UFC Fight Night 34 results: Holloway TKOs Chope and full prelim results

UFC Fight Night 34 kicked off in Singapore with a six-fight preliminary card. The event got off to a quick start with back-to-back submission…

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UFC Fight Night 34 results: Holloway TKOs Chope and full prelim results
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UFC Fight Night 34 kicked off in Singapore with a six-fight preliminary card. The event got off to a quick start with back-to-back submission wins, but slowed down a lot with 3 decisions. The Featherweight feature bout turned it around with Holloway taking a TKO over Chope.

Max Holloway vs. Will Chope – Featherweight

It took him a bit to find his range and rhythm against the much taller Chope, but he turned it on when he did. He started landing right hands over Chope’s jab repeatedly around mid way and had his opponent hurt. In the final seconds he unleashed a flurry that looked to finish the fight, but Chope was saved by the bell. Holloway cracked him with a left in the opening minute of the second. Chope was hurt and ate a flurry of punches, knees and a spinning kick before slowing it down with a clinch. That only delayed the inevitable as Holloway caught him again and Chope couldn’t absorb any more punishment.

Max Holloway scored the TKO victory over Will Chope at 2:27 of round 2

Katsunori Kikuno vs. Quinn Mulhern – Lightweight

Despite a very significant size disadvantage Kikuno controlled the first round. He was able to slip Mulhern’s punches to get inside and even hit his patented crescent kick to the body. Mulhern inexplicably pulled guard several times but couldn’t do anything with it. Mulhern pulled guard no less than three dozen times in the second round. Abysmal fight, Quinn missed all his takedowns in the final round too and spent most of it on his back locking down guard.

Katsunori Kikuno beat Quinn Mulhern by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Royston Wee vs. Dave Galera – Bantamweight

Wee hit a big takedown in the opening seconds of the fight, then the rest of the round happened. He sat in Galera’s guard for five minutes without a lot of action, but did manage to open up a cut on Galera. Same thing in the second round, an early takedown from Wee led to 5 minutes of top control. Galera stayed up longer in the final round, even landing some decent strikes as Wee adjusted his shorts, but still ended up on his back. Galera lost a point for an illegal upkick on a downed Royston Wee.  More of Wee clinging to guard for the rest of the round.

Royston Wee took the unanimous decision (30-26 x 3) over Dave Galera.

Mairbek Taisumov vs. Tae Hyun Bang – Lightweight

The first round was contested completely on the feet with Taisumov controlling the action. He hurt hurt Bang repeatedly with heavy right hands and an impressive kicking game. More of the same in round 2. Bang was working a counter-based game, but his inactivity and defensive holes hurt him. Taisumov landed more often with better shots. Takedown from Taisumov to start the final round. He controlled the first 3 minutes from top position before Bang got back to his feet. One more takedown before the end of the fight.

Mairbek Taisumov defeats Tae Hyun Bang by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Dustin Kimura vs. Jon Delos Reyes – Bantamweight

Reyes took control early when he landed a big right hand that dropped Kimura. He flurried looking for the finish before following his opponent to the mount. Some solid ground and pound shots from Reyes, but Kimura was able to recover and start threatening a series of submission. He finally caught Reyes in an armbar to get the submission victory.

Dustin Kimura submits Jon Delos Reyes with an armbar at 2:13 of round 1

Leandro Issa vs. Russell Doane – Bantamweight

As expected, Issa looked to force the ground game with an early takedown. He couldn’t hold down Doane who got up quickly, only to be taken down again a minute later. Doane scrambled into top position, but ended up spending the last 90 seconds of the first round in a triangle attempt from Issa. Round 2 started out all on the feet with Doane winning the exchanges. By mid-round he had Issa visibly hurt repeatedly. Issa finally got it to the ground, but ended up in bottom side control then under mounted crucifix from Doane. He escaped a kimura attempt to land in a triangle and be choked out as the bell rang.

Russell Doane scores submission (triangle) over Leandro Issa at 4:59 of round 2.

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