Ben Saunders: ‘I was visualizing my opponent was Bjorn Rebney’

Not everyone loved Bjorn Rebney. Whatever the reasons, Rebney was not the most popular figure in MMA. Partially this was because of Bellator's predatory…

By: Zane Simon | 9 years ago
Ben Saunders: ‘I was visualizing my opponent was Bjorn Rebney’
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Not everyone loved Bjorn Rebney. Whatever the reasons, Rebney was not the most popular figure in MMA. Partially this was because of Bellator’s predatory contract structure, partially it was because as a public figure in power in MMA it’s almost impossible to move through the world without making a few enemies. For some fighters, it runs much deeper than that. Ben Saunders seems to have cultivated a deep distaste for the former Bellator CEO, one that he made fully apparent recently on’s The Underground.

“In My Opinion”

He knew exactly what he was doing… who to lie to, who to screw over, along with calculating precisely when and where to be shady.

He probably tried to please who he thought he needed to please. Two-facing like a fake ass motherf***er….

Though he clearly failed to do enough pleasing or he would still have his job.

I actually take Pride knowing I might have had a little something to do with Viacoms decision. At least I did what I could to let the people in charge at Viacom know that piece of shit had to go! This was way before it actually happened. Yes! I did everything in my power to get his ass fired while still fighting for them.

Hate is a strong word but when someone f***s with your livelihood and in turn your family, your passion, your dreams, and everything you stand for. That means f***ing WARFARE!

All the blood, sweat, and tears I have put into my career and throughout my life. I’ll be dammed if I let this motherf***er try to play me without retaliation!

I feel I was a pretty big figure for their organization, & I had a ton of fighters that had my back in full support, employees too. But no one had any power or weight to do anything about it. I just personally didn’t give a f*** and did what I could anyways. He wanted play games I couldn’t win, but in the end I feel Victorious!

That motherf***er is GONE!!!

Though truth be told… I honestly have no doubt in my mind that he knew his time was up, long before it was. He seemed very good at taking advantage of people and situations with his position of power. So like a heist, he probably arranged a decent get away.

He is the #1 reason I never thought twice about staying with Bellator even though they wanted me to. I will miss all the friends I made there. But Bjorn made that place feel, smell, and taste like lumpy spoiled milk and vomit. My senses are still recovering.

I do believe now that Viacom has Scott Coker their organization will be a much better place for fighters to venture to. Hell I might even wear a Bellator shirt outside with pride now. Lol

P.S. My fastest win in Bellator is because I was visualizing my opponent was Bjorn Rebney. That is 100% fact, No lie!

I was furious going into that fight and even more furious that it ended so quickly cause I had so much RAGE to still unleash. You can even see it in my eyes and my reaction after the win….

I literally scream out “F*** that Motherf***er!!!!!!!”

And it wasnt my actual opponent I was speaking about…. it was my imaginary opponent Bjorn Rebney who I left with a shotgun wound to the face!

And to think, we didn’t even get the potential for a Ben Saunders vs. Bjorn Rebney celebrity boxing match out of it. It seems like the only logical solution.

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