UFC Fight Night 36: Machida vs. Mousasi live results and discussion for Fight Pass prelims

You are cordially invited to join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, detailed play-by-play and enlightening discussion pertaining to tonight’s UFC…

By: Dallas Winston | 10 years
UFC Fight Night 36: Machida vs. Mousasi live results and discussion for Fight Pass prelims
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You are cordially invited to join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, detailed play-by-play and enlightening discussion pertaining to tonight’s UFC Fight Night 36: Machida vs. Mousasi fight card as it unfolds from Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The event’s main card, which airs at 10:30 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 1, is dually captained by standout middleweights. Respected marksmen Lyoto Machida and Gegard Mousasi hold down the headliner while grappling phenom Ronaldo Souza clashes with the surging Francis Carmont in the co-main slot. Prior to the five-bout main card, UFC Fight Pass will trigger the fist-fighting festivities with a seven-piece preliminary card that kicks off at 7:30 p.m. ET. The full lineup for the preliminary card is detailed below.

***Update: we’re live on UFC Fight Pass, results below***

UFN 36 Preliminary Card

Cristiano Marcello vs. Joe Proctor

R3: Proctor walks Marcello into a corner and Marcello shoots. Proctor moves into guillotine position but Marcello patiently persists until he gets the double, wisely snatching out Proctor’s leg to prevent an escape. Proctor gets a high guard and causes Marcello to disengage.

Marcello shoots again and ends up dropping back for a foot lock that’s deep enough to make Proctor wince in pain and frantically spin out of danger. Proctor goes for the guillotine again on Marcello’s next shot and lifts with the elbow to tighten the hold. 10-9 Marcello.

R2: Proctor slicing straight one-two’s to keep Marcello out of his wheelhouse. Double right hands from Proctor, who’s on the hunt. Left hook just misses from Proctor. Proctor has his front kick caught but couples it with a stiff right from one leg that connects.

Proctor wades forward with more aggressive punches and threatens with the guillotine from the clinch after stuffing Marcello’s shot. Marcello spins Proctor onto the fence but Proctor bangs a few stiff knees and breaks the clinch winging heavy leather. Marcello is back on his heels but still swinging. Crisp, straight lefts and rights from Proctor on the fringe. One-two from Proctor, then an uppercut as Marcello ducks. Hook-straight from Proctor. 10-9 Proctor.

R3: Proctor grazes with a one-two and thwacks home the right hand after repeating the combo. Marcello makes a stand and lands a stiff shot. Proctor shakes it off and continues stalking, sitting down on alternating right and left hands. A noticeable improvement in striking from Proctor tonight.

Proctor charges with a quick three-piece combo that snaps back the head of Marcello, who continues to back up in a straight line. Proctor keeps coming, slamming a right hand home. Marcello ducking and flailing punches now, unable to compete with Proctor’s volume and aggression on the feet. Proctor staggers Marcello with a right at the one-minute mark. Another shortly after.  10-8 Proctor for a distinctly one-sided round, giving him a 29-27 on my score sheet.

  • Joe Proctor defeats Cristiano Marcello by unanimous decision (29-28 x 2, 30-27)

Rodrigo Damm vs. Ivan Jorge

R1: Jorge, the heftier fighter, looks to establish his hands as Damm assumes the counter-punching role. One-two to low kick combo from Jorge after Damm’s counter left whizzes by. They both land lefts but Jorge follows up with a thudding low kick. Damm answers in kind. One-one-two for Damm isn’t there. Four-piece combo closes with a low kick from Jorge.

Jorge misses a high kick and dodges Damm’s fast counters. Damm unlatches a pair of counters and a low kick to keep Jorge off him. Jorge comes forward with clubbing right hands but he can’t secure the single collar tie on the other side. 10-10 round for equal offense.

R2: Jorge comes out swinging and Damm circles out of danger. Damm connects with a left on Jorge’s next advance. They trade left kicks. Jorge lands an inside low kick. Lead right downstairs for Jorge, then he lands one upstairs. We pause for an accidental eye poke to Jorge. Jorge mixing up rights and lefts and Damm landing better with counters, albeit less frequently.

