How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Dwight Howard vs. John Dodson, Judging woes, Low testosterone is fake

A few updates on what's been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse -- "It's a Wednesday. #BloodyElbow" -Anton Tabuena There's a ton…

By: Anton Tabuena | 10 years ago
How’s Taste My Tweet Tweet? Dwight Howard vs. John Dodson, Judging woes, Low testosterone is fake
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

A few updates on what’s been going on in the MMA & UFC Twitterverse

“It’s a Wednesday. #BloodyElbow” –Anton Tabuena

There’s a ton of tweets below, but first, don’t forget to follow me on twitter and instagram: @antontabuena

Oh, and these guys are probably worth following as well: The Official BloodyElbow Twitter Account, Kid Nate, Brent Brookhouse, Richard Wade, Chris Barton, Damon O, Scott Broussard, Tim Burke, Matt Bishop, Fraser Coffeen, Dallas Winston, KJ Gould, Ben Thapa, T.P. Grant, Steph Daniels, Zane Simon, Mookie Alexander, Zombie Prophet, Chris Hall, Mike Riordan, David St. Martin, David Castillo, Connor Ruebusch.


“UFCとの契約書にサインしました。 『踏み出す、傷つく。だけど踏み出す』 全てを力に!!!!! I signed the contract with . I would like to become a UFC featherweight champion!!!” -Tatsuya Kawajiri, I just did a Yes cartwheel.

“Its finally official.After #expenables3 I’m flying to Altanta to shoot #fast7 before going back to LA for 6 week camp and defending my title” -Ronda Rousey, multitasking.

“After last night who thinks DC would beat Gus?” -Jon Jones, playing matchmaker.

“You’re twelve, you don’t need coffee in the morning. Get out of my line” –Mitch Clarke ‏

“Awesome giving fighting tips to then visiting my friend ” -Mike Tyson

“When I sign into twitter and see that I don’t have any @’s …. I die a little bit inside” –Stipe Miocic


“F***! Losing is dumb… At least I went to sleep like a man, neva tap! …I was supposed to win! I should have won! WTF?! Losing is so dumb…especially in the first round! F*ck! Just watched my fight…ugh…what a dumb f*cking fight. F***!!!!” -War Machine, no, he didn’t actually tweet with asterisks.

“Lol at tough guy ” -Ben Askren, after War Machine lost at the 2nd round of the WW tourney.

“Well, since my next fight isn’t until February in the tourney, I have no excuse not to enter the No-Gi World Championships! =]” -War Machine

“As of yesterday I have been the champion for 3 straight years. Time for some new challenges I think.” -Ben Askren, hello UFC.


“Low testosterone a “largely invented condition”, according to many doctors. (Via )” -Ben Fowlkes

“But I have “low T” from (insert some lame ass excuse)… (Not related to my prior steroid abuse) I just want to be normal.” –Tim Kennedy ‏


“Of course we need to fix the judging criteria but do you think having 5 judges would help? 3 ringside and 2 watching on TV. ” -Cub Swanson

all judges should have access to monitors as they judge. Not sure having more judges helps but it’s worth a trial.” -Kenny Florian, I think it’s more important to simply educate and train them, along with adding penalties for indefensible scorecards.


it was fun going to war, you have pettis and Josh’s number get the belt I’ll be climbing the rankings WW2 will happen 5rds” -Diego Sanchez

looking forward to it! Much respect” -Gilbert Melendez

“Im thinking maybe nate diaz for the next fight would be a epic 5 rounder… People can not deny my wrestling skills out wrestling gil is a statement almost had chokes too…. im here to stay” -Diego Sanchez


Who wins @Johndodsonmma vs. @dwighthoward @houstonrockets @ufc #UFC166 ?” -Jackson’s MMA


“2 days after the fight bumps, bruises and a few stitches #wellworthit” -Cain Velasquez

Right back to work after the fight. At @foxsports1 for @ufctonight with @kennyflorian. Love my jobs. #embracethegrind” -Daniel Cormier



“@TimKennedyMMA Your the second buffest nerd I can think of” –Cub Swanson ‏

“Who is the first. I would like to rule the galaxy being subordinate in my geekdom to no one.” –Tim Kennedy ‏

“Hey I have a skill set & experience that is perfectly suited for private security/bodyguard. You are going to need it in Brazil.” –Tim Kennedy ‏

“I smile every time I unzip my pants. I love that my zipper say “WEAPONS FREE” on it. Best all American made jeans around.” –Tim Kennedy ‏


To all my beautiful supporters who want me back walking the @ufc octagon-I’m 👙 ready for you! #ufc 💪👊#nomakeup #nofilter #tgif oh, let’s not forget hashtag #selfie 🙈 goodness I’m lame.” -Rachelle Leah

It’s ridiculous how difficult it is for me to get rid of my old running shoes. We’ve been through so much together 😉 Today’s the day though!! Into the donation bin they go” -Natasha Wicks

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