Dana White on Brock Lesnar return to UFC: ‘It’s definitely a possibility’

"Brock Lesnar could return to the UFC!" It's the story that just won't die, no matter how clear it seems that it should die,…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 9 years ago
Dana White on Brock Lesnar return to UFC: ‘It’s definitely a possibility’
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“Brock Lesnar could return to the UFC!” It’s the story that just won’t die, no matter how clear it seems that it should die, be buried and forgotten about.

Ahead of UFC 168 the rumors resurfaced, Lesnar would be in attendance, he and Dana White were talking, he might come back! And then days later he was on WWE Raw, starting the hype for his next big program in the pro wrestling promotion.

The topic came up again last night at the post fight press conference for UFC Fight Night 35 and White continued to be sly about the idea it could happen (presser quotes via MMA Fighting):

“Me and Brock talk. I said recently Brock feels like … he said he has some regrets with MMA because he wasn’t healthy. He was going through those stomach problems the whole time he was here. So he has regrets.”

“It’s interesting. He became champion with diverticulitis. What would he have done without it? From the first day he fought in the UFC until his last fight he was suffering from it. He never felt right. He just didn’t know why and then it really hit him. He feels like he was fighting here at 40 percent.

“He thinks a Brock Lesnar that was 100 percent could have done much better. I told him, ‘you’re out of your f***ing mind. You came in here with one fight and became the heavyweight champion.’ It was fun having Brock here.”

“So he has some regrets. Would he like to fight again? I’m sure he would. We’ll see how this whole thing plays out. It’s definitely a possibility.”

White then slyly said “you never know” to the idea of “sharing” Lesnar with the WWE. Of course, it’s almost certainly not up to White if they would share Lesnar. It has been well established that Lesnar’s deal isn’t up until April of 2015. So it’s unlikely the WWE would be willing to risk injury to a guy they already only have on a limited basis. Not to mention that it’s not a great idea to risk him getting beat up in a legit fight while being sold as a sort of unstoppable monster in the pro-wrestling world.

And a return after his contract runs out would be strange as Lesnar would probably be 38 before he could get back in the cage.

A Lesnar UFC return is just not likely and needs to be treated as such.

Here’s Luke Thomas with his take on the UFC Brock Lesnar situation:

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