Lloyd Irvin plans to file lawsuit against Mike Fowler

Yesterday we reported that former Lloyd Irvin student and competition team member Mike Fowler, a BJJ blackbelt and four-time American BJJ champion, called Irvin…

By: Nate Wilcox | 10 years ago
Lloyd Irvin plans to file lawsuit against Mike Fowler
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Yesterday we reported that former Lloyd Irvin student and competition team member Mike Fowler, a BJJ blackbelt and four-time American BJJ champion, called Irvin a “rapist” “bully” and “sexual predator” in a post on Facebook decrying Irvin’s presence at the IBJJF worlds this weekend.

Irvin has told Bloody Elbow exclusively that he will be suing Fowler. Here is Irvin’s email to BE:

From: Work Mail
Date: Wed, May 29, 2013 at 4:21 PM
Subject: Re: seeking comment from Mr. Irvin on a FB post by Mike Fowler
To: Nathan Wilcox

Also do you have a address for Mr. Fowler? We are going to file a lawsuit against him and I would like an address to pass to the attorney.

Bloody Elbow sought further details from Irvin and has yet to receive a response.

When informed of Irvin’s email and stated intention to sue, Fowler’s reply to Bloody Elbow was “awesome, thanks.”

Irvin’s stated intention to sue Fowler followed Fowler expanding on his post in the comments thread of his original original FB. His comments are reproduced below, but it’s important to note they were taking place in a thread with hundreds of comments from dozens of other participants. Other names mentioned have been redacted:

Fowler clarifies he is not referring to the NYE incident in which two Lloyd Irvin team members are awaiting trial for raping a female Lloyd Irvin student:

Michael Fowler im not writing about theNYE…im writing about LI and what he been and currently doing

More from Fowler:

Michael Fowler [name redacted] I am referring to current rapes. Wouldn’t be suprised if its lasted the past quarter century.

Fowler then responds to other commenters who question whether he’s referring to the 1989 rape for which Irvin was tried but acquitted or something else:

[Name Redacted] Excuse me everyone. I’m a bit confused here. I’ve followed this event as much as everyone else until I could see that his inclusion in the “New Years Incident” was a direct result of his supposed bullying and cultist environment/activity and not of him actually being guilty of rape. While you may personally know about his bullying and sexual predation of students first hand Mike, I’ve never seen anything in the media that says Lloyd actually committed rape. Personally I don’t know the guy so I don’t care one way or the next but someone humor me please.

Is it now a known fact that this man actually committed rape or is this another attempt to give the guy a black eye over an otherwise ran through discussion. Details please.

And please don’t point out the case where he was acquitted in 1990. That isn’t an indicator of nothing other than he was willing to have sex with an underaged girl but was too lame to actually perform. Way too many inconsistencies there. Like accusing the men of rape several days after it occurred only when she was being called out about it instead of going to police right away. I would like true facts on him being an actual “convicted” rapists before I judge him on that.

Fowler clarifies again in response to other commenters:

Michael Fowler Thats becuz he is raping women still [redacted]

Michael Fowler [Name redacted]….we are calling him a rapist because that us what he is still.doing. and yes I know some.of the girls. To your knowledge…no…to my own and others is yes

It’s very important to note that although Irvin stood trial for rape, he was acquitted of all charges in 1990 despite the convictions of several other men involved in the same incident. Also, Irvin has not been charged in the New Year’s Eve sexual assault of one of his students for which two members of his elite competition team are currently charged and awaiting trial.

Several members of Irvin’s competition team left the camp in February amidst allegations of further impropriety with female students on Irvin’s part. Irvin shut down his affiiliate program in response to the controversy.

UPDATE: An earlier version of this post contained quotes from a Lloyd Irvin Facebook account that appears to be an imposter. They have been removed.

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