Bellator 100: Lima vs. Saunders 2 – gifs & results

Bellator 100 featured a long delayed tournament finale bout between Ben Saunders as well as this seasons Welterweight tournament semi-finals. There was a ton…

By: Zane Simon | 10 years ago
Bellator 100: Lima vs. Saunders 2 – gifs & results
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Bellator 100 featured a long delayed tournament finale bout between Ben Saunders as well as this seasons Welterweight tournament semi-finals. There was a ton of exciting action with plenty of KO’s, some great submissions and a few fun scraps check out all the highlights thanks to our own Zombie Prophet.

Welterweight: Douglas Lima def. Ben Saunders via KO (head kick) at 4:33 of Round 2

Saunders and Lima traded at range for the first round with neither of them landing any significant offense. In the second Saunders looked to get his clinch game going, but got tagged and dropped with a hard uppercut coming in. He was able to recover well enough to go for a heel hook that drove Lima to his feet. Saunders got to his feet and was pressing the action until Lima landed a left hook right high kick combo that put Saunders out cold.

Saunders gets dropped in round 2:

Lima catches Saunders with a great combo and knocks him out flush:

Welterweight: War Machine def. Vaughn Anderson via Technical Submission (RNC)

After a brief exchange on the feet War Machine grabbed a double leg. War Machine landed a bit of ground-n-pound but most looked to keep top control. War Machine grabs mount but Anderson bridged out and reversed to gain guard. War Machine eventually got back to his feet, but gave up an ankle pick takedown. Anderson looked to try and get fancy with his top control and let War Machine up. Anderson looked gassed and started getting hit hard at the end of the round.

War Machine gets a takedown off an Anderson kick to start the second and lands some GNP. War Machine stands and delivers a huge left hand on his way back to the mat, where he gets Anderson in a mounted crucifix. Anderson makes it to his knees but War Machine takes his back and after some scrambling locks in the RNC.

War Machine grabs the mounted crucifix:

The technical sub finish:

Welterweight: Rick Hawn def. Herman Terrado via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Hawn looked to control the action in the clinch in the first round, but failed to get anything going. Terrado was able to separate off the fence a couple times, but couldn’t put together meaningful offense once he was on the outside. Hawn clinched and ground out the last minute of round one.

In round tow Terrado stayed on the outside. He threw a couple hard shots early in the round, but looked exasperated and tired as the round went on. Hawn hit a decent foot sweep and a Judo throw, but was unable to follow up on either. He did look to be opening up his boxing late. Hawn really started timing Terrado in the third and looked to be hurting him in every exchange. The finished the third at a low simmer with Hawn generally getting the better of the round.

Welterweight: Ron Keslar def. Luis Melo via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Melo and Keslar clinch against the fence for the first round. In the second Keslar lands a huge right hand that dazes Melo. Keslar takes his back and rides him for most of the round.  Melo starts striking Keslar with Keslar on his back and is frustrated by the position, but can’t break it. At the start of the third Melo locked in a tigh guillotine for 30 seconds but couldn’t finish. Surprisingly when he let go Keslar seemed more spent and Melo started teeing off with strikes. He went for the armbar but couldn’t get it and gave up his back in the process. The round ends in back control.

Hard shot drops Melo in Round 1:

Melo showing his lack of fear for Keslar’s RNC attempt:

Melo takes the wind out of Keslar’s sails with a deep guillotine attempt:

Welterweight: Brent Weedman def. Justin Baseman via Submission (armbar) at 3:20 of Round 1.

Weedman landed a couple hard shots early that drove Baseman back into the cage. From there he was able to secure the trip takedown and after landing a bit of ground and pound hit a deep armbar. Baseman defended valiantly but Weedman started chaining armbar attempts before finally going belly down and landing it.

Bantamweight: Travis Marx def. Brandon Bender via KO (knee) at 4:28 or Round 2

Marx hit Bender hard and shoots for a takedown. Bender locked in the D’Arce choke and Marx came incredibly close to tapping. Bender stayed on his back where he spent the rest of the round hand fighting for the RNC. In the second Marx was able to keep the fight standing and pot shot Bender from distance. Marx really turned it up late and teed off on Bender before landing a big knee to finish the fight.

