UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Bigfoot – Live results and play-by-play for main card

The UFC returns to Fox Sports 1 tonight with UFC Fight Night 33. The card is the UFC’s return to Australia and features a big…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 10 years
UFC Fight Night: Hunt vs Bigfoot – Live results and play-by-play for main card
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The UFC returns to Fox Sports 1 tonight with UFC Fight Night 33. The card is the UFC’s return to Australia and features a big heavyweight main event.

The action gets underway with one fight on Facebook / YouTube at 6:30 p.m. ET. At 7 p.m. ET the action moves to Fox Sports 2 for four fights before wrapping up with the six fight main card at 9 p.m. ET.

This post will cover the main card on FS1.

In the main event it will be Mark Hunt taking on Antonio Silva in a heavyweight scrap between fan favorites just outside the title contender picture. Light heavyweights serve as the co-main event with former champ Mauricio Rua taking on James Te-Huna.

There’s another light heavyweight bout on the card with Ryan Bader facing Anthony Perosh. Heavyweight sluggers Pat Barry and Soa Palelei will clash on the main card.

And rounding things out is a middleweight bout between Clint Hester and Dylan Andrews and a women’s bantamweight fight between Julie Kedzie and Bethe Correia.

Make sure to come back and share your thoughts on the night’s action as the fight goes down.

Julie Kedzie vs. Bethe Correia – Round 1 – Kedzie feinting and throwing a heavy leg kick. Head kick by Kedzie is blocked. Body kick by Kedzie and they trade left hands. Correia with a leg kick and Kedzie misses with a wild overhand right. Good shot by Kedzie lands and one in return by Correia. Kedzie with a front kick, spinning backfist and then a left that lands. Correia pushing her into the cage but Kedzie circles off. Correia lands well and now lands a big left hand. Correia landing again. Kedzie misses a spinning kick to the head but then lands a hard right. Correia pushing her into the cage again. Foot stomp by Correia, knee lands for Kedzie. Correia slips, Kedzie lands a few short punches and they’re back to distance. Correia with a takedown attempt as the round ends.

Round 2 – Head kick by Kedzie and Correia lands a counter hook. Kedzie lands a right hand. Good left hand by Kedzie after catching a kick. Front kick by Kedzie knocks Correia back, but she’s up and pushing Kedzie into the cage now. Kedzie with a knee to the body and just misses an elbow on the break. Correia with a right hand. Kedzie with a kick to the body and then a leg kick. Kedzie with a left hand. Correia shoots in and Kedzie defends. Good right by Kedzie in the clinch and a few knees.And another knee.

Round 3 – Correia with a right hand to start the round. Kedzie throwing a lot of kicks, the action has slowed down a touch. Good right from Correia. Correia stepping it up now. Correia with a takedown after Kedzie landed a good body kick. Correia scooting her to the cage which allows Kedzie to wall walk back to her feet, or at least try to as Correia tries to take the back but Kedzie escapes and lands a series of hard punches. Spinning kick by Kedzie again but it doesn’t quite land. Both women landing toward the end of the round. Good side kick by Kedzie. They flurry as the round ends.

Official scorecards: 29-28 Correia, 29-28 Kedzie, 29-28 Correia. Bethe Correia wins by split decision.

Clint Hester vs. Dylan Andrews – Round 1 – Hester with a big right hand right away. Body shot by Hester and a lunging left. Andrews with a takedown and he’s in Hester’s half guard. Hester managed to get on top but that didn’t last too long before Andrews reversed and ended up on top. 10-9 Andrews.

Round 2 -Hester coming forward throwing and Andrews with a return shot. Hester with a sort of tackle to the mat. Hester on top just kind of trying to muscle Andrews around. Andrews gets up and Hester lands a massive right and a few more but Andrews takes them well. 10-9 Hester. There will be no third round as Andrews has suffered a bad shoulder injury. Clint Hester wins by TKO (injury), round 2.

Pat Barry vs. Soa Palelei – Round 1 – Soa shoots in. Barry misses a head kick. Knee from Barry and Soa takes him down. Soa on top landing shots to the body. Barry has flailed for a few Kimuras but he gets mounted now. Soa knocks him out from mount and then brings him back and knocks him out again. Barry tried to get up after the stoppage and he fell on his face again. Yikes. Soa Palelei wins by KO (punches from mount), round 1.

