Bellator 106 results: Guymon and Souza take submissions, Halsey impresses with TKO on prelims

Without a doubt, the biggest event of the promotion's history took place Saturday night with Bellator 106 out of Long Beach, CA. The event…

By: ShinSplints | 10 years ago
Bellator 106 results: Guymon and Souza take submissions, Halsey impresses with TKO on prelims
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Without a doubt, the biggest event of the promotion’s history took place Saturday night with Bellator 106 out of Long Beach, CA. The event got off to a slow start with two lackluster decisions, but took off with 3 consecutive finishes in the following fights, including 2 submissions and a TKO.

Alejandro Garcia vs. Cristiano Souza

Garcia and Souza went at it in their Welterweight bout. Souza was more effective throughout the first round, but Garcia was game. At the end of the first, both were swinging wildly and Garcia looked like he took a low blow in the final seconds. Another low blow starts off the second round from Souza. The ref gave Garcia plenty of time to recover, but warned both fighters that any more would be penalized. Souza came out winning in the clinch but couldn’t get anything done before being separated. Garcia attacked with a takedown attempt with his own on the restart but got dumped on his back by Souza. Cristiano tried to attack and landed some before the bell sounded. Garcia landed with a good combo to start the final round, but Souza went in for the clinch and moved to mount. He moved to the back and unloaded with vicious blows to the back. He forced Garcia to open up and locked up the rear naked choke.

Cristiano Souza submitted Alejandro Garcia with a rear naked choke at of round 3.

Brandon Halsey vs. Hector Ramirez

Light Heavyweight Brandon Halsey completely outmatched Hector Ramirez. He hit a takedown right off the bat and transitioned right to back control. He flattened out Ramirez and started unleashing right hands to the head until the referee stopped the fight.

Brandon Halsey TKO’s Hector Ramirez at 0:52 of round 1

Mike Guymon vs. Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller was the first to act in his Lightweight fight with Mike Guymon. He hit a takedown early and punished Guymon as he returned to his feet. An accidental low blow in the clinch stopped the action for a few minutes as Guymon took time to recover. When the fight restarted, Miller went right back in with another takedown and took the back. Guymon was able to return to his feet, but was taken down again. He scrambled out and ended the round on top. Guymon took the first half of the second round by controlling the fight in the clinch. Miller got a takedown midway through the round and worked Guymon from on top. He passed while defending a triangle attempt but ended up back in the triangle after a failed armbar of his own. Guymon locked it in and got the tap.

Mike Guymon defeats Aaron Miller by submission (triangle choke) at 4:20 of round 2.

Joe Camacho vs. Cleber Luciano

Luciano and Camacho met at a 150 lb. catchweight. Camacho pressed the action early with a takedown attempt, but it was Luciano who ended up on top. Luciano spent the rest of the round on top, mostly in half guard. The majority of his ground strikes weren’t especially heavy, but kept him active and stifled Camacho’s bottom game. Another good round for Luciano in the second. He got an early takedown and dominated the rest of the round in top position. Camacho could sweep or escape and was eating strikes and defending submission attempts from bottom mount by the end of the round. Final round was completely one-sided. Luciano hit another early takedown and spent the entire round in dominant position. He allowed almost no offense from Camacho and took the UD.

Cleber Luciano defeats Joe Camacho by unanimous decision (30-27)

Darren Smith vs. Josh Smith

The Lightweights got the event started on Darren took over in the first round, forcing the ground game with his takedowns. He didn’t do a lot of damage on the mat, but he controlled the pace and location of the fight. Later in the round, he came at Josh with a wild combo and landed a big left that dropped the other Smith. Josh did better in the second round. He was once again stymied by Darren’s wrestling, but hit a sweep and ended the round in dominant position. The final round was all Josh. He got an early takedown over Darren and spent the rest of the round staying busy in top position to take the unanimous decision.

Josh Smith defeats Darren Smith by unanimous (29-28 x 3)

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