90 seconds in and Cruickshank puts both hands down, then tries to roll out to no avail. Masvidal knocks out Cruickshank’s supporting leg but he still manages to stand despite being caught in the waist lock. Cruickshank pulls out the Sakuraba kimura counter to shake loose and then attacks with punches but Masvidal puts him on his back with a well-timed takedown.

Masvidal craftily snares up the handcuff again and then attacks the neck as Cruickshank hand-fights to get free. Masvidal now goes back to the handcuff to counter Cruickshank’s kimura and ride out the rest of the time in top control. 10-9 Masvidal for a 29-27 his way on my card.

  • Jorge Masvidal defeats Daron Cruickshank by unanimous decision (29-28 x 2, 29-27)

Patrick Cummins vs. Kyle Kingsbury

R1: An elaborately bearded Kingsbury takes a low stance and flings jabs to keep Cummins at bay. Cummins launches for a takedown and lifts the single leg high to put Kingsbury down. Impressive resilience from Kingsbury, who gets back up to his feet. The accomplishment is ephemeral as Cummins dumps him again, then puts on a vice-like front headlock to stabilize Kingsbury before landing a sweet outside trip.

Kingsbury claws his way back to his feet again and then manages to stay afoot on Cummins’ blast double leg. Kingsbury chops at Cummins lead leg to counter his combination but Cummins answers with a high kick that Kingsbury gets a glove in front of. Cummins takes him down again and applies downward pressure with a strong right overhook in half guard to keep Kingsbury in place. Kingsbury cross-faces to create space and Cummins controls his head with his opposite arm and returns the cross face, later turning it into a few pressure-release elbows. 10-9 Cummins.

R2: Kingsbury chops out Cummins’ lead leg as he’s advancing but digests a few knees to the gut in the ensuing clinch. Cummins’ unfurls another explosive level change and puts Kingsbury down, who fights his way back to the standing position before the vicious cycle repeats. Cummins snares a front headlock during Kingsbury’s escape and lands a few punches as he slips free.

Glancing one-two from Cummins, then a hard body kick that the steadily sapping Kingsbury shield blocks. Labored and half-hearted combinations from Kingsbury, which are attributed the ever-present threat of Cummins’ takedowns. Cummins springs for another and gets it easily. Steady ground and pound from Cummins during this exchange, which is limiting Kingsbury’s will and options to escape. 10-8 Cummins for nonstop domination and nary a shred of offense from Kingsbury.

R3: Nice step-in knee from Kingsbury to start the last frame. Cummins answers with a fast head kick and then bowls Kingsbury over with a takedown a moment later. A steady stream of right hands and elbows from Cummins in half guard, forcing Kingsbury into an urgent scramble. Kingsbury tries a double to counter Cummins’ front headlock and it succeeds in backing the dominant wrestler off.

Kingsbury lobs a slow left hook and Cummins ducks under with a double leg. Kingsbury takes a knee and stands back up, showing admirable heart in a one-sided affair. Easy single leg for Cummins with 90 seconds left. Cummins looks to pin the left arm of Kingsbury from half guard, then stands up and rains down a few punches. Cummins switches to an Anaconda choke briefly in the front headlock but can’t turn it into a threat. 10-9 Cummins for a 30-26 his way on my card.

  • Patrick Cummins defeats Kyle Kingsbury by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-24)

Tim Means vs. Hernani Perpetuo

R1: Perpetuo unloads a salvo of heaters while wading forward and Means stems the outpour in the clinch. They’re both methodical on the reset despite the frenzied pace earlier until Perpetuo deploys another aggressive barrage of punches. Perpetuo’s output is keeping Means on the defense – Means shoots and Perpetuo stuffs it. Means hammers a knee and a medley of short elbows to Perpetuo’s temple to counter his next blitz, then glances with a beautiful uppercut elbow.

Perpetuo wheels out a spinning kick that misses. Heavy and wide combinations from Perpetuo but not all of his aggression is translating to effective offense.Perpetuo gets an unintentional finger to the eye during a tie-up and then complains about a headbutt after they restart. Herb Dean tells him to fight on. More combos from Perpetuo but Means is able to shield them. 10-10: Means’ defense was sound and they both landed a similar amount of significant strikes.

