WSOF 5 gifs and results: Arlovski vs. Kyle

The World Series of Fighting saw some decent action in it's fifth event with Andrei Arlovski and Mike Kyle facing off in a Heavyweight…

By: Zane Simon | 10 years ago
WSOF 5 gifs and results: Arlovski vs. Kyle
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The World Series of Fighting saw some decent action in it’s fifth event with Andrei Arlovski and Mike Kyle facing off in a Heavyweight main event and David Branch facing off against Danillo Villefort in the co-main. There was a knock out, some submissions and a lot of fun action, so check out all the results and highlights courtesy of Zombie Prophet.

Heavyweight: Andrei Arlovski def. Mike Kyle via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

The two fighters trade early with both getting dazed in the first frame. Arlovski pulled ahead in the second with the crisper offense. An eye poke in the third put Arlovski on his heels a bit with Kyle finding the greater striking success late, but not enough to steal the fight.

Kyle drops Arlovski in the first:

And Arlovski drops Kyle in kind:

Middleweight: Dave Branch def. Danillo Villefort via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Branch stayed on Villefort early in the striking exchanges and landed a possible eye poke, which the ref didn’t call. The two fighters trade early in the second before Branch hits a nice double. He maintains top control for most of the round before Villefort can create a couple of submission attempts which go nowhere before the bell. Villefort looks to get back in the fight with some explosive strikes early, but Branch grabs a flying knee attempt and converts it for a takedown and is able to ride out position for the rest of the round.

Heavyweight: Derrick Mahmen def. Rolles Gracie via KO (punch) at 2:40 of Round 2

Gracie and Mehmen feel eachother out in the first round, with Gracie keeping his range with jabs a low kicks. Mehmen comes out in the second looking to turn it into a brawl and after struggling to draw Gracie in lands a big overhand right that puts him away. Easily one of the most fun KOs you’ll see in a while.

Middleweight: Elvis Mutapcic vs. Jesse TaylorCancelled

This bout was cancelled back stage due to apparently unreported prescription drug use by Mutapcic pre-fight. Here’s the official press release from WSOF:

“There were some prescriptions that weren’t given to our doctors during the physicals and that weren’t approved by us, the commission. So since we don’t know what they are and what they do, we cancelled the fight.

“We can’t take that chance to have that fight go off, so those things need to be looked at, and they need to be talked about. We just feel that we’re not going to have a fight in New Jersey when we don’t know what someone is taking.”

Featherweight: Georgi Karakhanyan def. Waylon Lowe via Submission (guillotine) at 3:37 of Round 1

Lowe and Karahkhanyan trade strikes early with Lowe delivering sharp combinations and Georgi snapping off sharp leg kicks and looking for the headkick. Lowe dives in for a takedown in the latter half of the round, but get’s over-agressive on the attempt. Karakhanyan slaps the guillotine on and it’s all over.

Featherweight: Rick Glenn def. Artur Rofi via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Glenn and Rofi look to make it a grappling exchange with Rofi getting Glenn’s back, while standing early. The fight eventually ends up on the mat with Rofi hunting for an armbar while landing some decent strikes to try and open up the submission. Glenn slams his way out at the end of the round and lands a couple strikes of his own. Rofi tries to grapple again in the second, but Glenn does a much better job shucking takedowns and making Rofi pay for failed attempts. Pretty much all Glenn in round 2. The fight gets a bit sloppy in the third with the two hooking up in the clinch. Eventually they separate and Glenn lands a few hard shots. Rofi tries for guillotine late but can’t get it.

Early backmount from Rofi:

Glenn slams his way out of the armbar/triangle attempt:

Glenn making the most of an awkward position in round 2:

Bantamweight: Jimmie Rivera def. Sidemar Honorio via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Rivera and Honorio look to trade hard early and Rivera gets dropped with a right that puts him in bad trouble. Honorio tries to swarm, but Rivera holds on, makes it back to his feet and regains his wits. From there he hits a big takedown and starts landing hard shots from top control. Honorio gets up briefly, but eats a knee and several more hard shots. He’s in real trouble, but makes it to the bell. Rivera picks away at Honorio for most of round two, visibly dazing and frustrating him before landing a takedown at the end of the round. Honorio looks to come out aggressive in the third but gets taken down. He manages to make it back to his feet after a few hard shots and shoots for his own takedown which gets stuffed and sees him wind up on his back. From there Rivera rides out the rest of the round with busy GNP for the win.

Honorio hurts Rivera badly in the first:

Rivera with a hard knee against the cage:

Welterweight: Richard Patishnock def. Gregor Gracie via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Gracie lands a double early but can’t hold Patishnock down. He ends up on the recieving end of a hard groin kick soon after, but makes up for it by delivering one of his own shortly after the restart. Gracie drives in for a takedown, but can’t get it and starts getting lit up in the striking exchanges. Patishnock slips on a kick at the end of the first to give Gracie a brief arm triangle attempt before the buzzer. In round two Gracie and Patishnock exchange freely with Patishnock landing the cleaner, harder shots and Gracie securing a couple of takedowns. Gracie tiring in the third and becoming predictable on his takedowns. Patishnock continuing to land until the end of the round when Gracie catches him with a couple hard shots.

Patishnock having his way with Gracie in round 1:

Gracie lands a slapping front kick:

Patishnock continuing to land the better shots:

Catchweight (160): Ozzy Dugulubgov def. Andrew Osbourne via Submission (achilles lock) at 1:12 of Round 2

The two fighters start quick, throwing at range with Dugulubgov getting the better of the exchanges. He slips on a high kick, but scrambles back to his feet and is taking the first round handily. Dugulubgov lands a brutal groin shot to start the second which grinds the fight to a halt for the better part of five minutes. When they finally restart Dugulubgov clips Osbourne with a left hand and drops down for the ankle lock and the submission win.

Fancy back kick from Dugulubgov in the first, among other highlights:

The rare leg lock for the fight ending submission:

Middleweight: Neiman Gracie def. Darren Costa via Submission (armbar) at 3:57 of Round 1

Gracie comes out looking to clinch early. He gets the fight to the fence and pulls guard, but Costa waves him back up. Costa then bulls Gracie into the fence and separates with a good left hook. He looks to come in again, but Gracie fends him off, gets the takedown and sinks in the armbar for the win.

That’s all from a night of fights for WSOF. Be sure to stay tuned to Bloody Elbow for more fight results, gifs, news, breakdowns, and everything else combat sports.

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