Invicta FC 6: Cris “Cyborg” Justino vs Marloes Coenen Live Streaming Video, Results, and Play by Play

This Saturday, the all women's MMA promotion Invicta FC will return to UStream, but they will also make the television PPV debut with a…

By: T.P. Grant | 10 years ago
Invicta FC 6: Cris “Cyborg” Justino vs Marloes Coenen Live Streaming Video, Results, and Play by Play
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This Saturday, the all women’s MMA promotion Invicta FC will return to UStream, but they will also make the television PPV debut with a stacked event. Invicta FC 6 will be headlined by their inaugural Featherweight (145 lb) Championship match between two former Strikeforce champions: the former Women’s Featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino (11-1) and the former Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion Marloes Coenen (21-5).

It should be a fantastic night of fights, if you want a breakdown of the card check out a full preview here or a more specific look at some prospect action check out this piece by Zane Simon.

You can watch the Invicta FC 6 pay-per-view (PPV) on cable, DirecTV or on UStream for $14.95. Below is the stream embedded if you’d rather watch it right here.

Stream removed after free prelims ended

Preliminary Card

Kathina Catron vs Livia Von Plettenberg

Livia Von Plettenberg defeats Kathina Catron by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Ashley Cummins vs Emily Kagan

Emily Kagan defeats Ashley Cummins by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 30-27)

Ediane Gomes vs. Tamikka Brents

Fight scratched last second

Main Card

Rose Namajunas vs Tecia Torres

Round 1: No glove touch and the fighters get right after each other as Tecia works a kick game while Rose tries to punch her way in. Tecia throwing leg kicks, side kicks, and head kicks. Tecia gets a head lock throw, Rose works an armbar but Tecia escapes stands an drops nasty strikes. Rose looks for leg lock but eats more punches and lets go. Tecia stands and Rose follows, fighters trading in the center of the cage now. Rose tries an axe kick but hits nothing but air!

Break in the stream, couldn’t see what was happening.

We are back with 2 minutes left in round, ladies are trading in the center of the cage again. Rose throws a leg kick and Tecia answers with an outside leg kick of her own. Rose starting to land punches, Tecia clinches and tries a flying armbar. Tecia escapes, but Rose stays with the armbar. Rose catches the armbar, this looks close. Tecia fights for wrist position with her arm fully extended! Tecia manages a hitchhiker escape and survives the round. 10-9 Rose

Round 2: Back in the center of the cage, little slower of a pace as they seem to have each other’s respect. Rose counters a leg kick with a straight right hand. Rose jabbing from range, stalking Tecia, who is working her kick game again. Tecia pushes Rose down with a side kick, charges forward but catches a straight right from Rose. Tecia starting to assert her boxing with crisp straight punches. Tecia starting to land and Rose is backpedaling and looks wobbly. Rose fends off the attack and Tecia back to kicking. Another body kick knocks Rose down, but she gets up with a lunging punch again. Tecia gets Rose against the cage and flurries, Rose escapes off the cage, back to the center of the cage. Tecia falls as round ends, but she landed so many clean punches it was clearly her’s. Tecia 10-9

Round 3: Rose comes out jabbing and they start trading kicks. Rose is now chasing Tecia around the cage, she may end up walking into a strike. Tecia tries a counter, but it is Rose who slips and lands a right hand. Rose goes for a head lock throw and lands in side control but gives up her back. Rose is able to step over Tecia’s hook into half guard and now Rose is looking to pass to mount. Tecia is able to get her legs into play and push Rose off, but Rose reengages before Tecia is able to get up and back to half guard. Tecia recovers the full guard and now it looks like Rose is killing some clock. Tecia pushes Rose to her feet and then hits an upkick, Rose dives back into the guard and ends up in an armbar. Rose is working hard to escape, a full 30 seconds left and Rose is able to use her left leg to push free and ends up on top in a scramble. I actually feel Tecia was almost active enough to win that round, but there is no way it is scored that way. 10-9 Rose

Unofficial Bloody Elbow Scorecard: 29-28 for Rose Namajunas

Official Result: Tecia Torres defeats Rose Namajunas (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Miriam Nakamoto vs Duda Yankovich

Round 1: Yankovich comes out quickly and pressures Nakamoto against the cage and starts clinch striking. Nakamoto lands a knee, then an elbow and now more knees. Yankovich looking for a single leg now, but Nakamoto landing more knees. A knee to the head drops Yankovich,but she hunts for a leg lock, nothing there. Nakamoto gets on top and starts dropping strikes. Yankovich gives up back, stands, but is eating strikes all the way and gets dropped. The fight is over.