R2: Perpetuo waits for an opening and unloads with both hands but Means side-steps it. Perpetuo glances a left hook off the guard of Means. Means slips in a short left downstairs. Double kicks from Perpetuo and the second one hits the midsection. Hard right hand blasts away at Means’ defensive guard again.

Means’ sits down on a straight left and streaks it into the chin of Perpetuo, causing him to wobble backwards. Means tries a flying knee and stays reserved in his attack when it misses. Means plugs his fists through a few holes in Perpetuo’s defense, steadily gaining momentum with his quickness and accuracy. Perpetuo stays predictable with his right/left burst of punches and Means covers well. 10-9 Means.

R3: Perpetuo lands an outside low kick that’s set up with a right hand, then finds the mark with a short right to the body before Means can release his counter shots. Means whiffs with a question mark kick and continues to walk Perpetuo down. Perpetuo raises Means’ leg with a sharp low kick to the inner thigh.

Double jab from Means. Perpetuo stings with another inside low kick. Then another. Perpetuo’s output sputters to a near halt until he attacks with 90 seconds left. He start to taunt Means at the one-minute mark betwixt looping right hands. Means covers and throws counters with a Perpetuo right hand standing as the only memorable offense. 10-9 Means though this was a balanced round. I have it 30-28 his way.

  • Tim Means defeats Hernani Perpetuo by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Mike De La Torre vs. Brian Ortega

R1: De La Torre fires off shots in reverse as Ortega bull-rushes him, looking to connect. Ortega finally traps De La Torre against the fence, slips his head under the whizzer arm, moves behind and jumps on to back control. Locked body triangle for Ortega, who smothers De La Torre with a determined effort to cinch the rear-naked choke and eventually gets the tapout.

  • Brian Ortega defeats Mike De La Torre by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:39 of Round 1

Fight Pass Preliminary Card

Akbarh Arreola vs. Tiago dos Santos

R1: Santos with a sharp right low kick. Fight Pass is freezing and in and out for me — apologies. They both land kicks but it’s Santos who hits the floor momentarily. Santos is committing to his combinations and the busier fighter but neither has landed with any authority yet. Now Arreola increases his output with a few kicks and a follow-up left. Santos connects with a counter right hand.

Arreola lands a left body kick but the aggressive pace of Santos is diluting his offense. Santos keeps coming forward with quick rights and lefts as Arreola looks to evade, countering occasionally with a high kick and straight left. Arreola hits an outside trip at the horn. 10-9 Santos for the higher volume and slightly more effective striking.

R2: Right body kick from Santos. Short knee to the ribs lands for Arreola before he wards off a takedown attempt. Santos bursts forward with punches but torques his hips into a low kick that sweeps out Arreola’s leg and puts him down. Santos kicks (and actually strikes) to the legs of the downed Arreola before they’re stood back up. Arreola slips a left kick under Santos’ right arm. Santos lands a straight kick to the body and limp-legs out when Arreola grabs his leg.

Clean left roundhouse kick lands to the body for Arreola. Wild overhand right from Santos is blocked but he slips in a leg kick as they disengage. Arreola throws a spinning back fist and tacks on a left roundhouse kick; a gorgeous combination but one that doesn’t score. Santos’ fast right hand breaks through Arreola’s guard. Santos gets the rear waist cinch after a tie-up but he bails on it. Arreola gets Santos down but the immediate armbar attempt forces him to back out. Arreola lands his best left body kick yet to close the frame. 10-9 Santos.

R3: The competitors show good sportsmanship with a handshake to start the last round. Santos goes back to his high-output head-hunting and Arreola gets on his bike, but lands a clean left hand while retreating. Wide left hook and uppercut whiffs for Santos, who then catches Arreola’s left kick but can’t convert it into anything useful. Santos puts Arreola on the cage and throws knees to the thighs, then connects with a nice horizontal elbow.

