UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Bader – Live results and play-by-play for preliminary card

The UFC's crazy schedule of three events in a week concludes tonight with UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Bader. The night's main event is…

By: Brent Brookhouse | 10 years ago
UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Bader – Live results and play-by-play for preliminary card
Bloody Elbow 2.0 | Anton Tabuena

The UFC’s crazy schedule of three events in a week concludes tonight with UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Bader. The night’s main event is a light heavyweight bout between Ryan Bader and Glover Teixeira. Tonight’s card gets underway at 4:30 p.m. ET with one fight on Facebook, followed by prelims on Fox Sports 1 at 5 p.m. ET and a six fight main card, also on Fox Sports 1, starting at 7 p.m. ET. As a reminder, the new season of The Ultimate Fighter kicks off following the conclusion of the event.

This post will cover live results for the preliminary portion of the card.

Here’s how the prelim portion of the card breaks down:

Fox Sports 1 Prelims

Featherweight – Felipe Arantes vs. Edimilson Souza

Middleweight – Joao Zeferino vs. Elias Silverio

Bantamweight – Lucas Martinsvs. Ramiro Hernandez Jr.

Welterweight – Keith Wisniewski vs. Ivan Jorge

Facebook Prelims

Welterweight – Yuri Villefort vs. Sean Spencer

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Kid Nate is here and the show is live.

Yuri Villefort vs. Sean Spencer Round 1 Villefort comes out attacking, Spencer eating leg kicks. Villefort slips and is on the ground briefly. Both men throwing semi-often, landing much more rarely. Villefort grabs the Thai plum and lands a knee before breaking. Villefort with a right. Spencer lands a right as the end of a 1-2. Spencer counters a leg kick with a punch. Villefort backed into the cage eats a shot or two getting off. Villefort with a body kick. Leg kick. Villefort shoots and gets a very brief late round take down. Spencer bounds back up and they end it on the feet, Villefort landing kicks, Spencer punching. BE scores it 10-9 Villefort.

Round 2 Villefort immediately gets the double leg and puts Spencer on his back. That only lasts about 10 seconds before Spencer is on his feet. Villefort landing leg kicks. Spencer firing back with punches. Spencer lands a right. Villefort with a leg kick. Spencer slips and falls off a Villefort inside leg kick, quickly back to his feet. Villefort with a rolling single leg attempt that gets him no where. Spencer backs Villefort up against the cage and lands some punches before the bell rings. BE scores it 10-0 Villefort. He’s up 20-18.

Round 3 Villefort kicking to open the round. Spencer finally throws and lands a body kick. Villefort shoots, pushes Spencer to the cage, nothing. Villefort feints an up elbow badly. Spencer lands a left kick to the body. Villefort shoots, gets nothing on a single. Spencer landing combinations. Spencer lands a hook. A combination. They are trading at the end of the round. Spencer should win that one but it’s Villefort 29-28 on the Bloody Elbow scorecard.

UFC Fight Night 28 results: Sean Spencer def. Yuri Villefort by unanimous decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28).

Keith Wisniewski vs. Ivan Jorge Round 1 Jorge pushing Wisniewski up against the cage. Can’t get a take down. The second time he tries he gets shucked off center cage. Wisniewski working a front head lock. Jorge uses the contact to try and get a take down gets nowhere. They trade at range at an unassuming pace. Wisniewski begins to find his range. Then Jorge shoots and Wisniewski gets the front headlock again and lands some knees. Jorge pushes him against the clinch. Wisniewski gets Thai plum and lands some knees. More. Breaking and mixing in punches. Re-establishing the clinch. Jorge has landed a few combos but nothing with authority. Jorge gets a body lock and is hugging Wisniewski to end the round. BE scores it Wisniewski 10-9.

Round 2 Jorge lands a nice combo then shoots in for another attempted take down. This time he gets Wisniewski down but Wisniewski stands right back up. Jorge maintaining a body lock but can’t get Wisniewski down. Ref Mario Yamasaki breaks them up and Wisniewski comes forward aggressively landing punches and getting the double collar tie so he can land knees. But again the proximity invites Jorge to push Wisniewski up against the fence and work for the take down. They slog to the end of the round in the same manner. BE scores it for Jorge 10-9, evening up the score to 19-19.