Official Result: Miriam Nakamoto defeats Duda Yankovich by (T)KO (Punches) in 2:08 of Round 1

Bec Hyatt vs Mizuki Inoue

Round 1: No glove touch, Inoue keeping her hands high and jabbing. Hyatt lets go with a combo and Inoue covers a lets go with a counter left hook. Inoue letting go with quick and accurate punches, Hyatt trying some leg kicks, but Inoue is moving very well. Very good head movement by Inoue right now. Inoue drives in the clinch with a good straight right, starts throwing knees. Hyatt drives her into the fence, trying to take away the space tor strike. Inoue reverses and gets Hyatt against the fence and is throwing leg kicks from the clinch. Upper cut by Hyatt answered with elbows by Inoue. Knees by Hyatt to the body. Short uppercuts by Inoue and they break apart. Slip and counter by Inoue as Hyatt wings right hands. Inoue works in with a head-to-body attack and clinches against the fence. Inoue gets a trip takedown, Hyatt gives up back and Inoue goes straight to an armbar attack. Hyatt escapes from armbar and drops some strikes as time expires. Great, very close round. I lean Inoue as I think Hyatt landed most of her punches at range on Inoue’s arms. 10-9 Inoue

Round 2: Hyatt charges into the clinch, Inoue landing short elbows to the face. Good knees by both fighters right now. Inoue gets double unders and then a trip takedown into the butterfly guard of Hyatt. Elbows from Inoue and then postures up to strike and then passes to half guard. Inoue works to a knee on belly/north-south position and lands some heavy punches, Hyatt scrambles back to guard. Inoue passes to side control and starts landing knees to the body and legs of Hyatt.

Hyatt escapes to feet and Inoue keeps her in clinch and knees her in the legs. Inoue pushes away and opens up with punches, landing heavy, Hyatt counters with an upper cut. They clinch separate and head to center of cage. Hyatt might have hurt Inoue with an upper cut and Inoue charges into clinch and they fall on the mat as the bell rings. Too much offense from Inoue to score it any other way. 10-9 Inoue

Round 3: Inoue comes out with a high guard, and Hyatt is looking for that right upper cut at range that hurt Inoue at the end of the last round. Hyatt swing for the fences with punches, Inoue calmly throws straight down the middle. Hyatt lands a haymaker right hand, but Inoue seems ok. Hyatt is throwing punches to body, changing levels and seems to be getting to the youngster. Hyatt tries a head kick but it blocked. Hyatt working punches in and out, and Inoue is opening up more. Hyatt coming on strong now as it seems like Inoue is fading. Hyatt is jabbing away and Inoue lands a nice jab-cross. Time running out, Hyatt has being doing well but needs a finish and she know it. Hyatt is pressing forward, looking for heavy strikes. Inoue survives a slow thrid round after a fansatic 10 minutes of mixed martial arts. 10-9 Hyatt

Unofficial Bloody Elbow Scorecard: Mizuki Inoue defeats Bec Hyatt 29-28

Official Result: Mizuki Inoue defeats Bec Hyatt by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Joanne Calderwood vs Norma Rueda Center

Round 1: Calderwood looking for legkicks as Center is trying to stay out of range long enough to set up a shot. Center leaps in with a superman punch, short exchange then back to the outside. Calderwood looking relaxed, Center shoots in but Calderwood stops the takedown. Calderwood fights it off and Center tries again and gets elbowed and kneed for her trouble. Center feints a strike and shoots in on the legs, but Calderwood stops the takedown easily. Calderwood presses forward now, landing some knees. Both fighters working hard, Calderwood landing some knees to the body, steps back and lets go with some punches. Center circles off cage and gets hit with a teep to the knee. Calderwood starting to land punches and clinches against cage again. Center shoots a double all of the sudden with seconds left, not enough to win the round. 10-9 Calderwood.

