Bellator 119 – Weichel vs. Green live results, streaming video, discussion and play by play

You are cordially invited to soak in tonight's Bellator 119: Weichel vs. Green event in the cozy confines of our Bloody Elbow abode. We'll…

By: Dallas Winston | 9 years ago
Bellator 119 – Weichel vs. Green live results, streaming video, discussion and play by play
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You are cordially invited to soak in tonight’s Bellator 119: Weichel vs. Green event in the cozy confines of our Bloody Elbow abode. We’ll be supplying live results, streaming video of the preliminary card and play-by-play for the evening’s festivities, which go off from the Casino Rama in Rama, Ontario, Canada.

In the main event, Daniel “The Weasel” Weichel, one of Germany’s finest, squares off with Division 1 wrestling champion Desmond Green in the Featherweight Tournament Finals. Former DREAM middleweight champ Marius Zaromskis and his cornucopia of unkempt kickboxing violence is aligned with twice-beaten Vaughn Anderson while John Alessio, one of the sport’s most overlooked gamers, takes on Eric Wisely in a lightweight bout. Undefeated boxing crossover Raphael Butler will throw down with Nick Rossborough in the show’s opening scrap on Spike TV.

Feel free to peruse the Bellator 119 preview and predictions piece to tide you over until fight time. The full lineup with start times follows below.

****We’re live on Spike TV — results below*****

Bellator 119 — Main Card (Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET)

Desmond Green vs. Daniel Weichel — Featherweight Tournament Finals

R1: Green with an outside low kick. Weichel responds with a quick and tight flurry. Green comes forward with punches but Weichel side-steps with another counter flurry. Sharp right hand lands for Weichel. And another over the top. In the steady exchanges that follow, Green has the length and forward movement but Weichel seems to be cleaner and crisper on his delivery. Green changes levels and hits a double leg with a minute left but Weichel immediately pops back up. Green holds onto the rear waist lock and knees Weichel to the thigh. 10-9 Weichel for the slightly cleaner and more effective striking.

R2: Weichel counters Green’s front kick with a blistering right hand that dazes him, then clips him again with a left while swarming. Green gets a desperation single leg and can’t keep Weichel down, but it buys him enough time to regain his wits. Green comes up swinging, seemingly recovered. After contemplating a right kick and half-throwing it, Weichel tags Green with another stiff right hand and Green shoots a sloppy defensive takedown.

Weichel scrambles into back control and puts both hooks in, sealing his tournament championship with a rear-naked choke seconds later.

  • Daniel Weichel defeats Des Green by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 2

John Alessio vs. Eric Wisely

R1: Wisely snaps home an inside low kick after a slow start on both sides. Alessio nails a takedown at the four-minute mark and Wisely closes his guard. Alessio postures up and drops a few tight-range elbows down. Alessio lands a left hand and a sharp left elbow in sequence. Body/head patterns with Alessio’s ground and pound. Oddly, Wisely cinches an underhook and keeps his guard closed, locking himself in place despite the gradual beating he’s taking. Alessio postures up and flurries at the bell. 10-9 Alessio.

R2: Wisely scores with an outside low kick while retreating. Alessio stays on the hunt though neither is landing or even throwing much due to Wisely’s “elusiveness.” Alessio lands a low kick. Wisely answers. Push kick from Alessio, then a head kick that’s blocked. Chopping low kick from Alessio. Again, Wisely answers with one of his own and checks Alessio’s incoming response. Double jab from Alessio. 10-9 Alessio.

R3: Alessio pushes Wisely onto the fence and gets a takedown after having to work for it. Alessio camps out in half guard and maintains his output with punches and short forearms. Alessio goes cross-body and looks to isolate the arm, then lets it go in order to throw downward elbows to the ribs. Again Wisely looks to defend and survive off his back until the frame ends. 10-9 Alessio for a clean 30-27 sweep.

  • John Alessio defeats Eric Wisely by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Vaughn Anderson vs. Marius Zaromskis

R1: Anderson starts busy with a lead right hook and a low kick. Body kick from Anderson. Zaromskis reels off a one-two and clinches up momentarily to slow Anderson’s forward pressure. Another one-two from Zaromskis to disrupt Anderson’s stalking presence. They exchange hands equally in the center.

Hard outside low kick from Zaromskis. Anderson buzzes Zaromskis with a right and “The Whitemare” has to jog it off to recover, but continues to backpedal. Anderson lands a nice right roundhouse kick to the body as Zaromskis retreats. Zaromskis dodges a right hand and just misses with a right head kick. Three-punch combo from Zaromskis and the last shot digs hard into Anderson’s body, and he goes down onto his back. Zaromskis curiously decides to stand over him and kick his legs until the ref stands them. 10-10 round for both rocking the other with punches.

