Mayhem talks about returning to MMA, forgiveness, and Uriah Hall

It sounds like Jason Miller may be on his way back in to the cage sometime soon. He gave a somewhat lengthy interview/monologue to…

By: Zane Simon | 9 years ago
Mayhem talks about returning to MMA, forgiveness, and Uriah Hall
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It sounds like Jason Miller may be on his way back in to the cage sometime soon. He gave a somewhat lengthy interview/monologue to to talk about his rough last year and what lies ahead for him. Now training at Kings MMA in Huntington Beach, CA under the tutelage of Rafael Cordeiro Mayhem seems pretty confident that he’ll be returning to mixed martial arts in the near future.

I’m back with master Rafael, training full time now, with him.

This whole 2013, pretty unlucky number for me.

I’ve been here training at Kings for a bout a year now and I feel like a new fighter. I’m ready to get on out there. I’m entertaining some offers from some different leagues that are around the globe. I’m just trying to find my home.

I don’t want to go ahead and say who’s offering me what. I didn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement, however I think it would be unprofessional of me to mention who’s doing what. But yeah, there’s a couple of legitimate offers. And I’m like, “What? oh no, yeah! I’m going to fight again.” It’s starting to kinda materialize.

Of course that’s not all that’s on Miller’s mind right now. Mayhem spent a good portion of 2013 in the news following a pair of arrests for domestic violence following a series of disputes with his girlfriend. The charges ended up seeing him in court, but it would appear that the fallout from them has been resolved. Miller addressed it in a somewhat circumlocuitous manner:

I forgive everybody, and I hope they forgive me. Because, what’s the point in holding a grudge? I feel bad, of course. I popped off and told my friends, or the people who… You know, I was really hurt at the time, but now it’s 2014. All that stuff’s behind me, it’s all in the past. If you don’t have my number Twitter me and I’ll apologize, or if you want to apologize. It doesn’t matter, I forgive you anyway.

And of course, Miller could hardly go without addressing the other big story that saw him in the news last year. After a BAMMA USA event in October, Miller confronted Uriah Hall in the cage where Hall and several other guests had congregated. Miller proceeded to call Hall a “Bitch ass n***a” repeatedly, resulting in Hall taking a swing at Miller. Miller would later apologize to Hall, calling his own behavior “ghetto.” Miller talked about the altercation again, spinning it as his own attempt to get Hall some free publicity.

I was just getting him some publicity. I knew people were, like, cameras out and stuff. It was… he’s my brother, I love him. He’s a good man. He’ll be the damn champion. If he just allows himself to become the champion, he’ll be the champion. I mean he’s got to get through a damn sea of tough dudes, but I wish him the best.

You know, people, it really hurt my feelings calling me a racist. That was like the worst… I’m like, “What? Get out of here.” Like, “I’m more black than I am racist.”

The one thing Miller didn’t address here was his ongoing knee problems. It’s hard to imagine him making a return to active competition if he still hasn’t received surgery for what is supposedly an entirely destroyed ACL. If he’s still minus a working knee his rejuvenated MMA career may be something of a pipe dream. Stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more developing news, updates, and live fight coverage.

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