Round 2: Calderwood throwing kicks at range, Center looking to stay out of range. Center leads in with a hook, glancing hit. Calderwood walking Center down. All of Center’s strikes are falling short now as Calderwood is finding her range. Calderwood wades in and starts landing punches and Center clinches. Calderwood lands knees, breaks away and lands punches. Center not attempted a takedown so far, now she shoots and gets kneed to the body for it. Center shoots again and Calderwood with a nice sprawl, Center comes up swinging. Back at range now, Calderwood throwing kicks, Center shoots from way out and again gets kneed. Calderwood lands a spinning backfist and a straight right. Calderwood controlling the range and landing more but Center is very game. 10-9 Calderwood

Round 3: Center again looking to move on the outside, Calderwood throwing kicks. Center finally gets a single leg and has Calderwood down. Calderwood scoots to the cage and wall walking to her feet, Center working on a double leg while Calderwood works on a switch. Both abandon the position and now trade knees in the standing clinch. Center cages levels and finishes a takedown. Calderwood looking for an armbar, she has the arm isolated, but Center is stacking well, stopping the arm from being extended. Center looks like she wants to try to lift and slam, but Calderwood is holding on and still working for the arm. No real escape attempt by Center, but Calderwood looks like she is trying to swtich to an omoplata. Center has stacked and has trapped Calderwood’s head with her legs. Seems to be a stalemate. And the ref stands them up from an armbar?!?!?

Awful stand up. Round ends. 10-9 Calderwood

Unofficial Bloody Elbow Scorecard: Joanne Calderwood defeats Norma Rueda Center 30-27

Official Result: Joanne Calderwood defeats Norma Rueda Center by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Jessica Penne vs Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc

Round 1: Rivera-Calanoc and Penne standing just out of range, jabbing. Sharp punches from Rivera-Calanoc, but still way out of range. Penne tries to get Rivera-Calanoc to duck into a knee. Rivera-Calanoc attacking the body of Penne and looking for outside like kicks. Penne lands a few punches. Penne lands a left hook, Rivera-Calanoc lands a right hand. A sharp right hand lands by Rivera-Calanoc and Penne finally shoots a takedown and lands in half-guard. Penne stands and then tries to pass, ends up back in half guard but now has head control and passes to mount with a headlock choke in. Rivera-Calanoc might be in trouble as she gets out of choke but gives up back. Penne locks up body triangle and looking for rear naked choke as time runes out. Rivera-Calanoc taps right before bell.

Official Result: Jessica Penne defeats Nicdali Rivera-Calanoc by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in 4:57 of Round 1

Leslie Smith vs Jennifer Maia

Round 1: Smith comes out and takes center of cage, Maia throws a body kick but misses. Smith starts punching, but Maia showing off good head movement early. A head kick by Smith, she then body locks and tries for takedown, but Maia stops it with the cage. Smith throwing punches now and then goes to the ground with Maia, who looks for an armbar, but Smith gets her arm out easily. Maia stands, Smith steps over for an armbar Dustin Hazelett style, but Maia fends it off. Back to the center of the cage, both throwing punches as Maia circles. Smith keeps the pressure on Maia. They start brawling against the cage and Smith lands a head kick and Maia stumbles away. Smith starts throwing spinning strikes and round ends. 10-9 Smith

Round 2: They brawl with the bell and end up on the ground with Smith hunting for a kneebar. scramble and Smith comes out on top. Maia escapes to the feet and they start trading punches again. Maia pushing forward now as they continue to brawl and trade strikes. They clinch and Smith throws knees, they break and Maia throws a high front kick. Smith answers with a kick off Maia’s shoulder. A left head kick lands for Smith, but Maia responds with a trip takedown into the guard. Smith angles for the an armbar, Maia defending well, using her legs well, Smith switches to an omoplata and Maia is coming out on top as 10 second warning sounds. Wow, tough round to score… 10-9 to Smith for punching, kicking and submission offense.

