UFC Fight Night 34: Live results and play-by-play for Fight Pass prelims

Welterweight contendership is on the line today when Tarec Saffiedine takes on late replacement Hyun Gyu Lim.  Bloody Elbow will have live results for…

By: Tim Burke | 10 years
UFC Fight Night 34: Live results and play-by-play for Fight Pass prelims
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

Welterweight contendership is on the line today when Tarec Saffiedine takes on late replacement Hyun Gyu Lim.  Bloody Elbow will have live results for the entire UFC Fight Night 34 event today, while will air on the new UFC Fight Pass digital network. The prelims kick off at 6:30am ET/3:30pm PT, with the main card starting at 9am ET/6am PT.

This undercard features six bouts, and most of the fighters are making their UFC debut. This is probably going to be a staple of the Fight Pass events, which will take place in Asia and Europe and will focus on local fighters.

Make sure to come back and share your thoughts in the comments as the action goes down. If you’re awake in the middle of the night, that is.

Leandro Issa vs. Russell Doane

Round 1 – John Sharp is your referee. They trade to start and Issa gets it to the floor immediately. Doane reverses and gets back to the feet. Both men winging right hands that aren’t connecting. Flying knee from Doane. Doane initially stuffed a takedown but Issa persevered and got the fight to the floor. Doane hit another reversal straight to back mount. He landed a few punches, got up, and jumped back into Issa’s guard. But he fell right into a triangle. Doane went for a slam but Issa held on. 10-9 Issa.

Round 2 – Doane scored with an overhand right and a big knee while blocking a takedown attempt. They clinched up for a while.Leg kick from Issa. Doane just missed with his right while Issa came back with two punch/kick combos. Doane landed the right and hurt Issa a bit. Issa had three takedowns attempts stuffed and got blasted with another right. And another. Wow, good chin on Issa. He’s pretty out of it but is still fighting. Elbows to the head from Doane, and a blocked takedown has Doane on top with a crucifix. Big short elbows. Doane going for a straight armbar, then transitions for a triangle. Issa is out cold right at the horn! Wow!

Russell Doane defeats Leandro Issa by submission (triangle choke), 4:59, round 2

Dustin Kimura vs. Jon Delos Reyes

Round 1 – Delos Reyes scored with some strong punches early and actually dropped Kimura. He dropped some bombs from the top but Kimura went for a heel hook. Kimura went for a kimura. That’s fitting. Delos Reyes continued with the big punches, but Kimura caught his arm and dropped for a belly-down armbar. And got the submission! That was slick.

Dustin Kimura defeats Jon Delos Reyes by submission (armbar), 2:13, round 1

Mairbek Taisumov vs. Tae Hyun Bang

Round 1 – Bang with his hands low. Slow start from both men, not a lot of strikes early. A couple of kicks from Taisumov were blocked. Taisumov finally scored with some leg and body kicks. He kicks hard. Bang closed the distance and landed a couple of punches, but Taisumov came back with another powerful kick. Taisumov wobbled Bang with a left hook. Flying knee from Bang. Bang  scored with punches in tight. Bang tried another flying knee and ate a huge right up the middle. 10-9 Taisumov.

Round 2 – Kicks to the body from Taisumov. Taisumov got a brief takedown but Bang was up quickly. Bang with some quick inside leg kicks. Straight right from Taisumov connected. Bang blocked a takedown attempt and landed a couple of punches. The crowd was booing the lulls in action. A bit of a nothing round. 10-9 Taisumov I guess.

Round 3 – Taisumov scored a really nice takedown early. He scooted him over the cage but couldn’t get anything going. Bang got up after a minute or so. After some clinching, Taisumov dragged him back down with a body lock. He connected with some punches but couldn’t get a lot going. Bang pushed off and stood up with 90 seconds to go. Big leg kick from Taisumov. Taisumov with a beautiful judo throw.10-9 Taisumov, and 30-27 overall.

Mairbek Taisumov defeats Tae Hyun Bang via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Royston Wee vs. Dave Galera

Round 1 – Wee scored an immediate takedown and dropped some ground and pound. Galera swept to the top, then fell for a guillotine and went  right back underneath. Wee was staying active enough to avoid a standup from the ref, but not doing a ton. Galera suffered a small cut by his eye. Some elbows from Galera off his back. 10-9 Wee.

Round 2 – Galera came out with a kick and got immediately taken down again. Wee passed to side but went back into guard for some reason. Galera was looking for a kimura but couldn’t get anything. Wee wasn’t doing much on top, it was enough. Galera struggled to get up but couldn’t. He finally returned to his feet with a minute to go but Wee held on with a body lock and got it back down. 10-9 Wee.

Round 3 – Galera finally stayed upright long enough to land a kick and a straight right. Galera scored with a kneem but Wee got the takedown. Well there went that idea. Wee just held onto him for a while, gradually moving him towards the cage. Galera connected with an illegal  upkick to Wee’s mouth and the referee jumped in immediately. Wee was okay, and Galera was docked a point before they continued back on the ground. Galera got up, but got slammed on his head. Galera went for a kimura but Wee was able to defend. 10-8 Wee and 30-26 overall.

Royston Wee defeats Dave Galera by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26)

Katsunori Kikuno vs. Quinn Mulhern

Round 1 – Kikuno with his usual zombie stance to start. Mulhern threw some kicks, but Kikuno got inside with a couple of punches. Mulhern had a takedown stuffed but pulled guard. Mulhern tried to work a sub but Kikuno backed out. Big left and an uppercut from Kikuno, and a body kick too. Mulhern again goes for a takedown and dropped to his back, but Kikuno wasn’t sticking around in his guard. Mulhern with a decent combo. Back to pulling guard. 10-9 Kikuno.

Round 2 – Kikuno ended up on top twice in the first 45 seconds. Mulhern did score with a right in their brief time on the feet though. A few punches from Kikuno in Mulhern’s guard this time before he backed out. And they’re back on the ground again. Kikuno landed the odd punch, but backed out after a minute or so. Mulhern threw a few kicks, but ate a Kikuno right. And another guard pull from Mulhern. 10-9 Kikuno.

Round 3 – Guess what happened right away? Yup, Mulhern pulled guard. Kikuno landed a hammerfist or three but was pretty locked down.  Kikuno passed to side. Didn’t see that coming. Kikuno looked for an arm but Mulhern got up. After two punches though, he pulled guard yet again. This time it was the ref that stood them up. Two rights from Kikuno. Mulhern’s eye appears to be shut. Body  kick from Kikuno. Kikuno dragged Mulhern down, just because. 10-9 Kikuno, and 30-27 overall.

Katsunori Kikuno defeats Quinn Mulhern by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Max Holloway vs. Will Chope

Round 1 – Chope came forward quickly, but got backed off a bit by a Holloway spinning attack. Leg kick from Chope, jab from Holloway. Uppercut from Chope, and a knee from the Thai clinch. Some nice combinations from Chope. Holloway returned fire with a left and a spinning kick. Holloway stunned Chope with a combo. Counter left hook from Holloway. Chope clinched up to slow it down a bit. Holloway  battered him to the horn, scoring a big knee to the body. 10-9 Holloway.

Round 2 – Holloway blasts Chope with a right hook and a big knee. Chope looked for a takedown but there was nothing there. Holloway is all over him, spinning back kick to the guy again. All Holloway, but Chope was still firing back. Holloway stuffed a takedown attempt.  They finally separated and Holloway beat the tar out of him again. Big body shot crumpled Chope, and the fight is over. Nice work from Holloway there.

Max Holloway defeats Will Chope via TKO (strikes), 2:27, round 2

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