Lightweight: LaRue Burley def. Bubba Jenkins via TKO (punches) at 3:40 of Round 3

Burley surprised Jenkins with a hard shot early and had an opportunity to do some damage but tried to grapple with Jenkins. Jenkins got in on his hips for the takedown, but Burley bridged out before Jenkins could do any damage. On the feet again Jenkins hit a strong double and landed some heavy ground and pound. Burley finally made his way to his feet and exploded out of the clinch. He tried to open his striking briefly, but Jenkins shot in again and landed some more heavy ground and pound. Burley got to his feet again and got thrown on his head. The two scrambled with Jenkins taking the back and looking for the RNC. Burley burst back to his feat again and tried to strike but got taken right back down. Burley shucked him off his back and landed some GNP of his own to close out the round.

Burley hit a hard superman punch to open the second and started to land hard shots at range. He stuffed a shot and is hurt Jenkins on the ground. An eyepoke stalled the action and another bad illegal knee call slowed it even further.

In the third both fighters looked tired, with Burley having the advantage. Jenkins got a sloppy takedown and Burley cage walked for a great sweep to land some hard GNP. He switched between chokes and punches and finally decided to step out and stand up from back mount to get more leverage on his strikes for the TKO win.

Big suplex from Jenkins:

Jenkins maintaining back control:

Second bad illegal knee call of the night:

Burley teeing off on Jenkins:

The fight started to get a little weird late:

Burley stands from backmount to secure the TKO victory:

Light heavyweight: Clifford Starks def Joe Yager via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Starks came out strong, throwing hard and forcing Yager to try and shoot. Yager finally worked the fight into the clinch against the cage but Starks reversed and grabbed a low single for the takedown where he rode out the rest of the round. They started the second feeling out the range, until Starks landed a couple of huge shots. Yager can’t find his way into the clinch. After a bit of circling Starks shot in for the double, ate a knee, but got it. After a stand up Yager went for an ineffective shot, the fighters seperated and started trading sloppy blows. Third round started slow with neither fighter wanting to get hit. They clashed with hard shots about a minute in, but separated back to tentative circling. Starks eventually went hard for a double leg and after some cage grabbing got Yager down. Starks got nothing going on the ground though and after a standup from the ref went straight back for another takedown. Yager got back up, Starks took him down again and rode him out for the rest of the round.

Light Heavyweight: Liam McGeary def. Beau Tribolet via KO (punch) at 0:27 of Round 1

McGeary came out using his incredibly reach advantage to pot shot Tribolet. He hit a nice double jab with a straight right that sent Tribolet crashing and walked off before the ref could step in.

Heavyweight: Mighty Mo Siliga def. Dan Charles via TKO (punches) at 1:26 of Round 3.

Charles came out looking to trade with Mighty Mo and got hit hard. He immediately went into desperation takedown mode, but Mo defended well. Charles looked to work clinch knees but threw a low blow halting the fight for a few minutes. Mo recovered and found his range, shucking takedowns and landing hard shots. Charles tried to clinch up and Mo lifted him off the ground with a knee to the groin. On the restart Mo looked to be slowing and got clipped by Charles. Charles tried for a standing guillotine late, but didn’t get it.

The second round was spent almost entirely against he cage with Mo delivering hard body shots in return for soft knees to from Charles. Charles tried to get the takedown but got reversed and ended up on the bottom late. They went back to the knee for punch trade in the third, and Mo tried for a low single. They clinched again and on the separation he started hitting vicious hooks on the break and delivered about 20 unanswered blows before the ref stepped in.

Charles complaining about some legit body punches:

The really delayed TKO finish:

Welterweight: Adam McDonough def. Johnny Buck via TKO (punches) at 4:50 of Round 1

Buck looked pretty foot slow to start the fight. He was looking to engage in a clinch, takedown game, but didn’t have the speed to close the distance. McDonough fired away with big hard shots and good variety. McDonough looked close to finishing the fight with a knee to the head against the cage, but the ref mistakenly called Buck down and the strike illegal. After a brief stop to check Buck the fight was restarted and McDonough was able to use his crisper striking to continue blitz Buck and put him away with only ten seconds remaining.

McDonough with a nice combination:

The first bad illegal knee call of the night:

A really nice (and long) series of strikes for the finish:

Other Results:

Efrain Escudero def. Zack Surdyka

That’s all for this weeks Bellator action. Be sure to check back with Bloody Elbow for all the news on UFC 165, and all the world’s biggest combat sports events.

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