Round 3: Smith charges right in and they brawl again, with Smith clearly getting the better of Maia. Accidental eye poke to Maia stops action. Smith starting to land flush combinations, Maia then answers with punches. Elbow staggers Maia, Smith swarms and Maia takes Smith down. Smith working on an arm triangle from her back, but loses it, now Maia is looking for a headlock choke. Smith manages to sneak up to the top and is now working from top half guard. Smith works to quarter guard, postures and starts raining down strikes. Maia covering and surviving as Smith ends round punishing Maia, and then helps her up once the bell rings. 10-9 Smith

Unofficial Bloody Elbow Scorecard: Leslie Smith defeats Jennifer Maia 30-27

Official Result: Leslie Smith defeats Jennifer Maia by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

Sarah D’Alelio vs Lauren Taylor

Round 1: Short punching exchange in the center of the cage, nothing lands. D’Alelio starting to kick. Taylor catches a kick and lands a right hand, looking for a takedown. D’Alelio making Taylor work very hard for a single leg. Quick cage grab by D’Alelio stops a single leg and Taylor going very hard for a finish of this takedown. D’Alelio goes for a switch, Taylor fights it off but gives up her back. D’Alelio working on an arm now, looks like she has a triangle choke from the back now, D’Alelio rips the arm free but Taylor spins out and scrambles right to a double leg against the cage. Again Taylor is working very hard for this takedown. D’Alelio sits to her guard and is attacking a kimura now, looking to switch to triangle, by Taylor defends well. Round ends, D’Alelio takes that round from my view. 10-9 D’Alelio

Round 2: Taylor looking to land some strikes on the feet, D’Alelio lets go with a big leg kick. Taylor looking to land punches but D’Alelio opening up the range and then lands a nice uppercut. Taylor catches a kick, looks for a trip but D’Alelio hops out. Clinch against the cage and action is stopped for a low blow.

Fight restarts as D’Alelio stomps her foot. She pushes forward on Taylor, but gets countered. D’Alelio’s attack is checked a bit there. Taylor starting to land good, straight punches. Taylor catches another kick but can’t get a takedown. D’Alelio sprawls hard on a single leg and has Taylor turtled. Taylor is persistent and gets D’Alelio to her side, but she pops right back up. Back to striking and Taylor is landing well again. Taylor has her boxing working now, 10-9 Taylor.

Round 3: Fight hinges on this round, and fighters touch gloves. Taylor goes right to work with her hands and D’Alelio buries her head and looks to strike her way in. Taylor using footwork and jab well and keeping wrestler at range. Taylor landing well, but D’Alelio lands a good right hand that Taylor rolls with. D’Alelio is starting to land a little more, but Taylor is answering well. Taylor’s jab is stopping D’Alelio in her tracks, but D’Alelio is sneaking in a right upper cut every so often. Strong right hand lands for Taylor, and another. Now it is D’Alelio is landing right hands, another clean cross from D’Alelio. Shocked this whole round has been on the feet. Taylor pushing forward now, and is landing right hands. A nice kick for D’Alelio near the end of the round. Super close round… I lean Taylor, but could go either way. 10-9 Taylor

Unofficial Bloody Elbow Scorecard: Lauren Taylor defeats Sarah D’Alelio 29-28

Official Result: Lauren Taylor defeats Sarah D’Alelio by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)

Claudia Gadelha vs Ayaka Hamasaki

Round 1: Hamasaki shoots early, but Gadelha sprawls well. Hamasaki looks for a trip, but Gadelha bases out, gets Hamasaki’s back to the cage and lands a knee. Gadelha gets Hamasaki down to half guard and is working strikes. Gadelha working that Nova Uniao arm triangle attack, Hamasaki clinging to half guard for dear life. Gadelha lets it go and is now working on a pass. Hamasaki stalling a bit from the bottom.