They both sit down on combos that land on the restart. Damm slips in a left hand. Then a left straight through Jorge’s guard, but Jorge responds with a low kick. Outside low kick from Jorge. Jorge gets sloppy and Damm lands clean, then persists with a snapping jab. Jorge stuffs his jab back in Damm’s face. Damm sights in his left hand in the round’s waning moments and pops open Jorge’s cheek. 10-9 Damm for being slightly more efficient and accurate.

R3: Damm seems to complain about receiving an eye poke, which also occurred in the second, and the pair go at it with a little heat afterward. Jorge comes out on top after a scramble and commits to what looks like a deep D’arce choke. Damm patiently defends and slips out but eats a few punches from Jorge, and might be tired. Jorge clinches up and Damm counters with a kimura, then hits a kimura roll once he locks the two-on-one grip.

Jorge goes with the flow by rolling out and quickly extinguishes the threat. Damm lands a right but Jorge maintains his busier pace while starting to land more. Damm throws a short front kick that lands close to the no-no area and Jorge pauses for the sake of his manhood. Jorge attacks with a single that Damm defends with punches from one leg. Jorge touches him with a left hook and Damm’s starting to wear the damage on his eye. 10-9 Jorge by a slight margin, leading to my second 29-29 draw of the night.

Jesse Ronson vs. Francisco Trinaldo

R1: Ronson chips away from outside with long crosses and left high and low kicks. Ronson’s busy output is keeping Trinaldo at bay and on his heels. Body kick lands from Ronson but Trinaldo counters with a left. Ronson keys in on Trinaldo’s circles to the left with a stiff right kick upstairs.

Trinaldo starts unleashing thunderous punches in sequence halfway through the round, and the outburst continues until Ronson ties him up. They disengage and Trinaldo wades forward with an angled uppercut that lands flush. Hard inside low kick from Ronson. And a hard one returned to Ronson’s outside leg from Trinaldo, who follows with a spinning wheel kick. 10-9 Trinaldo for the more effective strikes.

R2: Ronson uses a broad range of attack angles to slowly turn things his way through volume kickboxing. Trinaldo starts to sit down on his heavier combinations a minute or two in. Outside low kick from Trinaldo. Outside low kick from Ronson, then another. Trinaldo shoots but Ronson repels it with a strong underhook.

Ronson gets sneaky with a lead back-elbow that just misses. Trinaldo clinches up and Ronson refuses to be bullied, then lands an up-knee once his balance is stabilized. 10-9 Ronson.

R3: Both southpaws begin the last frame more cautiously. Ronson, still pressuring but more measured in pursuit, lands the first solid medley. Trinaldo answers back with more heavy outbursts that center around his big left. Trinaldo shoots and Ronson again shucks him off with the underhook but Trinaldo anticipates it and nearly jumps on for back control.

Ronson stays feisty and resists back mount, eventually wriggling his way out of Trinaldo’s clinch with 30-seconds left. Trinaldo misses on a single but chains it to a deep double leg that he gets at the end of the round. 10-10 for an even 3rd round. Sometimes these things happen. I have it a draw at 29-29.

  • Francisco Trinaldo defeats Jesse Ronson by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

Yuri Alcantara vs. Wilson Reis

R1: Reis pings Arantes with a left and gets a double leg but Arantes sweeps almost immediately. Arantes bases down in a high half guard and looks to pin Reis’ right arm. Reis pulls his entangled arm away and shrimps out with the open space, then returns the favor with a slick sweep to regain half guard in top position. And the ref inexplicably stands them up quickly because we apparently have no patience for clinch and ground fighting in the home of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Reis gets caught with a blinding flurry of straight shots while leaning his melon in too far, possibly the best offense yet. Reis bides his time and changes levels for a nice double leg, but the dizzying transitions continue and Arantes sweeps into top control at the bell. I saw it 10-9 Alcantara in a tight round.

R2: Alcantara dings Reis with another lightning-fast salvo and swarms with more but Reis, again, recovers with the quickness and finagles a crafty sweep. This time Reis slithers into full mount and prevents Alcantara from circling his feet onto the fence. Now Alcantara does just that and pushes off the cage to initiate a scramble, and ends up on top. High-paced and technical exchanges in this see-saw battle.