They throw simultaneously but the left of Arreola lands cleaner. Santos heaves a three-punch medley and puts Arreola on the fence. They break with two minutes left. Double left body kicks from Arreola, then a low kick from Santos. Arreola slips in two counter shots betwixt the wild flurries of Santos. An elbow, right hand and left to the body land for Santos, and he stays on the trigger with a few knees. Santos briefly gets the rear waist lock but opts for more knees when Arreola spins out. 10-9 Santos. I have it 30-27 his way though the fight was closer than that score reflects.

  • Tiago dos Santos defeats Akbarh Arreola by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Gilbert Burns vs. Andreas Stahl

R1: Stahl comes out in a hunched over stance, looking to close distance. He gets inside but Burns circles him into the fence while looking for a single leg. Burns snatches the single but can’t run the pipe — nice takedown defense from Stahl. They change spots on the fence and battle for position. Stahl disengages with a right/left combo and Burns fires back. Big roundhouse kick from Burns is blocked.

Stahl attacks with a right hand and initiates another clinch, landing a knee under Burns’ right arm. Two sharp knees to the face from Burns — make it three. Stahl breaks the clinch but goes back after Burns with another wild flurry before clinching back up. Now it’s Burns who unbolts a quick flurry on the clinch break, then jumps on Stahl as he’s covering but only gets him down for a second before he’s back up. I have it 10-9 Burns for a very slight edge in striking.

R2: Burns stays aggressive with fast combos, forcing Stahl to focus heavily on defense for the first minute. Stahl rushes him and gets the clinch but two knees to the body from Burns breaks the tie-up. Wild, charging overhand right from Stahl on his way into the clinch. Burns gets free and blocks a big spinning back fist from Stahl just in time.

Front kick and right hand from Burns, then a body kick before successfully changing levels and securing a takedown. Burns lands in side control and peppers with an elbow, but gets too carried with a mount pass, allowing Stahl to slip out and stand up. Stahl flurries with both hands to close the round but Burns deflects the barrage. 10-9 Burns.

R3: Burns starts out aggressively with a combination and eventually puts Stahl on the fence with the over-under hold. They break and Burns lands a right as Stahl barrels in in pursuit of a single leg. Nothing doing and they separate. Stahl with a body kick but he misses with a flying knee. Burns has a head kick blocked. Stahl initiates a clinch and lands a knee downstairs on the way in.

Stahl has the body lock briefly but Burns breaks his grip before he can capitalize, and circles into open space. Simple and straight one-twos from Burns to dissuade Stahl’s straight-line stalking. Burns catches a counter knee to his hook/straight combo but launches for a flying knee that Stahl side steps. Burns disengages from the clinch with a horizontal elbow. Stahl connects with an outside low kick to the thigh, then forces another clinch. Burns lands a right hand and they slug it out until the horn sounds. 10-9 Burns for a 30-28 his way on my card.

  • Gilbert Burns defeats Andreas Stahl by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Juliana Carneiro Lima vs. Joanna Jedrzejczyk

R1: Lima unhinges some quick and tight combos, then lands a low kick. Lima shoots and Jedrzejczyk stuffs it with footwork and an underhook. Lima switches to the high-crotch with Jedrzejczyk on the fence but can’t get it. After a protracted stalemate, Lima throws a knee to the inner thigh and then looks to switch to a double leg. She pinches Jedrzejczyk’s legs together and gets the takedown momentarily but Jedrzejczyk is back up instantly.

They’re separated halfway through the round and Jedrzejczyk plunges a nasty straight right through Lima’s guard. More tight punches and an easy sprawl to dodge Lima’s takedown, then a snapping left hand from Jedrzejczyk. Lima clinches up and puts Jedrzejczyk on the fence, looking for more knees to the legs. Jedrzejczyk swings a horizontal elbow but it misses. They’re separated with a minute left and Jedrzejczyk jabs to the body. They both land left hooks. Another left to the body for Jedrzejczyk and then they both land simultaneously again. 10-10 for equal striking effectiveness but no definitive offensive advantage.

