How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Georges St-Pierre feeling better, War Machine talks abortion and suicide

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse -- There's a ton of tweets below, but first, don't…

By: Anton Tabuena | 10 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Georges St-Pierre feeling better, War Machine talks abortion and suicide
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A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse

There’s a ton of tweets below, but first, don’t forget to follow me on twitter and instagram: @antontabuena

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“Since Robbie Lawler is an underdog, I will place my 1st career bet as a fighter, coach and broadcaster.” -Pat Miletich, probably made a lot of money this past weekend.

“Interesting, many fighters in Brazil said they would LIKE to be coached by Chael Sonnen.” -Dana White

“Every time someone hugs me it takes great effort to resist the urge to pummel for under-hooks. #mentalproblems” -Tim Kennedy

“I love being told on xbox live about how guys would kick my ass in person. NebbishNoob is internet tough.” –Joe Lauzon ‏


may have 99 problems, but I ain’t one ” -Shari Spencer, did she just call herself a… nevermind.

“Three day after the fight and my body is healing very well by the end of the week I will be back to training again” -Johny Hendricks, screw medical suspensions, right?


“Although i have done so privately, I would like to publicly apologize to for my ghetto behavior. I am sorry and wish you luck.” -Jason Miller

it’s all good homie already forgave ya keep ya head up” -Uriah Hall



“To anyone who points to my Jay Heiron WIN to discredit my abilities consider this. At that point I was LESS than 3 years into my career and relatively inexperienced despite already being the Bellator Champion. I had a tough fight against the #16 ranked fight in the world(at the time) and was able to get the job done. I have learned and progressed significantly since then.

As a point of reference the man fighting for the WW UFC Belt this weekend Johny Hendricks LOST a Unanimous Dec fight to Rick Story(who wasn’t near the top 16 at that point) after fighting for MORE than 3 years.

Moral of story high level wrestlers progress rapidly through their career. Despite my inexperience at the time I was able get the job done against a high level experienced fighter. I am significantly better than I was then and will continue to get the job done against any WW put in front of me.” -Ben Askren


“2 losses + lisssssp + best offense is your middle finger = can’t talk shit!!! ” -Anthony Pettis

“I shouldn’t let people who talk trash get me out of character. #champ4areason” -Anthony Pettis


“OK… Does anyone remember the 1994 movie Surviving The Game with Ice-T, and Gary Busey?… Well, if I “disappear” from this trail, it was a hunter named Marty 6’1 195 white/white hair, mid/late 40’s from Ligonier, PA that did it!” -Tara LaRosa

“Great conversation about MMA old school till now, but he was way too interested in what shelter areas I was staying at on the and when” -Tara LaRosa

“This guy is the type w too much time &money. I got a really weird vibe from all the detailed questions he asked” -Tara LaRosa

“This is one of those times when I really wish I had skills. I don’t like feeling like this. He asked if I was carrying a gun” -Tara LaRosa

that’s why you should always be carrying a gun. I’m kind if a bad ass but I always carry.” -Tim Kennedy

it’s going to the top of my priority list for when I get back to ABQ. Too many people, with too many agendas nowadays” -Tara LaRosa


“In memory of the baby that and I just aborted down at the clinic, here is a beautiful piece done by @juaneyedcobra Hahahaha! Ain’t got time for no babies!! Got fighting and fucking to do!!! =p” -War Machine, who has since deleted the instagram photo after getting some flack from people.

“Oh, and for you who are to DUMB to realize that my IG post was a JOKE, yeah it was one. I do support abortion but we didn’t have 1.” -War Machine

“Think tonight was the FIRST time I actually posted something on IG for the sole purpose of pissing people off…was SO fun!!!!! …I don’t give a fuck about SHIT! I will tweet what the fuck I WANT! Fuck anyone/everyone that tries to censor me!” -War Machine

“I might have to kill myself sooner than I had planned….fuck it! …MAYBE…standby though, I may want to cause more ruckus first… Fuck and for not texting me back!” -War Machine

“When I do kill myself there better not be any priests or praying at my funeral…better not even be a funeral.” -War Machine

“Dunno but def on video” -War Machine, when asked about how he was planning on taking his life.


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