R2: Anderson lands another roundhouse kick and Zaromskis responds with one high. Left roundhouse to the upper thigh lands for Anderson. Another lands with a crack. The kick Zaromskis answers with lands low and we pause. On the restart, Anderson stays busy with his outside round kick while Zaromskis tries to pop into range with punches betwixt sharp left round kicks of his own.

Zaromskis throws a flying knee at the 2:00 minute mark but Anderson seems to block it. Another digging left kick from Zaromskis. “The Whitemare” bobs under a looping left and slams a right hand to the body. Zaromskis closes the frame with more kicks, a wild combo and a spinning back fist. 10-9 Zaromskis.

R3: More kicks from Zaromskis. Zaromskis throws a right/left combo and sails his signature left high kick through Anderson’s defense. Anderson throws a step-in jab and falls onto his back when he can’t complete a single leg attempt. Zaromskis connects on another hard low kick and Anderson falls onto his back in a halfhearted takedown attempt.

Zaromskis tries another flying knee at the halfway mark. His next low kick causes Anderson to visibly wince and step back down on his leg gingerly. Andesrson falls to his back on Zaromskis’s next engagement. Zaromskis stays on the trigger with a right hook to the breadbasket and a high kick. Zaromskis chops at Anderson’s lead leg again. Superman punch from Zaromskis, who ends the fight heaving punches from the top after Anderson flails onto his back again. 10-9 Zaromskis. I have it 30-28 his way.

  • Marius Zaromskis defeats Vaughn Anderson by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x 2)

Raphael Butler vs. Nick Rossborough

R1: Rossborough starts with a leg kick. He’s immediately swarmed by a nasty hail of leather from Butler, and clinches up to stifle it. Butler hits an outside trip and the former boxer goes to work with big elbows and right hands in half guard. Butler with workmanlike punishment from on top, keeping good posture and head position with intervals of sharp strikes. He backs off halfway through the round and they reset on the feet.

Rossborough cracks Butler with a shot and he falls onto his butt, stunned. Rossborough pounces and moves into back control, seeking out the rear-naked choke. Butler hand-fights it off and lands a blatant back head-butt to Rossborough’s chin, and it connects with a thud. The referee recognizes it and halts the action to check Rossborough, After he clears Rossborough, the ref takes a point and Butler nods in agreement. After textbook handling of the foul, the referee blunders badly by restarting them on the feet. Butler lets his hands go but again it’s Rossborough who lands with authority. Butler lands a pair of stiff uppercuts at the bell. 10-7 Rossborough (10-8 + point deduction).

R2: Butler wades forward behind heavy right hands, pins Rossborough on the cage and takes him down with a body-lock trip. Rossborough tries to cage walk but Butler dissuades him with a series of short rights to the face. Butler moves into side control and keeps punching, though he’s setting up an Americana, then he switches to a kimura. Rossborough has his feet on the fence but doesn’t push off for some reason.

Butler moves to north-south, still with the kimura grip locked. Rossborough spins into the turtle position and Butler keeps his gloves on him from the front headlock. Based on his notable lack of activity in poor positions, Rossborough might be gassed out. The ref stands them up with 18 seconds left and Rossborough can barely keep his hands up. 10-9 Butler.

R3: Rossborough somewhat collapses in the face of Butler’s opening takedown and goes right back into the turtle position with a steady stream of punches bouncing off his head. Rossborough attempts a single leg but Butler defends it and ends up on top in half guard with Rossborough flattened out on his back, still eerily lethargic. The crowd howls their displeasure with a few boos.

Rossborough rolls onto his knees and then onto his back, eating punches throughout. This unbecoming scenario literally repeats for the entirety of the final frame. 10-8 Butler. Weird fight. I have it a draw at 27-27.

  • One judge scores the contest 28-27 for Butler and the other two see it even at 28-28, resulting in a majority draw.

Preliminary Card ( and Bloody Elbow at 7:00 p.m. ET)

Chris Horodecki vs. Marlon Sandro

Brian Rogers defeats Adrian Miles by KO (flying knee), Round 2
Jason Meisel defeats Remy Bussieres by unanimous decision
Malcolm Gordon defeats Chris Kelades by unanimous decisionBehring Yousefi defeats Chad Freeman by submission (triangle choke), Round 1

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