Ryan Bader vs. Anthony Perosh – Round 1 – Right hand by Perosh. Body kcik by Bader and now Bader lands some uppercuts from the clinch. Bader drops hima nd is pouring it on and Perosh manages to stand back up. Bader with a big shot and another. Perosh is hanging in there but he’s eating some big punches. Perosh down again on a slip and Bader is on top landing some big shots. Bader on top in Perosh’s half guard, landing some solid elbows. Now some more punches. Geez, Perosh manages to get back to his feet. Bader with another takedown. Elbow by Bader. Hard elbow by Bader. Perosh with blood pouring from the forehead.More big elbows. 10-8 Bader.

Round 2 – Bader working the takedown again. Bader just looking to keep this on the ground and just pick spots here and there to throw elbows or punches. Bader landing some more shots, Perosh is just stuck on the bottom. It’s a mugging but it feels like it shouldn’t be going to a third round. 10-9 Bader.

Round 3 – Perosh trying to come in and land a shot but Bader lands his own shot and throws Perosh to the mat. Now Bader is on top in side control. Perosh eating some more elbows. Perosh trying to get back to his feet but Bader is riding him and landing shots here and there. Now Bader is opening up with big shots. Perosh managing to get back to his feet somehow. Perosh manages to make it to the final horn.

Official scorecards: 30-27, 30-27, 30-26. Ryan Bader wins by unanimous decision.

Shogun Rua vs. James Te-Huna – Round 1 – Shogun with a quick combo punctuated with a right hand. Now a leg kick by Shogun. More leg kicks from Shogun and he muscles Te-Huna down. Huge punch by Shogun and Te-Huna goes down and Shogun with a massive punch on an already out Te-Huna. Shogun Rua wins by KO (punch), round 1.

Mark Hunt vs. Bigfoot Silva – Round 1 – Front kick from Silva just misses Hunt’s face. Hunt with some wild punches but he doesn’t land. They trade and Silva gets the better of that and he lands a knee to Hunt’s face before they’re back to distance. Bigfoot keeping distance well and landing a bit and not really getting in much danger. Bigfoot goes for a takedown and Hunt manages to stay up and spin Bigfoot against the cage. 10-9 Bigfoot.

Round 2 – Hunt opens up with three punches but Bigfoot defends well. Right hand counter by Bigfoot looks like it got in and a good leg kick. Bigfoot with a few wild punches and then a failed takedown attempt. Head kick by Bigfoot is blocked. Good right from Hunt lands and staggers Silva a bit. Body kick by Silva. Leg kcik by Silva appears to have badly hurt the leg of Hunt. Hunt limps back to his corner after the round. 10-9 Silva.

Round 3 – Hunt looks for a takedown and Silva is down, he’s back up, Hunt takes him back down, he’s back up. I don’t know if either of those are worth scoring, but they were a surprise. Clash of heads as Hunt pushes him into the cage. Big right by Hunt lands to the side of Silva’s face. Straight right by Hunt and Silva drops the the ground! Hunt walks over and steps into Silva’s guard, he’s landing some punches here. Elbows by Hunt now. Hunt moves to half guard. Hunt landing a lot of shots now. 10-9 Hunt.

Round 4 – Bigfoot out working the leg kicks and he lands a right hand. Hunt lands a punch and Silva looked hurt. now a takedown by Hunt and he’s on top in Silva’s guard. Silva looks for an armbar but can’t get anywhere. Hunt landing some big elbows. Silva throwing back but Hunt is firing and now Silva lands some huge shots. Hunt against the cage. He’s hurt. But now Hunt lands some massive shots and Silva is hurt. They tumble to the mat and Silva is on top in Hunt’s half guard. Silva moves to mount with 50 seconds left. Silva is landing some massive shots now. Hunt is badly cut on his forehead. Silva can’t finish as the round ends. 10-9 Silva.

Round 5 – Hunt with some massive shots and Bigfoot is rocked. Hunt is landing a lot now, Silva can’t get a takedown. Hunt landign a series of left hooks. Silva now looks for a takedown and can’t get it. Right hand by Hunt. Elbow by Hunt. Left hook by Hunt. And again. Silva is hurt badly. Hunt is pouring it on. Massive body shot. Silva landing some massive shots now. They go to the final bell. Incredible stuff. 10-9 Hunt.

Official scorecards: 48-47 Hunt, 47-47, 47-47. The fight is a majority draw.

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