Bellator 105: Awad vs. Brooks – live results, discussion and play by play

WHAT: Bellator 105 - Awad vs. Brooks WHERE: Santa Ana Star Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico WHEN: Tonight! (October 25, 2013) Spike TV main…

By: Dallas Winston | 10 years ago
Bellator 105: Awad vs. Brooks – live results, discussion and play by play
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WHAT: Bellator 105 – Awad vs. Brooks

WHERE: Santa Ana Star Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico

WHEN: Tonight! (October 25, 2013) Spike TV main card at 9:00 p.m. ET, prelims on Bloody Elbow at 7:00 p.m. ET

WHO: Saad Awad vs. Will Brooks, Alexander Sarnavskiy vs. Ricardo Tirloni, Mighty Mo vs. Ron Sparks, Keith Berry vs. Eugene Fadiora

Come chill with us — Bloody Elbow will host live streaming video, results, discussion and play-by-play for tonight’s Bellator 105 card, which features the semifinal round of the Lightweight Tournament and an anticipated rematch between Saad Awad and Will Brooks. Once-beaten Russian Alexander Sarnavskiy draws heavy-handed Ricardo Tirloni in the other semifinal while heavyweight bangers Mighty Mo and Ron Sparks and middleweights Keith Berry and Eugene Fadiora round out the main card.

We’re live on Spike TV. Fight results descend below.

Bellator 105 Main Card (Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET)

Saad Awad vs. Will Brooks (Lightweight Tournament semifinals)

R1: We have some serious intensity crackling during the staredown here. Brooks takes the center in a low crouch and then assumes his new Machida-esque stance. Brooks explodes for a double leg to counter Awad’s kick and he gets it, passing to side control with Awad’s head on the fence. Awad does a good job of stifling Brooks and then bursts free with a fence-walk when Brooks tries to go knee on belly. Awad, on both knees, eats a stiff knee to the body from Brooks and then slips under his next attempt, gets the rear waist lock and turns it into a takedown, falling into mount.

Brooks squirts out and avoids a loose armbar attempt, then takes Awad down. Awad counters with a triangle that Brooks escapes, but then pursues a leg lock after resetting himself. Brooks stuffs it and powers his way into crucifix position, which enables to slam some unhindered blows to Awad’s face to close the round. Those last few seconds of domination, albeit brief, probably sway a fairly even and exciting round to Brooks. 10-9 Brooks.

R2: Awad furiously motions Brooks in and Brooks taunts him back with a smile as the emotions flow early. Brooks slips in a left high kick. They collide and Awad riskily drops back with a guillotine from the front headlock. Brooks passes to half guard to loosen it up and Awad lets it go. Awad gets two underhooks and bucks Brooks off and they restart on the feet.

Awad pings a long jab. Brooks changes levels beautifully and explodes into a power double. Brooks is back in half guard with heavy top posture but not throwing any strikes. Awad regains full guard and closes it, seemingly looking to tie up for a restart. Brooks postures up and lands rights to the ribs as Awad clings to him with a body lock from closed guard. Awad angles for a submission and it forces Brooks to disengage, and Awad unleashes a serious of hard leg kicks, then clamps on a triangle as Brooks dives in to avoid the kicks. The submission is locked tight for the last 15-20 seconds but the bell rings first. It gives Awad the round’s most effective offense though, as Brooks was heavy on control but light on strikes. 10-9 Awad.

R3: Despite the tension, the pair touch gloves to start the final frame. Brooks tries to power Awad from the clinch but Awad hits a slick counter throw and lands in Brooks’ half guard. Brooks gets the body lock and explodes out, then spins around to Awad’s back when they connect on the feet. Awad shuffles over to the cage, puts his back on it and stands up.

Awad might be tired — he’s lost some mustard on his punches. Maybe not — Awad uncorks a stream of heaters and again angrily waves Brooks in. Brooks smiles and hits a blast double leg, and the pair are talking to one another on the mat. The ref intervenes and Brooks interestingly decides to help Awad up. Brooks takes his back again when they connect and tries a belly-to-back suplex that Awad is able to negate. 10-9 Brooks for a 29-28 his way overall on my card.

Will Brooks defeats Saad Awad by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2)

Desmond Green vs. Angelo Sanchez

R1: Green hits a takedown on the fence but Sanchez is back up quickly. Sanchez misses with an overhand right and left hook, then possibly grazes Green’s cup with his follow up roundhouse kick. Cross/hook combo from Green glances. Green’s lead jab and hook are providing good ownership of distance in the exchanges. Sanchez charges in with a one-two. Green’s hand speed is also becoming a factor as he stings with sharp combos from the fringe.