R2: Jedrzejczyk pressures with the jab and glances with an overhand right. Inside low kick from Lima. Busy combos from Jedrzejczyk though nothing of note has landed. Lima grazes with a left hook and it incites a fiery combo from Jedrzejczyk that closes with a knee to the body. Jedrzejczyk bombs a left downstairs. Lima’s output and activity has noticeably dwindled.

More lefts to the body to set up Jedrzejczyk’s overhand right. Another left to the body for Jedrzejczyk before stifling a Lima takedown. Lima keeps her on the fence but eats a series of knees and an elbow before they’re separated again. Jedrzejczyk continues to walk Lima down behind a maelstrom of leather. 10-9 Jedrzejczyk.

R3: Jedrzejczyk keeps her left in Lima’s face continuously and doesn’t even allow Lima a follow-up clinch after fending off her takedown attempt. Left hook and straight right score to the body for Jedrzejczyk. Lima finally shows life with a short right hand. Switch right hook from Jedrzejczyk, who’s showing excellent striking generalship. Jedrzejczyk now fearlessly head-hunting but it results in a surprise takedown from Lima, who falls into side control.

Jedrzejczyk gets half guard and Lima lands short elbows. Lima looking to slip her leg out and mount with less than a minute left. Jedrzejczyk gets loose and fights her way out of the front headlock and stays upright with the whizzer. 10-9 Jedrzejczyk. I have t 30-28 her way.

  • Joanna Jedrzejczyk defeats Juliana Carneiro Lima by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Noad Lahat vs. Steven Siler

R1: Siler looks to pressure with kicks from distance. Lahat jams his next attempt with a knee to the body. Lahat ducks under for a deep double leg and Siler immediately threatens with an armbar from his guard. Lahat works out of it and Siler closes his guard with a strong overhook/underhook combo. Mission control from Siler as Lahat can only manage a handful of patty cakes to the face before referee Jason Herzog warns him about the stand up.

They’re separated by the ref halfway through the round. Lahat catches Siler with a right hand in open space. Counter left from Lahat on a Siler kick. Lahat heaves a right hand and shoots again but settles for a positional battle against the fence. Underhook hip throw from Lahat but Siler gets back up quickly, landing a knee downstairs as they disengage. Stiff jab from Siler, then an uppercut that snaps Lahat’s head back and may have dazed him. 10-10: Lahat did nothing with the takedowns/top control and they both landed an equal amount of effective strikes.

R2: Siler lands another beefy uppercut early, then answers a stinging Lahat right with a right hook and low kick. Hook to the liver from Lahat. Siler scores with a one-two as Lahat cracks a leg kick. Siler stays busy with angle jabs, then peels off a left/right hook combo that lands.

Sharp inside low kick from Siler after Lahat’s spinning kick whiffs. Grazing kick to the sternum from Lahat. Lahat changes levels and Siler swivels for an omoplata, and a dizzying scramble ensues in which Lahat threatens to take back control, then holds onto a hammerlock during the transition to set up a tight triangle. The triangle is locked after the beautiful transition but Siler guts it out for nearly 20 seconds. 10-8 Lahat for the near finish.

R3: Lhat slips in a short left and Siler plugs him with a counter right, then takes Lahat’s back after a tie-up and scramble, falling onto his own back and sinking both hooks in. Lahat hand-fights the rear-naked choke and Siler cinches on the body triangle. Siler holds the body lock and maintains a liberal amount of patience in back control. Lahat tries to spin free but Siler’s body triangle and wrist control keep him in place.

Siler releases the body triangle and Lahat takes a knee and stands. They trade barbs in open space with Siler just missing a wild left but maintaining the presence of his jab. Siler dings Lahat with a right hand after a sloppy kick combination. Lahat attempts a flying knee that lands below the belt and we pause. On the restart, Siler stuffs a takedown attempt and swarms Lahat with punches, ending the round with back mount. 10-9 as Siler clearly won but didn’t match the prolonged threat of Lahat’s near submission in Round 2. I have it 30-28 for Lahat.

  • Noad Lahat defeats Steven Siler by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

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