Alcantara tries to slip his knee out of Reis’ half guard and switches to unhindered left punches; Reis reacts by putting his head in the armpit for enough leverage to hit another sweep. Reis sandwiches Alcantara’s head against the fence with his posture to keep in place. These rounds could go a number of ways but Alcantara was slightly more effective with strikes to sway the back-and-forth grappling sequences. 10-9 Alcantara.

R3: Alcantara scores first with another cracking left hand. Then another shortly after though it’s partially blocked. Reis shoots for a double leg, then blasts for another after they hit the fence and eventually gets the takedown on his third consecutive transition. Alcantara scoots his back to the fence and Reis switches to a top-side body lock to prevent it. Reis pulls Alcantara away from the fence and postures up for a few short and controlled strikes.

Reis maintains position for longer than any sequence we’ve seen yet. Alcantara gets enough space to stand up with a minute left. The furious pace starts to take its toll as both competitors have slowed a bit. Alcantara hits a clever outside trip from the clinch and finishes the frame busy though Reis’ defense mitigates any risk. 10-9 Reis for a 29-28 Alcantara by my tally.

  • Yuri Alcantara defeats Wilson Reis by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)

Felipe Arantes vs. Maximo Blanco

R1: Maxi comes out hot with a quick combo and aggressive level change. Arantes repels the attempt. Maxi comes forward with a unique right downstairs, left hook and low kick, which enables his takedown this time. Maxi can’t hold position and spins out when Arantes moves for a leg lock from guard.

Arantes pieces together the better combo on the restart. Maxi v-steps and slams a pair of jackhammer rights to the body while moving forward, but Arantes courageously plants his feet and backs him off with a stiff combo once his back hits the fence. Arantes shatters a brief lull with a jumping switch knee and a volley of punches that sit Maxi down. Arantes pounces on his dazed opponent with back mount but can’t finagle the rear-naked choke. 10-9 Arantes in an entertaining round.

R2: Maxi probes with long jabs, possibly to looking to follow up with a spinning attack. A short, chipping leg kick serves as more of a trip for Maxi, but Arantes’ busy and feisty guard is too difficult to navigate again. Back in open space, it’s Arantes who dives on a single leg with Maxi on the fence. Nothing doin’. Arantes wisely ducks into an uppercut to mimic another takedown attempt and it lands.

Maxi plants a stiff left on Arantes’ chin before he can go airborne for another leaping knee. Arantes can’t connect with his one-two but blasts a follow-up high kick through Maxi’s guard. Maxi again leads with a right downstairs and left hook, scoring with the “opposites” combo. Maxi times his next shot as Arantes is coming forward and hits it, landing in Arantes closed guard. Maxi tries to posture up for elbows but Arantes controls his head well. 10-9 Arantes in a close one.

R3: Arantes answers Maxi’s two rights to the body with a straight and nasty left hook. Maxi inadvertently catches Arantes to the cup while throwing an inside low kick and it makes a hollow “pop” noise like when you drum on Tupperware. Arantes is definitely in pain and Mario Yamasaki takes a point from Blanco, which is a contentious course of action.

Blanco hits a takedown when they resume and Arantes nearly locks in an armbar, transitions to an omoplata and settles for the escape as Maxi defends. Arantes stays adhered to Blanco and bumps him onto his back, but can’t keep him there. Arantes resets and attempts another but it’s telegraphed and easily staved off. He persists on a double leg that isn’t there and the restart comes quicky after, as clinch fighting is apparently being discouraged this evening. Both were comparable offensive in that round so my 10-10 morphs to a 10-9 for Arantes with the curious point deduction. I have it 30-27 for Arantes overall.

  • Felipe Arantes defeats Maximo Blanco by unanimous decision (29-27 x 3)

Ildemar Alcantara vs. Albert Tumenov

R1: Alcantara’s opening body kick is trapped and countered with a drilling straight right from Tumenov. Tumenov rips in a lead right hand that finds the mark. Tumenov methodically closes range and thunders a left hook that drops Alcantara, then boldly waves him back up to the feet. Alcantara slyly changes levels for a power double on Tumenov’s next combo but Tumenov shows some slick grappling with an insta-sweep.