Sanchez stays busy with outside low kicks; Green checks most of them or counters with punches. Green catches the next kick and sweeps out the supporting leg to put Sanchez on his back, but he springs back to his feet almost immediately again. 10-9 Green.

R2: Sanchez goes after Green’s lead leg with a single attempt and Green retreats while pawing with short right hooks. Green throws a brilliant diagonal elbow that staggers Sanchez, then pounces with a flurry of ground strikes as Sanchez’s face gushes crimson. The referee halts the bout once Sanchez stabilizes himself in guard and it’s revealed that the elbow split his forehead like a pumpkin. It’s fairly ghastly and the cage-side doc looks a bit queasy upon inspecting it, waving the fight off shortly after.

Desmond Green defeats Angelo Sanchez by TKO (doctor stoppage/elbow), Round 2

Alexander “Tiger” Sarnavskiy vs. Ricardo Tirloni (Lightweight Tournament semifinals)

R1: Sarnavskiy times a beautiful spinning back fist that lands right on the kisser, and it sits Tirloni down hard. Tirloni recovers well and forces a scramble, ending up on top and in the Russian’s guard — but quickly finds himself sunk deep inside a triangle. “Tiger” arches into it to force the tapout. That’s two commanding 1st-round finishes for Sarnavskiy, who storms into the finals with another statement.

Alexander Sarnavskiy defeats Ricardo Tirloni by submission (triangle choke), Round 1.

“Mighty Mo” Siliga vs. Ron Sparks (Heavyweight feature fight)

R1: Tonight’s “Someone Will Snooze” bout. Sparks shoots early but Mo easily counter-throws him with an underhook and hops into side control. Sparks gets strong wrist control to prevent Mo from punching and tries the “Face-palm sweep” (yes, I made that up). Mo finally traps the left arm he’s been working on and gets the crucifix position, then isolates the opposite arm and wrenches a paintbrush hold that has Sparks screaming in agony for a few grueling seconds before he begrudgingly taps out. The K-1 World Grand Prix champion scores his first submission win, and it was kind of pretty too.

Mighty Mo defeats Ron Sparks by submission (keylock), Round 1

Keith Berry vs. Eugene Fadiora (Middleweight feature fight)

R1: Fadiora clinches up, drives Berry to the fence and keeps him there. Fadiora is patient and hits a nice outside trip, and falls into Berry’s open guard. Berry scoots free and stands up on the fence but goes right back down via the same outside trip. Fadiora takes a high half guard to prevent Berry’s cagewalk attempt and chips in a few short elbows.

Fadiora tries to pass to mount but settles for side control when Berry defends and lands another elbow. Berry passes the shoulder into triangle position but Fadiora postures up to break it and falls back into side mount. Berry bucks him off and tries to scramble free but Fadiora is glued to him. Fadiora cradles Berry’s head as he tries to stand and hammers him with a few hard rights that pop open an oozing cut over his left eye. Berry whiffs a haymaker back on the feet. 10-9 Fadiora.

R2: Fadiora connects early with a frozen rope of a jab and stuns Berry with the follow-up cross. Berry attacks but Fadiora counters again with clinch control. Berry circles off the fence to get free and charges forward with a 3-punch combo that connects solid. Fadiora counter-clinches and hits another takedown, then brings down another series of short, hard elbows.

Fadiora goes to half and then side mount, then seeks the crucifix position but Berry walks off the cage to spin out of it. Fadiora traps the left arm this time and mashes Berry’s face with 3-inch elbows that he can’t defend. Berry explodes out but Fadiora amazingly gets the crucifix on the opposite side and resumes the punishment until the referee steps in. Extremely impressive debut for Fadiora.

Eugene Fadiora defeats Keith Berry by TKO (elbows), Round 2.

Preliminary Card (Bloody Elbow at 7:00 p.m. ET)

Raphael Butler defeats Joseph Bryant by TKO (punches), Round 1
Volkan Oezdemir defeats Josh Lanier by TKO (punches), Round 1
Luis Nogueira defeats Frank Baca by submission (arm triangle), Round 1
Eddie Larrea defeats Rocky Ramirez by submission (heel hook), Round 2
Steve Garcia defeats Shawn Bunch by TKO (punches), Round 3
Desmond Green defeats Angelo Sanchez by TKO (doctor stoppage), Round 2Jesse Brock vs. Adrian Cruz

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