Hamasaki gets to wall, sits up and eats a clearly illegal knee from Gadelha, fight stopped as ref is checking on Hamasaki. Point taken away for foul, round over. 9-9 due to point deduction

Round 2: Touch of gloves, Hamasaki leaps in, countered hard by Gadelha. Hamasaki shoots in and Gadelha sprawls with an overhook well, and then scores another trip takedown on Hamasaki. Quick guard pass by Gadelha and she is smashing down on Hamasaki. Gadelha working on one of Hamasaki’s arms. Hamasaki tries to roll Gadelha over but the Brazilian’s base is too strong. Hamasaki has an underhook how, but Gadelha works to mount and is putting fantastic pressure down. Hamaskai almost gives up back and Gadelha is looking for another arm triangle. Gadelha works to side control and is still sinking choke as time expires. 10-9 Gadelha

Round 3: Touch of gloves start round, they trade punches, Gadelha takes the back standing, drags Hamasaki to the ground and is working on rear naked choke. Hamasaki reverses the position and is in Gadelha’s guard, which is very active. Hamasaki works to half guard and Gadelha looking to get deep on the half guard and gets a sweep right to side control. Gadelha takes the back, Hamasaki rolls over into mount. Another arm triangle being worked on by Gadelha here. Gadelha posturing now, striking and looking to set up triangle. Fight stopped due to ground striking.

Official Result: Claudia Gadelha defeats Ayaka Hamasaki by (T)KO (Ground Striking from Mount) at 3:58 of Round 3

Marloes Coenen vs Cris Cyborg [Featherweight Title Fight]

Round 1: And Cyborg goes right to work with headhunting strikes and Coenen clinches and looks for a takedown. Cyborg turns Coenen into the fence, but is giving up double underhooks. Cyborg breaks away and they are striking, Coenen gets hit by a right hook and clinches up again. Cyborg takes Coenen down into half guard. Coenen works to guard and Cyborg stands and starts striking. Coenen threatens an armbar, Cyborg stands and is using hit-and-run tactics on the guard. Ref John McCarthy restarts them on the feet.

Coenen throws an outside leg kick and gets dropped with a counter right hand, Cyborg right into side control. Cyborg stands, and Coenen follows. Coenen lands a right hand and clinches, drops for armbar but doesn’t find it. Coenen stands and they clinch, Cybrog works to back and then suplexes Coenen into side control. Round ends, 10-9 Cyborg

Round 2: Round starts, both fighters come out and Coenen shoots but Cyborg powers through and ends up on top. Cyborg stands out of side control and they are striking in the center of the cage. Coenen clinches and gets lateral dropped by Cyborg. Coenen fights back to guard and Cyborg stands, not wanting to get sucked into guard. Cyborg passes to side control and then stands again. Coenen stands, tries a takedown, doesn’t get it. Cyborg now working from knee on belly and Coenen is surviving. Ref stands them up and restarts them. Coenen clinches and Cyborg slams. Cyborg drops back for leg lock, stands up. Coenen cannot take Cyborg down. 10-9 Cyborg

Round 3: Cyborg gets another takedown from a quick clinch and then stands up. Ref restarts them, clinch, takedown, Cyborg stands. Ref restarts and Cyborg is throwing punches and they clinch against the fence. Cyborg just forces Coenen down to the ground and is working from the half guard as Coenen looks very tired. Cyborg stands, ref restarts. Coenen lands a hard right hand and pulls guard, Cyborg stands. Cyborg now has Coenen trapped against cage and is unloading strikes, Coenen survives somehow, this girl is tough as hell. Clinching against the cage, Cyborg starts letting go with knees, Coenen hangs on to bell. 10-8 Cyborg

Round 4: Coenen comes out with a head kick, and then catches a kick from Cyborg. But Cyborg coming forward with hard strikes. Clinching against the cage, Coenen clinches against cage, Cyborg spins Coenen down. Fight restarts on the feet. Huge right hand rocks Coenen and Cyborg mounts, looking for finish. Coenen is still in this fight, amazing she is still all here. Cyborg going to the body. Cyborg now has Coenen against the cage while mounted. Elbows coming down now from Cyborg, and now punches, but all to Coenen’s arms. Ref steps in as it is clear no escape is possible for Coenen.

Official Result: Cris Cyborg defeats Marloes Coenen by (T)KO (Punches from Mount) in 4:02 of Round 4 for Invicta Featherweight Championship.

What a great night of fights! Have a great night all!

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