Round 3 They clinch up within the first 30 seconds. Wisniewski again trying for the plum. Wisniewski lands a body kick and pushes Jorge up against the fence. Doesn’t take Jorge long to get dominance in the clinch up against the cage and the mugging recommences. Wisniewski needs a break after eating a knee to the nads. Jorge immediately pushes Wisniewski up against the cage and lands a knee low to Wisniewski’s abdomen. Jorge lands a knee, punch combination. Wisniewski seems utterly exhausted. BE scores it 10-9 and 29-28 for Ivan Jorge.

UFC Fight Night 28 results: Ivan Jorge def. Keith Wisniewski via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 29-28).

Joao Zeferino vs. Elias Silverio Round 1. Zeferino spends two minutes pushing Silverio up against the cage. The ref breaks them up. Zeferino pushes forward again forcing Silverio against the cage. They finally fall to the ground and Silverio ends up on top. It takes him a while to figure out he should stand up but he eventually does. Silverio landing a right hand and backing Zeferino up with kicks. Zeferino finally lands a nice shot to end the round. Too awful to score.

Round 2 Zeferino has Silverio up against the cage quickly. Silverio turns him and lands a body knee from over-under clinch. Ref forces a stand up. Silverio gets him down and is in the guard. The ref isn’t seeing any action and stands them up. Now Zeferino gets him right down and is attacking from top position but Silverio stands back up. BE scores it 10-9 for Zeferino and the fight overall 20-18 Zeferino.

Round 3 Silverio takes Zeferino down quickly and lands elbows. Zeferino kicks a downed Silverio from his back so the action is stopped. Silverio lands a kick-punch combo when the action resumes. Than takes Zeferino down. Ref steps in and steps them up. They clinch again and Silverio takes him down. Flipping and flopping around. Silverio lands a hard 1-2 when they separate. Zeferino pushes him against the cage as the round winds down. Silverio leaps to the top of the cage to celebrate post-fight. BE scores the 3rd for Silverio and the fight as a whole for Zeferino 29-28.

UFC results: Elias Silverio def. Joao Zeferino via unanimous decision.

Lucas Martins vs. Ramiro Hernandez Jr. – Round 1 – Martins comes out firing as Hernandez is against the cage. Hernandez throws some counters at the flurrying Martins and he’s landing, but Martins is landing much harder. Head kick from Martins, more punches, Hernandez slowly crumbles to the mat, Martins locks in a rear naked choke, Hernandez is trying to fight through it but he goes unconscious. Lucas Martins wins by technical submission (rear naked choke), round 1.

Felipe Arantes vs. Edimilson Souza – Round 1 – Souza bouncing forward, Arantes keeping his hands high. Souza starting to get going a bit and Arantes is a bit hesitant to engage. Souza slips a punch and lands two in return. Arantes with a nice takedown now. Arantes working well from the top and he stands up and lands a big right hand. Now Arantes passing guard and he had a crucifix and now he’s locking up an arm but he can’t finish. Full mount and the round ends. Arantes made it a clear round over the last minute. 10-9 Arantes.

Round 2 – Souza with a few punches and he looks loose to start the round. Souza winning the stand up and now Arantes looking to get inside and get a takedown. Arantes can’t get the takedown and he’s starting to avoid some of the punches from Souza, but he’s still not able to win the stand-up. Easy round for Souza, it’s as simple as stay upright to win the fight. 10-9 Souza

Round 3 – Souza loose, working distance, popping Arantes. Arantes is content to strike early it seems. Souza tags him with a big right, Arantes is badly hurt and moving backward. Big flurries from Souza and Arantes is somehow able to survive that flurry without going down and now he gets a takedown. Souza manages to get up without much trouble and pop the jab right away. Arantes with another takedownand he throws some punches and knees to the body of Souza. 10-9 Souza

Official scorecards: 29-28 Souza, 29-28 Arantes, 29-28 Souza. Kevin Souza wins by split decision.

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