Ali Bagautinov denies reported drug test failure and suspension

Reports of Ali Bagautinov's failed drug test for the stimulant methylhexanemine seemed straight forward enough. It's even potentially reasonable to think that they could…

By: Zane Simon | 9 years ago
Ali Bagautinov denies reported drug test failure and suspension
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Reports of Ali Bagautinov’s failed drug test for the stimulant methylhexanemine seemed straight forward enough. It’s even potentially reasonable to think that they could have been present in a tainted supplement, something included to make a worthless drug feel more effective. Or that Bagautinov took it to get a boost, without realizing that it had been banned. Essentially, as far as doping goes, a nasal spray stimulant is about the lowest level of offense on the totem pole. So, Bagautinov’s denial, not just of purposeful doping, but of any suspension or punishment whatsoever comes as something of a surprise. Speaking to Fox Sports, Bagautinov was quick to dismiss stories of any FIAS imposed punishments.

Ali Bagautinov told FOX Sports through an interpreter that the story, initially published by and translated by Bloody Elbow, was “nonsense and “BS.”

“If you don’t pass these tests and something happens, you are going to be disqualified,” Bagautinov said. “How come I participated in Russian federation fights and I was not disqualified? I guess it speaks for itself.”

“I guess someone wanted to knock me off and upset me and that’s why they decided to come up with some BS and something that doesn’t have any foundation,” Bagautinov said.

Of course, he’d better be certain that’s the case, as suspension by any other Boxing, MMA, or Martial Arts governing body is supposed to be given heavy consideration when applying for license with the British Colombia Athletic Commission. Per their own guidelines (emphasis is mine):

Contestant licence applications

5 An applicant for a contestant licence or an expedited contestant licence must provide
all the following in respect of the applicant:
(a) the applicant’s fight record;
(b) certifications achieved in boxing or a martial art, as applicable;
(c) the certification, in the English language, of a physician lawfully entitled to
practise medicine in the place where the physical examination is performed who
has performed a physical examination on the applicant within the 12-month
period immediately preceding the date of application, that the physician
(i) has examined the applicant on the date or dates set out in the certificate,
(ii) is of the opinion that the applicant is fit to compete in a professional
contest or exhibition;
(d) height, weight, hair colour and eye colour;
(e) home jurisdiction, the name and address of the facility at which the
applicant regularly trains and the name of the applicant’s trainer;
(f) if the applicant has been disciplined by another regulatory authority in
relation to an authorization issued by the regulatory authority for boxing,
MMA or a martial art, the circumstances giving rise to the discipline and the
sanction imposed;

(g) name, address and phone number of a person who can be contacted in the
event of an emergency.

At the time of publishing, Bloody Elbow has reached out to FIAS for details regarding Ali Bagautinov’s suspension (or lack thereof) and will be sure to provide an update when/if they respond.

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