Tumenov postures up and hammers down well-placed punches and elbows at an eerily steady and determined pace. Tumenov counters Alcantara’s wrist control with same-hand elbows ala Tito Ortiz and Alcantara, who’s getting beat up, noticeably amplifies his activity. His sweep attempt is shut down but creates enough room to stand. Alcantara nails another nice takedown and closes the round on top. 10-9 Tumenov for the ground-and-pound dominance.

R2: Alcantara start to implement his size advantage by countering Tumenov’s first attack with knees from the double collar tie and his second with a body lock attempt that forces Tumenov to disengage. Alcantara stays on the gas and works for another successful takedown, taking a high half guard and possibly baiting Tumenov into an arm triangle.

Alcantara brilliantly transitions to the back when Tumenov gets in better position to defend the arm triangle, however he’s unable to sink hooks in and loses back mount as Tumenov stands. Alcantara keeps Tumenov on the fence and controls with the over-under while throwing an occasional knee. The ref has no patience for their clinch exchange and somewhat curiously separates them, which only enables another Alcantara takedown. Tumenov’s face is a mask of red as something from Alcantara’s grinding top game has opened him up. Alcantara owned the entire round and Tumenov got bloodied up badly whilst mounting almost zero effective offense. 10-8 Alcantara.

R3: Perhaps sensing the equality after two rounds, both fighters start hesitantly. The first bit of memorable offense comes in the form of a stiff Tumenov counter on Alcantara’s level change almost halfway through the frame. Alcantara throwing long jabs and body kicks from range; there’s not a lot on them but Tumenov looks gassed and is offering nothing. Tumenov unlatches a nice high kick that Alcantara shields at the last moment.

Alcantara shoots and Tumenov stops it but has no energy left to engage with a counter-attack. An excellent display of perseverance and heart from the big Alcantara. 10-9 Alcantara for a 29-27 on my card.

  • Ildemar Alcantara defeats Albert Tumenov by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 30-27)

Douglas de Andrade vs. Zubair Tuhugov

R1: Tuhugov assumes an Emelianenko-esque boxing stance, then, almost a full minute in, commits the match’s first strike with a spinning back kick. Andrade lands a hard low kick and ups his pressure a bit but gets taken down amidst the release of his next low-level roundhouse kick. He pops up with his back on the fence and they restart in the center.

Tuhugov’s spinning back elbow/fist is mostly blocked and Andrade answers with a deep thudding low kick. Andrade explodes with a combo but comes up short due to a beefy counter-combo from Tuhugov; Andrade hits the deck and starts oozing blood from a facial gash. The ref calls a quick halt to check the damage and Tuhugov nails a deep double-leg as action resumes. Andrade still seems stunned from the punch and resulting cut for the round’s remainder. 10-9 Tuhugov.

R2: Tuhugov slices in a nice left body kick early in the second stanza. Andrade connects with a leg kick but Tuhugov responds with a spinning side kick to the breadbasket. Andrade throws a lead low kick and follows up this time with a quick boxing salvo, but can’t secure the double collar tie. Tuhugov changes levels and attacks Andrade’s hips — Andrade gets back up quickly again but the attempts are disrupting his striking rhythm.

Tuhugov counters Andrade’s spinning attack with a shot, steering Andrade against the fence in pursuit of trips but to no avail. Tuhugov lands a spinning back fist but UFC commentator Jon Anik observed Andrade to be the one connecting and I thought it was Tuhugov. Regardless … 10-9 Tuhugov.

R3: Andrade beats Tuhugov to the punch in the opening exchange but Tuhugov plants a heavy front kick into his sternum, driving him back with the impact. Andrade stays on his bike despite likely being behind on the cards. Andrade uncorks another wild flurry with his hands and nearly connects with a high kick. High spinning roundhouse kick from Andrade is blocked. Tuhugov showing good composure when walking Andrade down but it’s bordering on complacency here.

Tuhugov throws a two-three counter to freeze Andrade on his next aggressive outburst, which are effective but only coming in erratic spurts. Tuhugov looks to get inside on a double but Andrade efficiently scrambles out of it and the following transition to a single leg. The round was more impressive for Andrade but neither fighter distinguished themselves by a discernible margin. 10-10 round, making my card a 30-28 for Tuhugov.

  • Zubair Tuhugov defeats Douglas de Andrade by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)
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